Spin Wheel Picks My Wig’s Color And Placement

  • Hi Beautiful! This was a MAJOR challenge. I spun a wheel to decide the color and the placement of each color on my wig and then I did it! The result was quite interesting.
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  6 months ago +821

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    • Tsion24 Tesfay
      Tsion24 Tesfay Month ago

      You look funny but the hair is awesome

    • Sarah Hammond
      Sarah Hammond 3 months ago


    • haven turner
      haven turner 3 months ago

      Brad Mondo I have an idea!! You could spin the wheel and figure out all the color and placement first. After that you do the coloring😂

    • Katherine Hoyt
      Katherine Hoyt 4 months ago

      Yessss!!!! I love this!!

    • Chilly
      Chilly 6 months ago

      Nope Can not what lol

  • Erin Casto
    Erin Casto 23 hours ago

    Why does that wig make me think he looks like Steven Tyler for some reason

  • Myasia Stokes
    Myasia Stokes Day ago

    This wig looks stunning on you

  • Amanda Weldon
    Amanda Weldon Day ago

    I literally need this hair 😍😅

  • MrsSmidget28
    MrsSmidget28 Day ago

    Love this,

  • SweetScarletSins 666
    SweetScarletSins 666 3 days ago +1

    i freaking adore the black to magenta, it’s so pretty and i need my hair that color

  • Gigi C
    Gigi C 4 days ago

    brad: Hi Beautiful You Look So Good!
    me: *literaly wearing my damaged hair in a messy bun*

  • MsTotallyawesome101
    MsTotallyawesome101 6 days ago

    This hair reminds me of the love child of Jade from Victorious and Shego from Kim Possible

  • Pooky St. James
    Pooky St. James 10 days ago

    You look just like Leslie Grossman in this wig... The wig is jiggy as fuck!! Love Love Love 🧚🏽‍♀️🧚🏽‍♀️🧚🏽‍♀️

  • Meghan McCrery
    Meghan McCrery 13 days ago

    Wish my boyfriend talked to me like Brad does..

  • Lila Zalucky
    Lila Zalucky 15 days ago

    13:41 miss Manny Quin is looking a little distraught

  • Grace Mehany
    Grace Mehany 24 days ago

    The colors are fun but the black mids with the silver roots looks like a naturally black haired woman going gray to me😂

  • emma reffin
    emma reffin 26 days ago

    I am absolutely in love with that magenta and turquoise 😍😍

  • Juliet Hernandez
    Juliet Hernandez 26 days ago

    I love you jacket gurl

  • Grace & Grace
    Grace & Grace 26 days ago

    I would literally let Brad do this challenge on my hair just because it looks like fun.

  • apenasakarla
    apenasakarla 27 days ago

    Why do I want all these colors on my hair?

  • Sherri sherri
    Sherri sherri 27 days ago

    give it to steve tyler. singer.

  • Dayonna Aliyah
    Dayonna Aliyah 27 days ago

    Me at school: 11:45

  • Brandi Williams
    Brandi Williams 27 days ago

    This looks pretty cool

  • Judie Ann Johansson
    Judie Ann Johansson 28 days ago

    Don't worry if anyone else has done it. Brad hasn't done it and we love your videos.

  • Miss Brocius
    Miss Brocius 28 days ago

    Shocked how Good it turned out 😂 Fuckin Slaaaaay~ ✨

  • Guinevere Haase
    Guinevere Haase 28 days ago

    Was this before the iconic green and black Billie Eilish hair?

  • Gustopher J.
    Gustopher J. 28 days ago

    The wig is alright, but those colors would look pretty cool with some sort of a side shave or undercut

  • Megan Popple
    Megan Popple 28 days ago

    That's actually not totally hideous. Thought this would be hid . . . e . . . ous . . .

  • ashley w
    ashley w 28 days ago

    Once it’s closed you can’t use that color again or are you talking about you can’t open it again for the challenge

  • Graceful Barbie
    Graceful Barbie 28 days ago

    i am SO IN LOVE with this wig woah im gonna do this to my real hair

  • Jennifer Griffith
    Jennifer Griffith 29 days ago

    Please send me this wig!!!

  • Jennifer Griffith
    Jennifer Griffith 29 days ago

    I'd wear that wig for you lmao 😂😂

  • Meghan Clark
    Meghan Clark 29 days ago


  • Philo Creeper
    Philo Creeper Month ago +1

    I Just saw this and.....
    That Jacket doe is everything ✨😍

  • Alison Worthington
    Alison Worthington Month ago

    no no no

  • Perspective_ Cosplay
    Perspective_ Cosplay Month ago +1

    I would wear that everyday. It’s beautiful. Just like Brad

  • Kadyn Faus
    Kadyn Faus Month ago

    brad youre so pretty i- 🥺

  • Abbie Normals
    Abbie Normals Month ago

    It might have been easier to get all the colors and placements THEN dye the wig.... lol

  • Mae Hensley
    Mae Hensley Month ago

    I Love ALL of it except the yellow!!

  • Maddy Wolf
    Maddy Wolf Month ago

    did anyone else notice how he spelled turquoise lol

  • Victoria :3
    Victoria :3 Month ago

  • Caitlin Campbell
    Caitlin Campbell Month ago

    You should do this again but get all the spins done before you start so you can go through and color in your usual order of operations.

  • Caitlin Huffman
    Caitlin Huffman Month ago +1

    I would legit BUY this wig!!

  • Epcps_dubi2112 XDedo
    Epcps_dubi2112 XDedo Month ago +1

    Brad: you look beautifulll
    Me: sitting in the toilet

  • Aliah Hefferon
    Aliah Hefferon Month ago

    when brad says “oh my god you look so gooood” and im like literally curled up in a little ball on my bed like a rat....

  • TRex Rex
    TRex Rex Month ago

    Is the wig McDonald’s bc I’m lovin it

  • Ciel Vestal
    Ciel Vestal Month ago

    What about an art challenge to do a famous painting on a wig?

  • Starleen Cooley
    Starleen Cooley Month ago

    Omg I love it I so want it

  • Ashley Donley
    Ashley Donley Month ago

    I was concerned... but holy cow that came out really cool! Yassss!! 👸🏼

  • jenna cook
    jenna cook Month ago

    Pick colors and sections and Color a wig in the dark

  • Kamylle Wright
    Kamylle Wright Month ago

    Me:eating chicken tender super sick trying not to throw up my hair is on day 4 of not being washed slightly in a depressive state
    Brad: Hi Beautiful

  • Kiara Devine
    Kiara Devine Month ago

    Do this again please 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Valentina D
    Valentina D Month ago

    This made me lagh when you said this Picasso. You called your wig because in my language it means Jinx 😂😂. But it looks cute 🤗

  • toyamwarr
    toyamwarr Month ago

    I got strong Steven Tyler vibes from the finished wig transformation.

  • Haley Petersen
    Haley Petersen Month ago

    The end result and the reaction has me crying laughing 😂😂😂

  • D's World
    D's World 2 months ago

    Im distracted by shiny and noisy things and youre shirt is just like a beam of light for my eyes

  • Brook Dudwa
    Brook Dudwa 2 months ago

    Shipping Brad with James

  • Dyl Pickles
    Dyl Pickles 2 months ago

    Damn why does it look good thou

  • kagger 1102
    kagger 1102 2 months ago

    I just had a question ... so I just went from black to blond. And I wanted to get something from your hair care line. What would be the best thing for my hair for it to look healthy again🥺

  • Emberlynn Crom
    Emberlynn Crom 2 months ago

    Omg I didn’t think it would look so good I love it 😍

  • kyky m
    kyky m 2 months ago

    Wooww I love it

  • Betty Jett
    Betty Jett 2 months ago

    Feels like that girl from what not to wear but like in 2030

  • Jamie Shaffer
    Jamie Shaffer 2 months ago


  • Lisa Three Feathers
    Lisa Three Feathers 2 months ago

    Doing all the spinning first would have been cool but you work your brain some, by figuring out how to color it in an "non-routine" way

  • Madlyn Phillips
    Madlyn Phillips 2 months ago +1

    I love how he complements U at the beginning of the video

  • Shhdks
    Shhdks 2 months ago

    this actually looks so godd

  • Sarah Petrea
    Sarah Petrea 2 months ago

    You could have spun for everything and then did it with your normal routine. I’m only half way through the video. 😂❤️

  • qlexan
    qlexan 2 months ago

    You should do this with a random color generator so that you don’t know the colors

  • Austin’s_life
    Austin’s_life 2 months ago

    I wnat to dye my hair Turquoise now

  • Austin’s_life
    Austin’s_life 2 months ago +1

    Brad can we change hair color cause I hate my blonde hair

  • PurpleZombie
    PurpleZombie 2 months ago

    Whose going to tell he he could've just spun the wheel all at once and written down the colors and placement so it wasn't that hard? Me? Ugh. Fine.

  • PurpleZombie
    PurpleZombie 2 months ago

    I wanna see more of this kind of video

  • benitiodeltoro
    benitiodeltoro 2 months ago

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:

    Jules in the final of euphoria : 14:48

  • abby johnson
    abby johnson 2 months ago


  • Sabra Trevino
    Sabra Trevino 2 months ago

    I would like to style you as emo.. make a video with me..

  • Idun Burgtorf Olsson
    Idun Burgtorf Olsson 2 months ago

    Why does the wig look like a monster high character??

  • Lil Dreamer
    Lil Dreamer 2 months ago

    I’m watching this and an ad is in the corner for “how to fix thinning hair”.... what a coincidence

  • Cαℓιѕтα Rαηԃøʍ

    You should do theses challenge wigs and do a contest and whoever wins get the wig!

  • RobloxDude09
    RobloxDude09 2 months ago +2

    this was recorded on the day before my birth

  • juuliibo
    juuliibo 2 months ago

    Loved this video you were so funny on it hahaha 💕

  • A Cook
    A Cook 2 months ago

    i lowkey believe that he snatch a monster high weave of the street.

  • TheJessiGirl12
    TheJessiGirl12 2 months ago


  • Ashanti Santos
    Ashanti Santos 2 months ago

    I love how it came out and I’m really liking that pick magenta color with turquoise now I’m think should I do that to my hair but go to a hair solan not do it my self

  • Isabelle Villens
    Isabelle Villens 2 months ago

    Brad is like the non cringe james Charles