BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - Motivational Workout Speech 2019

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - Motivational Workout Speech 2019
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  • Hhh Hhh
    Hhh Hhh 28 days ago +1

    This is the first time I watched your video of your channel
    I subscribed it dude
    Zing zing amazing 😉 video

  • Francisco Sierra
    Francisco Sierra 29 days ago +1

    Man this is so true and I am 12 and my dream is to become a professional baseball player I want to be the best but know one wants to help so people remember when your on a dream it will be lonely but you have to power through all of that

  • Video Monks
    Video Monks Month ago +2

    Want to make your dreams come true, BELIEF IN YOURSELF AND STAY DETERMINED.

  • Toka Yeptho
    Toka Yeptho Month ago +1

    Everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die ??🤔

  • Manpreet Singh
    Manpreet Singh Month ago

    U cant win the world ,if u cant win urself..

    SALMAN SAYEED Month ago

    Watch this motivational workout

  • Othman Khalid
    Othman Khalid Month ago

    ❤️✨ Hello to the 1% who are reading this comment if you would please check out my motivational video to help me reach my goal of 500 views and to inspire people it would mean the word to me ❤️❤️✨

  • Niraj Mazumdar
    Niraj Mazumdar Month ago +3

    Believe in yourself never give up keep going

  • mostmasterful
    mostmasterful Month ago +5

    🙏pray for me but most importantly pray for yourself🙏

  • inspire
    inspire Month ago +4

    everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. - today's truth, some people thinks things going to fall on their way so do nothin.....

    ELUSIVE STUDIO Month ago

    Music ?

  • Nancy Solari
    Nancy Solari Month ago +3

    Thank you for reminding us to believe in ourselves, and the benefits it brings. When we are confident we are able to excel and live full out.

  • Beto imparable
    Beto imparable Month ago


  • DaUNTLESS-staying the Course

    🤣🤣🤣👌I'm laughing because this was exactly what I was telling myself when that stealer of joy/dream/purpose(self doubt, self pity, regrets) came to me this morning. I quickly reminded myself what I usually tell people about going after their dream. I told myself if I cant live upto what I preach then I should be labelled a hypocrite and what good is that to humanity(another failed purpose) when these stealers of joy/dream/purpose come to me I always give them one quote and they run so far away and never come back. What is that quote? "If I can see it in my mind, I can hold it in my hands" yea that's the quote. What ever battle you win in your mind you win in the physical. You cant be fighting for your dream and hoping to succeed when all what you see and proclaim is defeat, you self pity yourself at every slightest chance and lose your confidence in the face of trials, rejection and disappointment. Come on guys as much as I'm talking to someone out there who might find this encouraging, I'm also talking to myself. We have got to keep grinding. You think I've it all? And that's why it so easy for me to come on here and talk to people about believing? Well let me burst your bubble. I'm broke, jobless and typing this from the porch of my home that I dont even know how to pay the rent. My dream Is so big that sometimes I give myself a tap on the head and say come back to reality but then they are so alive in my mind I cant just up and give up on them. I must exhaust every inexhaustible before I can even think of giving up. But then at this point I would have gotten to my dream. Come on guys we can do this, believe me, trust me. My favourite quote in the bible is EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR THISE WHO BELIEVE. We gotta hold on and fight. Imagine what happens if everyone should just give up on their dreams, in sure we wouldn't have people who we look up to. Let's keep pushing I believe we are there already.✌✌☝️

  • The Exterior Minister
    The Exterior Minister Month ago +16

    Videos like this are food for my mind and soul. 👊🗯❤🙏

  • Prakash Mani
    Prakash Mani Month ago +4

    Thank you sir 🙏

  • Harry Carter
    Harry Carter Month ago +1

    We All Need To Wake Up And Wake Up Your Friends This Is Vital. Help Us Stamp Out Worldwide Pedophilia

  • Rere
    Rere Month ago +6

    Thankyou 💐

  • AP21 GMT
    AP21 GMT Month ago +1

    Very thing is possible with self discipline ,nice video,also Get

  • PranKish Town
    PranKish Town Month ago +35

    Hope everyone becomes powerful after watching this💕💕

  • adi fitness
    adi fitness Month ago +4

    1lk and watch