Tribute to IISuperwomanII in 12,000 Dominoes BTS + REACTION to Lilly's Reaction!

  • Published on Jul 29, 2017
  • Here are behind the scenes, tests, and extras from the tribute to IISuperwomanII in 12,000 dominoes that I made with Sprice Machines.
    LILLY'S REACTION: Subscribe to Sprice Machines!
    This video shows our process on how we created this intricate 12,000 domino setup for IISuperwomanII (Lilly Singh). I also reacted to her reaction watching our video! I can't believe she reacted to it live!!! I'm bursting with joy! :D
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    🎵 MUSIC: "Drive Away" and "Trips" from RU-clip's Audio Library
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  • Hevesh5
    Hevesh5  Year ago +673

    Watch the final video with the complete topple here!
    Also please be sure to subscribe to Sprice Machine's channel as well - he planned and built a lot of this project with me and deserves the recognition! (Help him hit 20K subs, he's so close!!)

  • purplekidgamer
    purplekidgamer Month ago

    Can you do a NASCAR setup please?

  • Samantha Rebele
    Samantha Rebele Month ago

    Why do you Lily where the same earrings all the time

  • Bts ile aßk
    Bts ile aßk Month ago


  • Jose Faustino
    Jose Faustino Month ago

    Yum pop vesh!

    TAE TAE 2 months ago


  • Jacob Christoff Torres
    Jacob Christoff Torres 3 months ago

    I like hevesh5

  • nabil zain
    nabil zain 4 months ago


  • Caeleb's Domino and Marbles

    I thought that the airplane flew by itself.

  • Jesse #whocaresbroPokemonGo

    2:13 imagine if it was outside and a gust of wind came by

  • TNT bros
    TNT bros 8 months ago

    Its spelt boss

  • Life Of Sotelo ABlood
    Life Of Sotelo ABlood 8 months ago

    ... not that interesting cause we only saw the sign and i wanted to see the unicorn!!!!......

  • Gamer Gurl05
    Gamer Gurl05 8 months ago

    I could not do this I have no patience

    GALAXY UNICORN 8 months ago

    Superwoman should watche this

  • Ann Yong
    Ann Yong 8 months ago

    i thought bts as in the kpop band but bts meant behind the scenes LOL

  • Zoe Davey
    Zoe Davey 8 months ago +1

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    Why do people do this so much now?

  • 1000 subs without no videos?


  • wise
    wise 8 months ago

    i would give up on five dominos how do u do this?! _good job!_ *clap clap clap*

  • warmwaves
    warmwaves 8 months ago

    Wow, you guys work pretty fast for day 1

  • Rosebush gaming
    Rosebush gaming 8 months ago +6

    Anyone thought this was a domino about the group bts?

  • Dionna Tv
    Dionna Tv 8 months ago

    She probably didn’t even see this

  • Natalicia MÔ
    Natalicia MÔ 8 months ago

    Lidaaasaaaaaaa 😊😊😊😊😊😃😂😁😀

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae 8 months ago +1

    Thought it was BTS 😂😅

  • Rania
    Rania 8 months ago +2

    I sees bts I clicks

  • Camera Girl
    Camera Girl 8 months ago

    How did you have the willpower to NOT eat those Skittles????!!!!

  • orbit
    orbit 8 months ago

    Bts meant behind the scene LMAO

  • brianna jones
    brianna jones 8 months ago

    This is so mind boggling I would literally knock it over all the time and I would only get like 10 minuets of work done because I have zero patience but this is so amazing good job 👏🏻

  • Its ?????
    Its ????? 8 months ago +1

    Ohh im been searching the reaction of the BTS....


    • imagineegrande
      imagineegrande 4 months ago

      dude like stop not everything is about bts

  • AyaGaming
    AyaGaming 8 months ago


  • Danielle BlueMSP
    Danielle BlueMSP 8 months ago +1

    The word BTS, I thought the people in the video were armys and then I understood..

  • Haleemah Hajee
    Haleemah Hajee 8 months ago

    these people have so much talent

  • Think big
    Think big 8 months ago

    ultimate work

  • H5WE 3
    H5WE 3 8 months ago +1

    Who came here bacause she is reacting to bts and/or youtube recommended it?

    Until u realise

    IT ISNT. Armys are dissapointed

  • Grace Adie
    Grace Adie 8 months ago

    Jesus the effort is crazy and so spot on like how did someone not accidentally hit one and knock them all down so great I’m subbing ASAP

  • Izwiz Care
    Izwiz Care 8 months ago

    She’s not dead u don’t need to tribute her

  • Amirah A
    Amirah A 8 months ago


  • Gabby Niemeyer
    Gabby Niemeyer 8 months ago +1

    omg that is SOOO satisfying!

  • SDMS Rails
    SDMS Rails 8 months ago

    I just remember the first video I every saw of yours was when you had like 2k wow.

  • iiRxse
    iiRxse 9 months ago

    Tribute? Did she die?

  • CrimsonMoon Art
    CrimsonMoon Art 9 months ago

    you are a bawse hevesh love you

  • Darlly VLOGS
    Darlly VLOGS 9 months ago


  • Sofia Alexa Perez
    Sofia Alexa Perez 9 months ago


  • Vienna Sausage :3
    Vienna Sausage :3 9 months ago

    And then it falls when u have one more to put

  • Jin's brain cell
    Jin's brain cell 9 months ago

    did I just read BTS...
    I thought theres going to be...bangtan...

  • ali
    ali 9 months ago

    Omg im over here almost falling over and then here you are placing 12,000 dominoes like dang.

  • MonkeyZ' Fun
    MonkeyZ' Fun 9 months ago

    Congrats on almost (and soon) 2 Million

  • IDK random Pearson?
    IDK random Pearson? 9 months ago

    I actually thought it was the real bts

  • Yashodhan Yardi
    Yashodhan Yardi 9 months ago

    I love lily too

  • Candy Hamel
    Candy Hamel 9 months ago

    I am flipping out


  • Connie Hurst
    Connie Hurst 9 months ago

    What are you

  • Wesley Liu
    Wesley Liu 9 months ago

    1000th comment

  • Cheng Ivan
    Cheng Ivan 9 months ago

    I love the part - Selena Gomez

  • Ashley Icebrooke
    Ashley Icebrooke 9 months ago


  • Ashley Icebrooke
    Ashley Icebrooke 9 months ago


  • that mel
    that mel 9 months ago

    Imagine if they accidentally knocked down one.

  • Gilly C
    Gilly C 9 months ago +4

    What if when they were finally finished and weren’t filming, they accidentally pushed *1* domino...😱

  • Sugandha Tyagi
    Sugandha Tyagi 9 months ago

    i am soooo happy that lilly saw your video and your reaction was sooo sooo cute :D

  • Kaleb Tube
    Kaleb Tube 9 months ago +1

    You were listening to marshmello

  • Kira the Folf
    Kira the Folf 9 months ago

    I was 4 minutes into the vid before realising the whole,"rainbow" thing

  • Bradley Andrew Wright
    Bradley Andrew Wright 9 months ago

    Where do you get the templates from?????

  • Emily and Tigger
    Emily and Tigger 10 months ago

    I'm a dominos fan to

  • Rachael Batchelor
    Rachael Batchelor 10 months ago

    What does the Boss say

  • Rineiser AUTTP
    Rineiser AUTTP 10 months ago


  • kikos6969
    kikos6969 10 months ago

    su video apesta a caca de caballo y de cerdo

  • kikos6969
    kikos6969 10 months ago

    su video apesta a caca

  • Marcelinho Jr Junior
    Marcelinho Jr Junior 10 months ago +1


  • edytheboss flores me
    edytheboss flores me 10 months ago

    I can’t Evan make stuff out of LEGO

  • 김기인
    김기인 10 months ago

    Very bad

  • UniverseParameter
    UniverseParameter 10 months ago +1

    Щавель - Щавель- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель​- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель- Щавель.
    Я про тебя знаю 4 вещи:
    🌱1) Ты не прочитал и половины Щавеля.
    🌱2) Ты не заметил, что между Щавель стоит Щенок.
    🌱3) Ты пошел назад и посмотрел стоит ли между Щавель Щенок и узнал, что это обман 😑
    🌱4) Ты открываешь рот и смеёшься😅
    Но мой дорогой я знаю ещё 11 вещей про тебя.
    🌱1) Ты читаешь это.
    🌱2) Ты живая персона.
    🌱3) Ты не можешь прочитать "П" без движения губ...
    🌱4) Ты попробовал это только что.
    🌱5) Ты читаешь дальше.
    🌱6) Ты читаешь и думаешь как здесь всё тупо.
    🌱7) Ты был так увлечён чтением, что не заметил что номера 5 нету.
    🌱8) Ты только что посмотрел есть ли 5.
    🌱9) Ты заметил, что это тоже обман .😂
    🌱10) Ты смеёшься.😁
    🌱11) Ты думаешь кому это отправить.
    Хочешь узнать кто ты?
    Пацан или девка?
    Посмотри вниз:
    Да не здесь😂
    У себя внизу посмотри😛😂😂😂😂
    Передай другим пусть посмеются😂

  • Bernard Dupont
    Bernard Dupont 10 months ago

    Wow unicorne🦄 love you😗💕

  • Karina Gijon
    Karina Gijon 11 months ago


  • 函蓁林
    函蓁林 11 months ago +1

    So cool!

  • Toan Sinh Tran Ngo
    Toan Sinh Tran Ngo 11 months ago


  • rekha dmello
    rekha dmello 11 months ago

    3th class

  • arte y más Genao
    arte y más Genao 11 months ago

    Tú eres súper increíble dime cómo lo haces por favor

  • arte y más Genao
    arte y más Genao 11 months ago

    I can sé cómo lo haces por favor dime a dónde consigo César pieza quiero hacerlo

  • Shams Al ola Ahmed
    Shams Al ola Ahmed 11 months ago

    Idon't love The Rock

  • PianoIrene 0911
    PianoIrene 0911 11 months ago


  • muah
    muah 11 months ago

    That’s a loooooooooooooooooooads of dominoes shock

  • Blessed
    Blessed Year ago


  • FallOutBoy fangirl

    The selina gomez fall was so funny

  • your favourite gay shit

    I forgot BTS means behind the scenes not Bangtan Boys

  • Uyen P
    Uyen P Year ago

    This is great, but wheres bts in the dominoes?

  • ณัฏฐวิศิษฏ์ เสนะวีระกุล


  • Brady Carter
    Brady Carter Year ago

    How many hours did it take you to make this?

  • anacondaz 03
    anacondaz 03 Year ago


  • enzo damasceno
    enzo damasceno Year ago


  • B3arzinha -Kawaii :3


  • escenas de películas y juegos

    Quien habla español!!!!?

  • Kharnellius
    Kharnellius Year ago

    Thought that was Samus' logo, lol.

  • Ramachandran Ramadass

    Make guava juice

  • sanju Jaiswar
    sanju Jaiswar Year ago


  • Wanicha Taempromrin


  • Masha Kiseleva
    Masha Kiseleva Year ago

    I love the unicorn because I really love unicorns!🦄🦄🦄🌈🌈🌈🦄🌈🦄🌈🦄🌈🦄

  • Aaliyah Mikaella Mangonon

    I bet you really worked hard on it! with your friend :3

  • Jeff Peralta
    Jeff Peralta Year ago


  • سجاد الهلالي

    كيف تعقلون هذا بأيديكم ألم يقع

  • crystal ray
    crystal ray Year ago

    I'm with you llsuperwomanll is open

  • Endri Ajla
    Endri Ajla Year ago

    Do you spicing albanian


    When you saw the title that said ‘BTS’, did anyone else think about the band BTS?