It's Easy To Draw! Why Is It Hard To Draw? | Michael Rastovich | TEDxRichland

  • Published on Dec 23, 2016
  • Why was it easier to draw when we were children? The world around us is constantly changing, along with how we see it. Drawing that more complicated world can bring challenges.
    Michael Rastovich became self­aware at a very young age and set upon the journey of an artist even before the age of five. Living in a rural area as a teen, at a time when information and instruction was scarce, he sent away and waited weeks for supplies and instruction. In his twenties, he studied with master artist Siegfred Hans & Howard Wexler in New Mexico and lived in an adobe hut in the middle of the desert while learning his craft. Being a Renaissance man, he gathered together from varied sources all of the materials to build his own etching press and proceeded to create beautiful and compelling etchings. He eventually worked for a museum design company in Portland, Oregon, and using his exceptional drawing skills, he created conceptual drawings for museums around the U.S. His animations he creates for training companies rival those in quality of Disney. He has spent his entire life celebrating art and being fully immersed in the artists’ craft and way of life.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Charisma.B.A.D
    Charisma.B.A.D Day ago

    Great video and helpful too👍

  • Rob Ot
    Rob Ot 7 days ago

    Always look with fresh eyes 📷 😸

  • CyberdelicXP
    CyberdelicXP Month ago

    I draw almost obsessively, and used to teach basic drawing. I fill 26x20 art boards with intricate, technical, visionary, ink drawings ONCE A WEEK ...and .....I have no idea what this guy is talking about. .....I failed/didn't enjoy most trys at formal training. I experience joy when I draw and try to point others upon that path.

  • Life Theorist
    Life Theorist Month ago

    One thing I learned was how children draw are actually better when you are trying to oil paint of digitally draw, that is mostly because they see the outlines instead of previous information. I am trying to relearned how to only draw outlines, because then i can oil paint or digitally add in the shading to make it as accurate as ever.

  • Painter Dude
    Painter Dude 2 months ago

    No matter the pain, the death threats ive recieved from my paintings and the conflicts Ive had with people I thought respected me the same as Ive respected them. No matter the hate and intense nature of life, I can't stop creating the art. I make my art for to quite my mind, I see it as a regret if I miss the opportunity I was debating on doing or not. I just can't stop creating, even if it sucks you still gotta create. I know for a fact writers block happens to artists, and their creativity. But in all honesty if you ignore that voice saying you can't you still gotta grind them gears cuz soon enough you will be in that energy making the art you wanna make. The muses will only reward you if you still chase it even if you think you gotta wait till you have the idea. I never have an idea what Ima make until its over.

  • Paul Mina Storm
    Paul Mina Storm 8 months ago

    Dude talk faster you moron

  • DomI Doughnut
    DomI Doughnut 8 months ago +1

    First time i drawed I thought i was good and then i got really great at drawing, sometimes people would ask me if i could teach them how to draw and when I got better at drawing I looked at my old pictures and I realized how horrible at drawing, but look where it got me.

  • Rbigraff
    Rbigraff 10 months ago +3

    Does not say anything.

  • CureCreation
    CureCreation 11 months ago +6

    Right. So why is it easy to draw?

    • Hondo Trailside
      Hondo Trailside Month ago

      Yeah, I thought that was the lesson, but he passed that idea by when he showed the two cats that were highly subjective and not true. Getting to real drawing, takes a lot more work. He does the untypical thing of not saying drawing was easy when we were children because we were geniuses, but we let criticism get in the way when people finally got around to saying our drawing was not good. He flat out says to really draw you have to reach beyond self expression, and engage with representation, or something like that.

  • Myriam Russer
    Myriam Russer Year ago


  • Maureen Boda
    Maureen Boda Year ago +11

    I'tm a middle school art teacher. I use my own experience and the teachings of Betty Edwards and Jill Bolte Taylor to help kids positively engage in drawing for their own benefit. Now, sir, I will incorporate what I've learned from you. Bravo! Thank you for sharing your insights.

  • tombevil
    tombevil Year ago +2

    I only can concentrate on his breathing!!

  • AV
    AV Year ago +1

    Our response to gravity is the horizon. I like it.

  • breadandbirdie
    breadandbirdie Year ago

    my life's goal is to get on a TED talk.

  • JeayaTheNugget
    JeayaTheNugget Year ago +26

    I’m an artist right now, I know shading, I’m pretty good at using sketches but if you can’t do this but you can still use a pencil or something, you’re still an artist! Whoever said you have to be good to be an artist? As long as you create something, that’s art! If you want to become really good, just practice everyday! I was never always good at art, heck, I still have much to learn but I’ve improved a lot because I tried and wanted to learn everyday. You should try too! Any type of art, sports, craft, anything! Practice what you want! Thank you guys for reading

    • Tatara RR
      Tatara RR 4 months ago

      JeayaTheNugget it’s so f******g hard to draw on tablet

  • Mike de Dombal
    Mike de Dombal Year ago

    I think GRAHAM SHAW teaches 'HOW TO DRAW very simply especially for a beginner.

  • joseph scott
    joseph scott Year ago +6

    Ah very abstract way of explaining the process of the artist....he is correct however to understand how to draw is not to put labels on a thing. Labels are a left brain job. For example if you observed a chair. Left brain would categorize all legs of the chair are equal lengths however when you look at a chair from an angle that is never the case. Getting rid of the obvious and to draw it plainly on the way it appears is difficult unless you know how to trick the left brain to let go and allow the more powerful right brain to draw it on how it appears.

  • Paul Harding
    Paul Harding Year ago

    Well, I watched this twice but I still can't draw - I want my money back !

  • Caleb Woo
    Caleb Woo Year ago +1

    I think he is showing how to draw, but he is telling something else, to let me think hard, why we draw. why we draw like this, the center of universe, and it is not we think we know, the gravity the horizon, the cross icon. this is interesting I like his comment, simple, to set youself free the truth will follows.I also like his comment why we draw is not to express and impress but to understand. this is a great point.

  • Nick Tokar
    Nick Tokar Year ago +15

    Was this guy talking about drawing or was he trying to preach the word of god to us?

    • Michael Rastovich
      Michael Rastovich 27 days ago

      Everything, anything you do with devotion, leads to the devine.

    • MrMultiMediator
      MrMultiMediator 6 months ago


    • That Random Guy
      That Random Guy Year ago +3

      Was thinking the same thing. Went from talking about drawing to life itself? I mean heck he even used a depiction of a cross. :/
      This isn't a video about drawing at all.

  • Sandy Murray
    Sandy Murray Year ago

    Your amazing

  • Lee Fuller
    Lee Fuller Year ago +2

    Way to much talk

  • Sarah Camacho
    Sarah Camacho Year ago

    I get it now! It all became so obvious!

  • Wizard of Arts
    Wizard of Arts Year ago +9

    This videos needs more likes and views. WHO AGREES!?

  • helle flindt
    helle flindt Year ago +6

    I may not draw to express myself, but that is exactly what happens, nonetheless.

  • sam m.
    sam m. Year ago +89

    "it's easy to draw" i whisper to myself as tears drip off my face onto my sketchbook at 3am

    • LionHardous
      LionHardous 3 months ago +2

      @kevin McKevy I stared at the screen, amused by the comment of a random person in the internet...
      - I can't believe it... What am i doing with my life
      And so i kept scrolling

    • Keziah Simms
      Keziah Simms 4 months ago

      @Tiller K Saaammmeee!!!!

    • Keziah Simms
      Keziah Simms 4 months ago +1

      I relate to this so much!

    • gIaNnA nIcHoLe
      gIaNnA nIcHoLe 5 months ago

      Me tho

  • Jeremy JMIAH Williamson

    WOW, this was really good!!

  • Man of Rad
    Man of Rad Year ago +4


  • Adolfo Teixeira
    Adolfo Teixeira Year ago


  • Gratsiela Borisova
    Gratsiela Borisova Year ago +14

    If i continue to listen to these TEDx Talks I'm going to cry at work. It's too true, man.

    • LionHardous
      LionHardous 3 months ago

      Why are you watching TEDx Talks in the middle of work though?

  • Udo Morgenstern
    Udo Morgenstern Year ago +27

    Thanks Michael, your not just describing the topic of drawing but imho a big deal of what it means to be a perceptual lifeform - very nice one sir, love it

  • Alexandra Wimmer
    Alexandra Wimmer Year ago +6

    "... his animations rival those of Disney"?
    pardon me! He IS an ARTIST, Disney is a COMPANY!! I'm certain Disney would have a hard time rivalling his work!

  • Sea Pig
    Sea Pig Year ago +9


  • Lis Engel
    Lis Engel Year ago

    Very inspiring talk about how we experience and drawing as a means to understand whatever make an impression on us.

  • Alacrity
    Alacrity Year ago +65

    Accidental asmr

  • GaLaXy Animations


  • Nutella Lover
    Nutella Lover Year ago +4

    Its not even hard

  • Titou Messenageu
    Titou Messenageu Year ago +17

    drawing is hard

    • Mario und Moni Lamm
      Mario und Moni Lamm 4 months ago

      One drawing tells more than thousand words.

    • Zinogg
      Zinogg Year ago +2

      u need mileage with deliberate learning, mix these two on 10k hours and you'll be a pro, however it will be a long journey but after that ,fun comes :) me i tried this technique on 3d sculpting and in just few months, i learned what ppl achieved in years with schools and everything while me a self-taught artist,i'll still go on, until i'll be a Master Character Artists.

    • lily-liver
      lily-liver Year ago

      Can confirm

    • Terry Smithwick
      Terry Smithwick Year ago +8

      All fun things are hard. Someone who has much practice can make a task *look* easy, but there's a lot going on under the surface.

    • Steven M
      Steven M Year ago

      Titou Messenageu ok, drawing is fun

  • The Battle Boys
    The Battle Boys Year ago +20

    Why aren't there many coments

  • lars
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