Day in the Life of a Typical Japanese Office Worker in Tokyo

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
  • Living in Japan and working in a Tokyo office - This is a Tokyo day in the life of a Japanese Office Worker, 24 year old, Emi. This is also a tour of her Japanese office, Pasona. We start this typical day in her Japanese home, commute via train to her Tokyo office in Otemachi and spend a day in the life of Emi at her working place. We see her typical working hours in Japan and how it is working in Japan as a female in her position. Her day in the life in Japan may be a bit different than some Japanese salarymen, but her experiences in the office with chorei, senpai / kouhai, and kenshu is a very typical in experiences in many Japanese offices. If you want to know how work in Japan or want to know how work in Tokyo, this could be how your job in Japan could be like. The Tokyo office itself, is probably an above average Japanese office in terms design and the business culture a bit more progressive than most traditional Japanese companies, but this Japanese company still maintains a very traditional Japanese office environment. So all in all, this is an example of Japan life as well as Tokyo life if you were to work in a Japanese company. You should always be aware of Japanese culture when working in a Japanese office. This Japanese office has a gym, English school and even a farm all in the building. Pasona is one of the largest staffing services company in Japan. There’s about 4000 staff in her office alone and about 9000 in total worldwide.
    Pasona Office - Map Link
    - Japan: 113 Pasona Group offices (even more if we include our subsidiaries)
    - Worldwide (including Japan): around 400
    Global Locations:
    - 58 sites in 15 regions.
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  • Paolo fromTOKYO
    Paolo fromTOKYO  2 months ago +829

    Find me on Instagram: PaolofromTokyo & Toe-Kyo Merch -
    As a Typical Japanese Worker in the video, you'll see that Emi:
    - still lives with her parents (very common)
    - still works for the same company she started with after graduating university
    - takes baths at night
    - doesn't have a lot of time for breakfast before work
    - commutes to work 1 hour one-way everyday by train
    - arrives to work early before company hours
    - sits in an open seating environment with co-workers and mangers all sitting together
    - attends the traditional company morning meeting, called Chorei (very Japanese)
    - receives Omiyage from co-workers who came back from trips
    - performs regular desk and PC work throughout the day (as you would expect)
    - attends planing meetings as required for her job throughout the day
    - takes a 1-hour lunch break with co-workers
    - respects company seniority and uses the appropriate language to address her superiors
    - leaves the office when she finishes her work. On this day, she finished her work on time when on other days she may have to stay you can see other people in the office still remained since they didn't finish their work yet.
    - meets up with the girls after work to have a dinner / drinks
    - All of the above is what you could expect to see in a day of a "Typical Japanese Office Worker" or "Salarywomen in Japan"
    Let me know in the COMMENTS if you DISAGREE.
    LIKE if you want to see more Day in the Life Japan videos.

    • Wuhan Noodles
      Wuhan Noodles Day ago

      A lot of these practices are the same here in london. of course varies depending on business culture.

    • A 1
      A 1 5 days ago

      Listen to my song on my RU-clip Channel 🅰️⚀

    • creesypie69 ok mong
      creesypie69 ok mong 6 days ago

      @In All Honesty zipperheads lol u thought it was slopes ?

    • BrianPratpick
      BrianPratpick 6 days ago

      She's so tall!!! How tall is she, like 1m80???

    • Johnny Marvéll
      Johnny Marvéll 8 days ago +1

      You foreigners (yes, everybody in the comments as well) always make it sound like she shouldn't be doing certain of those things. Like living with parents, working for the same company, taking a bath before bed. Fk of already. All of you sound like filthy gypsies.

  • Nhovy Jann
    Nhovy Jann 23 hours ago

    The free dinner tho. "They are all 24." KAWAIIII ~~~

  • sanket
    sanket Day ago

    as long as the job is giving FAT cheque office environment doesnt matter xd

  • I mint
    I mint Day ago

    My work space was strained atmosphere much more than this video since you gotta care about your boss's any movement...that sucks.

  • Rohani Siringoringo

    Hi paolo
    I like your vlog.
    I am new friend.
    Day life in office in Japan 👍
    You have zoo inside...

  • Zora Man
    Zora Man Day ago

    Workout in office clothes at 10am? Would you not be gross and sweatie from this? I have a mini fan just so I dont sweat from concentrating for hours.

  • Nightshade
    Nightshade Day ago

    meow meow NIBBA

  • q anon
    q anon Day ago

    Well done. Informative and entertaining.

  • BG Loscar
    BG Loscar Day ago

    My GOD.. What a company? I've been holding back to click this video but wow... Great video!

  • Rick Danner
    Rick Danner Day ago

    how can we email that girl !

  • Sergey Akimenko
    Sergey Akimenko Day ago

    I read the news in the morning too, but nobody pays me for it 😁

  • Sergey Akimenko
    Sergey Akimenko Day ago

    That's not a bad office job,.

  • bob barker
    bob barker Day ago

    this is why asians have no souls

  • Daily News
    Daily News Day ago

    Japanese are awesome!

  • Witold Macyszyn
    Witold Macyszyn Day ago

    Nice Video, but I am so glad I do not live in Japan and work in their office ,it is just sick ,and than You just died .What a life ,You must love to be free ,but in haven .

  • viaggo travels
    viaggo travels Day ago

    Hi Paolo new subscriber here! I just so happen to stumble your video here. It was so cool with those not the usual innovations that Panasona provided to their staff and officers. I just hope i can visit their office if and when i visit Japan for a tour/vacation. Thanks for the information Paolo. Will check out your other videos. Good job!

  • cheerios4canaries

    I know this office is not the typical workplace environment because Ive watched a lot of Japanese dramas. In particular, Hanzawa Naoki is a stark contrast but more realistic.

  • Hettite Rising
    Hettite Rising Day ago

    "the typical japanese worker" yeah, ok... nice click bait video title.... why do they always have to lie like this? just be real man.

  • Abhishek P
    Abhishek P Day ago

    I like her smile

  • datno hi
    datno hi Day ago

    My office is not that quiet must be nice people are actually there doing the job instead of treating each other like crap

  • Fatma Kandemir
    Fatma Kandemir Day ago

    Read all newspaper every morning normally in Public Relations departman. 😌

  • VirtualFunction
    VirtualFunction Day ago

    You make that morning meeting sound like a bad thing. Coming from a UK perspective I'd love something like that! :D

  • tonyman2c
    tonyman2c Day ago

    All I can say is she is super cute

  • Jack Mac
    Jack Mac Day ago

    Wow !

  • Ed D
    Ed D Day ago

    Why are people wearing masks?

  • G. E.
    G. E. Day ago

    That company may be an exception, because for the most part, they are slaves, not workers, no thank you.

  • Getoffofmycloud
    Getoffofmycloud Day ago

    why is that dude wearing a mask?

  • Don Buri
    Don Buri Day ago

    Omg they dont shower in the morning.

  • TheLeaderleader
    TheLeaderleader Day ago

    Please work on your teeth

  • Kriss Kringle
    Kriss Kringle Day ago

    HO Sah Shi. I find this very interesting and a very cultural business oriented work place. No where in the US have I seen such environments outside of ( SOS ) company where heal and housing is on site that is isolated from the outside community. I however loved the video and it is very inspirational when it comes to an open atmosphere.

  • sweet potato
    sweet potato Day ago

    I would love going to work.

  • Peter N
    Peter N Day ago

    This is one of the rare exceptions, definitely not the representation of work life in Japan. Emi must have been exceptional in her academic life because it’s so hyper competitive during their final year of university when they have to look for jobs before graduating.

  • Mario E
    Mario E Day ago

    Typical? Lmao sure dude

  • Arvind Das
    Arvind Das Day ago

    chilled out atmosphere lot of respect

  • cristian ruberti

    She worked about 4-5 hours how can i work for a japanese Company?

  • Dmitriy Obidin
    Dmitriy Obidin Day ago

    Open office... Not the best environment to work in. Cubicle also bad for productivity.
    Small offices, for 5 up to 15 people each - best conditions i've ever worked in.

  • Kemuri Dai
    Kemuri Dai Day ago

    That's cool.
    good to know.
    But what paolo doing in usual life?

  • Martina V
    Martina V Day ago

    OMG the thank you letters stack is so cute.

    NEWTON Day ago

    Damn she look like she a 7 footer, is she?

  • bartbutkis
    bartbutkis Day ago

    I respect that Japanese culture has somehow ingrained the concept of displaying excellent manners in most, if not all of it's people. Not exactly like what goes on in the US.

  • Suma Shreya
    Suma Shreya Day ago

    That was super interesting.But what is the farm for?

  • spinning
    spinning Day ago


  • Bushmaster1
    Bushmaster1 2 days ago

    Stank pussy

    CAMUI GACKT 2 days ago


  • Alice Fay
    Alice Fay 2 days ago

    the toe-kyo shirt 😂😂✨✨✨

  • Anita Beata
    Anita Beata 2 days ago

    I also bring souvenirs to my office staff in Canada from my vacations.

  • rudymex2003
    rudymex2003 2 days ago

    I like how EMY had a “going” to work coat and black “working” coat.

  • rudymex2003
    rudymex2003 2 days ago

    I like knowing that I’m not the only one in the world waking up to that annoying wake up alarm from my iPhone.

  • vish
    vish 2 days ago

    ok so first thing this is not typical

  • brenda franklin
    brenda franklin 2 days ago +1

    In USA if brought up right, everyone treats each other the same way.

    • Deutschland
      Deutschland Day ago

      if the problem you have is discrimination this is a good thing. but if there was none of that, it'd be shameless to not respect the elders / more experienced / more responsible. coming from a german perspective

  • Bjon Bjon
    Bjon Bjon 2 days ago

    1:42 Those anime figurines. Every household must have one

  • lostinhorizon
    lostinhorizon 2 days ago

    I work in a 5 star international chain hotel in Indonesia, they still do morning briefing every single morning at every departments.

  • Superman Return
    Superman Return 2 days ago

    Omg best office in the world

  • Bruno Preto
    Bruno Preto 2 days ago

    I gotta go to Japan

  • Lucifer Morning Star
    Lucifer Morning Star 2 days ago +2

    Not only is she beautiful but a sweet girl

    SHAUN CAMPBELL9 2 days ago +1

    Hello, again. Hmm, I thought "The Bento" was only available on long train rides. As for me, I couldn't work out during business hours, as I think that I would sweat too much. I can honestly say that having the CEO, work out in the open office would make my stomach turn. ( I would be too nervous all day long ) .
    I loved the farm floor !! That would be a great stress de-fusor, forme as I love animals. Cleaning my table after luch wouldn't be a problem for me. I do that all the time at McDonald's also.
    Another great video. I have learned so much. Thank You for filming this video. All the best Shaun of New York City

  • Luis Jimenez
    Luis Jimenez 2 days ago

    Nice, though it looks like a prison to me. I mean, everything's fine. But if you look that from the perspective of an entreprenurial person. It doesn't look like a good idea to spend much of your precious time working for anyone else. Anyway, everyone takes his/her decision for working and getting success.

  • taekwonkey
    taekwonkey 2 days ago

    To be honest I'm happy to see some startups incorporated healthier work life for employees, but employees should still be given more personal time, like working 20 hours a week, in order to try different things to live out their lives and come into contact with more humanity across the globe beyond their silly jobs based on producing and selling more products and services while competing for finite earth with finite resources. Gym in a company is better than none, but still I get the impression that it's there so employees can be better fit to work than to live. Employees across the globe should imagine more than these pity benefits yet keeping us enslaved by the system.

  • Jackie
    Jackie 2 days ago

    *TOE KYO* nice pun 😂

  • freedom TV
    freedom TV 2 days ago

    i heard those condition as perfect as they look, actually horrific to work in. you have to stay long mandatory hours, then after work mandatory to go to a bar and get drunk, if you dont drink you get fired. women rarely get promoted or receive good positions and are expected to quit working after marriage. the world does not know this, but 95% of japanese are dirt poor. their house/apartments are a garbage dump. nothing beats working in USA

  • P-O
    P-O 2 days ago

    Great video!
    I myself work in a Chicken coop!

  • dbsk06
    dbsk06 2 days ago

    im really surprised they let you just film there...……. and as I suspected, after seeing the comments, this is NOT a typical office in japan more like google.
    also can this guy like clean his teeth god....

  • Abdullah Shahid
    Abdullah Shahid 2 days ago

    0:01 why are you crying ??🤔

  • R H
    R H 2 days ago

    Getting paid for working out instead or having to sort out hundreds of emails a day?!?!?! This is a hoax.

    • Hiyori W.
      Hiyori W. Day ago

      R H you weren’t listening

  • manzaoor alahi
    manzaoor alahi 2 days ago

    god bless you paolo,

  • MikeLike
    MikeLike 2 days ago

    Dang, what an easy breezy day. Definitely not a company where workers kill themselves. Right?

  • Street Smart Ink
    Street Smart Ink 2 days ago

    Just plain nice, enjoyed your work.

  • Kavinda Isuru
    Kavinda Isuru 2 days ago


  • Jason Andrews
    Jason Andrews 2 days ago

    Share motivation across the board. What happens when you get ill and cant work? How does that workout.

  • Jason Andrews
    Jason Andrews 2 days ago

    Running out of time to eat rabbit food lol

  • bob Thomas
    bob Thomas 2 days ago

    I wish the USA had standards,respect and consideration for the people they work with and restaurants they visit

  • Bree Gaell
    Bree Gaell 2 days ago

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    Write me at mail. I will send you information.

  • Ghelai Mendoza
    Ghelai Mendoza 2 days ago

    i want to work there,,,lol

  • Tom Servo
    Tom Servo 2 days ago

    she graduated university and her mom still makes breakfast for her, wtf?

  • Khalifa Ahrari
    Khalifa Ahrari 2 days ago

    WOW .... They brush their teeth after eating breakfast

  • Ankit Saha
    Ankit Saha 2 days ago +3

    Wow they are so disciplined. I wish I could see India learning from Japan some day.

  • wk arjun
    wk arjun 2 days ago

    My office is more like a shopping mall, separate department in their separate walled rooms and food courts

  • S W ToDi
    S W ToDi 2 days ago

    What a boring life to drag on?

  • Snowball
    Snowball 2 days ago

    Wow, this is very impressive.

  • Yogen Subba
    Yogen Subba 2 days ago

    Japan a country exist everything🙏😍😍😍

  • panerai123
    panerai123 2 days ago

    I would love to work in Japan... just quiet and professional. Everyones just minding their own business; focused to do the work and get the job done. When people actually do work and are busy, people would not have time for bureaucracy, gossiping, confrontation, drama, and negativity in the office. I am sure there are... even in Japan , but it looks rare in a Japanese workplace as people in general just want to maintain “harmony” at all times.

  • Landsraad
    Landsraad 2 days ago +1

    The lesson for the day: GO TO COLLEGE. Being a warehouseman and factory worker I can tell you that you WILL NEVER enjoy these benefits without progressive education. Can't afford college? Move to southern Indiana, USA. Rent is cheap and community colleges to get your Associates is only about $8 K . That's about $2k a semester then take those two years and transfer it to a 4 year. You will save 10s of thousands for the same lessons.
    Never took the SAT/ACT? Applied to those big universities but didn't get in? It's ok! Community Colleges just require a simple placement test. So you don't remember Algebra? That's fine you'll just have to take it there. Sure it'll increase your cost marginally but you get your feet into the door.

  • Curious Wanderer
    Curious Wanderer 3 days ago

    There is no way that all Japanese offices are as typically as this one, this company and the leisure that it offers makes it a la-la land and not all offices are like that.

  • Tsukinocos _
    Tsukinocos _ 3 days ago +3

    Did I mention that she’s really pretty and her outfit choices are totes cute lol

  • Gloria Montclaire
    Gloria Montclaire 3 days ago

    I got a job through PASONA in CA. lol They were cool.

  • ANNAKI Design / Marketing Videos - Motion Design

    One thing I learned from this video, wether she don't sweat or she is comfortable with sweat, from not showering in the morning to working out on formal clothes .. I don't know what to think. Your thoughts ?

  • Cris Viguer
    Cris Viguer 3 days ago


  • Renny McCray
    Renny McCray 3 days ago

    Wow Emi is very beautiful 😍😍😍

  • Mohamad Saadi
    Mohamad Saadi 3 days ago

    every one has a thinkpad

  • Jonathan Brisby
    Jonathan Brisby 3 days ago

    WOW a "Lawson" pantry. We had a Lawson right beside my childhood home, then it became Dairy Mart, then Circle K. Amazing to see the Lawson Name in JAPAN. Tell me they sell the "Lawson's" chip dip there !!

  • Kevein Kevin
    Kevein Kevin 3 days ago

    how small are their aparments lmao

  • vlad dracul
    vlad dracul 3 days ago

    Woooowww the girl woke up and didn't take a shower!!!
    Fisrt thing I'm the morning is taking a shower, then getting breakfast and go to work.... Filthy woman.... Plus working in Japan doesn't look bad, come to mexico and see how offices are here, fucking gyms in the building, just work, work, work, you're lucky if you have 30 minutes to eat...

  • Skodaman2
    Skodaman2 3 days ago

    And they shag like bunnies after work. Unfortunately they smell of fish but you get used to it.

  • Chrypto
    Chrypto 3 days ago

    That boss looks like a cool guy

  • 皆皆
    皆皆 3 days ago

    She is cute

  • Michael 'You're too sweaty buddeh' Bisping

    "There's no walls here" -> shows a goddamn wall

    • Kriss Kringle
      Kriss Kringle Day ago +1

      GET OVER IT! NO GOD DAMN WALL! its all open and yet, they have to account for building support and creative design for ( SU SHI Ca Dao Fung Shi ) Don't over think it if you cannot understand it.

  • Michael 'You're too sweaty buddeh' Bisping

    Fuck omiyagay. If I worked in Japan I'd pretend I'm never going on a vacation, that's how much of a cheap asshole I am.

  • Martyna
    Martyna 3 days ago

    I work in Lithuania, people always bring little somethings from their vacation :)

  • 3wm Tech
    3wm Tech 3 days ago +3

    she read the paper for 1 hour, then went to the gym, then went to lunch lol

  • rrMurali Ramsamy
    rrMurali Ramsamy 3 days ago

    They do not take bath ? oh shitty , smelly rotten bodies.. Atleast wipe your body with a wet cloth well enough thrice or four times all over including private parts. Okay. Next surprise was at 10:40 ... oh well, a farm in the office complex. That is one way to get local organic fresh dairy milk, ghee, butter, cheese, yoghurt, ... right there where you are. This also means, one can get good manure. Only that, we need lot of open soil surface for the organic manure to be spread. Then one can have local organic fruits, organic vegetables, organic flowers, organic honey all within reach within the localilty. No more cold storage frozen foods and no more tin foods. Only fresh foods, fruits, vegetables, honey.

    Then you see, a gym is not necessary. It will be a nice walk , jog around the open soil surface with breeze from trees and plants carrying the smell of fruits, flowers, vegetables. That means much of vitamins and minerals are already in the air from these trees and plants and creepers. Even if it is a small area like the area of the floor in which these animals are. May be ground floor which is built to have sun rays with high ceilings will be best. So as everyone walk into office, the charged vitamin breeze will energise everyone as they come into office.

    Gym is an enclosed space. No fresh natural breeze. Only that exhaled by others in the gym. And the farts from others in the gym. And the bad odour smell from mouth and other parts not washed or cleaned or bathed (the video in the beginning says, they do not take bath ). So Gym is not a healthy place. It leads to illnesses.