Time Travel Paradox : "The last one" 2017 Sci Fi Short Film

  • Published on Aug 5, 2017
  • A scientist is on the verge of inventing a time travel machine. Things were going just great before his one bad habit turns out to be his end.
    This is a short film about time travel and the paradox associated with it. Watch the film and comment if you like.
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    FYI I'm still in a learning phase. This was practically a zero budget
    short film, so excuse me if you find it, well, "not up to the mark" :P
    Thanks for watching. Enjoy.
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Comments • 467

  • Cliff S
    Cliff S 4 days ago +1

    Schrödinger's Time traveler.
    Scientist creates a time loop(box) where he is now neither dead or alive, until someone outside can interact and stop it.

  • Lyndelle Joy Parreño

    Haha wtf unexpected ending

  • Rohan Gosavi
    Rohan Gosavi 6 days ago

    Kya pakau giri he

  • Galactic Coffee Shop

    oh, dang!!!

  • Xyz Abc
    Xyz Abc 10 days ago

    Great work

  • Jakiem Pharr
    Jakiem Pharr 16 days ago


  • the wizzard
    the wizzard 19 days ago

    No time travel, no paradox. Just an anti smoking commercial using a pen light and a cpu fan. The only bad habit here is the self important producer wasting my 11 minutes. Only an idiot will subscribe to this and only a fool will share it. 10000 thumbs down!

  • the wizzard
    the wizzard 19 days ago

    No time travel, no paradox. Just an anti smoking commercial using a pen light and a cpu fan. The only bad habit here is the self important producer wasting my 11 minutes. Only an idiot will subscribe to this and only a fool will share it. 10000 thumbs down!

  • Northland Rider
    Northland Rider 21 day ago

    well done

  • Lee Wardle
    Lee Wardle 22 days ago

    This story is in no way believable...

    Nobody building a matter portal would attempt to do so using an Intel I5 CPU based system.

  • R X Conrad
    R X Conrad 25 days ago

    LOL. The Time Paradox

  • slimdudeDJC
    slimdudeDJC 25 days ago

    He fired up that last cig inside of the created "loop."

  • Dallas Mullins
    Dallas Mullins Month ago

    This is one of the coolest short sci-fi films I have seen. He should have read the warning label on the pack of cigs. Well Done!

  • Elvin Haak
    Elvin Haak Month ago

    nice work!

  • SNP1999
    SNP1999 Month ago

    I will certainly now always look first where I stub my cigarette out ! 😜

  • Marcelline Choisne
    Marcelline Choisne Month ago

    wow same! im not movie critic but this short movie is good! the end is fun(or not) good job!

  • Rick Sanches
    Rick Sanches Month ago

    What was he tightening with a pair of tweezers on a cpu cooler? Then stuck it to a printer roller. Is this how a time machine is made? Geez here I thought it would take a bit more than the junk I have under my table. Now all i need is the green laser pointer, because obviously red wont do, and a broken Roomba. Oh and after effects. Cya fuckers in the future.

  • j Martinez
    j Martinez Month ago

    literally the worst

  • j Martinez
    j Martinez Month ago

    slow and bad. this is bad im 4 minutes in i threw my phone

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone Month ago


  • tita sim
    tita sim Month ago


  • Matt NA
    Matt NA Month ago

    Great! Although it is said that a person cannot exist twice in the same plane of existence?

  • Seek Truth
    Seek Truth Month ago

    Ouch! What an ending and have to admit a great anti-smoking ad. lol Paradox is, he will repeat that sequence of events over and over and over in an infinite time loop. We should not be smoking and time was not meant to be messed with.

  • hell bird
    hell bird Month ago

    he slept with cigrette in his mouth

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin Month ago

    Interesting ending in a pun sorta way. I'll smoke to that!

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin Month ago

    Land of the Giants!

  • rjpraveen kumar
    rjpraveen kumar Month ago

    I just Stunned 'After Seeing..*.Smoking Kills...!!!
    Vera level'a Think panirka..Bro..Hats OFf..

  • Harvey Witt
    Harvey Witt Month ago

    That was very interesting and funny I enjoyed it had me in stitches.

  • akualung
    akualung Month ago

    00:57 this looks like a Intel Socket 775 cpu heatsink cooler, hahaha.

  • Ann Aschenbrenner
    Ann Aschenbrenner 2 months ago

    Lol damn

  • black lantern 2014
    black lantern 2014 2 months ago

    😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂👌🏾 quality

  • Mark Bigeloe
    Mark Bigeloe 2 months ago

    As soon as i see smoking i go somewhere else.

  • Tamir Darwish
    Tamir Darwish 2 months ago

    Nailed it!

  • cmartez
    cmartez 2 months ago

    Entertaining and funny.

  • amol jade
    amol jade 2 months ago


    INDIAN MARVEL 2 months ago

    Awesome message

  • Nyx Android
    Nyx Android 2 months ago

    only real thing he shows us in this film is cigarettes and new creation of antman without suit also infinity loop of Dr. strange
    Man he watch so many marvel movies

  • Nyx Android
    Nyx Android 2 months ago

    you idiot don't insult time by making a machine that control's time
    also by which logic of physics you make that thing

  • Divine Spirit
    Divine Spirit 2 months ago

    This is so tragic😂

    ROHIT JHA 2 months ago

    This was really awesome
    Nice paradox

  • jakesoft
    jakesoft 2 months ago

    This is the strangest episode of "How it's made" that I have ever seen.

  • AREclipse
    AREclipse 3 months ago

    Superb. This guy started the loop. But unfortunately he was not that lucky to be & work inside that loop. Make this a big film. Crowd of the social media will love it 😊 🤙👏

  • Allen Minton
    Allen Minton 3 months ago


  • Faizan Sayyad
    Faizan Sayyad 3 months ago

    The plot was awesome 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • XaneX Xan
    XaneX Xan 3 months ago

    Lol.. that was fun actually.. ending badhiya tha 🤣🤣🤣 smoking kills

  • Bing Bang
    Bing Bang 3 months ago

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  • Madhu Maths
    Madhu Maths 3 months ago

    Semma woooowh

  • Ng Poi
    Ng Poi 3 months ago

    And around @5:30 I said something about this film was impossible but the only way I can remember is if I watch it again.

  • Ng Poi
    Ng Poi 3 months ago

    Died on the SCENE.... Died on the SCREEN... @7:47

  • Lance Armor
    Lance Armor 3 months ago


  • Paul H Fleming
    Paul H Fleming 3 months ago

    For low budget film, the effects were pretty damn good. Storyline was interesting, too bad he didn't keep promise to stop smoking 😀😂🤣

  • Crawling in Film
    Crawling in Film 3 months ago


  • Geafry Necolsen
    Geafry Necolsen 3 months ago

    that is heatsink processor

  • zombie adoption
    zombie adoption 3 months ago

    Not bad..!! subscribed and lliked..!!!

  • Windkisssed
    Windkisssed 3 months ago

    That’s pretty funny!

  • Sean Curran
    Sean Curran 3 months ago

    That was not anticipated O.o

  • buzz patch
    buzz patch 3 months ago

    pretty cool

  • Mr.OvenBox
    Mr.OvenBox 3 months ago +2

    That's a new use for a CPU heatsync. I don't think that is covered by warranties so don't expect to be able to return it. lol. 7.8/10

  • Jayson Lay
    Jayson Lay 3 months ago

    moral of any time travel story is wait it will correct itself in time.

  • Benjamin O'Neal
    Benjamin O'Neal 3 months ago

    Movement through space or time dosen't effect scale unless you change dimensions, permeation of space time dosen't effect which which one your in. Also technically that's not a paradox, it's doubled linea causality.

    • steve gale
      steve gale 3 months ago

      You are wrong on many levels. Quantum physics.

  • c yohe
    c yohe 3 months ago

    Lol, well done.

  • Homer
    Homer 3 months ago +1

    Low budget stories with good content are the best because clutter doesn't distract you from a cool central idea. As they say in art, less is more.

  • Jean Collins
    Jean Collins 3 months ago

    LMAO hahahaha Well Done!!!

  • victor herrera
    victor herrera 4 months ago

    Stupid, and pointless.

  • Frank Hardy
    Frank Hardy 4 months ago

    make it without using cigarette people might like it better.

  • Pritam Laskar
    Pritam Laskar 4 months ago

    I loved this film. But the idea of killing one's own miniature self is quite similar to Nolan's Doodlebug (1997). It's then improvised into a time travel theme. Good job anyway. And a perfect example of zero budget independent film.

  • harry oliver
    harry oliver 4 months ago

    aww. Shit eh!

  • TragerM
    TragerM 4 months ago

    This is why the Stargate program always sent MALP's through and not people to start off with

  • Alexander Ter Beek
    Alexander Ter Beek 4 months ago


  • Rick Nelson
    Rick Nelson 4 months ago

    Ok, that was funny!11

  • chris quirke
    chris quirke 4 months ago

    Brilliant well done loved it

  • Walt F.
    Walt F. 4 months ago

    "This is definitely my last one" - yeah how many times have I said that!? LOL

  • Der tolle Mann mit Presslufthammer und Kreissäge

    nice film, but
    he used a wrong soldering tip at the beginning

  • Konrad Siemon
    Konrad Siemon 4 months ago

    Time cancer at its worst 😋🚬

    Dan LAUWERS 4 months ago

    GREAT, love it. But why this need to associate SF with HORROR?

  • Antonio Ruiz
    Antonio Ruiz 4 months ago

    funny...nice one.

  • D
    D 4 months ago

    Smoking Kills!!!

  • x man
    x man 4 months ago

    How did first tiny person appear?

  • Gordon Whittaker
    Gordon Whittaker 4 months ago

    Bravo! Well thought out with a very fun twist at the end!

  • John S
    John S 4 months ago +1

    So if he is shrunk and kicked back five minutes in the past... into a time where he already exists in normal size, is there a paradox present? Is this an alternate dimension?

  • Thomas Chappell
    Thomas Chappell 4 months ago

    Indian accent. Which state, I wonder?

  • Thomas Chappell
    Thomas Chappell 4 months ago

    I figured he’d come back all mixed up with his cigarette like The Fly.

  • Wayne G
    Wayne G 4 months ago

    Great film loved it. I do not know how many of you realize he is now stuck in an eternally repeating closed paradox loop. He travels back in time, is killed by his future self who travels back in time only to be killed by his future self who travels back in time only to be killed by his future self who travels back in time only to be killed...…..eternally to be snuffed out by a cigarette.

  • Banana QiGong
    Banana QiGong 4 months ago

    :D XD :D

  • Sagar Kumar
    Sagar Kumar 4 months ago

    I am kind of got surprised , whether this movie is advertising of preventing people for not to smoke or it's a comedy. Thought i liked it...

  • Kamelhaj
    Kamelhaj 4 months ago

    If this were a comedy, he would be the butt of the joke.

  • Petronius
    Petronius 4 months ago

    Clever, nice writing. Way better than most such films. Keep at it. Recommended.

  • Stefan Schmidt
    Stefan Schmidt 4 months ago

    what a brutal end. awesome!

  • Joseph A. Hancharik
    Joseph A. Hancharik 4 months ago

    It did, and he is cute besides LOL

  • Osiran rebel Johnston
    Osiran rebel Johnston 4 months ago

    Not only is weed much more safe , he would have never been so careless butting out the joint 😝

  • Kevin Chimusaru
    Kevin Chimusaru 4 months ago


  • dieselrotor
    dieselrotor 4 months ago

    I've seen such an explosion of "Independent creator content" lately and it's decent stuff. Later Hollywierd. Ashes to ashes, dust to AH SHIT !

  • C
    C 4 months ago

    Didn't like the ending

  • PappyMan
    PappyMan 4 months ago

    Let's see, 20% down-votes and you can't find ANY negative comments or explanations why it sucked. Anyone else smell bullshit here? The science, even by imaginary sci-fi science is utter bullshit. It would take less time to finish the calculation than the time spent on deciding to do it. There's time for a smoke but not time to have that smoke while the calculations finish. The machine clones things, not moves them in time. Why the fuck would you care that as a clone you die while knowing that the original is fine? Let's start there and see how long this comment exists. I'd get into why the anti-smoking shaming is bullshit, but I expect this comment will get deleted long before we can ever have that discussion.

  • Frank Rogers
    Frank Rogers 5 months ago

    Pretty neat dude!

    [DAN THE GREAT] 5 months ago +2


  • Trace 23
    Trace 23 5 months ago

    Well, he WAS right. It WAS his last one

  • Wereta Te Pairi
    Wereta Te Pairi 5 months ago

    that was an unexpected funny ending thanks

  • Josh Randall
    Josh Randall 5 months ago

    The end was great that was to much...lol had to save it.

  • Alex Wood
    Alex Wood 5 months ago +2

    Safety Time Machine Key Points
    1. Has an Automatic door lock
    2. Goes invisible
    3. Moves objects out of the way
    4. Has Rocket power 😎🚀