Full metal Jacket Donald Duck


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  • Chris Clay
    Chris Clay 5 дней назад

    Sr pelo be like:

  • Kalvin The Blue
    Kalvin The Blue 5 дней назад

    Sounds like precious 😂😂💀💀

  • HalfLife Fingerboarding
    HalfLife Fingerboarding Месяц назад

    This is the best

  • Olivia.Garcia Olivia.Garcia
    Olivia.Garcia Olivia.Garcia Месяц назад

    0:38 when you get killed alot in modern strike online

  • Bob Smooch
    Bob Smooch Месяц назад

    Slapping your Willis come back and one and wordsworth well I'm not with your lot Claire where am i well when was our war well I'm well aware what why wealth and font wolf with our our ants were well ants will climb back sir yes sir your family while my forever concert appeal sir yes sir before office sir than waffles waffles whoa what why rock sir yes sir

  • RedneckHacker71
    RedneckHacker71 Месяц назад

    Can't breathe......

  • Eyal Israel
    Eyal Israel Месяц назад

    Turn your subtitles on

  • lolni loli
    lolni loli 2 месяца назад

    donald duck?

  • Jato HD
    Jato HD 2 месяца назад

    I do not like Donald duck but he is Vetter than Micky mouse

  • Crispy Blindead
    Crispy Blindead 2 месяца назад

    This gave me the kind of laugh that almost kills you.

  • Bob Smooch
    Bob Smooch 2 месяца назад

    The auto generated captions is killing me XD

  • Xx UltraGaming xX
    Xx UltraGaming xX 2 месяца назад +1


  • Steve From Minecraft
    Steve From Minecraft 2 месяца назад

    0:38 at 0.5x speed

    That was me when I saw the 2019 Sonic teaser

  • Mr. Interpreted
    Mr. Interpreted 2 месяца назад

    What kind of filter do they use on these kinds of videos

    • nigger
      nigger Месяц назад

      Content Aware Scale (CAS)

  • Jareth Loveland
    Jareth Loveland 2 месяца назад

    It's so funny, I cannot stop laughing.

  • PotterHead 777
    PotterHead 777 3 месяца назад


  • ST Spider
    ST Spider 3 месяца назад

    Subtitles are funnier than the actual video

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow 3 месяца назад

    when you talk in a colonial era roblox war group and the trainer notices u

  • Saso Fermin
    Saso Fermin 3 месяца назад

    o h

  • Gustavo Gabriel
    Gustavo Gabriel 3 месяца назад

    Cadê os HueBR dessa porra?

  • lmao kia
    lmao kia 3 месяца назад

    The first one XD

  • Emirrart
    Emirrart 4 месяца назад

    Donald demonstrating his navy education

  • Emma Mahon
    Emma Mahon 4 месяца назад +2

    0:28 when you see a spider in your room

  • Chanwoo💕💕💕
    Chanwoo💕💕💕 4 месяца назад

    Why does this exist

    CITY MORGE 4 месяца назад


  • Lee Marvin
    Lee Marvin 4 месяца назад

    the "so you're a killa" allways gets me.. sounds so freaky

  • Danielle McCarthy
    Danielle McCarthy 4 месяца назад

    Woof woof

  • Christian Williams
    Christian Williams 5 месяцев назад

    0:00-0:02 Doi! and 0:37 me when I am an airhead.

  • Kai The Gamer
    Kai The Gamer 5 месяцев назад

    *B W A A A A G G G G*

  • Pancek
    Pancek 5 месяцев назад


  • Psychic Raven
    Psychic Raven 5 месяцев назад

    at the end it sounded like he said woof woof

  • Julian Robles
    Julian Robles 5 месяцев назад +5

    0:06 too late I just did both

  • CheeseMaster27
    CheeseMaster27 5 месяцев назад +7

    0:38 me when I step on a lego brick

  • matyas vodicska
    matyas vodicska 6 месяцев назад +1

    *dies of laughter*

  • Vladirmir Lenin
    Vladirmir Lenin 6 месяцев назад +1

    Voice Actor
    Soldier Goffe
    Captain or Major Donal Duck

  • duckydude 221
    duckydude 221 6 месяцев назад

    I have now seen god

  • Uncle Ruckus
    Uncle Ruckus 6 месяцев назад

    RIP Lee Ermey

  • flaerptz
    flaerptz 6 месяцев назад


  • Chris the blue boi
    Chris the blue boi 6 месяцев назад

    I can't breathe

  • Awesome Human
    Awesome Human 6 месяцев назад


  • Fire God
    Fire God 7 месяцев назад

    I cant breath

  • willy wanna
    willy wanna 7 месяцев назад


  • Luke S.
    Luke S. 7 месяцев назад

    Okay. Time for bed.

  • james mclauchlan
    james mclauchlan 7 месяцев назад +2

    which one would you like? 0:00 0:01 0:02 0:03 0:04 0:05 0:06 0:07 0:08 0:09 0:10 0:11 0:12 0:13 0:14 0:15 0:16 0:17 0:18 0:19 0:20 or 0:29 0:29 ?

  • Spartacist Deutschland
    Spartacist Deutschland 7 месяцев назад

    One minute I was in a UT documentary, now I'm watching memes of this masterpiece

  • Edward Quiñónez
    Edward Quiñónez 7 месяцев назад +1


  • blood splat
    blood splat 8 месяцев назад


  • Diamondiathewolf2007
    Diamondiathewolf2007 8 месяцев назад

    The game looks great!

  • Diamondiathewolf2007
    Diamondiathewolf2007 8 месяцев назад

    0:17 *D O N A L D D U C K*

  • mr 4thplace
    mr 4thplace 8 месяцев назад

    You should do the whole scene hahahahaha

  • Dragoton Boi
    Dragoton Boi 8 месяцев назад

    Don't kick me gerenal I'm laughing so hard XD

  • Ender boy90
    Ender boy90 8 месяцев назад

    Sounds like hes saying LLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAHHHHH 0:38

  • Freaking RogerZ
    Freaking RogerZ 9 месяцев назад +1

    Sir, Yiess sir!!

  • Private Joker
    Private Joker 9 месяцев назад


  • Dr. Edward Richtofen
    Dr. Edward Richtofen 9 месяцев назад

    Lol 😂

  • Morgan  Brown
    Morgan Brown 9 месяцев назад +1

    Donald Duck and goofy are legends 😎

  • Ice exe
    Ice exe 9 месяцев назад

    00:00 I’m dying

  • danny rouch
    danny rouch 9 месяцев назад

    Lol with captions its even funnier

  • Drew McInter
    Drew McInter 9 месяцев назад

    this isn't funny, obviously.

  • AlexEXE
    AlexEXE 9 месяцев назад

    this so funny

  • incense head
    incense head 10 месяцев назад

    0:00 “gOUiiEEE”

  • good。luck !
    good。luck ! 10 месяцев назад

    I hope they played this at his funeral

  • Herr Kartoffelkopf
    Herr Kartoffelkopf 10 месяцев назад


  • DrXshock
    DrXshock 10 месяцев назад

    Rip R. Lee Ermey.

  • Lil Tacoshell
    Lil Tacoshell 10 месяцев назад

    RIP gunny

    IMtheBIRKMAN 10 месяцев назад

    I found it! YES FINALLY!!

  • Oğuzhan BARAN
    Oğuzhan BARAN 10 месяцев назад

    Rest in peace...

  • Conner Jones
    Conner Jones 10 месяцев назад

    Rest In Peace :(

  • OMG its me
    OMG its me 10 месяцев назад


  • DrXshock
    DrXshock 10 месяцев назад

    The fact that this is in Content Aware Scale makes it so much funnier.

  • Many Thanks
    Many Thanks 10 месяцев назад

    I heard him say private goofy that’s amazing

  • Austin GUZMAN
    Austin GUZMAN 10 месяцев назад

    I choked on my candys.

  • tea ray
    tea ray 11 месяцев назад


  • Thorned Knight
    Thorned Knight 11 месяцев назад


  • rymanite plays
    rymanite plays 11 месяцев назад

    This is the funniest meme, so halarios.

  • Amera Gonzales
    Amera Gonzales Год назад

    0:43 Sexy ass nose

    BLANK Год назад


  • Knox MCVS
    Knox MCVS Год назад


  • Mister Pinto Bean ?
    Mister Pinto Bean ? Год назад +9

    Wow, the live action Mickey Mouse In the Club House is looking pretty good.

  • Jacob Thompson
    Jacob Thompson Год назад

    "so your a killah", best donald duck quote

  • Zerb0xo
    Zerb0xo Год назад


  • Kaity Klutz
    Kaity Klutz Год назад

    The noise at the beginning in beautiful

  • Pipugwes Isaac
    Pipugwes Isaac Год назад

    This is what the internet was made for

  • Ef Kay
    Ef Kay Год назад

    Poor Goofy.

  • Gustavo Andretti
    Gustavo Andretti Год назад

    i nate higgers

  • jon britt
    jon britt Год назад

    bruh put auto genrated caption lol

  • Over The Horizon
    Over The Horizon Год назад

    dis da shit

  • Professori
    Professori Год назад

    It's rare for me to laugh at internet things.

  • SkyFall-3
    SkyFall-3 Год назад

    Fucking amazing....

  • DanMan Inc.
    DanMan Inc. Год назад

    This will never get old😂😂

  • Sub Scorpion#9
    Sub Scorpion#9 Год назад

    BWWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHH thats a war face!

  • Memes Addictz
    Memes Addictz Год назад

    Content Aware Scale.

  • Miguel Zino
    Miguel Zino Год назад

    Thank you internets

  • Your Friend Hoovy Weapons Guy
    Your Friend Hoovy Weapons Guy Год назад

    i love the duck voice and the faces XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Shred Gein
    Shred Gein Год назад +2

    this is a war face! *AAAH!!*

  • MaddyTRS
    MaddyTRS Год назад

    This sound like Donald Duck.

  • Brian Oshinski
    Brian Oshinski Год назад

    I like how is face grew when he yelled

  • Oxi Clean
    Oxi Clean Год назад

    this is too dank for me

  • Bandegoris
    Bandegoris Год назад

    WTF is this cancer

  • lou_e.d1462 •
    lou_e.d1462 • Год назад +1

    What effect is that