The LAST Thermal Paste you'll ever need??

  • Published on Apr 29, 2018
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    You may NEVER need to use thermal paste again thanks to this new product...
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Comments • 5 141

  • Vishal Upadhye
    Vishal Upadhye 2 hours ago

    Can I use it on my laptop? Really curious.

  • 24321619
    24321619 5 hours ago

    you can get other sizes for AMD cpu etc

  • Gio Emlano
    Gio Emlano 11 hours ago +1

    4:40 Linus: “Oh you’ve finished first. Now I feel awkward.”
    Me: “That’s what she said!” 😂

  • MrOzozah
    MrOzozah 13 hours ago

    there is many sizes of this pad now

  • Ingwie Phoenix
    Ingwie Phoenix 17 hours ago

    The dick-jokes killed me XD "He is a good mount" took me a while to get, but the others were genuely awesome xD

  • AppleML
    AppleML 19 hours ago +4

    Been using this pad now on my 8700k for 7 months. No issues at all, absolutely love it

  • Adams Esquillo
    Adams Esquillo Day ago

    can I use double mint buble gum pads?

  • erkydi
    erkydi Day ago

    does this work for laptop cpus?

  • Crackles McFarly
    Crackles McFarly 2 days ago +1

    Mayonnaise or Vomit works well as heat transfer for CPU cooling for me, never exceeds 49C even in 4K games.
    Mayonnaise and Vomit contain dexotrantos and Phenytriades which both dissipate heat quickly in laboratory studies from Cal Tech 1997,1998.

  • Bullet Sponge Gaming

    Anatoly Dyatlov - you didn’t see any graphite

  • glitch gamer
    glitch gamer 8 days ago

    3:25 when u don't take ur physics class seriously

  • Chris Drzymalski
    Chris Drzymalski 8 days ago

    Don't go/come dry use KY jelly.

    DR ACULA 9 days ago +1

    Size does matter, Linus! :-)

  • William Tober
    William Tober 9 days ago

    Can this be applied to GPU memory to replace thermal pads?

  • 504 Headbussa
    504 Headbussa 9 days ago +3

    7:40 .... you're welcome lmao great video all around!

  • M A
    M A 11 days ago

    What if it does not fit my CPU?

  • VikingsFan27
    VikingsFan27 12 days ago

    Also, if this pad is so great, then if you ask me a licenseing deal would be their best play. Why not license this to every CPU, and cooling companys out there? This shit should come pre mounted on everything you buy. Imo!

  • VikingsFan27
    VikingsFan27 12 days ago

    So are you going to stop using thermal paste and just use the pads? I guess the answer wasnt very clear to me. Should I buy this?

  • BerryVR
    BerryVR 12 days ago +2

    the quest is, can you stack them xD ? ( so using 2 or 3)

  • PC Trash Talk
    PC Trash Talk 13 days ago +1

    I got some of Panasonic carbon thermal pad material Digikey # P14965-ND THERM PAD 180MMX115MM W/ADH GRAY 0.0008" (0.020mm) The thinner the carbon pad the better the transfer vertically if you read the specs. I used it as a cpu thermal transfer on a Intel 9600K in place of thermal compound. It is easy to cut since it has a removable mylar backing. With the mylar removed it holds together and has a slight adhesive so it stays in place. You can peel it off to reposition if you need to. I could not see any difference in the cpu temperatures after application. One sheet is 4.5" X 8" so you can do a good number of cpu's with one sheet.

  • Albyrt SSB
    Albyrt SSB 13 days ago

    This seems great for reviewers and people who constantly test different coolers and chips.

  • أخبار الرقميات - CryptoNews

    I luv Being a #Nerd and Every Nerd..Specially the Ones @ #LTT... You Guys Are Amazingly The #Nerdest Of Us All...Keep It Up ☝....

  • abdusamad mokeddem
    abdusamad mokeddem 18 days ago

    most people use core i processors
    so np

  • FluxNoise
    FluxNoise 20 days ago

    has anyone seen these pads again in any linus video?

  • Welcome 2 My World 1.o

    So... can I put this on my iPad pros?

  • Xgamer121X
    Xgamer121X 20 days ago

    This product has HUGE potential in gaming systems and laptops. Theoretically, thermal paste only lasts 1-3 years. After that, it usually starts degrading in thermal conductivity. Imagine if gaming system and laptop manufacturers used this from the factory. No more need to re-paste!

  • WiKiT Woo WoNKa
    WiKiT Woo WoNKa 22 days ago +4

    THANK YOU LINUS... I'm sold. I've been pondering these for a few days on eBay now and you've helped me decide, So I hit the Amazon link and BOOM should be here tomorrow. thank you once again for your very in-depth product review. you're my favorite RU-clipr you know. next to barneculese or how ever you spell his name lol thanks again Linus you rock. 🤘😁🤘
    so i got it and installed it and now my PC runs around 30-35 c at idle vs 45-50 AND my PC didn't cut off on the 2nd pass when running auto tune in the AMD overdrive tab in Catalyst, it made it 3 passes then I put in a beefier stock cpu cooler, "Wish I had a 120 watt wraith" and it survived at 3 1/2 pass then. won't go any further until I get a wraith and hope I can get it to 5ghz as I seen others do, but so far it's at 3.9 instead of 3.4 even if i just get it to 4.5 I'll be happy 😁
    ASUS M5A97LE R2.O
    AMD FX 6300
    ATI FirePro V8750 (FireGL)
    Corsair Vengeance
    PC3-12800 (16GB DDR3)

  • dummyNS1
    dummyNS1 22 days ago +2

    What if you put both the pad and thermal paste together? 'winter is coming'

  • Deano Essex
    Deano Essex 23 days ago

    I have the AMD Ryzen 7 2700 and it came with a pad. I used paste instead and the temp was between 45-50 after a while i decided to use the pad and my temp was between 48-55. I tried a graphite pad the other day and my CPU is running at 55-62 temperature, so i am guessing the paste is the best to use.

  • מוטי שיוביץ
    מוטי שיוביץ 23 days ago +7

    I would _love_ to see it tested as an actual thermal pad replacement on GPU's memory and VRMs. Who's with me??

  • Jayvee Candelaria
    Jayvee Candelaria 24 days ago

    Linus what is the best thermal paste for laptop noctua ht-h2 or Thermal grizlly kryonaut?

  • NetTubeUser
    NetTubeUser 24 days ago

    Honestly, we need new technology to get rid of those really stupid, really bizarre and boring things, such as those thermal pastes. We have this for decades... it's time to change.

  • modrows11
    modrows11 24 days ago +4

    Great product and product testing video. I used this on my new gaming PC I just built in May 2019. (Ryzen 2700 idles at 34 and heats up to around 58 with Prime95 running). Then I bought a 2nd pad when I installed a larger CPU cooler on a prebuilt Lenovo I'm improving for my wife. (Web and office use - removed dust, moved OS to SSD, added 2 case fans and installed larger CPU cooler onto an A10 7800).

  • Josh Syl
    Josh Syl 25 days ago +2

    That awkward moment when linus said at 7:57 "YOU COULD ACTUALLY HAVE DIE-AREA (Diarrhea) ! " *followed by a big pause !!! :(

  • Dystar 924
    Dystar 924 26 days ago

    "How professionals patchwork themselves..." 🗨😏💠🌡🌠

  • Concept Uno
    Concept Uno 27 days ago

    finally!! i product for those who complain about "too much thermal paste"

  • Alex C
    Alex C 27 days ago +44

    “An advantage to this dry approach is that theres no liquids”
    Thanks Linus.

  • Graoth
    Graoth 29 days ago

    Hello. Thouse pads are in 2 sizes. 40x40mm and 30x30mm. If my procesor is 37mm then i need smaler one ?

    • Graoth
      Graoth 29 days ago

      @weeabooHunter TV Thanks. But you are sure ? I cant see any info if it can or shoud be cutted.

    • weeabooHunter TV
      weeabooHunter TV 29 days ago

      No just get a bigger one and cut it

  • Hofmann Pascal
    Hofmann Pascal Month ago

    #linus get an engineer ( chemical one like me or me ) to work with you...

  • Haveesh Sharma
    Haveesh Sharma Month ago

    Last TIM is the one you add to the delidded cpu when you decide to run it naked.

  • Craig Ster
    Craig Ster Month ago

    I think it would be pretty easy to shift out of place when "mounting" cooler, it looked that way when you "engaged" cooler. People will be like it works great, but you have to still use a dab a thermal paste..

  • Filipe Aguiar
    Filipe Aguiar Month ago

    Try permatex high temperature thread scellant seriously.

  • Fco.Carlos Beltran
    Fco.Carlos Beltran Month ago

    I do not understand that it is better to put a thermal pad than not to put anything.

  • kanehi
    kanehi Month ago

    The biggest advantage is it's reusable plus no chance of drying out unlike pastes.

  • R Riper
    R Riper Month ago

    That looks like duct tape

  • Adam Perko
    Adam Perko Month ago

    Please revisit this with a threadripper!

  • VortexOP
    VortexOP Month ago +2


  • William Wilson
    William Wilson Month ago

    What about using this between the IHS and the die after a delid? That would be interesting to see.

  • AsAnAtheistFilms
    AsAnAtheistFilms Month ago

    This was something sony developed years back but with carbon fiber which was the precursor for the graphene sheets of today, in 2012 and they still use it for their high end flagship devices (phones, TV's etc for example). At the time of testing it beat average thermal paste by a long margin at the time, only high end TIM (X23-7783D, or IC diamond with perfect application or Indigo xtreme could compete. However the sheets were not available for sale and cost me nearly $105 for a single tiny sheet from Sony which was good for 3 applications (could be reused however). The difference in performance however was negated when using it on lapped heatsinks/IHS and most good TIM's like AS5.

  • Huggabearskij
    Huggabearskij Month ago

    This was a year ago now, but it's like some grandmother in the 1960s trying to explain quantum physics because she heard about it on the radio. I've never seen anyone with less knowledge of computers and physics on RU-clip.

  • GabeTB
    GabeTB Month ago

    Every time these two host together their is very high sexual tensions....

  • Chris G.
    Chris G. Month ago

    I get 20 degrees lower w/ paste

  • :D :D
    :D :D Month ago +1

    You know the difference between
    Thermal *Pad* vs Thermal *Paste*
    You have it 🤔

  • Grimm Reaper
    Grimm Reaper Month ago

    I bought a pack of these graphite cpu pads off of Amazon. Wiped the cpu clean and put this thing on. Absolute disaster.. Prior to installing this thing, any game I ran the normal operating temperature would range anywhere from 45 to 55 celcius with video settings on high. After installing the pad, operating temps were spiking over 100 celcius and would crash my computer. CPU is a core i7-4790K with a Corsair H100 cooler and a EVGA Ge Force GTX 970. Removed the graphite pad and went back to thermal paste. Temperatures back to 45 - 50 Celcius.

  • Ville Alahäivälä

    That pad ins't a new innovation. i have come across those kind of pads in older electronics.

    • P. V.C
      P. V.C Month ago

      I think it's composition is new thermal pads are old but are usually not good for the main computing cores like the CPU and GPU die

  • First Name Last Name

    I'm guessing because it's thick it wouldn't be good to use in a laptop

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon Month ago +1

    4:40 -That's what she said.

  • Grigoryev Mihail
    Grigoryev Mihail Month ago

    this thing is amazing with Vega 64. The temps of the so called hot spot is much closer to gpu core temp, like 10C between them at full load. With a thermal paste the difference depends on the paste's thickness, the more liquid the paste the worse, but yeah it could be +20C over the gpu core, even more hitting 100C mark. I love these times when new technology is actually so useful.
    But be careful, the pad needs to be exact size of the gpu die and hardest of them all is to carefully apply the heatsink back on your gpu so the pad doesn't move around, otherwise the cooling will be worse and it also conducts electricity and may short something. On the CPU is much easier to apply so highly recommended.

  • Michael D
    Michael D Month ago

    What about on a gpu

  • iceveiled
    iceveiled Month ago

    That heatsink is overcompensating for something...

  • Right Wing Safety Squad

    Some day his kids are going to see these.

  • The Scourge
    The Scourge 2 months ago

    i wouldnt trust it, thermal paste was made to specifically fill gaps between your cpu and your heat sync. When i did my research apparently sometimes even though it might not look it the surface of your cpu is supposedly not 100% flat. I was working on my new Eluktronics laptop and in which i found one of these and was like WTF IS THAT, and it lead me here. Thanks for the info guys knowing that its conductive makes me even more not trust it thanks!

  • MyLonewolf25
    MyLonewolf25 2 months ago

    Definitely should be used for consistent cooler testing imo

  • Frank De Belder
    Frank De Belder 2 months ago

    See it Linus

  • C L
    C L 2 months ago

    Could we use those graphite pad for VRM cooling?

    • Hank Eggers
      Hank Eggers Month ago

      @C L well i would do a google on that one, i personally never used thermal pads for vrms. I have, however, used individual hest sinks

    • C L
      C L 2 months ago

      @Hank Eggers Have you got some tips for applying those pads avoiding electrical short-circuit issues?

    • Hank Eggers
      Hank Eggers 2 months ago

      Yes you can

  • nalom yoshua
    nalom yoshua 2 months ago

    How about if you combine those things?

  • APacifistAnarchist
    APacifistAnarchist 2 months ago

    what about oils from your hands getting on the pad when you handle it.. not concerned?

    • some idiot
      some idiot 2 months ago

      that could be easily prevented by using simple single use plastic / latex gloves , also probably a big deal if you intend to reuse the same pad many times

  • y jn
    y jn 2 months ago

    i become wet everytime i see alex..

  • Stinky Cheese
    Stinky Cheese 2 months ago

    So let me get this right. I'd pay $10 a pop PER CPU OR GPU, which is going to total over $100 for what I have running now, or I can just use a $5 grease to cover them all and only lose 3 degrees? No contest, only a fool would blow money on this product, or someone into a very extreme overclocking contest where the winner gets to move out of his mom's basement. ;)

  • vibr031
    vibr031 2 months ago

    "oh im coming im coming oh shit!!"

  • Hero Lee
    Hero Lee 2 months ago

    Lying Linus * o *

  • Jason Hernandez
    Jason Hernandez 2 months ago

    Coming back to this video thanks to Science Studios and now they are making different sizes for other chips

  • 3RAN7ON
    3RAN7ON 2 months ago +1

    I bought and used this cooling pad when testing out and comparing different processors on my motherboard. I only saw about a 2 degree rise in temperature versus paste. Another con is that the pad would slide around when installing the cooler. It was hard to keep centered on the CPU during installation cuz the damn thing was so thin and there was nothing holding it in place

    • Mithrennon of Aegwynn
      Mithrennon of Aegwynn 29 days ago

      I used duct tape to hold the graphite pad in place... seemed to work well...

  • javilionaire
    javilionaire 2 months ago

    How is graphite compared to delid + liquid metal?

  • Arif k
    Arif k 2 months ago

    I don't like to mount dry. the wetter the better.

  • Beneath Remains
    Beneath Remains 2 months ago

    Got this for a mini itx build with an i7 4770/1050 ti 4gb combo. It's cool as a cucumber with a noctua air cooler.

    BATU TORIGO 2 months ago

    fuck me i dropped the thing on the dirty floor 3 times lol

  • k1m enG1e
    k1m enG1e 2 months ago

    Drop test?

  • Paul Hemmens
    Paul Hemmens 2 months ago

    I bought a new IC Diamond paste last week and then I come across this video, but I'll still be staying with the paste for now :)

  • Blue Pandha
    Blue Pandha 2 months ago +3

    thermal paste what's great for nzxt x62

  • leviemae hilario
    leviemae hilario 2 months ago

    i thought you are gonna use toothpaste!

  • Red Wyrm
    Red Wyrm 2 months ago

    Whole point of thermal grease is been able to feel all those completely unseen micro-gaps on CPU and cooler's surface. Would that not be done it will have non-conductive air in those gaps.
    More importantly - no sensors would show you something terribly wrong, if those gaps remain un-feel. But nevertheless it would cause more stress on CPU, potentiality causing micro-damage, which obviously in time will grow only bigger.
    Pads like that will never be able to replace thermal grease.
    Can it conduct heat - sure, you really don't need to convince me in that. But it simply will never get as much contact with CPU and cooler as grease dose. And as such in long terms drastically ineffective.

  • BetonBenni
    BetonBenni 2 months ago

    So was this IC Diamond thermal paste you compared the thermal pad with liquid paste or regular stuff?

  • Succubus
    Succubus 2 months ago

    I prefer that fat man.. he knows everything

  • Mukarram Irfan
    Mukarram Irfan 2 months ago

    Lol if you just studied 9th class physics you should of know thermal conductivity......😪😪😪

  • Noble Knight
    Noble Knight 2 months ago

    hold on what about using it in place of normal thermal pads on vrms and stuff?

  • Lorne Graham
    Lorne Graham 2 months ago +1

    i actually bought one of these. i get the same temps as paste, or slightly lower!! works great! !
    paste idle - 30-32c throttle- 60c
    IC graphite pad idle - 20-26c throttle - 55c

  • Joe Dupuie
    Joe Dupuie 2 months ago

    "that's just it"

  • Great Green Pot
    Great Green Pot 2 months ago +1

    Linus sexual innuendo charged jokes tech tips

  • Anthony Narozniak
    Anthony Narozniak 2 months ago +1

    If copper is better at transferring heat between the CPU and heatsink why don't companies use copper in there thermal paste

  • Gals Herp
    Gals Herp 2 months ago

    why are you not using it then? Why no one on earth is using it? I bought it and i like it. Wouldnt it be PERFECT for all sort of tests because there is no "wrong" way to apply it?

    • Gals Herp
      Gals Herp 2 months ago

      @David J. Fulde Thats what i mean.

    • David J. Fulde
      David J. Fulde 2 months ago +1

      Definitely interesting. As a company that does so much stuff with comparisons and testing, wouldn't it make sense to have an integral part of the process totally standardized?

  • Sparta Gaming
    Sparta Gaming 3 months ago +5

    The verge is gonna be stocking up on this

  • Iven brown
    Iven brown 3 months ago

    I woundet what would happen if you delid
    a processor and used a Graphite Thermal Pad instead of liquid metal and put the two pieces back together again.

  • mistube
    mistube 3 months ago +1

    there are things in this world that feels naturel to mount dry lol GOOD ONE
    interesting video

  • Muranaman
    Muranaman 3 months ago

    WHat would happen if you combine this with liquid metal?

  • Rogelio Andrade
    Rogelio Andrade 3 months ago +13

    Can I use this on a laptop 💻

  • Peter H
    Peter H 3 months ago

    7:58 hehe he said "Diarrhea"

  • David Fally
    David Fally 3 months ago +1

    RIP tunnelbear

  • Jonathan B
    Jonathan B 3 months ago

    can you delid with this?

  • Xtreme Performance
    Xtreme Performance 3 months ago +1

    Why didn't you guys mention they used pads like this for ceramic CPUs but they were one time only cause the heat would thin them out and bond the heat sink and ceramic together best way to remove was when hot