Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad.
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Comments • 26 428

  • Alban1 you’re to blame

    12:48 are you jealous of her or what , i mean that she made all that money , of course they attacked her because she shamed the president of that country , about a thing she wanted and proudly did , imagine her face while doing that and than telling about the same happening, are you protecting this kind of person now

  • xele fonte
    xele fonte Hour ago +1

    This unprecedented Monica Lewinsky interview by John Oliver just shows how great of a guy he is. While every other comedian particularly the biggest douchebag of the 90s in Jay Leno couldn’t stop slut-shaming a single 22 yr old woman, Monica Lewinsky even though Bill Clinton was clearly the bigger slut since he was married and he was much older...John Oliver understands the hypocrisy with our society and the excessive damage of public shaming. Most of the comedians mocking Lewinsky sleep with countless people themselves yet because their personal life isn’t in the spotlight...they can get away with their own slitting. Jay Leno is a perfect example of this. Slut-shaming Monica was like Jay Leno being the pot calling the kettle black. How many mistresses and hookers did he fuck in his time throughout the 90s to have the audacity to mock Monica. It’s because Jay Leno is an unbelievable douchebag. John Oliver didn’t really want to attack him hard since he’s retired but Jay Leno belongs to the Good Ol Boys club...same age group as Bill Clinton which is why he related to Clinton and constantly slut-shamed Monica. Really one of the ugliest public shamings in American history.

  • xele fonte
    xele fonte Hour ago +1

    Public shaming will always exist because we all have this inherent torch and pitchfork mob mentality. Shaming a and person makes our miserable lives feel a little better because misery loves company. Even though public shaming does nothing to better yourself, we all feel it’s a productive form of leisure and expression. People have a bunch of rage and anger built inside for being wronged by society in some way. It’s those same people that are first to lead the public shaming mob. It’s highly counter productive even though people believe they are merely bringing to light a shameful human being. Most people who issue death threats and have extreme hatred for a person they don’t’s usally because they have their own personal demons as a result of being unfulfilled. I can attest to all of this.

  • dinden waliyyu
    dinden waliyyu 2 hours ago

    Doll in the movie become right wing anchor .......*****y

  • Jai Parwani
    Jai Parwani 3 hours ago +1

    You should not try to shame trump or the woman become fair game under law(equality).

  • Dakuta12
    Dakuta12 14 hours ago

    bill never apologized did he?

  • Fly by night
    Fly by night 15 hours ago

    When this story broke its known that Hillary took Bill into another room and SLAPPED him across his face not because he cheated on her but because he publically got caught. I know she was a young impressionable girl but blowing Clinton??? Ugh. Always thought he was butt ass ugly. Now Pence is another story. I'd def get down with him. Best looking politician since Kennedy.

  • Mr.Angry
    Mr.Angry 16 hours ago

    The Clintons are such terrible people, the both of them.

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen Day ago

    Man bill is lucky she did not become a comedian

  • Find 'N' Frag
    Find 'N' Frag Day ago

    Am I missing something from this story? Weren't her and the president both consenting adults? Isn't it their business whatever they did or didn't? Why would a whole country concern itself with something so unimportant

  • Bob Dobbz
    Bob Dobbz Day ago

    I wonder if the Homeowners insurance company leaked this to the press.

  • deanna
    deanna Day ago

    Thank you so much for this

  • FreethinkingSecularist

    She is funny!

  • Jerome Proctor
    Jerome Proctor Day ago

    Who cares she sucked a dick and got famous plus he was a married man

  • Titus Titus
    Titus Titus Day ago

    I'm 22.

  • Frank Da Tank
    Frank Da Tank Day ago

    "imagine being reminded of the stupid things you've done every day for years" sounds like living with my mom

  • Gemel Walters
    Gemel Walters 2 days ago +1

    i'm sorry but rich girl tries to land a powerful married man and it backfired. I find it hard to care. had it not come out would she not have continued the affair? I don't agree with buying but usually the person being bullied didn't willingly put themselves in that position. I'll save my sympathy

  • Terry Quesenberry
    Terry Quesenberry 2 days ago +1

    Ubiquitous Rhymes with...

  • Terry Quesenberry
    Terry Quesenberry 2 days ago +1

    Exacerbated Rhymes with?

  • We Are The Mags
    We Are The Mags 2 days ago

    John Oliver seriously looks like he's having a starry eyed fan boy moment with Monica. And who can blame him!

  • RoadRunner WR
    RoadRunner WR 2 days ago

    Lol Monica... How much money did that succubus make off blowing Bill? Smart.

  • Nick Helder
    Nick Helder 2 days ago

    I'm 22 and yeah, I'm an idiot sometimes 😂

  • ptavangar
    ptavangar 2 days ago +1

    Public shaming aside, would've been good for her to admit specific wrongdoing at least once during that final interview....

  • T C
    T C 2 days ago +1

    John Oliver randomly attack jay leno was so funny

  • Heidi Melcarek
    Heidi Melcarek 2 days ago

    I always felt for Monica Lewinsky. It was Bill Clinton who did something wrong. She was just a normal girl who was enamored by his stardom and charisma. Any woman in her position would have been flattered by his attention. It's really an indictment of a patriarchal culture that lets men off the hook for (almost) any sexual deviance. And no, I'm not a feminazi. I'm jus'sayin' - why blame her and make excuses for him?

  • Joshua Willinsky
    Joshua Willinsky 2 days ago +1

    Why is everyone here defending Monica? She slept with a married man, that man being the President!?!?!? You literally were asking for your private life to be destroyed. This isnt a case of non consensual sex, she was a willing partner???

    • damonke79
      damonke79 10 hours ago

      I think you are missing the point. Was Bill Clinton shamed on the same level as Monica Lewinsky? No. He wasn't. That points out the hypocrisy of the situation.

  • Roland Virág
    Roland Virág 2 days ago

    ye who gonna fault her man how many 22 yr old chicks can say they fucked the resident of the usa man?

  • Ellie A
    Ellie A 3 days ago

    Shine on Monica!!! We have your back more than you may think!!! How absolutely inspirational!!! I've watched this several times. I thank you and 'JAX" lol for this!!!!! wow... I am so happy for you (NOW!, as weird as that sounds from a stranger!) You survived and are beaming!!!! You are brilliant and funny! can't find my words. just, HELL YES!!!! ROCK ON!!! So much love, respect, gratitude, peace and empowerment! I don't think i'm the only one who thinks you are a beautiful warrior! thank you!!! PS- JAX, lol, you have helped my maintain some sanity and educate me at the same time!!! ok, that's another story lol. ONE*

  • Jennifer Griel
    Jennifer Griel 3 days ago

    That fake John Oliver rap line belongs in a Childish Gambino song.

  • noah
    noah 3 days ago

    Thanks to the Clintons and their complete uncaring recklessness. So mestup. Americans love public shaming. There isnt any good reason to ever do it.

  • Optidorf
    Optidorf 3 days ago

    The title of this video is wrong. It is actually "Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with Jax (HBO)"

  • Joseph Schultz
    Joseph Schultz 3 days ago

    Despite the whole country giving her shit, Monica strove on through. That takes big balls, yo. Good on you, Monica, for being made of such sturdy stuff. I'm definitely not that tough myself; I get panic attacks when I think about how I'm gonna talk to the librarian when I have to return a book that's late.

  • a.
    a. 3 days ago

    the left will literally take your job away if you make a joke on twitter, fuck all of you.

  • Shakur Variawa
    Shakur Variawa 3 days ago

    From my experience: people tend to use the person (accused of doing "the bad thing") as a representative of a group of similar people that've hurt them in the past. That's why trump doesn't get as much attention (of that kind) as someone who could be seen as: a home wrecker, malevolent family member or someone most people would relate to not liking.
    It's simply mob mentality

  • RMGP96
    RMGP96 4 days ago

    Go fuck yourself Jay Leno

  • anbakeoriginal
    anbakeoriginal 4 days ago

    Gid that Dickead Wilie Jeff Clinton ever send her an apology? Or a cheque to make up for what he did to her?

  • The Vallin
    The Vallin 4 days ago

    No offence to Lewinsky, but her net worth just keeps climbing due to her incident. I think we've heard enough about it but.. Sure, lets get an FX special ripping open those scars again for profit. *shrugs*

  • Beth Lydi
    Beth Lydi 4 days ago

    Oh my god, imagine having the stupidest thing you did as a 22 year old completely destroy your & your family's life.

  • Ab C. Def
    Ab C. Def 4 days ago

    Both Monica Lewinsky and Harvey Weinstein are amazingly strong people for enduring the public's vicious shamings, and should serve as role models and heroes for us all.

  • Champagne Supernova
    Champagne Supernova 4 days ago

    Who's watching after Bill Maher's fat-shaming clip.

  • gina staley
    gina staley 5 days ago +1

    social media would have made it worse for monica... we have trolls. we have endless memes that never go away.. etc

  • Thales87 G
    Thales87 G 5 days ago

    I was a kid during that whole lewinsky scandal. So my memories are vague but i really like her, she seems a kind and genuine person and if there is an american in the last 50 years who has a right to be bitter its her

  • geraldturkeyhunter
    geraldturkeyhunter 5 days ago

    Done in the dark comes out in the light

  • geraldturkeyhunter
    geraldturkeyhunter 5 days ago

    She should have told it all been better not hid

  • geraldturkeyhunter
    geraldturkeyhunter 5 days ago

    Don't be own it no pain when you sucking and fucking just Rember actions have reprcutions for sure if your not rich really how sad she is on tv paid shows and make good money making it of sucking and fucking like Charlie sheen could have been worse she was Epstein lol

  • geraldturkeyhunter
    geraldturkeyhunter 5 days ago

    Don't suck a married man's dick really she has no remorse haven't even thought about her in a decade I am 41 who cares she cheated with a married man period who cares people done it for years quit coming on shows like one hit wonders let it die have morals and no point she said wish I never fucked bill cigars in my vagina crap its poor me

  • Brooke W.
    Brooke W. 5 days ago +12

    I feel like what’s worse is that Hillary said she’s a feminist but didn’t blame her husband, and then let the media flame the shit out of a very young woman

    • Brooke W.
      Brooke W. 2 days ago

      Craig Simpson defend? No, but the woman was 22 years old and an intern. She could have said “okay my husband sucks and this young woman made an awful mistake that hurt my family” but instead she acted like Bill was an innocent party and Monica was lecherous when in fact he was a grown man, married, and the president

    • Craig Simpson
      Craig Simpson 2 days ago +1

      Is she supposed to defend the woman that had an affair with her husband? Give your head a shake, lady.

    • Brooke W.
      Brooke W. 3 days ago

      Ellie A aw you’re so nice lol and yeah I think if she had left bill, I probably would have identified more with her. Then she would have been a better role model to young girls that women should stick together and not stay with cheaters

    • Ellie A
      Ellie A 3 days ago

      I wonder if she would have took a stand then, left bill... what her life would be now. Who she would be. Maybe someone i would vote for and be proud she was our first female president (no political agenda here!! Independent thinker here. You sparked something when I read your comment. I needed it. Gratitude !)

    • Ellie A
      Ellie A 3 days ago

      very, very interesting point... sparking other questions/thoughts too... TY!

  • brokerbevo
    brokerbevo 5 days ago +2

    The only shaming that works is fat shaming!!!

  • Aile Moonstream
    Aile Moonstream 5 days ago

    Maybe you should not do it because of things like the covington kids.

  • captain deb
    captain deb 5 days ago

    She's remarkable.❤️

  • X-cessiveBandit
    X-cessiveBandit 5 days ago

    Monic Lewinsky is the badass bitch this nation doesn’t deserve

  • Salvadori Popadillo
    Salvadori Popadillo 5 days ago

    LOL I honestly still have 0 sympathy for Lewinsky. She did it to herself. Somehow "amazed" by media coverage, omg! A psycho keeps the dress and goes public. That's why people hate her. Not the act, it was the gross way she handled it, then she victimized herself to the nth degree for being called out...

  • Christine Still
    Christine Still 5 days ago +1

    I like Monica. I think Clinton & Ken Starr should have been publicly shamed.

  • Doug Raska
    Doug Raska 5 days ago +2

    Great interview with Monica. Amazingly she's got a great sense of humor!!!

  • deez nutz
    deez nutz 5 days ago

    Maybe Monica should have NOT HAD AFFAIR WITH BILL and could have avoided all the shame.

  • Michael Frontera
    Michael Frontera 6 days ago

    You are the best dressed parrot I've ever seen.

  • Syn Severus
    Syn Severus 6 days ago

    there are consequences to your actions, GTF over it monica.

  • yuonhee
    yuonhee 6 days ago

    I don’t feel sorry for her. Free will...why did she save the dress? She had her own motives for advancement and it backfired. I don’t care what age you are. After the age of cognitive enlightenment of right & wrong...there’s consequences.

  • Francisco Xavier
    Francisco Xavier 6 days ago +3

    Monica Lewinsky is a great woman with a lot of strength, much respect!

  • Robel Belay
    Robel Belay 6 days ago