Old Armenian folk songs - Real Armenian music

  • Published on Dec 6, 2015

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  • moonchild
    moonchild 11 days ago +4

    Immediately started sobbing, I miss my home

  • Abdullah Enis Ektem
    Abdullah Enis Ektem 12 days ago +4

    Respect from İstanbul ❤️

  • Derrick Bridges
    Derrick Bridges 19 days ago

    Unknown 198523: Is there any chance you could down load ,any of this
    Music :
    Authentic folk songs from ancient GREECE!

  • CaudilloDeMordor
    CaudilloDeMordor 21 day ago +4

    Greeting from northern Spain

  • Brian Culross
    Brian Culross 26 days ago +3

    Beautiful music. Love from America.

  • Tsolak Meliqyan
    Tsolak Meliqyan 27 days ago

    Ջաաաան, ջաաաան, ջաաաաաան...!!!

  • mohamed salah
    mohamed salah Month ago +3

    long live armenia from kurdistan

  • Prashant Bhardwaj
    Prashant Bhardwaj Month ago

    #unknown198523 can you write the names of all the songs and artists

  • Prashant Bhardwaj
    Prashant Bhardwaj Month ago

    #unknown198523 can you write the names of all the songs and artists

  • Prashant Bhardwaj
    Prashant Bhardwaj Month ago

    #unknown198523 can you write the names of all the songs and artists

  • Prashant Bhardwaj
    Prashant Bhardwaj Month ago

    #unknown198523 can you write the names of all the songs and artists

  • Prashant Bhardwaj
    Prashant Bhardwaj Month ago

    @unknown198523 can you write the names of all the songs and artists

  • Prashant Bhardwaj
    Prashant Bhardwaj Month ago

    @unknown198523 can you write the names of all the songs and artists

  • Prashant Bhardwaj
    Prashant Bhardwaj Month ago

    #unknown198523 can you write the names of all the songs and artists

  • Prashant Bhardwaj
    Prashant Bhardwaj Month ago

    @unknown198523 can you write the names of all the songs and artists

  • Emina
    Emina Month ago

    Full plagiarism

  • Emina
    Emina Month ago

    Armenians are hays from Indian tribes and have different melody type ,it is just copy paste from Azerbaijani Turks

    • Zara Papazyan
      Zara Papazyan 6 days ago


    • harry gab
      harry gab 10 days ago +1

      I see you graduated from ilahm Aliyev university with a master's in stupidity congrats

    • The_King Of_Kings
      The_King Of_Kings Month ago +5

      Actually I think you mis understood, the Azerbaijanis ancestors were located in the Hindus valley and Mongolia . They later came to Armenia and Iran and now they are trying to steal everything.

  • Emina
    Emina Month ago

    you can say it is cheating
    shame! You can notice east and melody of muslims

    • harry gab
      harry gab 10 days ago

      There is no such thing as muslim music you idiot even islam prohibits music

    • moonchild
      moonchild 11 days ago +1

      Shut up you jealous shit this is traditional old armenian music with the language and instruments so please stop and sound smart for once

  • Emina
    Emina Month ago

    ne stidno kopit aa

  • gfdfga adfgadfg
    gfdfga adfgadfg 2 months ago +3

    greetings to Armenian brothers and sisters from Serbia

  • Nerthus
    Nerthus 2 months ago +3

    52:14 The most beautiful song.

  • SFSE, WP
    SFSE, WP 2 months ago

    which 'vank"??

  • Sabbag- Saab
    Sabbag- Saab 2 months ago +2

    May the Lord Adonai-G-d, always bless Armenia free from the Evil enemies.

  • Erik 797
    Erik 797 2 months ago

    It’d be so great if you wrote down song names with time codes in the comments 😊

  • David S.
    David S. 2 months ago

    Ananoya hoonem!!!!!!

  • Махмуд Гасымов

    Fuck armenia

    • moonchild
      moonchild Month ago +1

      Please get out,
      And remember, hate isn't the solution.
      Peace ✌✌✌

  • E Turkic
    E Turkic 3 months ago

    More like Azerbaijani music😏

    • moonchild
      moonchild 10 days ago

      @harry gab lol you said it 👏

    • harry gab
      harry gab 10 days ago +1

      Azerbaijan? You mean Tataristan right? Or maybe caucasian albania? Or maybe true caucasians? Or maybe Turks. Make up your mind your people dont even knkw what they are

    • moonchild
      moonchild 11 days ago +1

      Can you guys ever sound smart lol- 😂😂

    • Oswald Mosley
      Oswald Mosley 17 days ago +2

      Go search now "azerbajan music" and listen, it sounds completely different, like some Pakistani folk.

    • E Turkic
      E Turkic 2 months ago

      @Sebouh Kechejian Azerbaijanis have been there for thousands of years yes not for a country but Turks there thousands of years as you guys 😀 armenia did got independent not long ago soo it's mean not to say that the armenians did not exist before there.

  • Nemanja Pantic
    Nemanja Pantic 3 months ago +8

    Greetings from Serbia!!

  • Tomas Fernandez Valdes
    Tomas Fernandez Valdes 3 months ago

    Name of the artist-group?

  • Nappi Nappi
    Nappi Nappi 3 months ago +9

    Love and peace from Azerbaijan. Make dolma, not war :)

    • moonchild
      moonchild Month ago +1

      @Nappi Nappi exactly!!! And yayyy and ARMY!!! 💗💗💗😊😊😊
      That just proves that 2 races can like the same things and get along well

    • Nappi Nappi
      Nappi Nappi Month ago +1

      @moonchild Hey fellow army! We gotta keep together instead of war!

    • moonchild
      moonchild Month ago +2

      Lol thank you this comment made me smile. And I agree.

    • Nappi Nappi
      Nappi Nappi 3 months ago +1

      @Big Smoke Yes, we're not as different as we think we are

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke 3 months ago +3

      Nappi Nappi From Armenia I wish for peace so we can be friends again

  • Bora İlkdoganlar
    Bora İlkdoganlar 3 months ago +3

    Love from Turkey

    • Gyul Gin
      Gyul Gin 2 months ago

      @Big Smoke inch ?

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke 2 months ago

      Gyul Gin glendale em aprum

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke 2 months ago

      Gyul Gin what

    • Gyul Gin
      Gyul Gin 2 months ago

      @Big Smoke shat wad

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke 3 months ago

      Bora İlkdoganlar Im Armenian and I have Turkish friends

  • asi sariv
    asi sariv 4 months ago +10

    Im Muslim but i do believe that mount ararat is for armenia not turkey

    • harry gab
      harry gab 10 days ago +1

      Ararat is clear armenian etymology it means creation in armenian

    • moonchild
      moonchild Month ago +2

      It's good you stick with truth. Thank you. Much love 💗💗💗

    • asi sariv
      asi sariv 3 months ago +1

      @d. s. and to you

    • d. s.
      d. s. 3 months ago +3

      My respects to you.

  • Maya Sofia Alecu
    Maya Sofia Alecu 5 months ago +3

    Super music. Bogdan from Romania.

  • Buğra Orhan
    Buğra Orhan 5 months ago


    AMELY 6 months ago +2


  • hamidreza hirbod
    hamidreza hirbod 6 months ago +9

    Long live armenia from persian brothers

  • Al Albert
    Al Albert 6 months ago +8

    Love from Catalonia!!! I ❤️Armenia

  • ricardo stein
    ricardo stein 6 months ago

    Herero,Nama,Armenians,Assyrier and finally Jews.gypsies and so on..
    Germans are a genocidel country ! If there is a God,please prevent genocides for ever !

  • melody senay tuncel
    melody senay tuncel 6 months ago +9

    Greetings from Romania

  • armenian war king
    armenian war king 6 months ago +5

    I love armenian music

  • Mocanu Catalin Cristi
    Mocanu Catalin Cristi 6 months ago +7

    this made me cry. God protect Armenia and its people. Down with the turks.

    • harry gab
      harry gab 10 days ago

      @Ağcaqanad TV seriously enough about Khojaly what about what your government did in shusha Baku sumgait we have footage of that too

    • moonchild
      moonchild Month ago

      @Ağcaqanad TV oh shut up, you people have tortured us. Peace ✌

    • Ağcaqanad TV
      Ağcaqanad TV 6 months ago

      Mocanu Catalin Cristi We have footage about what you did in Khocalı. İt is still in youtube

  • Oshin 1997
    Oshin 1997 6 months ago +11

    Im From Iran I Love Armenia

  • Ali mohamad
    Ali mohamad 6 months ago +12

    Love from your everlasting brother , IRAN ✌🏻🇦🇲❤🇮🇷✌🏻

  • Petros Movsesyan
    Petros Movsesyan 7 months ago +7

    So much love from Iran!

  • Trevor Goodman
    Trevor Goodman 7 months ago +4

    Much love from a fellow musician in America!

  • MegaPoskok
    MegaPoskok 7 months ago +6

    great Poeple and culture love from Hrvatistan

    • Tigran McHitarian
      Tigran McHitarian 2 months ago

      hehe thanks, in Armenian Croatia is called Խորվատիա - "Khorvatia" in latin script. :)

    • Suren Kalantarian
      Suren Kalantarian 6 months ago

      MegaPoskok cheers from Hayastan(Armenia)

  • Bazooka Llama Productions


  • brave forever
    brave forever 8 months ago +2

    I must say this music is alot similiar to Albania 🇦🇱

    • Suren Kalantarian
      Suren Kalantarian 4 months ago

      BMW Fan Boy aghvanqn urisha albanian urisha(Illyrian)

    • brave forever
      brave forever 6 months ago

      BMW Fan Boy if iliryans were Caucasus than maybe but I don’t think iliryans were caucuses mate

    • Apple Fan Boy
      Apple Fan Boy 6 months ago

      Maybe Albania came from Caucasus to Balkan , Europe and had a border with Armenia

    • brave forever
      brave forever 7 months ago

      BMW Fan Boy yes forever

    • Apple Fan Boy
      Apple Fan Boy 7 months ago

      brave forever Are you from Albania ?


    love from Morocco

  • David Joseph
    David Joseph 8 months ago +6

    I love armenia

  • Farzaneh W
    Farzaneh W 8 months ago +8

    Love from Iran. This is such an amazing collection of songs. They sound so familiar to me as an Iranian. Long live Armenia.

    • mehrdad 576
      mehrdad 576 4 months ago

      @Suren Kalantarian lol

    • Suren Kalantarian
      Suren Kalantarian 7 months ago +1

      Farzaneh W yani is that surprise to you 😁
      Look im from Armenia I’m 100% Armenian but my name is Parthian and surname is Persian 😂

  • Salam Salam
    Salam Salam 8 months ago +1

    First instrument belongs to Azerbaijan. And the all music has been stolen from Azerbaijan. As well Azerbaijan style music

    • Hayk Khachatryan
      Hayk Khachatryan 10 days ago

      @harry gab lol nice

    • harry gab
      harry gab 10 days ago

      Azerbaijan? You mean Tataristan?

    • Hayk Khachatryan
      Hayk Khachatryan 2 months ago

      @Oshin 1997 HEY! Most of their lands are Armenian! Plus most of their culture

    • Hayk Khachatryan
      Hayk Khachatryan 2 months ago

      From a country that is younger than coke?

    • mehrdad 576
      mehrdad 576 4 months ago

      @Salam Salam 35milllon hhh so turkey have 40 millon kurd

  • Laurentiu Valeanu Moldovan

    beautiful music , frumos ,România is here...frați

  • Kev Ker
    Kev Ker 9 months ago +5

    Translation of very first song. David of Sassoun, an Indo-European Armenian warrior, is the main hero of Armenia's national epic Daredevils of Sassoun, who drove Arab invaders out of Armenia. Song lyrics translated to English:
    Without fear, without fear,
    House of the Brave, Sassoun Mountain,
    A fire will blaze from you,
    The fire itself is Sassoun Mountain.
    Came the kingdom of Arabia,
    Which to conquer Armenia,
    You were not defeated by Genghis Khan,
    You stand alongside the Sassoun Mountain.
    Armenia has grown green,
    The enemy saw, he was ashamed,
    The whole world has known you,
    Your name is Sassoun Mountain.

  • Turco-Hellenic
    Turco-Hellenic 9 months ago +3

    I do not care any of fucking nationalist or religionist shit. I saw so many comments that people send their loves and respects from all over the world, especially; Serbia, Greece, Georgia, Iran, Kurds and Bulgaria. All of this people are live in Anatolia and see themselves eachother brothers and sisters........ except my homeland Turkey :((((((((((((((( D: D: D: D: D:
    I cannot even find anything to write here... I do not know even what should I think about right now! I just regretfull and am soooo sorry in the name of my ancestors and citizens. Even though our goverments continue to see all of you as our enemies. I can totally guaranteed that so many poeple in Turkey think that, it cannot goes like that. This fight must be end. Even you guys do not like Turkey, btw no one must love any of nation I cannot blame you because of that, something else in Turkey still loves you and wanna peace in Anatolia.
    Even now I am listening the music, I feel myself like in my home because it is sooo similar with ours and also think about historical tragedies, and swearing to the imperialist powers cause of they left us in a position like that... Now I need to go and find some napkins for my tears. I just want to you know that Turks still love you guys, and take care all of you... Bye.......

    • Tigran McHitarian
      Tigran McHitarian 2 months ago

      You will be ACCEPTED when you PROVE to ALL OF THE NATIONS that you are NOT THE SAME GENOCIDERS AS YOU WERE. But today Turkey is doing the opposite...RIP. To all the Kurdish vicitms and to all people who are not in Freedom yet and who fight and have to die for basic home rights - the right to your homeland and independence. YOu will be accepted when YOU make PIECE with the Armenians with the Kurds, with the Greeks, with all "you" - as the GENOCIDIAL STATE REGIME OF TURKEY - have committed enumerous injustice.

  • Виктор Макаров
    Виктор Макаров 10 months ago +5

    Wooow GreetingS From 🇷🇺

  • layne staley
    layne staley 11 months ago +4

    I love Markarid Shahinian! thaks

  • Макич Саргсян
    Макич Саргсян 11 months ago +2


  • Radi Asion
    Radi Asion 11 months ago

    Ay peysəllər sikim sizin ananızı Azərbaycanın mahnısını götürüb nə oxuyursuz var yoxuvuzu sikim ay oğraşlar peysəl olmusuzda kim olmusuz tüpürüm sizin sortunuza sizinki elə bu olsun Azərbaycanın mahnısıynan özünüzü göstərəsiz bayrağınıza da işiyim haa

  • Ramazan akkaya
    Ramazan akkaya 11 months ago +6

    love from Kurdistan and Turkey