i made a song using weird sounds from random objects in my room

  • Published on Mar 3, 2019
  • i made a song using weird sounds from random objects!
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  • Raina Is amazing


  • MercuryinChAoS
    MercuryinChAoS 3 days ago

    13 👎 out of 6.3 thousand 👍

    👿I don't know who they are
    But I will find them. And I will kill them.

  • juju
    juju 6 days ago

    I love how you can spell Ukulele out of Ecklund

  • Maggie Luvs Art
    Maggie Luvs Art 8 days ago

    OMG the kazoo made me laugh so hard lol

  • Liz Loves Cookies
    Liz Loves Cookies 12 days ago

    Friend: What’s kind of music do you like?
    Me: It’s complicated

  • Annabelle Williamson
    Annabelle Williamson 14 days ago

    Ok, lemme just say, to have over 50k views on this, and only have 13 dislikes is amazing

  • Florian beclels
    Florian beclels 18 days ago

    It no joke actually sounds good. This is why Elise is queen😍💗💗

  • Paro Jingles
    Paro Jingles Month ago

    So nice.....👏👏👏👏

  • BallisticFlashVideos

    Andddddddddddd KAZOOOOOOOOOO

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf Month ago

    Love 😍😚💋

  • Aurora Hitt
    Aurora Hitt Month ago +1

    Elise, I found your channel about 2 weeks ago and I already love your music, you're honestly an inspiration, and an amazing person, keep going, never stop, and always know this: us fans here will always love your music. I hope to see many more amazing videos

  • Mary Kondratoff
    Mary Kondratoff Month ago

    This kazoo just caught me off guard omg :D

  • olivia Helmboldt
    olivia Helmboldt Month ago +1

    Your realy good at singing haha.....lies to you YOUR UGLY ASS BITCH TALL GIRL AND A LITTLE BIT MORE OF A BITCH

  • Llama Comedians
    Llama Comedians Month ago +1

    Can I get this on iTunes or Spotify please??😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Nicole Marshman
    Nicole Marshman Month ago +2

    Everyone’s talking about the instruments but can we talk about how good the lyrics are!? Like girl you killed this

  • TypicalChip
    TypicalChip Month ago

    Dude u should go on American idol

  • Isabella Hilario
    Isabella Hilario Month ago +2

    Is Anyone Else Wondering Why She Has A Poster Of Will Smith In The Back Ground 😂

    Btw Love Your Videos Elise !
    Don’t Let The Haters Overcome Your Happiness !!

  • Yuki Kasai
    Yuki Kasai Month ago +1

    This is really good 😭😭😭

  • Tony Li
    Tony Li Month ago

    i screamed when i heard the kazoo 💀

  • angel_with a_shotgun
    angel_with a_shotgun Month ago +2

    Her face whiles she stroking the succulent tho 😂
    This is amazing Elise!

  • Will Snyder
    Will Snyder Month ago

    Love ya Elise! I love to sing and I’ve always loved singing just I’m not very good.

  • Maddy Buchanan
    Maddy Buchanan Month ago

    I love it. I’m crying tears of lemonade.😭

  • Maely Andrade
    Maely Andrade Month ago +1

    Is this on Spotify yet

  • AbbyMalfoyMD_RBLX
    AbbyMalfoyMD_RBLX Month ago

    I'm legit binge-watching Elise & Eden both

  • AbbyMalfoyMD_RBLX
    AbbyMalfoyMD_RBLX Month ago

    Why? How? When?

  • Silly Galaxy Gamer
    Silly Galaxy Gamer 2 months ago

    I lost it at the kazoo 😜

  • Tasha Sofian
    Tasha Sofian 2 months ago +1

    Sub to sub? Btw i Love your vids!❤️

  • Hanna Dennis
    Hanna Dennis 2 months ago

    Oh god please put this on iTunes

  • Tigerlily Wildflower
    Tigerlily Wildflower 2 months ago

    That kazoo solo sold me

  • Reanna Wolf
    Reanna Wolf 2 months ago

    So creative!

  • Sophiecat1227
    Sophiecat1227 2 months ago

    Yee haw

  • Sophiecat1227
    Sophiecat1227 2 months ago

    Oh dats hot !

  • The Karolyn
    The Karolyn 2 months ago

    🅱️ussy 🅱️op

  • S& H
    S& H 2 months ago

    Sub to sub anyone 💕

  • Coconut Cookie
    Coconut Cookie 2 months ago

    Who needs asmr?!? Just watch this masterpiece.

  • Ernesto Daniel Ferrera
    Ernesto Daniel Ferrera 2 months ago

    Wow I was wachin somthin with my father then my saw this and got grounded but it was worth it

  • Maxine Wang
    Maxine Wang 2 months ago

    I own a golden kazoo too!..........

  • The Reactor
    The Reactor 2 months ago

    You need to get a record deal

  • Aline Kodama
    Aline Kodama 2 months ago

    I want a golden kazoo too! My kazoo it's very annoying

  • Colin Zecchin
    Colin Zecchin 2 months ago

    You know you could play some music on your computer which is right next to u

  • Amarie Snap
    Amarie Snap 2 months ago

    I like how literally all of these are hearted. Lol. I've been watching all of your videos!! Your message is like really inspiring. I just got accepted into an arts school. :D

    PIPER POGUE 2 months ago +1

    This song.is good.really.good.

  • Poki Playz
    Poki Playz 2 months ago +1

    How is dis not on iTunes?

  • c
    c 2 months ago


  • sandy pusineri
    sandy pusineri 2 months ago +1

    i remember where you got that elephant succulent from your "my instagram followers control my life video" from tj max #trueandloyalfan

  • Safirinha cristal gem
    Safirinha cristal gem 2 months ago

    I loved this song💙 very creative👍

  • Spencer Ahlfeld a.k.a KidWithContent

    That kazoo solo was the real yeehaw juice

  • Chrysler 01
    Chrysler 01 2 months ago

    B O P 👌🏻

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 2 months ago

    Cory in the house *peel*
    Linda *peel*

  • sɣxʬʭwwɜ卩尺乇ᐯ丨乇山

    Wanna know what else is succulent? ;)

  • Shorty Kiddo
    Shorty Kiddo 2 months ago

    Eliseeee what this song tittle? I need to search it on spotify! Just kidding. 😆

  • Shorty Kiddo
    Shorty Kiddo 2 months ago

    Trash song? Well i love this premium garbage song!!

  • Wonder.loser
    Wonder.loser 2 months ago

    Tag yourself
    I'm the plant

  • Xx_ Frozen
    Xx_ Frozen 2 months ago

    The Kazoo is killing me

  • StubbornMe
    StubbornMe 2 months ago

    When she makes songs she should really put down the lyrics in the description

  • Anchal
    Anchal 2 months ago

    Hoe does Elise always manage to make everything sound good? She is so creative!

  • Mikayla Sasser
    Mikayla Sasser 2 months ago

    You are a literal queen like I am not joking

  • I am trying
    I am trying 2 months ago

    Wait why does the random noises of stuff in your room could sound so good..

  • Micah Wilson
    Micah Wilson 2 months ago

    Can u plz put all these onto albums on Spotify

  • Dark Neko
    Dark Neko 2 months ago

    Did will Smith saw "aww that's hot" ???? XDDDD

  • Kawaii Cupcake Master
    Kawaii Cupcake Master 2 months ago

    *ah that's hot*

  • Liliac LPS
    Liliac LPS 2 months ago

    I actually love this!

  • Savage Gamer
    Savage Gamer 2 months ago

    Can you make a music career

  • themagidoctor
    themagidoctor 2 months ago

    Elise you are awesome at creating songs when dose this come out on spotify !?!

  • Haley Polfliet
    Haley Polfliet 2 months ago


  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny 2 months ago

    You are pretty and can make anything into a song... How are you so amazing...

  • Fik's Animation
    Fik's Animation 2 months ago

    So creative

  • marie augustin
    marie augustin 2 months ago

    I’m- this is just- I- WHY IS THIS SO GOOD

  • Red Panda
    Red Panda 2 months ago

    I love plane a** shirts like that my favorite shirts 🤣😍😍😍

  • 124,5479 veiws
    124,5479 veiws 2 months ago

    O bOtTle in YoUr RoOm Xd

  • Brandy McGowen
    Brandy McGowen 2 months ago

    I love your voice soo beautiful👍

  • Just Being Jessica
    Just Being Jessica 2 months ago

    *succulent sounds*

  • potato
    potato 2 months ago

    Ukulele is such a random item

  • tyler isabel
    tyler isabel 2 months ago +1

    andrew huang IS THAT U

  • Evelyn Salazar
    Evelyn Salazar 2 months ago

    I got an ad of gummy bear birth

  • Mak’s Mutts
    Mak’s Mutts 2 months ago

    My brothers are yelling at their video games

    Lol 😂

  • annyeongha seoho
    annyeongha seoho 2 months ago

    i love this 💕

  • Trash #2
    Trash #2 2 months ago

    Make a song using mayonnaise to make Patrick happy

  • One Weird Daydreamer
    One Weird Daydreamer 2 months ago

    DO THIS AGAIN!!!!!

  • Lud
    Lud 2 months ago

    Dude, who would think anyone could make this good of a song with objects, god made you a different human ❤️

  • Sonny Wardrope
    Sonny Wardrope 2 months ago

    Why is this my favourite video

  • arihant jain
    arihant jain 2 months ago

    The iconic flirting kazoo is backs

  • selah johnson
    selah johnson 2 months ago

    I love this too much

  • Lovely Potato ¿?¿?
    Lovely Potato ¿?¿? 2 months ago


  • chels. løvely
    chels. løvely 2 months ago

    omg i started dying when i saw the kazoo😂😂😂

  • Midnight Playz
    Midnight Playz 3 months ago

    Elise the kazoo master

  • liberty
    liberty 3 months ago

    this song shall be called "anything can be beautiful if you do it right" or something like that idek

  • PianowithKeelin
    PianowithKeelin 3 months ago

    I love this this inspires me to try to play anything I have in my room 😂😍 I want to try this

  • Nynke Marauder
    Nynke Marauder 3 months ago

    Every time I heard the kazoo, I started laughing again😂. Thanks!

  • SuperStamps Playz
    SuperStamps Playz 3 months ago


  • ღ Baylee Gach ღ
    ღ Baylee Gach ღ 3 months ago

    I always use...whatever you used..to make music! But, this is true art!

  • Lily Gruber
    Lily Gruber 3 months ago

    That was......AMAZING!!!🥳🤪😍😁😁😆😆

  • Klmn 122
    Klmn 122 3 months ago

    Why not 1m subs yet

  • Naomi Liebers
    Naomi Liebers 3 months ago

    This girl is a true Aquarius lolol

    • Naomi Liebers
      Naomi Liebers 3 months ago

      I am too though so let’s be weird!!!

  • Izumi Yukino
    Izumi Yukino 3 months ago

    Cheap but lovely and so alive😍😍😍😍🎶

  • Val M
    Val M 3 months ago

    Now this is creative😎

  • Yutong Sun
    Yutong Sun 3 months ago

    Hi Elise could u tell me where did u get the kazoo😋

  • Jordon Hodges
    Jordon Hodges 3 months ago

    I love this so much.....if you call it studio song ill play it over and over

  • Jill Gallaher
    Jill Gallaher 3 months ago

    Sounds really cool

  • Raymond Mitchell
    Raymond Mitchell 3 months ago +1

    Thus whos playing the moosic?