Top 10 Scariest Tribes You Don't Want To Meet

  • Published on Mar 6, 2019
  • Top 10 Scariest Tribes You Don't Want To Meet
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    Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Top 10 Channel on the Internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the Top 10 Scariest Tribes you DON’T want to me! Now I want to be clear - a lot of the tribes on this list have rich histories and I think they have the right to defend their land…the don’t want to meet part basically comes from if you or I happened to wander into the midst of the tribe and what would happen to us as outsiders.
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    you're the worst host on youtube

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    my name is a name 5 hours ago

    i am in tons of harsh pain.

  • faggot kid razorblade get rekt kid lol

    1:17 skull troopers are real.......

  • Regnbue Donut!
    Regnbue Donut! 11 hours ago

    my vacation is in like 4 months or somethin'

  • Jon Caprine
    Jon Caprine 14 hours ago

    5:42 it's Aghori pronounced Ah gore ee

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  • Jean-Claude duveau

    they are ugly motherfuckers

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  • Hiratsuno Aura
    Hiratsuno Aura Day ago

    it's obvious that no one want to meet them x)

  • Dustin Shultie
    Dustin Shultie Day ago

    Honey.... That belt tho.... lol 😂

  • Rondel Louisien
    Rondel Louisien Day ago

    Go to St Lucia

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    Goni Misin Day ago

    I don't know why! but i feel like im gone be in love with you.! You are soo cute ohh❤️

  • iiiOmqItsDapro
    iiiOmqItsDapro Day ago

    wanna join the mafia tribe

  • Nattasha Phoumpanya

    I am a black person

  • Jade Gray-Kay
    Jade Gray-Kay 2 days ago

    The sentinel tribe the ones that look orange it's not pant it's what happens when you eat humans

  • Fortnite Boss
    Fortnite Boss 2 days ago +1

    Chimbu skeleton tribe... don’t you mean fortnite skull trooper tribe

    I said it because no one else did

  • Kinq Ghoul
    Kinq Ghoul 2 days ago

    Skull troopers squad eh..

  • Soup Cambell
    Soup Cambell 2 days ago

    Top 10 life's biggest questions

  • Pille Finger
    Pille Finger 2 days ago

    i would like to see this annoying woman converse with the Anghori Sect

  • JustBeingBen
    JustBeingBen 2 days ago

    I was in chile in the mountain and we met a very nice tribe. but they did smoke allot of pot.

  • Christian Posso
    Christian Posso 2 days ago

    10:14 tho 😂

  • Me0n Ne0n
    Me0n Ne0n 2 days ago

    The only tribe I know (roblox) is saint ABIDA ABIDA ABIDA ABIDA tribe.

  • SjAkiE YT
    SjAkiE YT 2 days ago

    Ive lived in papua New Guinea and saw a mud man

  • who there?
    who there? 2 days ago +1

    one of the scariest n most violent are the uneducation, drug addicted negro American ware they will try to lure u in with rap music and twirking

  • elvis loud
    elvis loud 2 days ago

    Good thing I am a black man

  • Christopher Walters
    Christopher Walters 2 days ago

    the look so weird

  • Noventa Y Ocho
    Noventa Y Ocho 2 days ago

    none of the tribes saw me

  • Noventa Y Ocho
    Noventa Y Ocho 2 days ago

    i saw every tribe seen at the video

  • Noventa Y Ocho
    Noventa Y Ocho 2 days ago

    i saw tribes

  • Rexan Cruz
    Rexan Cruz 2 days ago

    The no.2 looks like in the movies

  • Rexan Cruz
    Rexan Cruz 2 days ago

    Fake from movies nub

  • Suh Dude
    Suh Dude 2 days ago

    6:01 why do girls always blink so much

  • Suh Dude
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    4:45 nice

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  • KingJay21 Lopez
    KingJay21 Lopez 2 days ago

    When I was watching this I was going on vacation

  • cpvenom
    cpvenom 2 days ago

    8:00 is 'North SENTINEL Island', not 'Centennial". Who edits these videos?

  • makemeviral _rightnow

    trying to convert people.
    converts him into lunch.

  • Jessie Thummel
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  • Sultan Al-Qubaisi
    Sultan Al-Qubaisi 3 days ago

    I feel sorry for you guys who do not know about Yagog Ma Gog tribe

  • PIN Pyro
    PIN Pyro 3 days ago

    I went to Oregon I met the chinook

  • lil Snickers
    lil Snickers 3 days ago

    #10 is the skull trooper tribe🤣

  • Butsuckles X
    Butsuckles X 3 days ago

    Been watching for 12 min and i was only paying attention to Rebecca Hahahaha

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  • Unknown Gaming
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  • Hadley Attewell
    Hadley Attewell 3 days ago

    I met the Onga Choonga tribe in Peru on holiday they ate my mum and my dog.

  • Winnie Pooh
    Winnie Pooh 3 days ago

    A tribe of snacks in my cabnet

  • saltie_YT
    saltie_YT 3 days ago

    number 9 THE 4 G0blinZ

  • Daking Of bing
    Daking Of bing 3 days ago

    For the sentinelese tribe we should send a full on military occupation with automatic weapons and tanks to take over the island they live on

  • Chronic Owner
    Chronic Owner 3 days ago

    1:13 og skull troopers

  • Wisdom Crystal
    Wisdom Crystal 3 days ago

    Cromer - Humans - citezens

  • Dieter en Tania, Florian & Matteo

    i wouldl ike to see apart 2

  • Marsu Pilami
    Marsu Pilami 3 days ago

    9.Asaro tribe
    Visited many times by various journalists and explorers. As i know they have not recently showed any type of agressive behaviour towards visitors.
    Their masks are actually a complex tradition since they like to keep a special connection with their deads. Actually a very interesting, cool and unique tribe. Not scary at all. :)

  • Marsu Pilami
    Marsu Pilami 3 days ago

    1. Americans on a vacation in Europe

  • Jake Buttacavoli
    Jake Buttacavoli 3 days ago

    number 1- this interviewer- i love this foreign broad 👀✔👀

  • Chris Boz
    Chris Boz 3 days ago

    So don't do what Europe did. That's not that difficult

  • Meneer
    Meneer 3 days ago

    Just shoot em

  • christopher griesel
    christopher griesel 3 days ago

    I grew up with the Bushmen in Botswana since I was 2 til I was 16 the middle of a desert it was an interesting way growing up I miss those open deserts and beautiful landscape including those amazing people of the Bushmen tribes.

  • Michael Fussell
    Michael Fussell 3 days ago

    Yeah their masks aren’t gonna be as scary when I hit em with the Draco 😂

  • wwe figures dude !!!!!

    Holy guacamole had nightmares

  • Kingmohammed 123
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  • 2Take X
    2Take X 3 days ago +1

    Number 10 is that scull troopers

  • BadSlipper Kip
    BadSlipper Kip 3 days ago

    1:10 lmao fortnite Skins

  • Minecraft Zombie gaming

    Is it me or I that a skull Trooper from fortnite

  • EZ Frizz
    EZ Frizz 3 days ago

    1:00 lol they added skull trooper from fortnite into real life

  • Hans F
    Hans F 3 days ago

    For all I know the tribe I know is the Fortnite squad

  • Pepe _Plays_Games123

    10:14 lmao lol

  • Wazer
    Wazer 3 days ago +4

    Person: don’t look them in the eyes
    Me: Oh So Like Enderman?

  • Nina Kane
    Nina Kane 3 days ago

    The skull troopers😂😂😂

  • tyler seashore
    tyler seashore 3 days ago

    1.19 i think they are the skull troopers

  • sammega slam
    sammega slam 3 days ago

    The number 1 tribe are actually no longer cannibals and no longer believe that white people are possesed

  • Vixoo
    Vixoo 3 days ago

    Tribes are retarded

  • Thomas Fairest
    Thomas Fairest 3 days ago

    I thought I told you guys to stop making scary videos!!!! 🤤👹😠😢

  • Twitch_StarLord_
    Twitch_StarLord_ 3 days ago +2

    Most amazing Top 10 Scary tribe list. WELL DONE! This comment will make it to another video! :?
    I was surprised the Sentinelese weren't the first, but ok.

  • saurabh raj
    saurabh raj 3 days ago

    It's Aghori not Anghori.. You people are super dumb

  • Ming-Yang CHI
    Ming-Yang CHI 3 days ago

    I went to Australia 🇦🇺

  • Mark Elaugos
    Mark Elaugos 3 days ago

    Were going in boracay

    DEVILMAN666 3 days ago

    How about the aghori cult.

  • Christian Siefert
    Christian Siefert 3 days ago

    In my garden there is a tribe. It's a tribe of ants

  • Vonni Nepomuceno
    Vonni Nepomuceno 3 days ago

    What about droping a nuke at their tribal island.🖕🖕🖕🖕🤬🖕🖕🤬🖕🤬🤬🤬🖕🤬🖕🤬🤬🖕🤬

  • Hana Roski
    Hana Roski 3 days ago

    Nightmarchers guarantee! There was a house that burned down every month because it was in their way. This house is located in maunawili Hawaii, Oahu hiking trail

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart 3 days ago

    The ugandan tribe

  • ETTSWAA From the 32
    ETTSWAA From the 32 4 days ago

    Chimbu skeleton tribe are OG skull troopers

  • Bjorn S
    Bjorn S 4 days ago

    to me cultural insensitivity isnt as much of a joke lmao

  • Volts
    Volts 4 days ago +5

    Top 10 tribes you don't wanna meet.

    9 year old army: Hold our beers.

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 4 days ago

    Can I meet them with an Aka-47

  • _Otaku
    _Otaku 4 days ago

    Russia should try to kill off that tribe again...they have nukes now

  • ValidMerks
    ValidMerks 4 days ago

    Just bring a gun😂

  • FelixGaming Channel
    FelixGaming Channel 4 days ago

    I've seen cannibals

  • Elise Leonard
    Elise Leonard 4 days ago

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  • the supreme king
    the supreme king 4 days ago

    I will cut off your head if you keep talking* I hope that guy was a conservative free speech warrior 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Where have I been on vacation

    My couch

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    Scariest tribe of all time “saxons” 😂😂

  • Kentucky Thoroughbred

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    Ha! It was a Comedy News Network’s reporter who interacted with that Tribe.