Top 10 Scariest Tribes You Don't Want To Meet

  • Published on Mar 6, 2019
  • Top 10 Scariest Tribes You Don't Want To Meet
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    Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Top 10 Channel on the Internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the Top 10 Scariest Tribes you DON’T want to me! Now I want to be clear - a lot of the tribes on this list have rich histories and I think they have the right to defend their land…the don’t want to meet part basically comes from if you or I happened to wander into the midst of the tribe and what would happen to us as outsiders.
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  • WillZap /
    WillZap / Hour ago

    I went to the amazon

  • Sean Mcknight
    Sean Mcknight 4 hours ago

    I lived with a tribe for two days🙃

  • Hahahahaha Hahahahah
    Hahahahaha Hahahahah 8 hours ago

    Now I kinda do want to meet them

  • AFG_Darkdragon AFG
    AFG_Darkdragon AFG 22 hours ago

    Surma or river tribe from wakanda

  • Nathan Jack
    Nathan Jack Day ago +1

    number 1

    Vsco girls...

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 2 days ago

    Now I know we want to leave these tribes alone but is there are causing that much trouble we can defeat them right? I mean how can Russia not defeat the tribe in their country when the tribe uses bows and Russia has tanks and machine guns to defeat the one on the island fighter jets and battle ships try to destroy those with bow and arrows

  • Gamez Fliper
    Gamez Fliper 3 days ago

    I have been on vacation to america i found the scariest tribe of all time
    Its called humanity.

  • a rolbolx noob
    a rolbolx noob 4 days ago

    Dis guys r dope

  • Pulse_
    Pulse_ 5 days ago


    • Pulse_
      Pulse_ 5 days ago


    • Pulse_
      Pulse_ 5 days ago


  • BOOYAH Gods
    BOOYAH Gods 6 days ago

    Hahaha Id advice run before u become tribes meal @MostAmaizingTop10

  • Darth Know-It-All
    Darth Know-It-All 7 days ago

    Luv you Rebecca

  • Darth Know-It-All
    Darth Know-It-All 7 days ago

    Hail the queen of Slytherin 😂

  • Darth Know-It-All
    Darth Know-It-All 7 days ago

    You have a point Rebecca we should leave them alone

  • Benjamin Allen
    Benjamin Allen 8 days ago

    I am Yaqui it’s understandable as to why they don’t like outsiders

  • STEFAN Odowd
    STEFAN Odowd 9 days ago

    2:20 smaller version of the heads on easter. I am worried i am worried i live in ireland and i never want to see the KKK

  • Stealth Devastation
    Stealth Devastation 9 days ago

    *ooGa bOOgA bOogA boO!*

  • Zanden Manzano
    Zanden Manzano 10 days ago +1

    I’m from Hawaii and you have to kneel and look towards the ground if they are in front of you

    JESS KINGSLEY 14 days ago


  • Miss Bacon
    Miss Bacon 14 days ago

    I live in Hawaii and I've run into Night Marchers. It is the scariest feeling. I'm suprised to still be alive. But living in Hawaii it's the paranormal is almost normal.

  • OneGabuPunch
    OneGabuPunch 15 days ago

    I'd love to see the violent tribes' reaction if an outsider like Rambo would be wondering around and they'd decide to attack him, the firefights would be dope!

  • Nadja Tomic
    Nadja Tomic 16 days ago

    WTF 😱😱😱 a cant look

  • Marcy Sabbath
    Marcy Sabbath 16 days ago

    I don't want to be near any of those tribes. Lol. Just the thought of being stranded on an island with them makes me feel so much nope.

  • kodymus prime
    kodymus prime 16 days ago

    The most scariest tribute is 12 year olds with oppressors to blow up your car for no reason in gta online.

  • Stephani Bell
    Stephani Bell 16 days ago

    Wow, a lot of tribes in New Guinea. I hadn't thought that New Guinea was so primal.

  • StinkyPlaysYT
    StinkyPlaysYT 16 days ago

    Number 10 looks like skull trooper xD

  • andrei Solomon
    andrei Solomon 17 days ago

    the guy who was killed sounds like a real life ned flanders

  • Khaleef Merricks
    Khaleef Merricks 18 days ago

    Now my wife sat up all night making these masks for you ungrateful sons of bitches.

  • YeetYeet Cat
    YeetYeet Cat 18 days ago +2

    2 of these tribes are from here where I live 💀 And the MudMan usually do that when they hunt, but the people under the masks are really kind.

  • Reshab Raina
    Reshab Raina 19 days ago

    Jai aghori🙏

  • :p :p
    :p :p 19 days ago


  • Patty Jones
    Patty Jones 21 day ago

    Number 10 skulltruper

  • Vonnie Cao
    Vonnie Cao 22 days ago

    anime is my vacation!!!!!!!

  • Grace BOREF
    Grace BOREF 23 days ago

    Lol im Papua New Guinean

  • Amal S Zakkir
    Amal S Zakkir 23 days ago

    Aghoris aren't a tribe

  • Rebecca Soller
    Rebecca Soller 23 days ago

    All of them.

    ŁITTŁE MØNSTER 23 days ago

    Well I won't be traveling no here

  • MrKevp2000
    MrKevp2000 24 days ago

    cannibal tribes should just be killed off

  • Manny Renschler
    Manny Renschler 24 days ago

    She is so cute keep it up

  • Ho Lee Fuk
    Ho Lee Fuk 25 days ago

    Head hunter?

  • Yukinne Kobayashi
    Yukinne Kobayashi 26 days ago

    3:19 they look like ducks

  • LIVERPOOL 4796
    LIVERPOOL 4796 26 days ago

    Where was the ZULU

  • jello lover gamer
    jello lover gamer 26 days ago

    Man you guys gave me death its scary

  • Zidane Davis
    Zidane Davis 26 days ago +1

    I've been to north sentinel island and the tribes try to raped me.

  • Miguel Calvarido
    Miguel Calvarido 27 days ago

    I saw the Korowai tribe in a documentary, they were kind to the journalist and the cameraman.

    WRATH INCARNATE 27 days ago

    I will go to the Korowai tribe and tell them that white people are not demon-possessed and that things that cause violence are demon controlled.

  • Smokin' Toes
    Smokin' Toes 29 days ago

    it's Aghori, not Anghori. And they're not secretive at all. tf you get that??

  • Scott Shepard
    Scott Shepard Month ago

    Chukchi pic is freaking me out.

  • David Avenido Jr.
    David Avenido Jr. Month ago

    Are you single?

  • Miguk Moonpark
    Miguk Moonpark Month ago

    I've met someone from the Asaro tribe. In fact, he sat next to me in computer class. He's a rugby player and a body builder. Really cool guy in general.
    Being in a tribe doesn't mean they're isolated.

  • donna double
    donna double Month ago

    Unfortunately you as the host are horrible. Extremely hard to listen to without cringing. Unsubscribe

  • Jesse wylee
    Jesse wylee Month ago

    Your belt is confusing.

  • Turret No.43689 /defective/

    You forgot about the Fortnite Community

  • 10k subs with no videos?

    3:46 there endermen

  • Justin Furbay
    Justin Furbay Month ago


  • Natalja Saint-Germain

    The Chukchi ain't "a scary tribe", they are cultured and hospitable people, so the way you show them in your video is simply offensive if not to say racist!
    As a person who dearly loves our North, I feel both sad and disgusted by what I just saw...

    REDCODE KAY Month ago

    the top 10 were my ancesters theyre very much civilized but not many up in the mountains

    PLUTO IS A PLANET Month ago

    Okay, so, a church tried to converted a tribe? Who thought it'd be a good idea?

  • Views about
    Views about Month ago

    Ever wonder why all the tribe are black and crazy , anyway queen love you

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose Month ago

    dude, i am scary ! lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jessica Pace
    Jessica Pace Month ago

    I hope u used the term Barbaric xDD for ur disgusting White Ancestors XD :D