Why Trophy Hunting Can Be Good for Animals | Adam Ruins Everything

  • Published on Sep 21, 2016
  • Turns out the real threat to endangered animals isn’t trophy hunters...
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 12 730

  • Publius Maximus Manlius

    But can we rely on corrupt African governments to protect endangered species.
    Local landowners would take the money and not take care of the animals. Politicians would squander the funds.

    I’m so sad there so many animals going extinct.

  • Wolf Clan Nation
    Wolf Clan Nation 18 hours ago

    So it’s like the hunger games

  • GeoMinecraft
    GeoMinecraft Day ago


  • Djjin Sin
    Djjin Sin Day ago

    Trophy hunting Cats

  • Cowta Playz
    Cowta Playz 2 days ago

    The end is so funny

  • Yifan Wu
    Yifan Wu 2 days ago

    That’s a dumb ass solution

  • lord Zeus
    lord Zeus 3 days ago

    India banned hunting long ago and doing extremely well in wild life conservation ..

  • Matthew Bott
    Matthew Bott 3 days ago +1

    I love how, years later, people are still bitching about this and think THEYRE smarter than the people actually dealing with these issues.

  • spoodles50
    spoodles50 4 days ago

    What an asshole. Just caught this. OMG don't follow this idiot.

  • fiel santos
    fiel santos 4 days ago +1

    The Hunting fees are what's good not trophy hunting.

  • jakarta gamer
    jakarta gamer 4 days ago +1


  • jakarta gamer
    jakarta gamer 4 days ago +1

    yeah sure ok but

  • Rex
    Rex 5 days ago

    Remember when Teddy Roosevelt went on a three week safari trophy hunt in Africa and killed 512 animals between him and his son.

  • Azukita
    Azukita 5 days ago

    from: Isabel H
    Isabel H
    2 years ago
    How about if we let the trophy hunters hunt the poachers? Problem solved. AND VICE VERSA :D ... Happy ending !!!

  • Mustard Bastard
    Mustard Bastard 6 days ago

    Yeah but (insert emotional argument with no concrete basis)

  • Dove
    Dove 7 days ago

    hahaahahah omg when the lion eats the baby.. HEYYY i lost it.

  • Terry Smallwood
    Terry Smallwood 9 days ago

    Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

  • Viktor Solymosi
    Viktor Solymosi 9 days ago

    Thats right and what about the invasive species! Like burma pyton and iguana in florida. Minks and ferrets in new zeland and house cats and red foxes in australia !???

  • The Shrimp
    The Shrimp 9 days ago

    I mean I wouldn’t kill a rhino for food but if you offered me a rhino steak I wouldn’t say “no”.

  • FoxStrom14
    FoxStrom14 9 days ago

    3:51 that’s a mood

  • brady robertson
    brady robertson 9 days ago

    Wow.. an Adam is wrong about everything episode is finally right for once...

  • Neomi Koa k462 sia alliance

    Adam the thot slayer,😆

  • Katie The Salty Walrus

    The most important thing I have learned from this is that OSTRICHES DONT STICK THEY'RE HEAD ON THE GROUND! Wtf why have we always believed this?!

    Edit: I looked it up and apparently they dig holes and lay they're eggs in the ground and will periodically stick they're head in and rotate the eggs for whatever reason.

  • Kimberly Brookes
    Kimberly Brookes 13 days ago +1

    If trophy hunters actually gave two shits about conservation then they would not pay to hunt... they would instead donate that money to REAL conservation efforts. That would help much much more than paying to kill animals ever would. But the fact is they won’t ever actually do this because they don’t actually care about conservation. They just want to kill animals for their tiny ego and to feel like a man. Pathetic.

  • Joshua Howat
    Joshua Howat 13 days ago

    If we ban trophy hunting it won't stop that many people and so if they control it and charge people for it they can, like you said, spend the money on helping the animals. Great video.

  • Madeline Stillwater
    Madeline Stillwater 14 days ago

    1st World chick sobbing over the deaths of animals she's never had to live with. Let me tell you, whales seem amazing until they can sink your boat and kill you without even meaning to.

  • Thomas Vigil
    Thomas Vigil 14 days ago

    Finally someone gets it

  • Winter Vanfleet
    Winter Vanfleet 14 days ago

    As a biologist I disagree, you have people killing magpies by thousands which is hurting there farming by over population of mice, and the environment will equal its self out.

  • Kalle
    Kalle 15 days ago

    The good, the bad and the greater good

  • Oneofakind
    Oneofakind 15 days ago

    There are too many comedians in the world. Many of them do not succeed. We should "control" the number so that new aspiring comedians have a better chance.

  • Marc Stratmann
    Marc Stratmann 20 days ago

    Interesting, but.. by the same logic, we could charge $ 1,000,000 for Hunters to hunt little African Children in order to help other African Children. There would be plenty of millionaire hunter sickos willing to sign up for it. I guess Adam is right ... but morally this is totally screwed up. Let's find another way.

  • Kellen Marcucci
    Kellen Marcucci 21 day ago

    I want that book

  • what up and what down gameing

    Literally no:
    Adam: I. Going to ruined everything

  • Dennis M
    Dennis M 21 day ago

    Simple version: Trophy hunting gives countries the motivation and money to keep these animals around.

  • Dennis M
    Dennis M 21 day ago

    Reminds me of the Reapers in Mass Effect:
    Reaper: You represent chaos, we represent order. Every organic civilization must be harvested in order to bring order to the chaos. It is inevitable. Without our intervention, organics are doomed. We are your salvation.
    Shepard: You're killing everyone in the galaxy to save us?
    Reaper: The cycle must continue...There is no alternative.

  • is that a joke?
    is that a joke? 21 day ago

    This 1 is hard to understand but true

  • __
    __ 22 days ago +1

    Let's see Adam ruins gun control!

  • Savar Shrivastava
    Savar Shrivastava 22 days ago +1

    Adam Explains the USSR

  • the everything channel

    Also with regulated hunting the only use animals too old to breed or sick and dying ones so it can't mess things up so bad.

  • Liam Jackson
    Liam Jackson 24 days ago +1

    I got a better idea for trophy hunters become a hunter and hunt the biggest game of all man

  • RadoDani
    RadoDani 25 days ago

    Better to kill dethroned lion without pride than let it starve to death or to let population of elephants outgrow its habitat.

  • DoctorObviously
    DoctorObviously 25 days ago

    Rosie Cooney has a lovely voice.

  • slothfulcobra
    slothfulcobra 25 days ago

    Hunting in areas where the animals are not endangered can be an important part of managing the environment. Animals themselves do not naturally protect and sustain their own environments because they do not fully conceive the abstract concept.

    Technically that makes humans the only animals that can fully protect the environment they live in...at least, we're the ones that can try. We did a great job on reforestation at least. Hopefully we'll get global warming under control.

  • StarlessNight
    StarlessNight 25 days ago

    I am a frog man and I am rare.

  • Mitch The Witch
    Mitch The Witch 26 days ago

    Olivia sounds like saladfingers though

  • hghg asdas
    hghg asdas 27 days ago

    Plot twist: Some real real rich people go Hunt Tropy Hunters hahaha, be careful out there, you never know

  • Shaheen Akhter
    Shaheen Akhter 28 days ago


  • Shaheen Akhter
    Shaheen Akhter 28 days ago


  • Yang Sagittarius
    Yang Sagittarius 28 days ago

    Still the problem is money...

  • apk Berlin
    apk Berlin 28 days ago

    Don junior approves this message.

    (seriously, I love Adam's stuff but this episode here is licking the boots of Drumpf family and I have to throw up now.)

  • sora
    sora 29 days ago

    Not just trophy hunting is a good thing hunting in general is a good thing to help over population in some areas even in the us

  • Rishu Yadav
    Rishu Yadav 29 days ago +3

    Upnext: how human trafficing and organ selling saves more lives than it takes and provides employment to many more

  • The best Crusader
    The best Crusader Month ago

    No one:
    Adam: *and I'm a frog man*

  • Awesome Godinez
    Awesome Godinez Month ago

    Did a liberal support just support Trophy Hunting

  • sun cat238
    sun cat238 Month ago

    I wished that Adam could fix Peta :/

  • EXT Cortex
    EXT Cortex Month ago

    Sacrifice the few to save the many. If one Rhino is killed but 1000 survive because of the 300k the conservationists got for letting it die. Worth it

  • ascended
    ascended Month ago +1

    This is total BS. You failed on this one.
    Nature has survived millions of years without humans intervention, animals killing animals is a part of nature.
    Instead of allowing trophy hunting Gov should simply fight animals black markets the same way they fight every other illegal market (like drugs for example, you're not going to allow some types of less harmful drugs to make money to fight other types of more harmful drugs).
    Trophy hunting, wherever there is money there's a business and wherever there's a business there's a profit and greed.

    • Gabe Elkins
      Gabe Elkins Month ago

      The money generated by trophy hunting reduces incentive to poach animals on a large scale

  • Justin
    Justin Month ago

    Better than poachers.

  • Box God
    Box God Month ago +1

    Lions in Algeria? they used to live there now they are gone

  • CGrox2012
    CGrox2012 Month ago

    thanos be like “i am inevitable”

  • Mumen the other friend

    *Rhino gets shot*:This is so sad.
    *most of the rhino population gets whiped out by being violently mutilated from the nostril up/ Lack of territory and habitat forcing rhinos into death battles/Dying in some hole after severe dehydration, abuse by predators also in dire need of sustanance, unending muscle deterioration up to the point of being unable to support the weight of their own bones due to habitat loss and finally losing all will to live while slowly getting eaten off of by jackals and birds*: ...remember that rhino that got shot? that was mean.

  • x_ DELTA _x
    x_ DELTA _x Month ago

    Your like thanos

  • Moose*MC*animates !!
    Moose*MC*animates !! Month ago +1

    We sometimes have to think about ANIMALS as a whole species not a singular individual to remember how and what we need to do to help and protect them

  • the Were Dragon
    the Were Dragon Month ago

    Ok then explain how Cecil the lion got shot?

  • rawrbro69
    rawrbro69 Month ago

    Legit this is what regular hunting is with deer

  • Thats_an_ Unusual
    Thats_an_ Unusual Month ago

    This just shows how greedy humans are and how exactly we care about other living organisms, we don't unless there's profit.
    This is pathetic, it's still not an excuse.
    To solve this issue we need to find better ways to get people the money they need and to help create compassion for other species.
    Instead of using this only as profit and then we still view these animals as objects instead of living creatures.

  • Braidey Edington
    Braidey Edington Month ago

    5:16 the lion didn't eat the kid!!!

  • Grant Williams
    Grant Williams Month ago

    Avid hunter here. Adams political videos tend to be horseshit, but this is spot on. Good job Adam

  • White Tiger
    White Tiger Month ago

    But ur fighting fire with fire. Doesn't really make since if u look at the bigger picture. There's other ways to go about conservation. This is just the lazy way

    • B K Jr.
      B K Jr. Month ago

      Your right, now simply come up with millions upon millions of dollars every year to save the animals habitat!

  • Artie Fusion
    Artie Fusion Month ago

    Trophy hunting just isnt overall necessary for people to do though...

    • B K Jr.
      B K Jr. Month ago

      Yet you gave no other viable way to save the animals habitat. Figure out a way to give millions and millions every year and problem solved!

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy Month ago +2

    1:40 to 1:45 OMG GASTON SURVIVED

  • Thahiredgun 06
    Thahiredgun 06 Month ago

    I trophy hunt

  • Miner 15101
    Miner 15101 Month ago

    Kill 1 rhino for $350,000
    Save like 10,000 rhinos because of it
    A small price to pay for salvation

  • lia _
    lia _ Month ago +15

    "i drink 50 gallons of water a day and i'm not as thirsty as this girl"
    *yass queen*

  • • StudiousSlamacows •

    “I use antlers in all of my decorating!”

  • Casablumpkin
    Casablumpkin Month ago

    I liked her better as an ostrich.

  • yana the silly witch

    SAVW THE TURTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l!l!!!!!!!!!!!!!l!!l!!!

  • NotoriousNostalgia
    NotoriousNostalgia Month ago

    Adam is Pepe the frog?

  • Table_C-137
    Table_C-137 Month ago


  • Jon
    Jon Month ago

    I don't hear about poachers going after giraffes, zebras, or lions. How does trophy hunting them protect them?

  • Brian Mo
    Brian Mo Month ago

    Peta: *B L A S P H E M Y*

  • Julia LaFosse
    Julia LaFosse Month ago

    Cool motive, still killing.

  • Kayla Wilkens
    Kayla Wilkens Month ago +3

    I live in South Africa and my mother actually worked in hunting camps in Botswana. She told me herself that paying hunters respected the wildlife more than photographers.

    • TexMex
      TexMex 19 days ago

      I'm a photographer and I gave the finger to every animal I saw in Africa. Sometimes I called them asshats, No Regrets.

  • Michelle Castillo
    Michelle Castillo Month ago

    This is a stupid argument based on text book economics. Most of the funding in this countries ends up preserving and even increasing corruption and power of authoritarian groups. If only anything worked like this, the video talks about the illegal hunting and “evil” “greedy” people that sell the horns to Asians 😂😂😂 omg as if Africa and its poverty were completely independent from the neoliberal system. 🤦🏽‍♀️ what a shallow research.

  • The Mad Hacker
    The Mad Hacker Month ago +113

    "why dont we ban trophy hunting and find a better way?" For the same reason you dont jump out of a plane and invent the parachute on the way down...

    • dickhead625
      dickhead625 4 days ago

      They have tried other methods of fundraising for these reserves. They didn't just jump to hunting straight away, they tried tourism etc. But it didn't generate enough money especially for the landmasses/environments was talking about. I,.e. jungles and hot open plains in countries with growing populations with a need for increased farmland or at least increased farming yields.
      Unfortunately, this solution works best in these areas. There are other places (usually near coasts that deal with endangered sea life and over fishing etc.) where farming fish, wildlife conservation and tourism brings in enough money to support conservation.
      Although these places have completely different geography, population density and ability to grow food, access to water (mainly thanks to their geography) etc.
      sorry just had this debate with my colleagues who say it's immoral but forgetting about nay practicality in the matter.

    • Alberto Aranda
      Alberto Aranda 16 days ago

      Oh shit you have a point

    • Liam Jackson
      Liam Jackson 24 days ago +1

      If you're on a public plane and you jump out you don't have to invite them not come with you being sucked out of the front door

    • Moose*MC*animates !!
      Moose*MC*animates !! Month ago +1

      The Mad Hacker exactly

  • Drew Armstrong, The Glorious Lobster Emperor

    Issue is, because of how corrupt African governments are, that money rarely makes it into the hands of anyone other than bureaucrats. Poachers are the biggest issue 100%, and well managed trophy hunting is good for conservation...

    But the keyword is "well managed". The political and economic climate of the African continent doesn't allow for well managed conditions.

  • furious hell hound
    furious hell hound Month ago

    Good now I don't have feel bad

  • waffle kitten
    waffle kitten Month ago

    Thanos:thank you Adam for explaining my goal

  • Smile Doggo
    Smile Doggo Month ago

    0:16 where can i get that bag.

  • Peachy_ Avacados
    Peachy_ Avacados Month ago

    I’m shook?

  • Coleman Bunn
    Coleman Bunn Month ago

    Thx u for this

  • Tthemoney15
    Tthemoney15 Month ago

    I feel...conflicted. Especially with the breeding moneybags statement

  • Lavender Love
    Lavender Love Month ago

    NO!! Stop talking Adam!!😡

  • jchoneandonly
    jchoneandonly Month ago +1

    Wow. It's almost like capitalism works or something.

  • Jailee Studio
    Jailee Studio Month ago

    As they say,pay some to get some

  • [insert good name]
    [insert good name] Month ago +1

    You must pay a small price for salvation

  • Minnythemorkie 7
    Minnythemorkie 7 Month ago

    “Your worth more alive than dead... Breed My little Money Bags

  • Ben Jay
    Ben Jay Month ago +1

    Her subjective approach is an excellent indicator on how people should not go about with politics. She despises hunting even when it supports, and is even shown to work with, her ideals on conservation. And even if it works, she doesn't want them to happen because "feelings."

  • Crying in L.A.
    Crying in L.A. Month ago

    Wow. I have a completely new view on this now

  • Kyle G
    Kyle G Month ago

    Hunting does help with over population