Shin Lim Blows Minds With Unbelievable Card Magic - America's Got Talent 2018

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018
  • How did Shin do it?! Shin Lim performs incredible card magic with Tyra Banks, Matt Iseman, and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila.
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    Shin Lim Blows Minds With Unbelievable Card Magic - America's Got Talent 2018
    America's Got Talent
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Comments • 4 633

  • Mo B
    Mo B 9 hours ago

    Very very simple trick ..
    Watch when the guy chooses a card in the beginning lim will pinky break it and push it little out and when he handed it back to the guy he will look it it very very fast . You dont believe me watch it slowly . Now after lim knew what the guy did choose he will go through the cards and every time he see a Jack he will make a stack the Jack's will be in the bottom and I'm sure if you watch closely the trick will explain it self

  • Holy Hartanto
    Holy Hartanto 2 days ago

    Yo guys it has been 9 months and everyone keep revealing Shin's magic secret. Can you guys understand what entertain means? Just quit messing someone's job and do something good for your lifes

  • January 256
    January 256 3 days ago


  • January 256
    January 256 3 days ago

    He cheated always using his chrisma to distract people...

  • 47Ronin
    47Ronin 5 days ago

    4:31 I am sorry mr Shin Lim but 4 of a kind is not best hand of poker best hand is a royal flush. but anyways nice trick though :).

  • Tony Stank
    Tony Stank 6 days ago

    I watched the video about this getting revealed but i dont fcking know how he knows Akbar's card wtfff, without him noticing

  • Conishen
    Conishen 6 days ago +2

    That trick was very risky. "Count your cards like this", and he deals them onto the table one by one. If the guy with two cards had just looked at his cards and said "two" without reversing their order, Shin was screwed. They can also mess up the trick before, even though he explicitly tells them to keep their pile neat. So much is out of his control...

  • momo totti
    momo totti 7 days ago

    First, he told him to say stop the cards and every time he would stop him it would be Jack of clubs.
    So he knew it Jack of clubs.
    First he devide it to 4 the 4 jacks on top now he asked them to put the first card "jacks" and shuffle.
    So the jacks in bottom.
    Now he asked them to threw the top and keep the rest of cards and jacks under the cards and last thing he asked them to count so the bottom card would be in the top so it's easy trick.
    The only thing that I don't know how he choose the cards that have jack of clubs he had a free choice of any group of cards but it anyway shim knew where the jack of clubs would be so he could change the way of trick.

    • Conishen
      Conishen 6 days ago

      Equivoque. "Pick a packet... give it to someone else"

  • Pratip Kumar Roy
    Pratip Kumar Roy 8 days ago

    I know this complete trick and how its done. Like this cmnt and rply below if u want to know the answer.

  • Shubham Singh
    Shubham Singh 11 days ago

    This trick is easy to understand but hard to perform. He is one heck of a performer :)

  • Dude Bro
    Dude Bro 12 days ago

    if you wanna know how this is done, reply to this comment and i’ll explain it to you (foreals)

  • Assasin Boi
    Assasin Boi 16 days ago +1

    The only trick that shin lim does doesnt need sleight of hand so if one of you peeps go to 0.25 its useless

    • Eir
      Eir 15 days ago

      I know a bit on card tricks and I was stuck for months how he did it until I was watching the performance of a tutorial video on the tricks and figured it out mid performance

  • 연희
    연희 17 days ago

    누구 이거 번역좀ㅠ

  • Tamara Romero Castro

    Wowwwww he is amazing

  • fdat 123
    fdat 123 24 days ago +1

    The card always in the final

  • Not Informed
    Not Informed 24 days ago +3

    I saw everything and how he did it LoL. It was all clean and subtle

  • Trang Châu
    Trang Châu 24 days ago +7

    I don't know why I continue to watch his tricks though I saw it many times. His emotions are so fantastic.

  • Lets Crush It!
    Lets Crush It! 27 days ago +1

    @2:02 Tyra busting his lingo 🤣

  • Robert Kipgen
    Robert Kipgen 27 days ago

    If you pause at 1:38 you’ll find yourself pause and like what

  • Justin Park
    Justin Park 28 days ago +2

    Pretty sure royal flush is the best hand

  • Saifaddeen qaddoumi
    Saifaddeen qaddoumi 29 days ago

    Played this 5 times to find out how he did it

    • Ro Me
      Ro Me 28 days ago

      How tell me how

  • Dinis Rodrigues
    Dinis Rodrigues Month ago

    When is 4 of a kind the best hand? 😂🤣

  • missmiss11111
    missmiss11111 Month ago +2

    Ну и кто тут от Nero Young-а ?)

  • Benji Tran
    Benji Tran 2 months ago

    it is easy to know how he do it

  • GHOST Ghost
    GHOST Ghost 2 months ago

    U can see him looking at the card in 0:58

  • Video Games And Fun Toys

    Ik this trick

  • Stanislav Savic
    Stanislav Savic 2 months ago

    I will ask Shin Lim go with me on vacation two weeks in Las Vegas,need him there!

    FADHZIL AHMAD 2 months ago

    Watch it until 4:57....... you will find the clue that you have no clue..

  • Atanu Mishra
    Atanu Mishra 2 months ago +1

    I'm here to reveal this trick here. So read this till the end. I will advice each of you to watch the video while reading this.
    1.At first he asks Akbar to shuffle the cards.
    2.Then he asked him to stop at any place he wanted.
    So as he said stop u can see that Lim gave a little bend at that card while showing it to him which is unnoticed by most of us so that he could easily find out his card.
    3.Then he gave the deck to Akbar and asked him shuffle it again and give it to him.
    4.Now as he goes through the deck he finds out that bent card which is Jack of clubs here.
    5.Now he tries to divide the deck into 4 equal piles.
    Note: He did this move looking at the cards so that he could adjust all 4 jacks at the top of each pile. In this move he remembers to which pile Jack of clubs belongs.
    6.Then he asks Akbar to choose any pile. As he finds that the pile doesn't contain Jack of clubs he asks him to give the pile to someone other than him.
    According to this the second last should be taken by Shim but u can see he takes the last pile and this ensures that the deck with Jack of clubs is with Akbar.
    Now everyone has a pile with the top card as Jack.
    7.He asks everyone to put down the first card onto the table.
    And now the jacks are onto the table.
    8.He then asks them to put down all other cards onto the table giving a quick shuffle to their own piles which they all do after putting a card down each time.
    This reverses the order if jacks. The card which was at top now comes to the bottom of each pile.
    And he asked them to shuffle after putting down every card to make it look more realistic.
    9. He then asks everyone to throw cards to the middle of the table.
    In this move he don't ask them to shuffle and thus all the Jacks are still at the bottom of each pile.
    He also ensures no one throws all the cards of their respective piles to the middle.
    10. Now he asks them to count the no of cards from top which he does first to give them demo.
    But no one realise that they are just reversing the order of cards presently they are having.
    Now all the jacks which were at bottom comes to the top of each pile.
    11. He then tells Akbar about what is the probability of the Jack of clubs to be in his pile out of the 5 piles with they are having now that is one with each volunteer and the other at the middle of the table.
    But the Jack of clubs is actually at the top of Akbar's pile. Not only him all of them have jacks at the top of pile they are holding.
    12. He now asks Akbar to what card he chose at the beginning. As Akbar reveals it as Jack of clubs he tells that it is at the top of his pile.
    And this completes his insane trick.
    I am not sure about this but I think it is correct.
    So if Shin u read the comment by chance then please reply whether I am correct or not.

  • Gary Davis
    Gary Davis 2 months ago

    The hardest part of the trick is the peek at 0:59 which is still simple. The rest is easy and self working once he has stacked all the jacks to the top of the pile. He got lucky when he picked the 3rd pile for himself.

  • Ashutosh Nagwan
    Ashutosh Nagwan 2 months ago

    I think it was comparatively an easy trick in the finals for Shin

  • Hussein Vlogs
    Hussein Vlogs 3 months ago

    Ik all that’s trick it easy asf

  • adnan asghar
    adnan asghar 3 months ago

    Just a month at college of winterhold and he's bragging about magic...

  • Diana Manisha Williams
    Diana Manisha Williams 3 months ago

    Why does he remind me of Michael Jackson?

  • lupitalasmasbonita
    lupitalasmasbonita 3 months ago

    This is such an easy trick.

  • Michael Capone
    Michael Capone 3 months ago +1

    SPOILER ALERT - This is 'probably' how it was done.
    I don't know how Shin did this trick, but I was able to come up with my own way to do it. Knowing how I would pull it off I can now see tells in Shin which I believe reveals how he did it.
    Note 1 - At 0:52 when Shin stops on the Jack of Clubs he pulls the card to the side very slightly. At 0:58 he breaks eye contact and glances down at the cards which are now face up in his hand. He can see that the Jack of Clubs is pulled off to the side so now he knows what card it landed on - a very common way for someone to know what card you selected, or by taking the card back from the person and tucking it back in to the deck on a slight angle. Considering this was live, as a backup in case he missed seeing the card when he handed the deck back, he probably had an assitant offstage watching the monitor and relaying to him what card was chosen - the trick requires you to know what card was chosen at this point. He squeezes the cards together and hands them back to the spectator who shuffles them again. This is all done very quickly and with a lot of practice so you don't even notice Shin glancing at the cards when he goes to hand the deck back to the spectator unless you are watching for it. At this point Shin doesn't know where the card is in the deck, but he knows it is the Jack of Clubs. This is the hardest part of the trick, and really the only place where things could go very wrong with it.
    Note 2 - At 1:12 he states he is going to randomly create four piles. This is not so subtle and it is obvious he is looking for cards. He is looking for all four Jacks, especially the Jack of Clubs. The trick here is that you want to make four piles each having a Jack on the bottom of the pile. This is easy to do for the first three piles, but the fourth pile is a bit tricky. To get a Jack on the bottom of the fourth pile you can see Shin cut the fourth pile so the Jack is on the bottom and then uses the remaining half of the fourth pile to 'balance out the remaining decks'. This is fine as it does not impact the fact that we now have four piles and all four Jacks are on the bottom of each pile.
    Note 3 - At 1:34 Shin flips all the piles over. Now all the Jacks are on top of each pile, and Shin knows which pile has the Jack of Clubs.
    Note 4 - At 1:40 Shin has the spectator pick any pile. If he picks the pile with the Jack of Clubs Shin gives it to him. In this case he did not, so Shin instructs him to give it to anyone else. Shin asks him to continue picking piles and telling him who to give them to (the spectator thinks he is in control by picking the piles, but Shin is really directing who gets the pile with the Jack of Clubs in it). Shin wants the original spectator who picked the Jack of Clubs to end up with that pile.
    Note 5 - At 1:55 things go very wrong. With two piles left, the spectator grabs a deck for himself without letting Shin dictate who should get it. I feel Shin was very lucky at this point and with only two piles left, the spectator just happened to pick the pile with the Jack of Clubs. Shin played it off with a 'cool', but I have a hunch he knows he just got very lucky. There is a fail safe, though, just in case Shin ended up with the pile with the Jack of Clubs. More on that later. It only impacts the big reveal at the end, nothing else.
    Note 6 - At 2:07 Shin has all the spectators hold the piles with a certain dealer's grib to ensure they discard from the top of the piles. Remember, at this point all four Jacks are on top of each pile. He instructs them to discard only the top card. Now all four Jacks are on the table. He then tells them to shuffle. It does not matter at this point because all the Jacks are on the table and not part of the shuffle. Once the shuffling is done they add their cards back on top of the Jacks on the table. So now we have four piles and the Jacks are all on the bottom of each pile, but the spectators 'think' they shuffled all the cards together - they (and you) forget the Jacks were on the table before the shuffling started.
    Note 7 - At 2:40 Shin instructs them to burn cards off the top of the pile. This is fine because the Jacks are all on the bottom of each pile. As long as they do not burn all of the cards each spectator will be holding any amount of cards with the Jacks still on the bottom of each pile. Shin even casually instructs them not to burn all of their cards at 2:56.
    Note 8 - At 2:58 Shin instructs the spectators to count their cards. It really does not matter how many cards they have left. The reason he does this is that by counting the cards from a dealer's grip and dropping them back on the table the way he does it, it reorders the piles so now the Jacks are back up on top of each pile.
    Note 9 - Once the counting is done Shin instructs them not to touch their cards anymore (probably because he glanced over at the same time he was saying this at the hostess' cards and saw they were a mess - he didn't want Tyra to pick them up to straighten them out chancing she would throw off the order they were in). At this point Shin knows all four piles have Jacks on top, and that the original spectator has the Jack of Clubs on top of his pile. He tells him to state his card, reveal the top card, and bam - there it is. He then reveals that all the piles have a Jack on top.
    The fail safe I mentioned before in case the spectator grabbed the pile without the Jack of Clubs and Shin ended up with it would just have been for the spectator to state his card and at the same time Shin would have turned his top card over revealing it. Then the three spectators would have revealed that they each had a Jack on top of their decks completing the four of a kind. Great illusionists always need a fail safe.
    That is probably how the trick was done, but Shin sells it well with showmanship, charisma, and directing his spectators' eyes away from what he is doing.

  • Yoendri Viloria Jerez
    Yoendri Viloria Jerez 3 months ago

    Thats trick Is so easy

  • أبو حسون
    أبو حسون 3 months ago

    ههههه اسهل خدعه تحياتي لك شين

  • ngflycloud
    ngflycloud 3 months ago

    Okay that was amazing work-up for a simple card trick. I was fooled for so long.

  • Leo Saechao
    Leo Saechao 3 months ago

    Nice, I know the trick

  • Dominykas SmoIskis
    Dominykas SmoIskis 3 months ago

    SPOILER ALERT!!! For those who didn't understand explanations by other users, trick Revealed by youtube user - Tran vo:
    When Akbar (black guy) tells him to stop at a random card, he made a “break” at that point and quickly turned the deck of cards over so he can take a peek of the card (0:58) while Akbar points his palm at him (replay and watch closely).
    Now knowing the card he chose, when he goes to “divide” the cards “evenly” into four piles, what he did was find all the Jacks and put them at the very top of each of the 4 decks (when he flipped the cards on their backs (1:31 - 1:36), they become the top cards). He himself knows which deck the Jack of clubs is in.
    Then he told him to point to one, and tells him to give it to someone other than himself (1:43), if it was his the deck that has jack of clubs then he would tell him to keep it with him. The purpose is to make the deck with the card he chose from the beginning end up with him.
    THEN he told each of them to “deal” one down (2:06), at this point all the Jacks end up at the very bottom of the decks. Next, he told them to “burn” as many cards as they want (2:50) as so long as there are still at least one card left. It doesn’t matter how many cards they burn, all the Jacks are at the bottom of the decks now.
    After they are done burning the cards, he told them to count “DOWN” the cards (2:58), which brings all the Jacks to the very top of the decks. And bingo magic ensues.
    He is so talented, I love him. I’m so glad he won, he is by far the most impressive compare to other contestants.

    • Dominykas SmoIskis
      Dominykas SmoIskis 3 months ago

      @dhanny lil19 yes, I spotted that also, Shin got lucky at this situation that Akbar chose the correct deck, if he did select the wrong one, Shin would have told him to give it to someone, because that's what he was told to do with 2 previous decks.

    • dhanny lil19
      dhanny lil19 3 months ago

      the problem is @1:43, the last 2 decks, what if akbar chose the other deck?

  • El Wardany
    El Wardany 3 months ago +1

    اللى جايين علشان يتعلمو الخدعة

    • El Wardany
      El Wardany 3 months ago

      Cosa dici che non ti capisco
      @uno a caso

    • uno a caso
      uno a caso 3 months ago

      Puttana la madonna

  • eyad salah
    eyad salah 3 months ago

    شرح السحر

  • The Mitick Killer
    The Mitick Killer 3 months ago

    But this wasn't the finals audition, what was it? They decided he was soo good that he should do an act before the actual audition?

  • RMarano
    RMarano 3 months ago +7

    Play in slow motion , notice him peaking at the card 0:58

  • Vetri
    Vetri 3 months ago

    0:57 sneek peak of cards

  • KILLAHKING no thanks
    KILLAHKING no thanks 3 months ago

    Who Remember when he did this challenge to Ellen?

  • Chica Arana
    Chica Arana 3 months ago +1

    Easy trick with a lot of practice. Now I need 3 people and a deck of cards LOL

  • Marco Dumagpi
    Marco Dumagpi 3 months ago

    I know his trick but i will not tell you guys!

  • Indra Gunawan
    Indra Gunawan 4 months ago

    Iyah jurus jurus sakti mandarguna

  • tempta tion
    tempta tion 4 months ago

    Lol “that was black magic” at 4:50

  • uto MR
    uto MR 4 months ago

    Remember to visit video like subscribe channel thank you 😊@@@@

  • Ava Meyers
    Ava Meyers 4 months ago +1

    Okay this is the only Shin Lim card trick that i actually get lol. But the way he presented it was fabulous!

    ΣDM LӨVΣЯ 4 months ago +1

    Haha funny black dude are nervous from the start till the end

  • Kalash Operator
    Kalash Operator 4 months ago

    This dude is secretly the Flash

  • Migdalia Colon
    Migdalia Colon 4 months ago

    muy talentoso el chico

  • Sorn Teang
    Sorn Teang 4 months ago

    Very good
    Is amazing!!

  • mohlodi tshimollo
    mohlodi tshimollo 4 months ago

    I don't get tired repeating your videos.

  • Olympiakos Mono
    Olympiakos Mono 4 months ago

    1:55 this guy almost ruined his trick...For those who know...He actually got the packet...Had he gotten the other one the trick was over...He should have pointed to it not get it..(Magician's Choice)

  • Haiku Dhai
    Haiku Dhai 4 months ago

    Shin Lim is from Indonesial..
    Dont claim it America, or you will be santet by Anjing Jawa from Indogsial..😁😁😁

  • Aaron Richard
    Aaron Richard 4 months ago

    This is how he did it: He borrowed Dumbledores wand and taped it on his right arm under his sleeve. The rest as we say, was history.

  • 루이피똥
    루이피똥 4 months ago

    진짜단순한속임수였는데 저걸모르나:::

  • Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson 4 months ago

    I love the trick, but a straight flush is better than a 4 of a kind.

  • Wasim Hoodie
    Wasim Hoodie 4 months ago thank me later 😌

  • Rose Reyes
    Rose Reyes 4 months ago

    1:57 the real trick happened 😆

  • Aryan
    Aryan 4 months ago

    This trick is easy

  • Vida de Macho
    Vida de Macho 4 months ago

    the teick is simple and was revelead

  • Paulo Bouhid
    Paulo Bouhid 4 months ago

    I´m too far from being a magician or even an ilusionist, or even also a master of sleight-of-hand cards, but his last trick (the four Jacks) is extremely simple to explain, and to perform it!!! I´m able to do it myself!!! Just a little bit of perception...

  • Frank Flores
    Frank Flores 4 months ago

    This guy should not play poker lol

  • كر يستال
    كر يستال 5 months ago +1


  • Дмитрий Тен
    Дмитрий Тен 5 months ago

    О moi good

  • Çlirim Murati
    Çlirim Murati 5 months ago

    You know that the black guy almost screwed the whole trick up, when he said lets take this one at 1:55 if he would have took the left one, that would be terrible for Shin Lim

  • Sol Rin The Angel
    Sol Rin The Angel 5 months ago

    so exciting .

  • Filipe Fernandes
    Filipe Fernandes 5 months ago

    @ 0:57 we can see a move in this moment . he flips the deck and probably see the jack ( if not the jack was forced , or he palms up the jack )
    @ 1:20 he easilly look for all jack and put each Jack into the top of each pile
    @ 2:08 they discarded all Jacks into the table ( and now all jacks are in the bottom of each pile )
    @ 2:40 start to throw cards ... there is no problem because jacks are in the bottom !
    @ 3:00 when they start counting the cards , the last card ( jack ) go to the top again !
    and thats it ;)

  • Quizno64
    Quizno64 5 months ago

    Thats not even his final form, watch soon he is going to remake harry potter.

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar 5 months ago

    Did anyone else notice while he was riffling through the deck, ALL THE CARDS IN THERE WERE BLACK!
    Also that guy's card, the jack of clubs appeared in there once way before he said stop. 😐

  • BKTA
    BKTA 5 months ago

    This is one of the easiest trick in the books. After the card was selected, observer performed a shuffle. Shin then split the deck into four piles, after each person received a pile of cards, they burned multiple cards and discovered that each pile had a Jack on top. Shin cut and paste the clip at 3:04 and placed all the Jacks on top. Filming then continues so it looks like the Jack was always on the top. He tried to divert their attention by saying the 4 of a kind is the highest poker hand when in fact it's a Royal Flush.......mystery solved!

  • Manish singh
    Manish singh 5 months ago +1

    I know the trick ....
    Js for the confirmation...make it slow 0.25x at 0.58sec, and see that shin ....sees the card before handing over the deck of card to the guy.

    • Marcel Rulli
      Marcel Rulli Month ago

      @KXgamesGT lol ive read here that all have said he had to peek at the card hence now you know how he did it right????
      so if he had the 3 other jacks already , why would there be a need for him to peek???
      if he didnt know the card and had to peek , then he would of had to have a quadruple copy of any other possible card hidden.......
      you all havent allowed for this 150 other cards that he had to go through ..4
      so i think you dont know how he did it

    • Manish singh
      Manish singh 3 months ago

      Ok bro ..preace out!!

    • KXgamesGT
      KXgamesGT 3 months ago

      We all know how he did it.

  • Hi I'm Ain
    Hi I'm Ain 5 months ago

    Hmm. Is it me?? Card tricks the basic and lowest form of Tricks because it involve numbers---never wowed me!! If you only look at the sequence!! For me, Card tricks is noy magic at all its sequential tricks!! So He won?? Well! Hahah

  • Billal Ali
    Billal Ali 5 months ago


  • Cristina Lilagan
    Cristina Lilagan 5 months ago

    I finally figured how its done

  • Rhidoy Situmorang
    Rhidoy Situmorang 5 months ago


  • Abram VI
    Abram VI 5 months ago

    I did that last trick in my class and my classmates scared of me. They thought I'm a devil

  • Subham Dey
    Subham Dey 5 months ago

    He just pushes the card a bit 0:50 and sees the card when he gives the deck the card when he gives the card to that bald guy. Pay attention he turns the deck towards him when handing the deck to that guy. Watch in slow motion

  • Sagar Maji
    Sagar Maji 5 months ago

    I know this magic trick

  • Ben Hotaling
    Ben Hotaling 6 months ago

    Wow that's unbelievable magic tricks so I want to say that to you is congratulations to you on your winner of the America's got talent in this year 2018 season

  • fatih koç
    fatih koç 6 months ago

    The all show is at 0:57 rest of show is just simple he saw the card at this time.if u know whats the card rest of its just show

  • Yulema Nunez
    Yulema Nunez 6 months ago

    It's obvious how he did it............... ALIENS!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱

  • Isabel Ülgü
    Isabel Ülgü 6 months ago

    WoW ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Sean Andrei Tuazon -Speedcuber

    Shin lim using deck of cards is Black Regalia

  • izmir paplekaj
    izmir paplekaj 6 months ago

    this guy is unbelievebal😮

  • Requis
    Requis 6 months ago

    The trick got 10x better when they all had the same card

  • Alex L.
    Alex L. 6 months ago

    I know the trick, it was cgi and the audience never existed, boo ya!

  • TheAmazeer
    TheAmazeer 6 months ago

    Je could have turned cards into notes if asked for it...

  • KinG X
    KinG X 6 months ago

    Whats is the name blue?

  • dawid231231
    dawid231231 6 months ago

    He so good .very good

  • dawid231231
    dawid231231 6 months ago

    He the Best magia

  • Andreas Eriksson
    Andreas Eriksson 6 months ago

    Very lucky for Shin that the black dude didn’t just grab one of the first two piles he pointed to, like he did with the 3rd one, or Shin would’ve had to improvise. 🙂

  • Ajmal Hussain
    Ajmal Hussain 6 months ago

    The trick is soo simple once u know what the card 0:57 he looks into the card wch the guy took! nd therefore the trick starts..this trick is revealed on youtube

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 6 months ago

    Shin's main problem with this trick was he said: "For the first time, what was your card? They haven't seen it yet." Therefore told his spectators that he knew the card.