Jalen Rose reacts to Team USA’s 2019 FIBA World Cup elimination | Get Up

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • Jalen Rose reacts to Team USA being eliminated from the 2019 FIBA World Cup loss after losing to France 89-79.

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Comments • 1 020

  • niesha patterson
    niesha patterson Month ago

    Don't tell me USA military unbeatable anymore

  • Nicholas Ehause
    Nicholas Ehause Month ago

    I'm fr Detroit born and raised in the best basketball era period. The Fab five,bad boys,bulls,wolverines. I just want to say what's up Jalen,been a fan forever. Great job. By the way have family that went to southwestern. Keep doing it.

  • M A
    M A Month ago

    How badly I miss K.J.B.81

  • mandapalque
    mandapalque Month ago

    Lol, espn is totally biased in favor of Lebron James. They did not put the 2004 and 2006 ranking where TRAM USA did not win the gold and LEBRON was on those 2 losing teams.

  • Raul Santana
    Raul Santana Month ago

    No credit for the international players#!!!😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • BASSMent77113
    BASSMent77113 Month ago


  • tayshawntf vang
    tayshawntf vang Month ago

    Donald trump wants to see america great again .. there you go ..!! Thanks nBA superstars .. make em beg!

  • gabriel19766
    gabriel19766 Month ago

    It’s just says how much half these players in the league are over paid and over hyped !!

  • Andrew Banales
    Andrew Banales Month ago

    Should of let Carmelo Anthony come onto the team...

  • dy120481
    dy120481 Month ago

    The NBA has devolved into glorified All-Star ball over the last few years with an over reliance on 3's, analytics and "offensive freedom". The rest of the world still plays actual basketball. Hopefully the league takes notice.

  • Stephen Anderson
    Stephen Anderson Month ago

    Funny. Just like soccer the men lose internationally but women dominate. Yeah for some women's basketball is unwatchable but USA women get gold every time. World send their best. Shouldn't we actually make the superstars go? It looks worst when they don't go especially for the modern game America invented.

  • Steve Carter
    Steve Carter Month ago

    USA B Team

  • Rafael Capó
    Rafael Capó Month ago

    They keep emphasizing they didnt send their superstars...other teams also didnt send all their superstars!

  • Rafael Capó
    Rafael Capó Month ago

    I soecifically remember Jalen saying years ago that USA could field a team of collge players and still win international tournaments...eat your words

  • lante07
    lante07 Month ago

    I keep saying this: There isn't a single DOG on this roster. Every player is a pretty boy, have a chillaxed game, or just not that nice. And frankly, I think Coach Pop should be held accountable. His style of play is not conducive to FIBA basketball. The only pure shooter on this team is Middleton. Not one player on this team is a pure scorer. I believe tatum has the skill set, but again, Coach Pop doesn't allow players to be themselves. Donavon Mitchell just isn't there yet. And honestly, they needed Melo. He'd give France 50!

  • 99999racerx
    99999racerx Month ago

    Who cares? Is FIBA anything like FUBU?

  • Leon Royer
    Leon Royer Month ago

    No Melo with USA team. No Melo with the Rockets....same results.....hmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez Month ago

    France 💪😎

  • Alex Raul Santos Lozada

    The people in USA don't understand FIBA or the importance the World Cup is the most important basketball tournament. The Olympics is an overall sports competition I really don't get how the people diminish this tournament

  • kory Jones
    kory Jones Month ago

    Melo woulda had another gold

  • Martin Rodriguez
    Martin Rodriguez Month ago

    They should’ve let Melo join the team lol

  • P4T21CK K1NG
    P4T21CK K1NG Month ago

    Jalen wouldn't have even been asked to carry Team USA's towels when he was a player.

  • Millbones
    Millbones Month ago +1

    They gotta start offering max contracts to players to play on team USA 💀

  • Millbones
    Millbones Month ago

    These players too young! Dream team had veterans

  • Ted Wo
    Ted Wo Month ago

    Nobody cares

    IRWIN ROMMEL Month ago

    It's great to see the world's basketball talent coming up to a competitive level!This makes for a better brand of games-no more 50 pt. blowouts...

  • donovan Valeriano
    donovan Valeriano Month ago

    Oh no our c team got knocked out in the semifinals my American ego can’t take it

  • Realtruthtv
    Realtruthtv Month ago

    Jeuss saves

  • jb
    jb Month ago +1

    The US WILL have some of their superstar players in the Olympics. Or out of the top 15 American players, I could see HALF of them on that squad. Steph and Kawhi don't have Olympic Gold Medals. I think they would want to get at least one. AD got his gold medal fresh outta college and didn't get many minutes at all. That 2012 was LOADED! U had Kobe, Bron, KD, Russ, CP3, D Will, Harden, and Melo all on that squad. So if I was the honchos at US basketball, Curry, Kawhi, and AD would be my first three targets. If u can get those three to play, then more of the top 15 caliber American players will come out.

  • Emmanuel ABOUGHE
    Emmanuel ABOUGHE Month ago

    3mn? Come on, man

  • Ken Rascon
    Ken Rascon Month ago

    Consolation game for the USA team?

  • colangelog09
    colangelog09 Month ago

    and how does serbia lose to argentina? who tf is on argentina?!

  • rob bank
    rob bank Month ago

    we need Lebron or harden or any all star player to safe this team.

  • contactpq
    contactpq Month ago +1

    See they should've let Carmelo play on the team afterall

  • Gary Gallant
    Gary Gallant Month ago

    Embarrassing. This group will be known for losing this

  • Tahir Flynt
    Tahir Flynt Month ago

    Let's go Frank with the highlight note from Jalen 🙌🏾 a good look for the already deep and potentially good Knicks 👌🏾

  • Salo Guti
    Salo Guti Month ago

    Jalen querim stay in yo lane scrub

  • Clarence Worley
    Clarence Worley Month ago

    To the coddled, priveledged, overpaid "SuperStar" NBA Americans. I mean Durant, Love, Lebron ....et al.
    Yeah, you!
    The rest of us go to work day in and day out with no, "Off-Season." We live, love and breathe
    this great nation every day. Some of us are even foolish enough to buy tickets, jersey's and shoes
    to support your lavish lifestyle.
    But somehow you're too busy to represent the country that gave you everything in the one of the most
    important world event of your profession, FIBA World Cup.
    How I yearn for the days of amateurs that trained with very little compensation and grueling train-
    ing to get no guarantee of a shot to represent the country that gave them so much.
    It is not like we are asking you to put on the uniform that requires dodging bombs and bullets.
    It is simply to play for those that admire you, are proud of our sport and genuinely starved for a
    small showing of gratefulness to the nation and its' citizens.

  • Medroff
    Medroff Month ago

    The world talent is just getting better that’s it.

  • dante loving
    dante loving Month ago +1

    Do you think team USA could have used Carmelo Anthony? I'm glad they lost!

  • leonard thompson
    leonard thompson Month ago

    Once Lopez and plum trash was announced we all knew what the outcome would be

  • Gabriel Afonso
    Gabriel Afonso Month ago

    France didn’t have superstars either morons

  • Quimane Richardson
    Quimane Richardson Month ago

    I was pissed and disappointed that stars didn’t rep our country

  • jmatyasik1
    jmatyasik1 Month ago

    What's a constellation game? Lol
    Code for, a waste of time.

  • William Griffin
    William Griffin Month ago

    Look anytime 1st and 2nd year NBA players etc,go against overseas national teams who have played the game years upon years together there going to beat those weak squads the U.S. put together. It wasn't like LeBron, or Khawi, or Steph and them was playing. The cream of the crop NBA. But it's going to get dragged out the U.S. team lost and it should be. Bad coaching from Pop! Of all people. Come on maaan! It's all a set up to showcase the talent abroad. NBA across borders. There are things put in place so slow down the American athlete. Why pay this dude all this money,when I can get good talent elsewhere. And less heartache dealing with things on and off the court, field, etc. The Dominance of American sports has weakened rapidly. There's no longer that big gap or cushion we've gotten comfortable with. The rest of the sporting world are no longer in awe of the Americans, but there trying to beat us. Along with a side order of deep threes in your face and getting dunked on.

  • e dubb77
    e dubb77 Month ago

    Its basketball who cares NFL baby

  • D K
    D K Month ago

    We lost because Greg Popobitch is a motherfucking stupid coach.

  • Iversonwings
    Iversonwings Month ago

    Gregg Popovich is OVERRATED

  • AcazH Pinoy Mamba
    AcazH Pinoy Mamba Month ago

    Because USA thought small ball would work in international play..

  • Samuel Rowe
    Samuel Rowe Month ago +4

    I blame pop more than anyone else.

  • Tempest
    Tempest Month ago +1

    I mean lets be real look at the team...its filled with 3 Celtic role players, Harrison barnes(who cost warriors chip they yr cavs won with his horrible play), Khris Middleton who is just overrated role player who starts, Kemba who has been losing his whole career, Turner who again not someone gonna carry you/lead team and lastly you got the best player who I actually feel sorry for in donovan Mitchell...Mitchell the only player on that team who could probably still make team if all the big names never dropped out...btw for anyone reading this now usa just lost again lol now the highest they could finish 8th place smh

  • yap dem
    yap dem Month ago

    Pop, overrated? I mean just saying..

  • Derrick Webster
    Derrick Webster Month ago +1

    Who assemble the roster .. popovich Kerr suppose to be great coach
    . Well without great players they losers

  • Alan Sawyer
    Alan Sawyer Month ago +1

    These are NBA players against NBA players. France had the A team USA had the B team. I do not blame the superstars for not playing. An injury could end their career not to mention the danger of Americans going abroad anymore.

  • mtnRider
    mtnRider Month ago

    What happened with the basketball whisperer Pop? Maybe he needs a lot of talent like all the other coaches.

  • mando3323
    mando3323 Month ago

    They sent the A team ( Duncan , Lebron , Dwyane, Iverson , Odom , Stoudemire ...) vs Aegentina . Argentina destroy them .

    • mando3323
      mando3323 Month ago

      By then they already had years playing with some rings .
      Argentina had rockies too.
      Excuses , nothing wiill change what happened .

    • Samuel Rowe
      Samuel Rowe Month ago

      Rookie Lebron and Rookie Wade isn't the A-team. 2004, the A-team would be Garnett, Shaq, T-Mac, Kobe. Players like that.

  • Parth Patel
    Parth Patel Month ago +1

    how is this a stunning loss? This US team was just pieced together, meanwhile teams like France Serbia Spain are cohesive units with great chemistry

  • Chong Lee
    Chong Lee Month ago

    Maybe they should've let Melo play lol

  • Lester Beaty
    Lester Beaty Month ago

    It’s cool it’s a World Cup.... if they don’t Gold in the olympics..... we gon have a prollem bawse

  • Reaper 0914
    Reaper 0914 Month ago

    I miss the old days of basketball. Much like most of society Ball players are soft now days