OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung S10 Plus / iPhone XS Max / P30 Pro / Xiaomi Mi 9 Battery Life DRAIN TEST

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • Battery life drain test of the 2019 OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max vs Huawei P30 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 9...Which Smartphone has the best battery life?
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Comments • 3 483

  • -mithzagath404 -
    -mithzagath404 - 3 days ago

    One plus 7 pro 90hz por isso que gasta mais mais se for colocado em 60 hz ganha facil

  • ravi gopal
    ravi gopal 3 days ago

    If one plus software is best then it should over come the s10 in this test but it can't beat even aplle. But we all know that apple is another level and mi 9 is super. I say one plus is a big looser in this test.

  • Bobek 2K
    Bobek 2K 5 days ago

    Wow bravo Mi!!!!🙃

  • Magik
    Magik 6 days ago

    My Galaxy M30 : Pathetic

  • Yan Chin1
    Yan Chin1 6 days ago

    My pHone Mi9 did the the great job

  • Nathan Tortoreto
    Nathan Tortoreto 7 days ago

    Whaaaat iphone lost on battery? Really? Omg thats soo new to me

  • JZ VR
    JZ VR 8 days ago

    P30 Pro the beast, best phone out now can't wait for the Mate 30 Pro.

  • Cárlos DMG X SHöØ
    Cárlos DMG X SHöØ 11 days ago

    1 of the many reasons why America is banning Huawei.. its on its own league...

  • PRITHVI RAJ Ratnoo
    PRITHVI RAJ Ratnoo 15 days ago

    one plus is rocking.

  • Paul Ignat
    Paul Ignat 16 days ago

    Look.. on my OnePlus7 Pro I did some battery analysis and it doesn't seem that they use the "healthiest" ones, as after one month's use, it indicates that the available amount is 3625 mah, 91% battery health..
    So..that's smth worth mentioning as well..

  • 牛cc
    牛cc 18 days ago

    正在总p30 Pro 回复,续航是真的牛逼啊 6666666

  • hoseok,you wanna craNbErRy spRiTe?

    Apple is absolute overpriced shit

  • Leandro Von Manalili
    Leandro Von Manalili 20 days ago

    Video shown in 1:09?

  • Rolex tv
    Rolex tv 22 days ago

    M20 Samsun

  • warrior 27
    warrior 27 22 days ago +4

    Huewai is always the best along with samsung. As always iPhone is the worse in battery life.

    • _Zenos _
      _Zenos _ 10 days ago

      Xiaomi mi 9t pro test 8hours

  • Stepilox_YT
    Stepilox_YT 24 days ago +1

    Xiaomi mi 9t pro is better

    BOSS EVERYWERE 27 days ago

    Не честно гандон

    BOSS EVERYWERE 27 days ago

    Почему у всех равно процент ексинуаские а у бедного айфона самий лутшый снег драгон

  • Chanel Syahrul
    Chanel Syahrul 27 days ago

    Hpnya sangat bagus👌👌👌👍👍
    Pengen sekali punya hp kaya gitu😔😔😍🇮🇩

  • Old Soul
    Old Soul 29 days ago

    I'm willing to bet the OnePlus 7 can be dial down to 60 hurts like the other phones and you would see it pretty dramatic increase in battery life at least another 30 min personally I would only use the 90 hurts during gaming but for all other regular use I'd probably have it at 60.

  • Alex Gannon
    Alex Gannon Month ago

    You have to also take into account that no one will be doing all these things this much in there phones. So they will last even longer. No one mentions the XR battery life which is amazing af

  • Til Firmenich
    Til Firmenich Month ago

    I think this ist the boring Part oft Tour job

  • Trisez Gaming
    Trisez Gaming Month ago

    It’s not fair for one plus7 cuz op7 have 90hz and 1440p

  • W. FaHaD
    W. FaHaD Month ago

    mi9 !!

  • Aishik kirtaniya
    Aishik kirtaniya Month ago

    would you like to do automatic battery drain test like this video where you don't have to do anything and after the test the app will give you a score and average battery time then give this app a try, i bet you'll love it -

  • Fgf 31
    Fgf 31 Month ago

    the antutu score of p30pro aya

  • Lapiz _303
    Lapiz _303 Month ago +1

    Do the updated drain test:
    Oppo reno 10x zoom
    Xperia one
    OP7 pro
    XS Max
    P30 Pro
    ROG Phone 2
    Black shark 2
    Realme X

  • Viraj Shah
    Viraj Shah Month ago

    Vooc charging

  • Viraj Shah
    Viraj Shah Month ago

    Bro u forgot vivo

  • Bounce
    Bounce Month ago +4

    I'm impress with xiaomi,6 hour sot with 3300 mah battery.
    How they do that?

    • Joshua Permejo
      Joshua Permejo 29 days ago

      Its because of the chipset
      Its 855 snapdragon

  • It's Easy
    It's Easy Month ago

    I already don’t like the thumbnail

  • Last judgement pubg mobile

    iPhone will obviously lose this test m not surprised at all

  • random access memory

    i-sheeps you win again!!! iphone is the quickest!

  • d DK
    d DK Month ago

    Betrug im Bild ist Huawei langsamer als das 10+ das stimmt nicht Huawei hat 40W!!!

  • Ahmet Gundogan
    Ahmet Gundogan Month ago

    But Samsung s10plus iş 2k !

  • Денис Курак

    Huawei 👍

    DESTRUCCION _ Month ago

    Mi9 wow

  • Connor Garry
    Connor Garry Month ago +1

    Apple has always exaggerated their battery percentage at 100%. It could technically be in the low 90s and still say it's at 100%

    KHALIL FAROUQI Month ago

    did you wait 5 hour for this video ?

  • Wojak Feels
    Wojak Feels Month ago

    1440p is overrated. I've owned a Note 5 for 4 years and after the first year I reduced my resolution to 1080p. It gave me damn near 25% extra battery life. I barley noticed any difference in image quality. It's just a battery drain.

  • Matt B
    Matt B Month ago +3

    For $1500 USD You get the WOSRT battery performance of 2019 flagship phones. 👏... 👏... 👏...

  • Hidayat J
    Hidayat J Month ago

    Huawei is the king of smartphon

  • Enes Esat Gümüş
    Enes Esat Gümüş Month ago

    İnto the s10 plus

  • SrLucas _13
    SrLucas _13 Month ago

    If I have to choose, I think that a p30 or s10

  • JD Ros
    JD Ros Month ago

    I know Huawei is gonna win but wtf I didn't expect Mi9 to reach 2nd place..

  • LiN ZeB
    LiN ZeB Month ago +4

    Galaxy & One plus screen 2K, iPhone Huawei Xiaomi fullhd+, WTF

  • DrunkLofii
    DrunkLofii Month ago

    I never used nfc. Lol

  • Timothy Swanson VFX

    I have an LG G6 and I wish that I could boost my battery life by turning down my res but I cant...

  • David Cortés
    David Cortés Month ago +2

    you should use the s10+ with snapdragon and not exynoss

  • Aryan Pushkar
    Aryan Pushkar Month ago

    how does he know the exact battery percentages at each time when most of the times he is at different apps and the phone doesn't even show the percentage?

  • Elvis Sanchez
    Elvis Sanchez Month ago

    Great demo. Although, great phones they're Chinese at the end and that's a detail that can compromise alot of your personal Info. I rather pay more and have less battery.

  • Mohammad Aiman
    Mohammad Aiman Month ago

    pocophone user is laughing here. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mlv
    Mlv Month ago

    With $1000 u can buy ROG PHONE 2 full set with 6000mAh battery

  • Korvus
    Korvus Month ago +16

    Bro, Galaxys10 cost $650 on Amazon!!
    Id rather get that than the OnePlus7 tbh.
    Samsung software and UI is simply much better than OP7

    • Viktor Överli
      Viktor Överli Month ago +1

      @Parker Wilkins English?

    • Parker Wilkins
      Parker Wilkins Month ago

      @Viktor Överli the minimalistic and clean design that keeps the features Samsung exclusives optimized apps(Galaxy apps) features that make it stand out etc etc

    • Viktor Överli
      Viktor Överli Month ago +1

      @Parker Wilkins in what way?

    • Parker Wilkins
      Parker Wilkins Month ago

      @Viktor Överli one UI is better than stock

    • Viktor Överli
      Viktor Överli Month ago +6

      Samsung software is worse

  • Elwira Drzonek
    Elwira Drzonek Month ago


  • Henk Groenewald
    Henk Groenewald Month ago

    This makes me delighted as I'm gonna get a huawei p30

  • 더엔비
    더엔비 Month ago

    해상도 차이가 사용시간을 결정하는군요..장점이 있다면 단점도 존재하기 마련 ㅎㅎ 그와중 애플이 제일 해상도가 좋네요 역시 OLED

  • tuan tran
    tuan tran Month ago

    Do you think Android phone battery gonna explode again ( like in 2016 ) ??? sorry im not a iphone expert , this is my first time looking to buy my first phone beside gaming laptops. Got my eyes on Oneplus 7 pro + Asus rog phone 2

  • Julio Johnson
    Julio Johnson Month ago

    I keep my OnePlus 7pro on FHD @90Hz. Full HD Still looks amazing IMO and I get to keep that silky smooth 90hz. An the battery does very well for me an I use it alot throughout the day an still come home with 25% or more each day. An that's a 8hr day if not more.

  • Nathaniel12345678910

    I didn't know the P30 Pro only have a FHD+ screen resolution

    • Elwira Drzonek
      Elwira Drzonek Month ago