All 7 Sins and Their Power Levels Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)

  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
  • All 7 Sins and Their Power Levels Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)
    In this video, I look at each member of the seven deadly sins and all of their recorded power levels. I also look at how strong they are currently in the manga.

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Comments • 2 899

  • AnimeUproar
    AnimeUproar  8 months ago +297

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    • Cheese Lord
      Cheese Lord 16 days ago

      Escarnor will kill demon king with ultimate one and hes not rlly scared of opponant that god is and cant activate those

    • HL Mathias
      HL Mathias 18 days ago

      AnimeUproar I bet million mistakes five more times sorry for the singer so it’s a dice five more times and he’ll be invincible

    • Rayalboon
      Rayalboon 3 months ago

      bruh, i wish the thumbnail was no spoiler, i didnt even want to watch the video but got spoiled anyway (if the numbers are accurate), for the future, please keep that in mind...

    • Natsu Dragneel
      Natsu Dragneel 3 months ago


    • James Bergy
      James Bergy 4 months ago

      i was enjoying the video until you pronounced Galand, Gland

  • r l
    r l Hour ago

    How strong is DK zeldris final form?

  • Zac Blocker info

    AnimeUproar: Escanors power level is at least 300k+
    Escanor: Who decided that!?

  • Darie Carosos
    Darie Carosos 2 days ago

    7ds powers
    💪 stonks💪

  • Viking Spartan
    Viking Spartan 2 days ago

    Why so many people hate Escanor ? Just because Meliodas said Escanor is stronger than him ? You know why Meliodas is the strongest ? Because he has plot armour....he is the main character , but still he no where as cool and badass the Escanor , I remember that Escanor defeated almost all of the demons while Meliodas got killed by Esterossa . ban and king were at 3/4k at the time , how the hell did they reach 400/500k now ? Did they go full Saitama training ? Also Escanor sacrifice himself when he fought the Demon king , what did the others do ?!?

  • Soňa Violová
    Soňa Violová 5 days ago

    Meliodas perv mode is strongest

  • JC111414
    JC111414 5 days ago

    I thought Escanor was the strongest. I was wrong!

  • Jayisthename
    Jayisthename 6 days ago

    sorry to be late but what is elizabeth power level?

  • Tanner Ivester
    Tanner Ivester 7 days ago

    For the most recent chapters, itd be 1) Meliodas in his demon king form.
    2) Escanor in his One/One Ultimate form.
    3) Ban
    4) King.
    Ban and King are very close. 300k PL for The One now looks very low considering he can go fist to fist with the Demon King.

  • Tater Putnam
    Tater Putnam 8 days ago

    Demon king is 666 btw

  • Andri Arquillano10
    Andri Arquillano10 9 days ago

    what chapter is 2:20?

  • Zerg Brood
    Zerg Brood 10 days ago

    This is so mess up 😂

  • Depressed Devil
    Depressed Devil 11 days ago

    I speculate that Escanor's version of sunshine is much more concentrated
    Just assume that Mael's power sunshine grants him the magic in all times of the Day even during the night
    But Escanor's version Doesn't
    It does provide "The One" mode which Is stronger than Mael's normal sunshine mode
    In simplicity
    Mael can use sunshine anytime he wants but he isn't as strong as eacanor In the One Mode
    But escanor Cant use sunshine all the time
    But the accumulated power turns him into the INVINCIBLE INCARNATION OF POWER

  • %%
    %% 11 days ago

    Escanor is the pinnacle of all beings he already decided that

  • Lil_U4_Ria Child
    Lil_U4_Ria Child 12 days ago +2

    Season one- oMg Gilthunder is sO cOOl and oP!!!!
    Season three- wHo the fUcc iS he???

  • Lil_U4_Ria Child
    Lil_U4_Ria Child 12 days ago +1

    I went from 😶😯😮😦😧😲😵

  • KEN Russel
    KEN Russel 13 days ago

    Meliodas demon king form power is 900,000

  • Tobias Maling
    Tobias Maling 13 days ago

    I used to like this manga/anime, but the power scaling is now so insanely fucked. Every character other than the sins and the demon king is now irrelevant, you could essentially remove every minor character from the series and it would make no difference. If the sins were scaled reasonably like for example they grew to a power level of 40,000, it would be impressive. But now I don't care about any of the characters anymore because of how extremely overpowered they are. I find it really sad. I enjoyed season 1 and 2 so much, but when I started reading the manga, it just went on and on, and instead of the author genuinely trying to innovate within the story, he just made every character more powerful in order to rerun the same fights over and over again, CAN THE COMMANDMENTS JUST FUCKING DIE. When a character dies now, it just means nothing because you know somehow they will be brought back. And now it's like WOW x character vs y character BUT now they are both way more powerful! same fight but uhh they are stronger! NICE.

  • Mang Caloy
    Mang Caloy 13 days ago

    But I think Meliodas won that fight against Escanor, Meliodas received 78% damage from Escanor, while Escanor received 98% damage from Meliodas

  • Rylan
    Rylan 13 days ago

    The demon kings power is 1,200,000

  • Lanza Del Relampago
    Lanza Del Relampago 14 days ago

    im sorry for saying this man, i like your content but most if these power levels youre talking about are bs

  • Bar Bitch
    Bar Bitch 14 days ago

    Meliodas- power of main character

  • arlene coo
    arlene coo 14 days ago +3

    Remember when king used to bully Ban?
    Can’t do that now

    • Livius Aincrad
      Livius Aincrad 9 days ago

      You do know that when ban goes to purgatory , his combat class goes up to 500,000 , so yeah ban can still bully king

  • kedima williams
    kedima williams 14 days ago +1

    but now escanor has a new form that lasts beyond 1 minute and is able to go toe to toe with the demon king

  • DaddyAlpha
    DaddyAlpha 15 days ago

    Where'd you get the clips from in the 1st two clips I've never seen that fight between Estarossa and Meliodas' clones.

  • Bax xtab
    Bax xtab 15 days ago

    It's like dragon ball. You start off with little power and before you know it you're able to kill gods.

  • Bax xtab
    Bax xtab 15 days ago

    I wanna watch the new season but I hate the censoring it has. Blood is white. Like why.

  • Thezerowulf
    Thezerowulf 15 days ago

    I wonder if Escanor because of his pride sin, scales him higher than who ever the strongest is near him as it gets closer to noon.

  • Punch for Peace
    Punch for Peace 16 days ago

    Now that the manga is finished....I think.....meliodas does have about 900.000 or even 1 Mio

    • Mjøll
      Mjøll 15 days ago

      Punch for Peace the manga isn’t done tho

  • Magical Unicorn
    Magical Unicorn 17 days ago

    If escanor only trained up his night time form then he would be even stronger I think

  • Taqi23 1
    Taqi23 1 17 days ago

    Wait "he"?????

  • Rozaidi Arsyad
    Rozaidi Arsyad 17 days ago

    Goku be like : wow you guys has a high power levels.....

  • Weber Luc
    Weber Luc 17 days ago

    Escanor in The One form is an incarnation of power itself, it’s practically infinite.

    • Icky Wicky
      Icky Wicky 12 days ago

      Nah mate it comes from the SD and is atmost 25% of her 500k power so not infinite

    • Its Just Like That
      Its Just Like That 17 days ago

      An infinite power inside a mortal body, you know tragedy's gonna happen.

  • Fire Yveltal
    Fire Yveltal 17 days ago

    and now it is confirmed that escanor is stronger than mael (idk why)

  • Dark Light
    Dark Light 18 days ago

    it's high noon

  • Zayaan Tameem
    Zayaan Tameem 18 days ago +2

    I watched the anime again and all the time I wanted to him to get his power already then I thought how weak Dreyfus with grey demon is

  • Kayson Chua
    Kayson Chua 18 days ago +4

    Escanor at night:Combat Class of 15
    Diane:Combat Class of 625,000
    Gowther:Combat Class of 625,000
    Merlin:Combat Class of 650,000
    Escanor:Combat Class of 700,000
    King:Combat Class of 725,000
    Ban:Combat Class of 825,000
    Meliodas:Combat Class of 1,000,000
    Hawks mom known as *The Great Arochi*:???
    Who Agrees,If you don’t make your own list

  • First person View
    First person View 19 days ago +1

    Escanor in the one mode has an immeasurable power

    • Icky Wicky
      Icky Wicky 12 days ago

      Nah that was just hyping him up against Mel. His power is derivative from the SD and is at most 25% of SD. Which has been compared to dk so SD is around 500k therefore it can't be immeasurable

    • Madara Uchiha
      Madara Uchiha 15 days ago

      Lol right? Not to mention im pretty sure outside of "one mode" We've yet to see just how powerful he actually is.

  • Cunt nugget
    Cunt nugget 20 days ago +2

    I’d say ban is on equal terms and power as meliodus

  • AllyTank-ity Kitty
    AllyTank-ity Kitty 20 days ago

    Escanor is way above the demon king who was said to be over 600k in the one form! escanor is top and bottom of this list i don´t think anyone can actually beat the one just have to wait till it runs out of time.

  • Trisha Anime
    Trisha Anime 20 days ago +2

    🚫 SPOILER 🚫
    ⚠️ You have been warned ⚠️

    THE SUN HAS NOW SET. But still, praise the one who stands at the pinnacle of all the race, Lion's Sin of Pride, Escanor! May you rest in peace. Until the very end, PRAISE THE SUN! 🌞 You will always be remembered 😭🔥

  • ssgssjaiden 「空白」

    Who's stronger
    Demon king absorbing the ten commandments
    Meliodas when someone gets dirty with Elizabeth?
    Who's stronger to you.

  • R Youngin
    R Youngin 21 day ago +1

    999,000 is his demon king 2 mode power goes 2

  • task master
    task master 23 days ago

    The problem with power level is, the other side characters will be reduced no more than a garbage.

  • Soggy Biscuit
    Soggy Biscuit 23 days ago

    U clearly don’t watch the show because you pronounced galands name wrong

  • Ismael Perez
    Ismael Perez 23 days ago +3

    So we not talking about the ultimate one for escanor

  • Bobbi lou Sonnie
    Bobbi lou Sonnie 23 days ago +3

    What would happen if king used 4th configuration “Sunflower” on Escanor during the day 👀

  • João Gabriel
    João Gabriel 23 days ago

    i honestly don’t think that ban is that powerful, a escanor seems much stronger than 300000+

  • SpoilthePrincess
    SpoilthePrincess 24 days ago

    Redo this video. Escanor has since surpassed those feats or those limits

  • Terson Yomcha
    Terson Yomcha 25 days ago

    Remember when Gilthunder was OP.

  • Shiv shankar Kumar
    Shiv shankar Kumar 25 days ago

    Bro I think you guess the power levels of each character because escanor is more powerful then king and ban....

  • Dylan Vassilio
    Dylan Vassilio 25 days ago

    people getting excited over 600k when goku started at like 800 and he cant even be calculated anymore

  • NoobExclusive HD
    NoobExclusive HD 25 days ago +2

    Damn first time when I started watching the seven deadly sins in the first episode I thought that the Lord Twigo was strong as f*ck. And look at us how far have we come.

  • uwotm8 urllywotm8
    uwotm8 urllywotm8 26 days ago +1

    The one ultimate escanor vs demon king form meliodas
    Eedit: his own demon king form

  • uwotm8 urllywotm8
    uwotm8 urllywotm8 26 days ago

    I wonder what meliodas indura transformation looks like

  • Alisha Hawley
    Alisha Hawley 26 days ago

    I T ' S H I G H N O O N

  • OMC Gaming
    OMC Gaming 26 days ago +3

    I love these captions lol it’s saying smelly Otis 😂😂

  • LuigiFan1305
    LuigiFan1305 26 days ago +2

    Remember when holy knights were strong? Me neither

  • Riko Alamalz
    Riko Alamalz 27 days ago +2

    Who's your favourite? Mine is king and after those boosts maaan i like him even more