Most Badass Bike For Under $4k

  • Published on Jul 30, 2019
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Comments • 175

  • Lex Kantoor
    Lex Kantoor 14 days ago

    Hou mats bike thoe transport Amsterdam Holland pleas info

  • Lex Kantoor
    Lex Kantoor 14 days ago

    What cost the. Bike lex kantoor Amsterdam holland

  • ShinyArjun Singh
    ShinyArjun Singh Month ago my life....
    Nice one, Subscribed. Please keep them coming.....

  • Conan-the-Barbarian Bryant-420

    I filled out the questioner bro. I hope you read it fam, it was from the heart.

  • Barry Maddux
    Barry Maddux 2 months ago

    Good for beginner?

  • Gene Hansen
    Gene Hansen 2 months ago +3

    I say a prayer before every ride. You never know when you will meet your maker when on a bike at highway speeds.

  • czaz1985
    czaz1985 2 months ago

    What about financing with people with Challenging credit ?? Can you guys help ?? May God Bless you guys and keep you safe on the road..

  • Greg M
    Greg M 2 months ago

    Great to know the gas tank and battery are down low. I'm going to try one. This would probably come in handy when my wife rides on back. Only downside I see is the 3.7 gallon tank. Wow, I thought stopping every 125-150 miles on my VTX 1800 was inconvenient but the C90 would be a little worse. Maybe worth it if low speed handling with a passenger is much better.

  • Bruce Boquist
    Bruce Boquist 2 months ago

    At 4:30 the other biker waved.....

  • Grumbly One
    Grumbly One 2 months ago +1

    Shaun, I think you got a bad ground on that Neutral light. Looked like it was flickering a touch. Otherwise... sexy bike! God bless, stay safe!

  • Mutant Artificial Intelligence

    I traded in my 2005 for a 2017. Nice bikes for the money. Same model but totally different machines as far as handling and stopping power. Truthfully, the 2005 was better in a lot of ways. But as you said the batteries were always being changed out. I think it was a stator issue. That issue has been fixed on newer models. Also, the gas tank is no longer under the seat. Which changes the center of gravity. Though the newer models have a larger fuel capacity. The newer models also have a higher ground clearance. Less scraping of the floor boards. The one thing that really ticks me off though. Is that they changed to single disc in the front. So stopping is quite a bit harder. Still a great bike though no matter how you look at it. Bang for the buck.

  • Mochi65
    Mochi65 2 months ago

    Do you ever come across a C109?

  • josh hoyte
    josh hoyte 2 months ago

    This is the bike I need to get. How is it for a first bike?

    • Mutant Artificial Intelligence
      Mutant Artificial Intelligence 2 months ago +1

      It depends on how big you are. It's not a beginner bike. Unless you are a very big person. That would make the bike feel smaller and lighter. I wouldn't recommend trying to learn on it. Or pass the licensing part of it.

  • Javier Martinez
    Javier Martinez 2 months ago +1

    I'm really curious what is the best cruiser for Los Angeles in terms of nimbleness and brakes?

  • Visar Uflla
    Visar Uflla 2 months ago

    hello like the all of your content
    do you ship bikes, like in europe

  • Terry Ramsey
    Terry Ramsey 2 months ago +2

    What kind of mileage does it get? I personally hate fueling up every 120 miles.

    • Cameron channell
      Cameron channell 2 months ago

      @Terry Ramsey Understandable. Gman Industries used to make a 2.5 gallon auxiliary tank that fit at the bottom of the frame.

    • Terry Ramsey
      Terry Ramsey 2 months ago

      @Cameron channell where I plan to ride the gas stops may be that far apart. Southwest Arizona / Mexico border. I'd hate to not have a choice where to stop you know?

    • Cameron channell
      Cameron channell 2 months ago

      It's got a small tank. Mine is ready for a fill up at about 120 miles.

  • Barry Biker
    Barry Biker 2 months ago +1

    Really awesome bike!! Only the Wheels have to be spokes..

  • greg campbell
    greg campbell 2 months ago

    Nothing really innovative there... Honda were doing the false tank and and fuel tank under the seat in the 70s...still good bike tho.

  • pudkeith
    pudkeith 2 months ago

    Thank you ,brother and God bless. Hello from California. Because of this video, I got my 2005 c90t. With windshield and backrest. Absolutely love it!!

  • High Oktane Kustoms
    High Oktane Kustoms 2 months ago

    Those C90's are definitely some rad bikes. I would love to build a chopper out of one. With that super low gas tank it opens up a plethora of creative ideas. Throw in the fuel injection to boot, that in itself allows for any possible pipe combo one can conjure up. No carb to jet the computer will do it for you. I dig it

    • High Oktane Kustoms
      High Oktane Kustoms 2 months ago +1

      Creativity and hard work is where they come from. So many people are afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to metric bikes

    • Mutant Artificial Intelligence
      Mutant Artificial Intelligence 2 months ago +1

      You should see how the Russians customize the heck out of them. I mean wow. Where do they get those parts? Not in America.

  • Hunter Inglis
    Hunter Inglis 2 months ago

    Love the videos cant wait to get my bike license keep up the good work

  • Death Angel
    Death Angel 2 months ago

    Has anyone got spare bike for cheap? Really wish i could win a free bike lol

  • GaryLordsWayMinistry
    GaryLordsWayMinistry 2 months ago

    Not so funny of a title for someone who professes and says he is a man of God who is supposed to be the Priest of his own family. As seen in Lev.19:27 & 20:5. Who doesn't shave himself for this reason. For this reason I guess I will give up on you after warning you repeatedly so now comes another one who is unsubscribing.

    • Blogengezer
      Blogengezer 2 months ago

      -As attendants say, as you leave the plane... "Bub bye" :)

  • davidleoncampbell
    davidleoncampbell 2 months ago +3

    when you back off the throttle, the blurp blurp blurp should not be there in the stock is either a custom exhaust or there is a whole/leak somewhere in the exhaust and custom/leak with the exhaust could be the reason the FI light is on while riding....

  • davidleoncampbell
    davidleoncampbell 2 months ago +2

    the FI light on while riding is a 'warning'...the FI light should not be on if there is nothing wrong with the is a dummy light. The light being on does not mean it is FI...

    • Cameron channell
      Cameron channell Month ago

      You don't tune a stock bike, but if you start adding modifications that change airflow (like cams, high flow air filter, exhaust) then you have to use a fuel controller to adjust the fuel delivery; as the stock computer won't adjust enough. The backfires mean the bike is running a little too lean.

    • davidleoncampbell
      davidleoncampbell 2 months ago

      If these guys were closer, I would buy the C90...any savings are lost for a fly and ride...

    • davidleoncampbell
      davidleoncampbell 2 months ago

      @Blogengezer nothing to really tune on an EFI bike..spark plugs should be good to 50,000+ miles and if FI is functional, shouldnt need recalibrated or remapped...

    • Blogengezer
      Blogengezer 2 months ago

      -Noted. Curious about the few backfires at shift, as well, if FI, not normal. Possibly tune?

  • Matt Sloop
    Matt Sloop 2 months ago +1

    Have you ever ridden a ctx 1300 from Honda? I'm looking to get out of a sport bike and into a cruiser so the wife can ride with me.

  • Matthew Henshaw
    Matthew Henshaw 2 months ago +1

    anyone else think this was a honda rune ?

  • I_H8_OLD_PPL
    I_H8_OLD_PPL 2 months ago +1

    Is it a 6-speed or a 5

  • Zach Kiszczak
    Zach Kiszczak 2 months ago

    This bike chops so hard it made stuff fall off my computers desk from the

  • Zach Kiszczak
    Zach Kiszczak 2 months ago

    Thinking about coming in to check out the C90 more and more lol...

  • Clark Babin
    Clark Babin 2 months ago

    What's the fuel capacity?

    • Clark Babin
      Clark Babin 2 months ago +1

      So about the same as a sportster

    • Mutant Artificial Intelligence
      Mutant Artificial Intelligence 2 months ago +1

      I think it's 3.7 gallons. Pretty sure. About 120 between fillups.

    • Clark Babin
      Clark Babin 2 months ago +1

      I'm going to say it. The large passenger seat is for the wife the small is for the girlfriend.

  • Mike Bruns
    Mike Bruns 2 months ago +2

    The m90 would be badass to own one day, only cause I'm not a huge fan of the "classic" look of the C series bikes.

    • Mike Bruns
      Mike Bruns 2 months ago

      @O4 HEMI I've got a 2005 GSX750F Katana right now. The only cruiser I had before was a 08 Honda Shadow 750 spirit and I do regret getting rid of that bike some 5 years ago. I traded in for a Honda DN-01. If you dont know what a DN01 is look it up lmao

    • O4 HEMI
      O4 HEMI 2 months ago

      Ive got an m50 and love it looking to upgrade to a m90 or m109r next year love these Suzuki bikes

  • burntbeef 1
    burntbeef 1 2 months ago +1

    M90 was my first bike about 4 years ago. Rode the shit out of it till she blew up on me at 53k miles. Still kinda wish i would of rebuilt her instead of just selling but it is what it is. They are great bikes and i want one again. If anyone wants to trade i have a great condition 1983 kz1100 spectre with some cool mods for a m90 or c90 lemme know lol

  • ThatRealCoolWhiteGuy
    ThatRealCoolWhiteGuy 2 months ago +2

    Idk how expensive bikes usually are where y'all are located but I got a mint condition Honda Shadow 1100 for $1900

    • ThatRealCoolWhiteGuy
      ThatRealCoolWhiteGuy 2 months ago

      @Ryan Bruneau it's a 2002 but I mean bikes in general around here aren't that expensive. I live in Virginia. There were a couple 2008 shadows with 10k miles and they were like $2500

    • Ryan Bruneau
      Ryan Bruneau 2 months ago

      ThatRealCoolWhiteGuy Wow that's pretty cheap. Private sale I'm guessing or an older bike

  • Teddy Van Halen
    Teddy Van Halen 2 months ago +1

    That gas tank thing is a great idea. Maybe Harley can do something like that with the Forty-Eight so we can have the peanut tank but with more fuel.

  • YAH above all
    YAH above all 2 months ago +1

    Motorcyclist who reads scripture in the video? Subscribed. Keep it up brother. YAH bless.

  • Abner Solano
    Abner Solano 2 months ago +9

    Your words of wisdom has inspired me. I moved to a 3rd world country to work at a Christian school and now I start my classes with "the words of wisdom" thank you for the inspiration

    • Abner Solano
      Abner Solano 2 months ago

      @Blogengezer I know man... But I can dream.... Thsts all I got.

    • Blogengezer
      Blogengezer 2 months ago

      @Abner Solano -Can only imagine shipping expense, adding tariffs and hidden 'fees' [enriching the 'leaders'] to a '3rd world' :)

    • Abner Solano
      Abner Solano 2 months ago

      Now if I could only find a good bike here!

  • Blane Davis
    Blane Davis 2 months ago +1

    My dad picked one up for dirt cheap with 40k miles on it. Runs like champ, needed tires, and little love cosmetically. Its a super comfortable bike, and would almost be perfect if I were a bit taller.

  • Buwsur
    Buwsur 2 months ago +1

    4:41 man, that sounds nice!

  • David Foosh
    David Foosh 2 months ago +2

    Wow, those are 13k or more OTD new. Why do they lose so much value?

    • Cameron channell
      Cameron channell 2 months ago

      One like that was around 11K new, and they're 10-15 years old now, and based on a design that dates back to the 90's. They also depreciate faster than a comparable Harley.

    • WoodyOn2Wheels
      WoodyOn2Wheels 2 months ago

      I think Suzuki’s in general don’t hold there value as good as out bikes.

    • Blogengezer
      Blogengezer 2 months ago +1

      -Reading about the changing demographic, [young generation not into motorcycles] affecting motorcycling in general, the cruisers are not in demand as previously, when countless numbers were sold, swamping the market. Makes it good for those interested today. Also noting the Adventure touring fad now in play.

  • Randy Hutchinson
    Randy Hutchinson 2 months ago

    I thought you sold that

  • Brandon White
    Brandon White 2 months ago

    I have an 05 Boulevard C90 with 78K miles on it. I. Freaking. Love. It. If you take care of it, it will take care of you and last forever.

  • JanggoMoto 1911
    JanggoMoto 1911 2 months ago

    Where is the clipboard on the grass?

  • Elton
    Elton 2 months ago

    Viu não consegui escutar nem por um segundo a motocicleta ,porra mano dá um tempo na conversa e deixa a máquina falar por ela

  • DR. Smith
    DR. Smith 2 months ago

    And the gayest looking..

  • Howard Carroll
    Howard Carroll 2 months ago +2

    Looks like the perfect bike for a big guy on a tight budget . Great review . Love the scriptures !

  • Alessio Trabelsi
    Alessio Trabelsi 2 months ago +1

    Great videos. Love the scriptures. I bought a fully custom c90 this year and front shocks are being worked on. Can't wait to ride it. I'm also 6"2 260lbs bike is great. My other bike is a 2001 bandit 1200s lots of fun

    SHINYxCHROME 2 months ago +7

    Was hoping it’d be another VTX 1800 video

  • Mike Sokolow
    Mike Sokolow 2 months ago

    Drive train, not power plant, but hey, who's counting?

  • Frank Trammell
    Frank Trammell 2 months ago

    Been looking for one. Probably a lot to ship to Atlanta area.

  • Roger Johnson
    Roger Johnson 2 months ago +1

    Is a guy who rides that type of bike really want a "Suzuki"? I'm pretty confident that will get a lot of guys beaten up on the playground these bikes play on. I'm not anti-Suzuki, I just don't think this is a natural market for Jap bikes. They should stick to the V-Strom and such.

    • N2 Rydn
      N2 Rydn 2 months ago +4

      Buy a bike to please you, not other people.

    • Steve Gustafson
      Steve Gustafson 2 months ago +2

      I sold mine for that very reason. It's not that it's not a great bike, which it is. But with regard to styling, it's just not there. That's why I bought a Harley, because Harley has it all.

  • Simon Stillborn
    Simon Stillborn 2 months ago +2

    Full frame bike? Good to know and 100% more spot light. I'm sold. 🤣

  • CrossesbyCharlie
    CrossesbyCharlie 2 months ago

    That's the exact bike I got based on the reviews here

  • Jeff Coffin
    Jeff Coffin 2 months ago +25

    Bought a harley road glide from these guys will definitely buy from them again

  • David Wilkening
    David Wilkening 2 months ago +1

    Why is the F1 light on?

  • Bird Lover
    Bird Lover 2 months ago +1

    I like words of wisdom. Are you Christian, Catholic Sean?

    • Cattle Corner
      Cattle Corner 2 months ago

      Bird Lover -- Catholics aren't Christian ???

  • emarine80
    emarine80 2 months ago

    shawn- been watching you videos for years. Always appreciate your upfront and honest approach. As a fellow Christ follower I always thought that it was cool that you added a verse or word of wisdom. But what is up with the title "badass Bike" brother don't give into that nonsense. Just wanted to encourage to keep it real (no condemnation) keep it up, keep it real. God Bless

  • Peter Forster
    Peter Forster 2 months ago +44

    I love the Bible wisdom - something the modern world is truly lacking.

  • matt rotondo
    matt rotondo 2 months ago +19

    First off ill say I am not super into religion but what a lot of people might not know is that most of them if not all of them are born again Christians. (or something along those lines) I applaud how honest and raw and straight forward SRK seems in videos at least. They are never trying to screw people over nor cause any harm or anything remotely considered being bad lol. IDK IM ZOOTED

    • vic vapor
      vic vapor 2 months ago

      "John 14:6 King James Version (KJV)
      Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."
      @Nathanal Whitaker ☺️

    • Nathanal Whitaker
      Nathanal Whitaker 2 months ago

      Man does not live on bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from God.

    • vic vapor
      vic vapor 2 months ago

      Jesus isn't religion, Matt. ☺️

    • Srkcycles
      Srkcycles  2 months ago +5

      Thanks Matt, we try to treat people the same way that we would like to be treated. And I like to be treated well haha

  • Jim Bennett
    Jim Bennett 2 months ago

    I've always liked the C90, and I've been afraid of them. They have that starting problem, that can leave you stranded. If somebody's found a fix for it I'd be all over one. So does anybody know if they found a fix yet?

    • Jim Bennett
      Jim Bennett Month ago

      @Cameron channell I may have to pick one up.
      I picked up a C50 to flip a couple of years ago and liked that thing so much that I didn't even list it for a year. I was on the Volusia forum and that's when I decided I couldn't risk the C90, but if they have it sorted out, I would love to have one. Thanks

    • Cameron channell
      Cameron channell Month ago +1

      Check the decomp cable and there's a wiring mod that improves voltage and stability of the electrical system. Take care of those and you've got a first-rate reliable cruiser.

    • Jim Bennett
      Jim Bennett 2 months ago

      @Aaron Davis cool, thanks. I may have to take a look at that. I didn't consider it too seriously because I close up a bar in the middle of nowhere every night after everybody's gone. It would be a real pain if it didn't start. LOL

    • Aaron Davis
      Aaron Davis 2 months ago +1

      Jim Bennett yes they do. Tighten up the cable on the decompression solenoid. There are a few videos that show it. Worked great on my bike with 100k plus miles.