The Why And How Of Media Bias Against Bernie With His Press Secretary Briahna Joy Gray (TMBS 102)

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • Michael and Briahna Joy Gray talk about media bias and the mainstream media narrative against Bernie Sanders campaign.
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  • GrammaMouse
    GrammaMouse 27 days ago

    Love this. If you don’t believe MSNBC HATES Bernie, just check out Mimi Roca when she said Bernie MADE HER SKIN CRAWL. No one called her out.

  • Andrew Colvin
    Andrew Colvin Month ago +1


  • Googily Moogily
    Googily Moogily Month ago +1

    Bernie has a huge dick!

  • By Their Deeds
    By Their Deeds Month ago

    My favorite Manufacturing Consent breakdown:

  • Stephen Leyden
    Stephen Leyden Month ago

    RULING CLASS PROPAGANDA and ruling class agents pretty much sums up the situation

  • issaciams
    issaciams Month ago

    The DNC should be completely ignored for all future elections. Or it should be abolished. Super delegates absolutely needs to be abolished as well. That isn't even democracy. Presidential debates should be held on independent platforms from now on. Joe Rogan would be a pretty good moderator and the platform can be on TYT. I think that would be a lot better than CNN or MSNBC. It would need to be promoted on social media and even on TV but I think Americans would be much better served that way.

  • Joshua AfroMagic
    Joshua AfroMagic Month ago +1

    I love the "Hear the Bern" podcast! Briahna is amazballz!!!

  • Earnest T Bass
    Earnest T Bass Month ago

    Excuse me media bias with Bernie they kiss his old ass..
    I'm afraid you mixed up Bernie with President Trump with the media bias nice try though..

  • Alkis05
    Alkis05 Month ago

    She is such a fan of game of thrones that she changed her name to mach the couple she was rooting for in the series. That is commitment.

  • Durga Soham
    Durga Soham Month ago

    This really seems to miss the mark. 20 minutes into this video and I haven't heard anything that directly has to do with the title. I was looking for a CLEAR and direct explanation of the topic to share with my networks, but the discussion jumps around too much and goes off topic too many times for it to be worth it. Ugh. It's like being the kid waiting in the ice cream line and getting to the front just after they run out.

  • Melton Cartes
    Melton Cartes Month ago

    The vast majority of the time, particularly if you're watching MSM, whoever is on those screens speaking tend to be millionaires. I know internet "net worth" reports need to be taken with a grain of salt, but when you see John Heilman, Bill Maher, etc. etc. on a panel, they're all millionaires.

  • Mike Bailey
    Mike Bailey Month ago

    Media's anti Bernie bias is not so much a class issue as it is a business decision.
    1. Bernie wants to get money out of politics with publicly funded elections. Presidential campaigns are to corporate media revenues what Black Friday represents to the retail industry. Each major political party has roughly a billion dollars to spend on their respective candidate's campaign. The lion's share of that budget is allocated to media buys (print, radio, tv) it is a huge windfall that they (corporate media) are loathed to forgo.
    2. How many drug ads do you see on cable tv news channels. There would a huge decline the pharmaceutical industry's profits should President Sanders (I like the way that sounds) choked off their relentless, immoral price gouging of the US population, declining profits and far smaller profit margins in the US market means far fewer ad buys on cable tv news.

  • JabberCT
    JabberCT Month ago

    1:06 what the hell is with the tripod noise from war of the worlds? Scared the crap outta me.

  • MyContestPix
    MyContestPix Month ago

    Bias? There's more than one type of bias out there.

    What about our bias, corrupt, lazy corporate conservative media, which affects our politics (politicians), our government and our lives.

    There’s no mystery why Bernie/AOC have been smeared and attacked by the corporate conservative media. The GOP/ conservative have been playing hardball for decades. The lazy, bias, corrupt corporate conservative media luvs King Trumpo even though he calls them the “enemy of the people”. They gave him over $2+ Billion in free air time in the last election. They covered his empty podium over other news and will chase any shiny object (Tweets) 24/7. Every time he farts they will cover it like a bunch a spineless sycophants. Journalism died in the 1960s. All we have left are gloried, overpaid reporters, who have no idea of history or the facts. It’s all about ratings, baby! This isn’t rocket science folks.

     He who controls the corporate conservative - Overton media window (the narrative and debate) - always wins!!! Well Duh!!!

    So who controls the MSM?? - Con-servatives and the GOP. The foxhole, spineless, clueless, rubber-stamping Dems are nowhere to be found... Pelosi and Schumer are moderate, senile GOP shills/ doormats at best and traitors at worst. Think creaky door hinges - they swing to the other side to capitulate/ compromise before you can blink and then swing back empty handed. Pathetic!!!

    Soulless, fear-mongering, irrational, warmongering, xenophobic, hypocrisy, bigotry, racism, shamelessness, hatred, nihilism, vitriol, greed and ignorance - thy name is Conservative...

    Demagogues thrive in the US because our compliant, lazy, inept corporate Conservative media amplifies the spin, misinformation, false equivalencies, vitriol, hatred, ignorance, talking points, xenophobia without filter or challenge --24/7. What better place than America where there are no constraints on the Right-wing wackos and radicals, who ply their fear-mongering, lies and propaganda 24/7. This country is going downhill fast and no one in our government from the POTUS on down wants to shut this fear-mongering machine down. We're screwed as our nation falls into the abyss… #BoycottMSM

    Since the Dems have been AWOL since LBJ, they always get destroyed/ smeared by the obstructionist GOP who fight dirty every day. People also fail to realize, besides the engagement of war (Iran and Venezuela), control of the media is the 2nd most powerful weapon any person, group, party or country can possess.

    Conservatives/ GOP don't vote based on logic, facts, science or reason -- they vote based on conspiracy theories, lies, beliefs, lizard brain gloom-and-doom, gut emotions (fear of immigrants/ Muslims, Socialists, “Libruls” and any other “boogeyman” they declare) and loyalty to a fault. Any party/person that can harness/ manipulate these factors always win. This is how the game is played and why an out-of-touch, anti-populist and anti-Progressive HRC failed miserably. This is why millions of duped people repeatedly vote against their best interests time-and-again. 1984 is alive and well in America!!!

    King Trumpo and his sycophant cronies are just symptoms of this corrupt, broken down system. This con-artist, reality TV star on steroids dominates the corrupt, bias media landscape 24/7. Conservative pundits, shills and lackeys defend his arse no matter what he says or does. Not so for any other candidate. King Trumpo riles up his base into a frenzy with only emboldens them and maintains his reach. This is why he won in 2016 and unless the corporate conservative media calls him out 24/7 (not likely :( ), he’ll repeat. This isn’t rocket science. This is how politics worked since Nixon and why the GOP/ conservatives dominate all aspects of our government, our media and our laws and why they have so much damn power. Until someone/ something takes them down, ain’t nothing going to change, but only get worse… #BoycottMSM

  • Victor Venema
    Victor Venema Month ago

    Hear the Bern podcast

  • s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    Guys, your phone quality sucks. Really bad. This is not acceptable for 2019. Please try Skype or Google Voice or something.

  • s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    It's a CULTURE.

  • Kenneth Ferland
    Kenneth Ferland Month ago

    The standard the media is trying to set for itself is so absurd (nothing is systemically wrong so long as were not taking explicit marching orders), is so appallingly low that under the same standard, their would be absolutely no such thing as political corruption so long as a politician isn't taking a briefcase of cash for specific votes. Or their is no racism in the police departments if no cop is being ordered to harass blacks. It's like the media believes it'self to be above all systemic effects, like it exists outside of society.

  • Jackson Gurney
    Jackson Gurney Month ago

    13:33 "We live in a society" - Briahna Joy Gray

  • Amy Fink
    Amy Fink Month ago


  • Mr_RGP
    Mr_RGP Month ago +2

    Sounds like I need to read Manufacturing Consent. I know the book and know Chomsky but never read it.

  • Learning Makes Me Happy

    I had no idea they had a campaign podcast.
    Will check that out.

  • GnomeDeGuerre
    GnomeDeGuerre Month ago +1

    She was sharp.

  • Farty McGee
    Farty McGee Month ago +3

    The Dem Establishment HATES Bernie, and, like FDR before him, BernDawg should WELCOME the hate of the rich and Wall Street, as well as corporate Dems.

  • david pasquinelli
    david pasquinelli Month ago

    Wrt the last bit, it's easy as heck to find manufacturing consent free to download, for instance at library genesis

  • Sage Sid
    Sage Sid Month ago

    When Trump gave his fat cat friends a tax cut he did away with the interest deduction, hurting most of those mindless masses that love him so.

  • John Petrie
    John Petrie Month ago +1

    Oh no now this nerd has his own show?? All these RU-clip maggots are everywhere!!! Get real jobs you tree hugging crap smelly hippies!!!!

  • K
    K Month ago +1

    also check out "Open Veins of Latin America: 500 Years Of The Rape Of A Continent" by Eduardo Galeano; also "People's History of The United States" by Howard Zinn.

  • Louis Tash
    Louis Tash Month ago +1

    Bernie Sanders right then and right now for America!

  • Kevin Tewey
    Kevin Tewey Month ago +5

    If we can get Bernie Sanders nominated and he will beat trump
    as I predict
    we will thank people like this for their Great shows
    donate to independent media
    choose wisely

  • Miguel Gordillo
    Miguel Gordillo Month ago +8

    Bernie has awesome people around him. No BSers, no shills, no one "playing" politics. Solid campaign so far!

  • Gary S. Seth
    Gary S. Seth Month ago

    " Let me tell you something you already know .
    A political campaign , especially a Presidential one , ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It ' s a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are , it will beat you to your knees with disappointment , and keep you there permanently if you let it. Nobody , not me, you , or anybody is going to hit as hard as the reversals of fortune in the life of a campaign . But it ain’t about how hard you can hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. Now, if you know what Our candidate is worth in votes ,then go out and get what Our candidate is worth. But you have to be willing to take the hits . Don't go pointing your finger at him ,her ,or anybody . That's what losers do and We ain't losing ; We ' re Better Than That " .

  • crazyman8472
    crazyman8472 Month ago +1

    Tomfoolery. 😜

  • Dressage Man1
    Dressage Man1 Month ago +1

    Bernie is a demented old tar ball. He needs staff to remind him to take his meds and his naps. And to change his depends. He doesn't even pay them $15/hr. He is an insane idiot that wants communism for America. Vote Trump in 2020.

  • Open Mind
    Open Mind Month ago

    I am glad i watched her in Brook's show when she first arrived & She has a really charming charismatic personality which is rare in youtube ,i knew she will go far with that

  • Abdoulie John
    Abdoulie John Month ago +3

    The DNC is set to rig the nomination process.

  • Daniel Revillini
    Daniel Revillini Month ago +1

    I think for the more center liberals, like Favreau, by admitting that policies are formulated with attention to their donor's interests (i.e. Kamala's healthcare plan) would also be admitting that they were complicit in the same thing, as they were a part of Obama's admin who did the same thing with almost every policy they put forward. By coming to terms with that reality they would essentially implicate themselves as a part of that undemocratic system.

  • Joel J
    Joel J Month ago +2

    Michael, I like your show and I like that you let your guests speak with frequent interjection.

    • Andrew Colvin
      Andrew Colvin Month ago

      Haha I was so confused by your comment until I clicked. I though you were sarcasm trolling!

    • Joel J
      Joel J Month ago +4

      correction: without frequent interjection.

  • Lee Alexander
    Lee Alexander Month ago +4

    The health insurance industry is spending a ridiculous amount on ads for fear of a real healthcare policy in the US. Their business model is to take your money then deny healthcare when you really need it. That is an industry that has no right to exist although you could buy it if you want and refuse to use Bernie Care.

  • lizzy
    lizzy Month ago

    This is all very interesting, and I have always been a fan of Brie Brie Joy on Twitter, but I honestly am not sure how it relates to her position on the staff of a presidential campaign. She seems more interested in offering media critiques than in getting Bernie elected.

  • wvu05
    wvu05 Month ago +23

    Why the corporate media is shocked when someone points out corporate bias:
    "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it!" Upton Sinclair, 1935

  • Jack Armstrong
    Jack Armstrong Month ago +1

    Hasn't read 'Manufacturing Consent'? It is the most important book about the US media in the last 50 years.

  • Jack Armstrong
    Jack Armstrong Month ago +8

    There is a lot of work to do to get Bernie into office. He is seen as a radical angry communist by many with ideas so extreme the nation will basically just crumble if he implements any of them. To a great deal Bernie has to do this himself. He went on Rogan with millions of viewers. That helped. The idea that Bernie's New Deal for the worker Democratic plans are radical is insanity. You have to pretend FDR never existed to believe that. Bernies ideas are as American as free public education. How long has that been around?

    • ARUD08
      ARUD08 Month ago

      It's because of the efforts by both CNN/MSNBC and Fox. The neoliberals and the reactionaries united in casting Bernie and AOC as being Stalin, instead of FDR 2.

  • Luis Da silva
    Luis Da silva Month ago +1

    Brianna’s pretty good... even if she hasn’t read Chomsky. Luckily Chomsky stole almost everything from gramsci...

  • K
    K Month ago +4

    oh come now, you have to have read Manufacturing Consent by now! still, better late than never

    • K
      K Month ago

      @Kevin Tewey no shame, Kev...also check out "Open Veins of Latin America: 500 Years Of The Rape Of A Continent" by Eduardo Galeano; also "People's History of The United States" by Howard Zinn. Solidarity! Sanders 2020!

    • Kevin Tewey
      Kevin Tewey Month ago

      K guilty

  • Jeffrey Maxson
    Jeffrey Maxson Month ago +3

    Why doesn't the sanders campaign make a RU-clip channel and use that to post speeches, interviews, and responses to critisims? That way they can have their message in there own words easily accessable to everyone. In fact why doesn't every campaign do that?

    • Dr. Daniel Soderburg, Conspiracy Hunter MDMA BC
      Dr. Daniel Soderburg, Conspiracy Hunter MDMA BC Month ago

      @Jeffrey Maxson I wonder if the lack of views is due to his social media team not working the algorithm properly or if it's Google/RU-clip deliberately pushing against Bernie's channel...they do seem to stifle leftist channels more aggressively than blatantly right wing or dog whistle Nazi channels

    • Jeffrey Maxson
      Jeffrey Maxson Month ago

      Wow, I hadn't heard of it. How does his Joe Rogan interview get almost 10 million views while his channel averages 5k?

    • Angry Glaswegian.
      Angry Glaswegian. Month ago +2

    • Angry Glaswegian.
      Angry Glaswegian. Month ago +4

      They do.

  • Rob81k
    Rob81k Month ago +1

    The amount of "right"s is cringeworthy.

  • Tyler Potts
    Tyler Potts Month ago +6

    I get the feeling these two have a romantic thing going on

    • Atley Meow
      Atley Meow Month ago

      LOL right? the flirting tension between them is so cute ahah

    • Learning Makes Me Happy
      Learning Makes Me Happy Month ago

      @Papa Of The Johns Big facts!

    • Papa Of The Johns
      Papa Of The Johns Month ago +2

      Hey, who wouldn’t go for a guy who can imitate Obama, Clinton & Peterson’s voices!

  • Daniea3
    Daniea3 Month ago +12

    It seems like the DNC/MSM are purposefully wanting to suppress the vote of those of us making under $55,000. : (

  • gnova7
    gnova7 Month ago

    they are so cute

  • Peace
    Peace Month ago +5

    The Oligarchs and Corporatist are scared. They will spend billions to defeat Bernie and spread their propaganda. They see him educating the working citizens, they have to lie to fight the truth. The DNC does not know what to do, most are in the pockets of their donors. Watch how the rich and wealthy twist and turn, they do not want to share.

  • Brian Colson
    Brian Colson Month ago +1

    I like her more and more

  • f58534
    f58534 Month ago +2

    With her fine behind

  • DaPhunkeeFeel1
    DaPhunkeeFeel1 Month ago +1

    Love Brie

  • bluhmer1990
    bluhmer1990 Month ago +5

    Screwing over Bernie again is a sure fire way to make sure a riot happens.

  • paul lymberopoulos
    paul lymberopoulos Month ago +25

    VP Biden "The US currently spends twice the OECD average on healthcare, yet not everyone is covered, please explain this?" Why isn't that a debate question?

    • mistercut
      mistercut Month ago

      just as importantly the planet is dying yet the DNC bans that from the debates

  • Pap Smear
    Pap Smear Month ago +1

    Briahna is dope as fuck. Love Bernie and everyone involved in his campaign.

  • Ben Salerno
    Ben Salerno Month ago +11

    Have Briahna on as many times as she's willing. Hear The Bern is great; imagine any other campaign attempting to put out a podcast and you'd realize just how unique it is in its quality and humanity.

  • chokinonashes61
    chokinonashes61 Month ago +4

    I first heard of Briahna Joy Gray on TMBS! Well done guys, we need Bernie in the rest of the world nearly as much as the US, though you guys desperately need health care.

  • Dash Davis
    Dash Davis Month ago

    whoop whoop!