The most confused photo of today: RM (BTS) and Dahyun (TWICE) are incredibly close?

  • Published on May 4, 2019
  • The most confused photo of today RM BTS and Dahyun TWICE are incredibly close
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  • Sapphire Lily
    Sapphire Lily Day ago

    What are ONCE and ARMYS gonna do now???? Ship them??? Like seriously though just because these two have a really great friendship doesn't mean they're dating! Like seriously I'm a ONCEARMY but that doesn't mean that I ship them, I SUPPORT their friendship and this is the reason why IDOLS don't talk to each other anymore because fans over react sometimes!!!!! Just because that they're talking about something funny doesn't mean they're dating!!!!!

  • Uni Gamer Girl
    Uni Gamer Girl 7 days ago

    Im a Chaejoon fan Chaeyoung X namjoon

  • Jisa Yan
    Jisa Yan 11 days ago


  • uci sefira
    uci sefira 13 days ago

    the fake is very visible

  • Jeon Bunny
    Jeon Bunny 18 days ago

    No, BTS was sitting behind TWICE, so it seems as if RM was talking to DAHYUN. That's all!

  • Marcelina Manadao
    Marcelina Manadao 18 days ago

    If You are a Namjin Shipper You will definitely know that Namjoon sits beside Jin...

  • Nina Ninatchi
    Nina Ninatchi 19 days ago


  • exo _lixve
    exo _lixve 19 days ago

    Installing images is a wonderful name 🤣😂

  • srikanth SL
    srikanth SL 19 days ago

    Sodhi lanjakodaka

  • Robin Deanna
    Robin Deanna 20 days ago


  • Shaima Rukaiya
    Shaima Rukaiya 26 days ago

    The same situation happened to jungkook and sunmi

  • Creamy Qwerty
    Creamy Qwerty 26 days ago

    Most likely she reacted because she was listening to Namjoonie

  • 94liners Namhope
    94liners Namhope 26 days ago

    OMG the day Namjoon really dating in public ... I'm curious how many ARMYs quacking 🤣😏

  • zak maximoff
    zak maximoff 29 days ago


  • POtato Are KAWAII
    POtato Are KAWAII Month ago

    I finally see it, he was talking to WORLD WIDE HANDSOME, not her........I fell for it, and broke my back XD

  • Gaming with GALAXY
    Gaming with GALAXY Month ago

    Lol RM said himself that don ship us with girl groups that is impossible that he broke the rule he made himself BTW he was talking to our *WORLDWIDE HANDSOME*

  • ๖ۣۜKบgส Sสภ

    *illusion 100*

  • ɴᴀᴍᴊᴇsᴜs ғᴏʀ ɴᴀᴍᴛɪᴅᴅɪᴇsTM

    *Lmaoo. People are saying they were fooled. I knew it was Seokjin. Like Namjin-*

  • Angela Bayona
    Angela Bayona Month ago

    😭😭😭why I'm feeling so jealous 😭😭 but IM FINE😭😭😭IDK

  • ArmLink Channel
    ArmLink Channel Month ago

    Jin:Hey You!
    Jin:Yes You!
    Jin:You Know Namjoon?
    Jin:Remember This....H E I S M I N E!!!
    Me:laughing si hard while writing this😂🤣✌🏻
    Love Dahyungieee
    Love NamJoonieeeeee

  • Rab Monster
    Rab Monster Month ago +1


  • Jill Adrienne Bonsol

    Dahyun was just sitting there,there was a member of bts beside her🙄🙄

  • TheOneAndOnlyNaddie

    jin: *_insert dio brando joke here_*

  • My Army Lifeu
    My Army Lifeu Month ago +1

    **sees title**
    Jin: am I a joke to you?

  • S m o l
    S m o l Month ago

    And this is where Jin is seriously betrayed😅💜

  • Theryo 2019
    Theryo 2019 Month ago

    he was at the backseat. 🤷‍♂️

  • Nusrat Khan
    Nusrat Khan Month ago

    I dont believe this

  • Draw By Me
    Draw By Me Month ago

    What the- I literally fell for that but that’s our Mr Worldwide Handsome that RM is talking to Lol

  • •김보민
    •김보민 Month ago

    Me: Awww New ship! Namhyu-
    Jin: (´-ι_-`)Excuse me?

  • Arief Keisha
    Arief Keisha Month ago

    he bcklekpinck mara

  • kyut mochi
    kyut mochi Month ago

    Excuse me!?
    Worldwide handsome is there bitch

  • Beisa Mustafa
    Beisa Mustafa Month ago

    Lol I fell for it, but now I realize it he was talking to Jin 😂

  • Clienth Justine Morales

    ohh......I thought it's really real...but wait😂 it's not.
    it's just an edit yowwe

  • Diana Dayi
    Diana Dayi Month ago


  • Varsha Lokhande
    Varsha Lokhande Month ago

    U should open your eyes n see clearly bcoz he sitting behind her n talking wid jin can't u see that?????

  • Moonlight CS
    Moonlight CS Month ago

    He's like"Hey girl" and dahyun be like "Sorry I'm taken" and namjoon on the other hand "BISH I'M GAY XD" THE2ND PIC OF NAMJOON ON THE THUMBNAIL I JUST CAN'T- WITH THIS MAN XD

  • Hentai HEHWUDH Japan

    OUR CHILDREN ARE BECOMING 30. (BTS) Idk about Twice I'm not rlly a fan of them sorry

  • Move, I’m gay
    Move, I’m gay Month ago

    Fans thinking RMs talking to Dahyun

  • Aurora Tobing
    Aurora Tobing Month ago

    Why bts and twice always get close..well thats just an edits..BTS LIKES ARMYS!!!..THIS IS WHY I HATE TWICE

  • BTS Musics
    BTS Musics Month ago

    You :RM and Dahyun =❤????????
    I :no you wrong!

  • Chimmy Official Puppy

    No no he was sitting BEHIND her and talking to World Wide Handsome

  • The sparky Twins
    The sparky Twins Month ago

    Me: * gets knife*

    Me : * goes to dahyun*

    Me * kills her*

    Me: oops...

  • Saroh Ajah
    Saroh Ajah Month ago

    Jungkook ngak cocok sama tzuyu 💔👎👎👎

  • WhatA Beaut
    WhatA Beaut Month ago

    Cheer up , baby!

  • Elizabeth Yitaferu
    Elizabeth Yitaferu Month ago

    Is fake fake

  • Castle_099 AUTHORCESS


  • ᴍɪɴ's ɴᴏᴠᴇɴ

    Jin probably wanted to spark NamJin with a dad Joke and Dahyun probably heard it-

  • Boujee Soojie
    Boujee Soojie Month ago

    It’s an optical illusion. We all WISH it happened tho😂😂

  • Jimin Says EXCUSE ME

    Stupid! I almost thought they were the ones who were talking. But actually he was talking to Jin.

    Wait.....this video is one month ago. Ughhhhh

  • The Asian Theory
    The Asian Theory 2 months ago +1

    imagine not being able to tell a joke with a colleague because of the backlash that millions of immature fans would give you.

  • beulpink
    beulpink 2 months ago

    what an illusion.

  • Mohammad bin Taib Tai
    Mohammad bin Taib Tai 2 months ago

    No way I hate twice I love all bts!!!! Theyre mine all mine huh

  • krizzia unnie
    krizzia unnie 2 months ago

    I really fell for it, I thought it was real

  • hobi tesaa
    hobi tesaa 2 months ago

    I was happy for RM but when I saw taetae .....why am I still crying .....please someone tell me this isn't real😭

  • Kshitij uploads
    Kshitij uploads 2 months ago

    Someone is sitting behind dahyun

  • Lina Trinidad
    Lina Trinidad 2 months ago


  • AllyCat
    AllyCat 2 months ago

    I luv how every dating rumor RM has is immediately shut down by NAMJIN ship
    PPL: wow RM looks good with-
    Armys: *JIN.*

  • lalisa's dabs
    lalisa's dabs 2 months ago

    *me: OMG IT'S SO CU-*
    *saw what really it was*
    *me: help me i'm confused-*

  • chocodeluxe
    chocodeluxe 2 months ago +1

    Their hair matches!

  • Galaxy Night Fury Dragon

    This is an illusion i cant find it anywhere bts sat behind twice

  • Francisco das Chagas Cardoso Pinho


  • BTS armys
    BTS armys 2 months ago

    Haha wtf it's not real . Why can't they be frnds ? It's nothing like that

  • itsreidesu
    itsreidesu 2 months ago

    jin made 771 accounts to dislike this lol

  • Dahyun_Taeyung Kim
    Dahyun_Taeyung Kim 2 months ago

    When will my dream come true about Taehyung and Dahyun to be together :-(

  • Elvira Haydter
    Elvira Haydter 2 months ago

    This kind of interaction must be considered as "Normal" persė, mainly because they are all in the same umbrella of the Music Industry. What is wrong with being civilised with Colleagues?
    Artists/Musicians/Choreographers are Human Beings, who must also be given Lee Way to receive/give affection without being harassed or intimidated by others.
    Give them a little space to breath, for goodness sakes!

  • PATRIARCA Quinee
    PATRIARCA Quinee 2 months ago +1

    Screammmmmm bangtwice shippers. im damin shipper. but this OMG!!!!! love it.

  • Madhusmita Hajong
    Madhusmita Hajong 2 months ago

    If RM could see this video he will be pissed off 😂

  • Vrinda Gagat
    Vrinda Gagat 2 months ago +1

    You can fucking see Jin behind daehyun in this pictures and videos.

  • Im Kermit
    Im Kermit 2 months ago +1

    Momo:Hold up,Thats my girl
    Sana:Shush your mouth she's mine

  • Random Person:P
    Random Person:P 2 months ago

    RM : Hey I have somethin to tell ya
    Tofu Dahyun : What is it?
    RM : Jimin likes u
    Tofu dahyun : =O
    RM : Yep

  • heng meanleap
    heng meanleap 2 months ago +1

    Oh my god

  • Karla Trigueros
    Karla Trigueros 2 months ago

    At 1:27, is that Tzuyu (Twice) with Kookie? Sorry, I don't know all the Twice members. It's cute that he has girl friends, I thought he was shy with all girls back then.

  • Liew Chee sun
    Liew Chee sun 2 months ago

    They're Soooooo Cuttteeeee

  • Jodee Hemenway
    Jodee Hemenway 2 months ago +2

    Ummm I thought he was talking to (I can’t tell who that is) behind her? Yeah I don’t think he is talking to her lol
    But boy if they were s think I would do support that! They look cute together!

  • Ülkü Uçmak
    Ülkü Uçmak 2 months ago