Russell Westbrook's Best Plays From the 2018-19 NBA Regular Season

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
  • Check out the best plays from Russell Westbrook during the 2018-19 NBA regular season.
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Comments • 434

  • Jake Tully
    Jake Tully 4 days ago

    he travels alot.

  • LucasOrSomething
    LucasOrSomething 22 days ago

    I love how much thunder he releases on em dunks (no pun intended)

  • Luis Qfduev
    Luis Qfduev Month ago

    this man makes dunking seem so easy wtf im the same height as him and i cant dunk man .-.

  • TCAG Productions
    TCAG Productions Month ago +1

    Who else is here after Russell retired?

  • Tyler_ThePanda
    Tyler_ThePanda Month ago

    4:04 he could've broke the rim did you see the backboard jiggle at the end 😂
    Edit: who else is here when the warriors and thunder are cheeks (but the rockets are one of the best teams in the League I hope harden will pass it more instead of taking shots when he has three people on him and russ is wide open for three. Westbrook isnt a 3 point shooter but he will make them if he has too.

  • Tanner Griffith
    Tanner Griffith Month ago

    I'm okc Thunder fan for life I love Russell Westbrook I don't change for nobody bros truth I don't on Jesus

  • Tanner Griffith
    Tanner Griffith Month ago

    On god traded him back to okc Thunder bros

  • Tanner Griffith
    Tanner Griffith Month ago

    I'm pissed he got traded to Houston Rockets they suck let's go Russell Westbrook okc Thunder

    RSKLEGEND Month ago

    the sound when the ball hit the hoop.. 5:00

  • JJ Ho
    JJ Ho Month ago +1

    Miss the old days

  • Samuel Walker
    Samuel Walker Month ago

    3:18 travel

  • Camren Deonte
    Camren Deonte 2 months ago

    At 3:20 my boy traveled

  • Getyour Bae
    Getyour Bae 2 months ago +1

    In every part of westbrook game in this video why thunder always have smaller scoore than the opponent

  • Nicolas Jardine
    Nicolas Jardine 2 months ago

    1:05 lol Terrence Ferguson’s reaction

  • Caden Norris
    Caden Norris 2 months ago +1

    I just got a State Farm CP3 ad 😐

  • André ApfelSchürrle
    André ApfelSchürrle 3 months ago +1

    Adams too underrated

  • opal johnsen
    opal johnsen 3 months ago

    My nba team is okc thunder i love russell westbrook

  • General Dominic
    General Dominic 3 months ago

    Why is there a 2018 highlight here

  • Urboymoh24
    Urboymoh24 3 months ago

    IM a Bucks fan and Russell is good player but i hve to get some recpect to Russell

  • csyd22
    csyd22 4 months ago

    Lillard shut him up

  • Author Dawn Griffith
    Author Dawn Griffith 4 months ago

    My favorite NBA team is OKC thunder from Tanner Griffith your son

  • Author Dawn Griffith
    Author Dawn Griffith 4 months ago

    The legend my faviorte Russell Westbrook from OKC thunder thunder fan for life Tanner Griffith fell the thunder bros please trade him back please man



  • Julio Zetino
    Julio Zetino 4 months ago

    Cp3 to save the day okc....whose double teaming Harden and Westbrook lmao wow going to be a historical season best backcourt ever

  • Sunday Cr33d
    Sunday Cr33d 4 months ago +1

    Why does rockets always go for players that are already aging?

  • Alekii
    Alekii 4 months ago

    *_Aquaman is playing in Nba._*

  • Danie Ondongo Gobale
    Danie Ondongo Gobale 4 months ago

    Mike si tu parle français

  • TikTok Daily
    TikTok Daily 4 months ago

    0:16 ??? This is in last years playoffs lol

  • Saquan Nathan
    Saquan Nathan 4 months ago


    상추CHUFLEX 4 months ago

    Luckily I met westbrook in person recently and Just posted episode about it. I hope you would enjoy watching it. You will know many #whywnot stories about brodie also!

  • بدياف فردوس
    بدياف فردوس 4 months ago


  • amo seijuro
    amo seijuro 4 months ago


  • Emertolo Wilkerson Jr
    Emertolo Wilkerson Jr 4 months ago

    Russel is better than Mjordan, Don't try to argue.

  • Tanner Griffith
    Tanner Griffith 5 months ago

    I'm a fan of Okc thunder fudge haters

  • opal johnsen
    opal johnsen 5 months ago

    Let's OKC Thunder from tanner Griffith

  • opal johnsen
    opal johnsen 5 months ago

    I'm Russel west brook fan and a fan of the thunder feel the thunder From Tanner Griffith

  • shane Lowe
    shane Lowe 5 months ago


  • Sahil Rafique
    Sahil Rafique 5 months ago

    Travel at 3:17 no one seee 😁. Monster highlights tho

  • Isaac Dinnerstein
    Isaac Dinnerstein 5 months ago +4

    His highlights make him look like the greatest player in NBA history

    • Andrew Murray
      Andrew Murray Month ago

      Westbrook in his prime was as good as any player I've seen. Only thing he was missing was a reliable long range shot

    • Jack The Jok3R
      Jack The Jok3R 2 months ago

      Isaac Dinnerstein but why would they put lowlights in a highlight of a player?

    • Isaac Dinnerstein
      Isaac Dinnerstein 2 months ago

      Jack The Jok3R yeah but his highlights are more athletic than any bodies. It’s just that he has so many lowlights

    • Jack The Jok3R
      Jack The Jok3R 2 months ago

      Isaac Dinnerstein ? Point of Highlights no? Showing the best of a player

  • NTX Gaming
    NTX Gaming 5 months ago +3

    I love how he says AND 1

  • GuessWhoNot
    GuessWhoNot 5 months ago +3

    Greatest Thunder man ever. He and Harden are going to be amazing in Houston!

  • penelope peters
    penelope peters 5 months ago


  • Russell Westbrook
    Russell Westbrook 5 months ago


  • Pick A Shoe
    Pick A Shoe 5 months ago

    Kinda pathetic that him getting a rebound is even a highlight and it says a lot about the type of player he is.
    But I can’t help but admire the support of everyone when he does get it. It’s wholesome af

  • ivan Čekolj
    ivan Čekolj 5 months ago +1

    he is looking so fuxking explosive and strong while dunking

  • Jeffrey Swutchinderol
    Jeffrey Swutchinderol 5 months ago +2

    0:29 damn with the home crowd leaving early put on a show for the ones staying and rock that rim

  • 진저앤로사
    진저앤로사 5 months ago

    he's not a human , he got a natural power

  • Ben Jamin
    Ben Jamin 5 months ago


  • Tanner Griffith
    Tanner Griffith 5 months ago

    even though I wish he was still playing for thunder

  • Tanner Griffith
    Tanner Griffith 5 months ago

    fell the Thunder!!!!!!!!!

  • Tanner Griffith
    Tanner Griffith 5 months ago

    they trade them because they get more money that way but I will still miss him but he's my favorite basketball player Russell Wilson

  • Riis Roulette
    Riis Roulette 5 months ago +2

    Show his playoff highlights..


    • Jeremy Hands
      Jeremy Hands Month ago

      4 conference finals and a Finals appearance he has several!!

  • Dominate The Rim
    Dominate The Rim 5 months ago +1

    Hi Houston fans!!!

  • Jamie Rei
    Jamie Rei 5 months ago +1

    Russell has been convicted of murder..

    R.I.P rim 🙏😣🤯

  • Dan Best
    Dan Best 6 months ago

    Welcome to H town

  • mas iqbal
    mas iqbal 6 months ago

    His good but not a team player

  • tvmvsii irving
    tvmvsii irving 6 months ago +1

    3:20 travel lmao

  • SONICE69
    SONICE69 6 months ago

    REPORTER: “Aaaah Russ, it’s Berry Tramel of The Oklahoman, how would you.....”
    WESTBROOK: “Next question, next question, next question....”🤣😂

  • C Sanders
    C Sanders 6 months ago

    Monster Athlete!!