Why Trophy Hunting Can Be Good for Animals

  • Опубликовано: 21 сен 2016
  • Turns out the real threat to endangered animals isn’t trophy hunters...
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Комментарии • 13 341

  • Queen of Rainbow Zebras
    Queen of Rainbow Zebras 8 часов назад

    I always thought trophy hunting was horrible (and still feel bad for the animals that get shot, at least a little less) but I guess not. Thank you for all of these facts! It helped me make a good opinion and not feel horrible about something anymore.

  • Cupcake Crusade
    Cupcake Crusade 22 часа назад

    overpopulation of animals is a factor.

  • Lucifer 666
    Lucifer 666 2 дня назад

    I wanna hunt human

  • Trishtandionne Puente
    Trishtandionne Puente 2 дня назад

    Breed my little money bag,breed

  • Lucas Elezi
    Lucas Elezi 2 дня назад

    Hu well the more you know

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant 4 дня назад

    Just call poachers terrorists and America will go Uncle Sam on their ass!

  • Julian Natale
    Julian Natale 4 дня назад

    Me thinking about white Rhinos 🤔

  • Alfian Raka
    Alfian Raka 4 дня назад

    Disclaimer : No fluffy lions were harmed during creation of this video

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 4 дня назад

    0:33 When they're Bulldogs.

  • vw gti
    vw gti 5 дней назад

    ...and how is this a topic to discussed lightly? What's not discussed here is the psychology of a trophy hunter. Hunting is hunting: kill an animal, eat the meat, use it's parts. Trophy hunting is killing for sport. Period. There is a fundamental flaw in the mental stability of this type of person. If a child kills an animal for no reason, then the parents, teachers etc. are concerned that there is a chemical imbalance or something not right with that child and the issue is addressed by education, therapy, and/or medication. But if an adult kills an animal for no reason it's called trophy hunting.

  • vw gti
    vw gti 5 дней назад

    Seems pretty simple for rich westerners to, instead, just donate the money to save the animal, than to spend the money / trophy hunt to kill an animal.
    Watched the movie "Trophy"; trophy hunting it is a perpetually flawed design of revenue and sustainability for the animals and African communities.

  • Anon X
    Anon X 5 дней назад

    I usually like this show but this is not one of those times. THIS DIDN'T FUCKING SAVE THE WHITE RHINO!!!
    If someone can explain to me why I'd appreciate it.

  • Jakk Dredd
    Jakk Dredd 5 дней назад +1

    Im more of a meat hunter than trophy hunter myself

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter 5 дней назад

    I'm not certain wether trophy hunting is good or not, but I'd never say no to a stuffed bear in my living room or a crocodile head placed on my fireplace, so I'd take the video as valid.

  • JABR
    JABR 6 дней назад

    Same happens to bullfighting, ¿What would happen to them if their meat is useless? The species would disappear.

  • Toxic Light
    Toxic Light 6 дней назад +2

    *shoot the poachers*

    Screw it, *shoot everyone*

    ATTACK KATAKA 6 дней назад

    Lion: eats my child
    Me: hey

  • Donkat Three
    Donkat Three 7 дней назад +2

    wait, what happens to the 2 other thirds of rhinos that arent living on protected lands

  • hunterkiller1440
    hunterkiller1440 7 дней назад

    Sacrifice millions to save billions?

  • my peepee hurt
    my peepee hurt 8 дней назад

    *father* AAAA THIS LION IS EATING MY SON *shoots lion*


    MUFASA THE LION 8 дней назад

    Ima a frogman

  • UndertaleLivesOn
    UndertaleLivesOn 9 дней назад

    Trophy hunters are idiots. At least freaking EAT them after. Not take pictures of them for some stupid points.

  • Dylan Skutnik
    Dylan Skutnik 9 дней назад

    Huh that's neat

  • nutella lover7
    nutella lover7 10 дней назад

    So HE killed Mufasa
    Oh sh** here come the angry Disney fans

  • Warning Content
    Warning Content 10 дней назад +2

    Trophy hunting is to remind us of extincion animal

  • LosingLuke
    LosingLuke 10 дней назад

    this is what thanos was trying to say, but yall shamed him cuz he had a multi chin

  • Moony Foxy
    Moony Foxy 10 дней назад +1

    Im sure only minority of hunter understand this concept of hunting or even care....

  • Homophobic Asswipe
    Homophobic Asswipe 10 дней назад

    From what i understand. Trophy hunters are animal assasins.
    They kill asshole animals and fund money to save the rest of the animals lmao.

  • U.S. Army Airforce
    U.S. Army Airforce 10 дней назад

    What my family will do is we feed the deer in our area to make stronger bucks and does for healthier fawns and we will hunt one buck maybe a doe to keep the population healthy and more food for all the animals out there now there are tons of deer Turkey and coyotes up there we turned a pore ecosystem into a thriving one all because we have a patron for conservation, animals, and hunting.

    • Lenita A
      Lenita A 2 дня назад

      We are not discussing US, but endangered animals in Africa! A different world that involves corruption!

  • Juan Manuel Penaloza
    Juan Manuel Penaloza 11 дней назад

    That explains all the deer running rampant in Texas...seriously, there's dozens of Bambi's suicidal kids thinking I'll end them on my pizza deliveries.

  • Roaring Thunder115
    Roaring Thunder115 12 дней назад

    1:08 I need that as a a meme

  • Marinus Du Preez
    Marinus Du Preez 12 дней назад

    Just some facts. Namibia hunting industry was banned and government owned the animals on private land. Farmers (land owners) hated wildlife because they competed with livestock for grazing or ate the livestock. The government implemented ownership of wildlife to the property owners in 1970's and wildlife numbers increased from 500 000 head to 2 000 000 head of animals.
    They are currently trying to implement rural ownership as well hope that program work.
    Botswana generated R2 billion Rands worth of revenue from hunting a year until 2014 since then they stopped hunting. Since the hunting ban the lion population declined by 2500 animals. Due to the fact that they animals is now seen as a pest rather than an asset. They had their first big poaching incident in 20 years where 40 elephants were poached. Because the locals do mot protect them anymore.
    Kenya stoped all trophy hunting in the 1970'S and their animal population declined by 70%.
    Its not just trophy hunting that increase animal numbers but all controlled hunting.
    In all statistics the private land owners with game farms are never considered for conservation. 80% of all animals resided on private land.
    Currently the only option for allot of wildlife is to increase their value wile they are alive.
    The problem with poaching is its uncontrolled and breeding animals especially young females and pregnant females is mostly the victim. With trophy hunting a male is the trophy and usually have little to no influence on the population growth.

  • b0zen jr.
    b0zen jr. 13 дней назад

    One for all, all for one

  • Esmeralda Ureta
    Esmeralda Ureta 13 дней назад


  • _MrUndercoverHD_
    _MrUndercoverHD_ 14 дней назад

    You know what is even worse than killing hundreds of thousands of animals by taking the land they lived on ... killing MILLIONS of animals EACH DAY to eat meat (most of us (I too) still do it)

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 15 дней назад

    Trump 2020

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 15 дней назад

    Liberals are idiots

  • Anthony
    Anthony 15 дней назад

    Animals kill animals for survival. Humans kill animals to help them survive.

  • Barundonthetechguy / iRepair
    Barundonthetechguy / iRepair 16 дней назад +1


  • Vasilil Stan
    Vasilil Stan 17 дней назад

    Is this true?
    My brain hurts...

  • Lemon Aiden AGAIN
    Lemon Aiden AGAIN 17 дней назад +3

    I still feel bad for that unlucky animal that gets killed for the others

  • Sanuka Kithnula
    Sanuka Kithnula 17 дней назад

    That kinda seems counterproductive ya know?

  • Brett McIntyre
    Brett McIntyre 18 дней назад

    I am one of the biggest animals lovers out there, but this is true. Sad but true.

  • No One
    No One 18 дней назад

    I wonder how the writer would feel if roles were reversed and an animal was the hunter and put the writers head on their wall? It must be asked.

  • No One
    No One 18 дней назад +1

    Whomever wrote the show is right about certain things but wrong about others.

  • No One
    No One 18 дней назад

    Can't keep an open mind. Mr. Adams script is wrong. Lol. It's wrong to Trophy hunt. I couldn't hunt just to hunt and can't hunt at all. I understand that the earth is unfair anyways but disagree.

  • TheRiddler491
    TheRiddler491 19 дней назад

    I think people are missing the bigger picture here that goes beyond money from the trophy hunters. It doesn't matter in the end, certain animals will need to be killed due to gene pool issues. When there is a dominant asshole killing off other males constantly, and impregnating females with lack of a diverse gene pool, it is bad when trying to build the population back up. The new members don't get a chance, the gene's stagnate, and the population gets fucked over eventually. So you could do away with the hunters, but you'd still need to kill off select individual animals which would cost money to do. So instead, a guy comes a long and pays YOU an obscene amount of money for a problem that you have with protecting these animals. For example, imagine a tree falls on your house. Thankfully you have insurance, but YOU have to pay money to upkeep the insurance. Now imagine, instead of insurance, some builder comes a long and loves to repairs houses. He comes up to you and you say to the builder," How much am I looking at," and the builder says, "Well based on first glance, I will pay you 350,000 to fix YOUR house." Sounds absurd, but that's basically what is happening with the trophy hunters. And to me that is better than caging up the old, aggressive male for the rest of his life (Which would also cost money to house and feed. And he'd have to be alone for fear of impregnating other females and killing younger males.)

  • Thetheninjagummybear
    Thetheninjagummybear 19 дней назад

    People who kill things for pleasure are still fucked in the head. There has to be something fundamentally wrong with you to consider ending a life a sport. When kids hurt animals, they're considered psychopathic. Why does that change when people get older and are supposed to learn how to reason?

  • Bubby Flippu
    Bubby Flippu 19 дней назад

    I A M A F R O G M A N

  • Lloyd Hajoon Yoo
    Lloyd Hajoon Yoo 20 дней назад +1

    People its called sacrificing small for a greater good!

    • Lenita A
      Lenita A 2 дня назад

      No, it is called greed, machismo, blood-thirst, and selfishness, etc etc!

  • Gwen Rosalia
    Gwen Rosalia 20 дней назад

    Pragmatically the money is very useful, but ethically-speaking, this epitomizes act utilitarianism. If a rich man wanted to hunt a person, and was willing to pay money towards buying starving people food, or in some other way saving lives, would there be an argument that people-hunting is good?

    • Minecraft_Youtuber
      Minecraft_Youtuber 13 дней назад

      do you not know what a bounty hunter is? that's LITTERALLY what they do, kill or arrest someone to save lives.

  • darkness21princess
    darkness21princess 20 дней назад

    Hunting in overpopulated areas OK, hunting endanger or soon to be on the list... Bad.

  • Steven Gillooly
    Steven Gillooly 20 дней назад

    Say what u want but this is a really good non-biased video with facts.

  • michaelgamer60 .DLC.
    michaelgamer60 .DLC. 20 дней назад

    To save is to kill


  • Camping and Gaming
    Camping and Gaming 20 дней назад

    The best way to solve a problem like this or even drugs is to legalize it. Control it. Contain it. Regulate it. Makes sense

  • Aaron Raynor
    Aaron Raynor 20 дней назад

    Basically ,the Africans get money from trophy hunting to fund stuff that protect animals ,so that there are actually much more animals saved than killed during trophy hunting

  • John Amato
    John Amato 20 дней назад

    Didn't white rhinos go extinct?

  • A person u found Gamer
    A person u found Gamer 21 день назад


  • Matthew Gerwin
    Matthew Gerwin 21 день назад

    It's crazy people here are still missing the point that one of the biggest reasons for a most of these endangered species is because of poachers who do illegal hunting killing many animals for money to benefit themselves. While legal hunting is people paying to kill a few animals and the end result is they are helping the local communities.

  • Phillip Mulligan
    Phillip Mulligan 21 день назад

    Dumbest argument for trophy hunting and one big lie. If it was true all the apex predators would not be severely endangered or on the brink of extinction. Like paying organized crime to keep crime low. It just doesn't work.

  • Maestrul Gamer
    Maestrul Gamer 21 день назад

    Can't they wait the animals from conservations to die of aging and take the trophy after??

  • Laura Rivera
    Laura Rivera 21 день назад

    It's a sad sad truth....

  • Brock Bivins
    Brock Bivins 22 дня назад

    Too bad White Rhyros are basically extinct

  • A person u found Gamer
    A person u found Gamer 22 дня назад

    *peta wants to know you’re location*

  • Jack Knight
    Jack Knight 22 дня назад

    That lion bit at the end upset me.

  • John Marker
    John Marker 22 дня назад

    "Kill 1 save a 1000" Wanted

  • Ragin_ gamer
    Ragin_ gamer 23 дня назад

    The money goes to hage’s state House

  • Quilt -1
    Quilt -1 23 дня назад

    My mind has been open.

  • Iacopelli Music
    Iacopelli Music 24 дня назад

    Fuckin unsub for this shit

  • Peter Dietrich
    Peter Dietrich 24 дня назад

    Holy shit one pound of rhino horn is worth more money than a lot of people make in a year.

  • Matheus Amazonas 2.0
    Matheus Amazonas 2.0 24 дня назад

    Animal hitman

  • RoboDaDinosaur
    RoboDaDinosaur 25 дней назад +1


  • Alex3745
    Alex3745 25 дней назад

    Where I live every fall deer go in season for hunters and it’s a huge source of revenue. Plus since the wolves are no longer in the area which would’ve naturally kept the deer population under control the hunters are now required. Food is scarce over winter and an overpopulation of deer ends up hurting the herd more then a few hunters buying their deer tags and bagging themselves some food for their families.

  • Luly Rodriguez
    Luly Rodriguez 25 дней назад

    I cat believe Adam uses his platform to contribute to killing animals. This is so wrong, as humans we have no rights to be going into their forest, jungles, oceans or anything. We have to let animals live and don't come up with the lame excuse to kill animals. Really hate how ppl in power miss lead the public. trophy hunting sucks you killing wild life.

  • Lorraine McIntyre
    Lorraine McIntyre 25 дней назад

    Yeah humans have learned from their mistakes...hello,take a good look at what's happening to the planet,mostly due to mankind for their ignorant attitudes of what is destroying the planet!

  • Lavender Love
    Lavender Love 25 дней назад


  • Zarc The Pendulum Ruler
    Zarc The Pendulum Ruler 26 дней назад

    You think this is good? Please explain why rhinoceros are endangered

  • giant taco god
    giant taco god 26 дней назад +2

    Poaching is illegal

  • Preston Goodplay
    Preston Goodplay 27 дней назад

    Gotta crack a few eggs, eh?

  • Doctor Dab
    Doctor Dab 27 дней назад

    I understand that trophy hunting may be good but I'll still think a person is trashy if they decide to pay $10,000+ to shoot an animal, pose with its carcass for a picture, and don't even bother eating any of it.

    • C & C True Outdoors
      C & C True Outdoors 27 дней назад

      They do, and if they can't get proper documentation to have it shipped back to there own country they send it off to local charities that are feeding the poor in that country. Winning situation.

  • snake gaming
    snake gaming 27 дней назад

    the last clip is funny "I amm doing dis for ur on good" then she begins to kill the DUMMY LION

  • Kiba-kun Von Keelber
    Kiba-kun Von Keelber 27 дней назад

    Wish people could just donate without having to kill.

  • Crusader The Stranger
    Crusader The Stranger 27 дней назад

    Y''know i always thought poaching and trophy hunting were the same.

  • Adamaster
    Adamaster 28 дней назад

    Dang I wish I could see him because

    I act the same

  • Nunya Biz
    Nunya Biz 28 дней назад

    I'd love to have poachers head as a trophy, and even better I'd love it, if I got to skin them "alive" before there untimely absence of life

  • Nunya Biz
    Nunya Biz 28 дней назад

    O so at every turn the reason why animals suffer is because of humans

  • Your Neighborhood Friendly Allosaur
    Your Neighborhood Friendly Allosaur 29 дней назад

    One of the only things I agree with that came out of Adams mouth

  • Jj Velasquez
    Jj Velasquez 29 дней назад

    Oh yeah

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury 29 дней назад

    Animal murder is sad but you can’t really say much about the statistics

  • damen whelan
    damen whelan 29 дней назад

    This was so successful the rhino is now back from extinction.

  • Brookie Bookie
    Brookie Bookie 29 дней назад

    This works also for game animals in the US.

  • Brookie Bookie
    Brookie Bookie 29 дней назад

    Wow he said something not liberal.

  • Hi What is up.
    Hi What is up. 29 дней назад

    This seems more like greed of the people that own the land the animals live on. I understand the system but there are better ways to save these animals.

    • C & C True Outdoors
      C & C True Outdoors 27 дней назад

      Like doing what when population gets to far out of hand? Take texas for example with a thriving hog population causing 52 billion dollars a year to farmers crops. That breed up to 4 times a year?

  • Cursed Wither
    Cursed Wither 29 дней назад

    Can you once make a Adam ruins gaming.. Or is it not that easy to do seeing you're working for a company...

  • J.L. Goodman
    J.L. Goodman 29 дней назад

    Blocking this channel.

    • C & C True Outdoors
      C & C True Outdoors 27 дней назад

      Only because you are uneducated on why people against it like you are ruining our gun rights, are killing animals with over population, loss of habitats without proper hunting funds. It's a darn shame!

  • Res Potato
    Res Potato Месяц назад

    Hunting, HO RA!
    libtards who think this makes sense, well it’s just natural selection at this point.

  • Shorodip Chowdhury
    Shorodip Chowdhury Месяц назад

    Tells how great trophy hunting is.

    • C & C True Outdoors
      C & C True Outdoors 27 дней назад

      hunting isnt the problem OVER hunting is. Population control is a must, even on your own species. What would your life be like in 30 years if we grow triple the size we are now eh? :)

  • Jesse Pauls
    Jesse Pauls Месяц назад

    If this was applied to all hunting...... but in some places, hunters can do as they fucking please, which sucks.
    :/ And if they can't shoot something legally, they'll kill it anyway and hide the carcass.

  • Desmond Hunter
    Desmond Hunter Месяц назад

    I disliked this video, then I watched it, then I liked this video. It's actually kind of surprising how quickly my opinion could be changed

  • Khasib Mccray
    Khasib Mccray Месяц назад

    And she said that the rhino was to old to breed and and an asshole