EXPERIMENT: Will Watermelon Explode ?

  • Published on Jul 26, 2019
  • #Watermelon #myexperiments #Volcano
    Hello, friends! Nice to see you again on my channel. In today's video, I will try to blow a watermelon with mentos and cola and balloon.
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  • Celine Geli
    Celine Geli 11 minutes ago


    • Celine Geli
      Celine Geli 10 minutes ago

      Tu fais bien les vidéos mais pourquoi tu ne parles pas et tu mets

  • Gabriel Gamer
    Gabriel Gamer Day ago

    this experiment was very cool and interesting

  • Esther Githaiga
    Esther Githaiga Day ago +1

    Here in Kenya we say" Bure Kabisa!!"

  • Malik Abid Khan
    Malik Abid Khan 2 days ago


  • Toño Perez
    Toño Perez 2 days ago

    Se necesesita coca con azucar

  • Elin Lesman
    Elin Lesman 3 days ago


  • محمد نور
    محمد نور 4 days ago

    يا حرام شعملو بهل بطيخة

  • منبع المعلوميات

    هل اجد عربي

  • يوسف علم دار

    No one is in a position to

  • V Soni
    V Soni 6 days ago

    I don't like wasting such a good watermelon🍉

  • Omar Asaad
    Omar Asaad 7 days ago +1


  • Hm md Khalidsaifullah


  • 哈哈贝贝
    哈哈贝贝 8 days ago


  • Relina Simamora
    Relina Simamora 8 days ago

    Para ahli

  • Mind 3
    Mind 3 9 days ago


  • Sanja Draskovic
    Sanja Draskovic 9 days ago +1

    Daj mi internet

  • abhinav damodara
    abhinav damodara 10 days ago

    U have wasted the water melon

  • Glen sila
    Glen sila 10 days ago +1

    What's the conclusion

  • Sandipan Mukherjee
    Sandipan Mukherjee 10 days ago +1

    1:20 what the hell you are wasting food you could have eaten that

  • jchxycjgfyg jvjchcycycj
    jchxycjgfyg jvjchcycycj 11 days ago +1


  • Khon Hoai
    Khon Hoai 11 days ago


  • dwi Asriningsih
    dwi Asriningsih 11 days ago


    MCS MSE 12 days ago

    Y para que quiero saver yo estupides?

  • Eliene Santos
    Eliene Santos 12 days ago

    kkkkk😕 não acontece nada

  • Khon Lien
    Khon Lien 12 days ago


  • Madiha Baloch
    Madiha Baloch 12 days ago


  • Justin Howard
    Justin Howard 14 days ago +1

    You do a really good job with the music selection.

  • Maria Hildreth
    Maria Hildreth 14 days ago

    Poor water melon 😕

  • Pedro doca Conta
    Pedro doca Conta 14 days ago +2

    *Eis que vc se lembra da sua adolescência*

    THE CARTOON SHOW 14 days ago

    Instead of that u would have done.keep the tooth pick inside the melon scientifically when u shake it.it should be poked by itself.and from outer
    Layer after gluing u would have plasterd it with water proof tape best 👍❤️

  • Bastian Bakkara
    Bastian Bakkara 14 days ago

    Yes,it is

  • Sajid Khan
    Sajid Khan 15 days ago

    Dear I think next time you people should cover the watermelon with this baloon, one inside in the wmelon and one to cover melon so the result might be different though... For more contact me... Regards

  • Francisco Lima
    Francisco Lima 16 days ago

    Uma grande babaquice

    AZAAN ABID Abid 16 days ago

    Like it 👍👍👍

    AZAAN ABID Abid 16 days ago

    Amazing guys

  • Pariya Raha
    Pariya Raha 17 days ago

    Subscribe me plz😜😜😜😜😛subs you

  • Klodian Melishte
    Klodian Melishte 17 days ago

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  • Klodian Melishte
    Klodian Melishte 17 days ago


  • Klodian Melishte
    Klodian Melishte 17 days ago


  • Marli Marli
    Marli Marli 17 days ago


  • seema srivastava
    seema srivastava 17 days ago

    Coldrink kyun waste ki😠😠😠😠

  • heri rochmat kewer
    heri rochmat kewer 18 days ago

    Penonton Indonesia like👆

  • heri rochmat kewer
    heri rochmat kewer 18 days ago

    Penonton Indonesia like👆

  • Padma Kulkarni
    Padma Kulkarni 18 days ago

    You are wasting money.

  • Faiz Khan
    Faiz Khan 18 days ago

    Bhi agr aap upar maskin tep lagtye to sahi hota

  • ZPhoenix _xD
    ZPhoenix _xD 18 days ago +1


  • M Anis Rajpoot
    M Anis Rajpoot 19 days ago

    very bad and waste my time

  • R K
    R K 19 days ago

    Don't waste water melons

  • Irani Rodrigues
    Irani Rodrigues 19 days ago

    Q desperdício de comida tao boa poderia vir tudo para minha barriga

    GHOST 19 days ago


  • Anissa Refane
    Anissa Refane 19 days ago +2

    1:51 truc de ouf

  • anim.6565
    anim.6565 19 days ago


  • SHAHIL Raj
    SHAHIL Raj 19 days ago

    Bhai tum Khana waste kar rhe ho

  • Bella Safitri
    Bella Safitri 19 days ago


  • PARTH Shinde
    PARTH Shinde 19 days ago

    Wasting watermelon 🍉

  • Brayden Jennings
    Brayden Jennings 20 days ago

    That was epic

  • marlin maria ortiz tejada

    Desperdisiador de comida se lo podias dar a un anciano o un enfermo pmalagradecido Dios te Dios la comida para que tú cuando ves una persona por favor que la ayude.

  • adma 007
    adma 007 20 days ago

    How made water fountain

  • Nona Manis
    Nona Manis 21 day ago

    I like watermelon