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  • Graziella Flores
    Graziella Flores 4 hours ago

    Who else is so relieved that they didnt kill the dog

  • Friquido
    Friquido 7 hours ago

    The jury should spend time in jail for letting a clearly guilty person walk free... That man took a life and he walked free from that trial

  • G Falk
    G Falk 8 hours ago

    this video would have been good without those two guys chit chatting like they are 12 years old, jesus

  • Paul Smallz
    Paul Smallz 15 hours ago

    This case is a fascinating one but it always interests me that every narration of this murder crime story usually changes what the witnesses actually said and what the known facts are.

    Let's start with the timelines:

    10:15 PM - the Proposed time of the murders. This is the prosecution theory, and cannot be taken as factual, the defense contested this and there are witnesses that testified that the neighborhood was quiet at this time. The murders most likely happened after 10:30PM, there is a lady(Ms. Pilnak) who testified that she heard the dog backing 5 to 7 minutes after she finished a call at around 10:25 p.m. (there are records of the phone bill).
    10:55 PM - The Limo driver sees a shadowy figure walking toward the entranceway of the house just about where the driveway starts. This video says that the figure was walking across the driveway, that's what the prosecutor, Marcial Clark said, the Limo driver said the figure was walking towards the entrance from where the driveway starts not across the driveway. Allan Park (the Limo driver) said it was at 10:55 PM not at 11:00 PM as stated here.
    10:55 - 10:56 PM - The Limo buzzes the Intercom and gets an answer from OJ - It was not 11PM as stated
    11:00 - 11:02 PM - OJ himself comes down from the house with his bags, all dressed up and looking normal. We have to assume he showered, cleaned his bloody clothing and disposed of his murder weapon in a record 6 minutes. If you say he cleaned himself before coming back to Rockingham, then you would be left with the unlikely scenario that he cleaned every part of his body except his hand which had the glove and came to accidentally drop it on the side of his house.

    Testimony of the Limo driver below:

    5:23 - 5:32 - "According to lead prosecutor Marcia Clark," Ron Philips said that OJ asked who killed her when he relayed the news of her(Nicole's) death. Why don't you find out what Det. Ron Philips said( which is on record ) rather than Marcia's rendition? Ron Phillips called OJ to inform him that his wife has been "killed" not that she is "dead", "killed". OJ asked, "What do you mean she's been killed?" -

    10:18 - 10:23 - "The knit cap found at the crime scene contained hairs that were proven to be OJ's" - This is false . What was actually affirmed: Hairs Found at Crime Scene Are Microscopically Similar to O.J. Simpson's, Says FBI Expert Witness.

    11:37 - OJ did not write the book himself. A ghostwriter wrote it (the ghostwriter said he interviewed OJ ) and OJ was reportedly/allegedly paid over $600K to say he wrote it and do an interview about it.

    All in all, maybe he did it (the evidence does make him the prime suspect), who knows, but at least let's try to get the facts right.

  • ian Jeremy
    ian Jeremy 18 hours ago

    OJ did not do this...
    It was his Glove !!

  • hxlsB
    hxlsB 22 hours ago

    its funny how he said the only thing hes guilty of his loving nicole but when the police called and told you the news, all you had to say was who killed her? no disbelief, no shock. This mans a cold blooded killer and thats the end of it.

  • Roverman
    Roverman Day ago

    OJ=murderer. Plan and simple. Money is what got him off the hook.

  • Jedi Root
    Jedi Root Day ago

    If anyone still believes OJ is innocent, go watch the 2018 fox documentary.

  • TheSuluGuy
    TheSuluGuy Day ago

    And part of the all time 100 team babyyyyy

  • James White
    James White Day ago

    They tried to jamm my boy juice up🤦🏾‍♂️he uh legend now 😂💪🏾if they woulda caught em uh little faster them gloves would’ve let em down 😭😭...I had to herb bro lmfao💀

  • Señora V
    Señora V Day ago +1

    Love watching ya'll but WE WANT NEW EPISODES! 😁💞

  • wizzaroot. The CRINGE Channel

    The jury giving the verdict of "Not guilty" was a blatant, racist act of revenge. This was ABSOLUTELY revenge for Rodney King.
    This case angers me, and deeply upsets me. Rest in peace Nicole and Ronald. May you both rest easy.

  • Michael Otten
    Michael Otten 2 days ago

    Itdve been interesting to see son simpson try on glove. Gessin itdve been better fit. Just sayin

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 3 days ago

    Shane should run for president

  • Colin chung
    Colin chung 3 days ago

    They should do a Aaron Hernandez

  • Robert VanZant
    Robert VanZant 3 days ago

    Yet again, race obsessed America allowed a murder to walk free ! Shame on you ! .

  • Nick Lavender
    Nick Lavender 3 days ago

    The whole reason he was seen as "not guilty" by the jury was kind of a get back for the whole Rodney King incident.

  • savagecrawley41
    savagecrawley41 3 days ago


  • Jana Fawzy
    Jana Fawzy 4 days ago

    I'm like 2 years late to this but hear me out. While I do generally believe that it was indeed Simpson, this is a hypothetical where his Son is the murderer. If his son was indeed the culprit, it would explain multiple why a) he knew how Nicole died before the detective even told him and b) why the first question that would come to his mind would be "who killed her?". Aside from that, it would also suit the Limo driver's description of the "shadowy" person he saw, as Jason is also 6 ft tall and around 200 pounds, making it highly reasonable to also have the same shoe size (while time differences may account for a gap, according to photographs and websites, it wouldn't account for that Big of a difference. Taking into consideration that this is only a Limo driver's perspective from his car and it couldn't be spot on anyways.) A frantic OJ Simpson finding his son Jason the way he is could also justify why he was late to the limo driver and why Simpson's friend heard 3 "thumps". As for the gloves and and beanie, there could be 2 scenarios that I could think of a) OJ Simpson planted his dna on them himself [which happened either because his son was in shock and brought those things back so Simpson went plated his dna and delivered them back to the crime scene (however if that's the case then most likely the crime occurred earlier and/or the murderer left earlier and arrived by the Simpson's estate earlier; or it was indeed Oj Simpson who the Limo driver saw and his son called him after the crime so he could help him.) b) dna was introduced as a crime investigation tool only around 1989, making it potentially not as advanced as it could be when the crime occurred (1994) so an accident may have occurred during the forensic analysis where they said it was OJ's DNA instead of his son's. not saying this is what happened, just saying it's a possibility and we'll never truly know I guess.

  • MR.Techroid
    MR.Techroid 4 days ago

    Or maybe he was frame'd ! Did anyone else consider that ?

  • Rugrat Gates
    Rugrat Gates 4 days ago +1

    When OJ first started his career in the nfl, he played for the buffalo bills which is based out of New York. Those are ojs gloves from his younger days when he played in New York, that he threw in the closet when he moved to the 49ers. I’m not saying that ojs hand grew dramatically over the 10 years of his career but that maybe the gloves were snug to begin with. It’s quite clear he did it when you really zoom in on the evidence along with his past in the public eye. Still all circumstantial.

  • Johann Peña
    Johann Peña 4 days ago

    OG detectives

  • Johann Peña
    Johann Peña 4 days ago

    3:40 that's scared me

  • Turdburglartara spencer

    I remember watching this piece of moldy dog shits police chase on tv.

  • Aramis Violet Rose
    Aramis Violet Rose 4 days ago

    Real question: Did the dog witness the murder or just find Nicole and Ronald murdered? Because if her dog witnessed it, then they would be hostile to the person that hurt their human friend. Or they would avoid the person in a very defensive way.

  • Jan Daniel Ching
    Jan Daniel Ching 4 days ago

    Sad how people of color can always use the racism card in trying to avoid justice or submit to being arrested or etc. cuz the whites are this and that... another thing when people of color use racial slurs on themselves its okay, but when a white man does.... it's racist. wtf.

  • Renu Des
    Renu Des 4 days ago

    Maybe he use the glove for cleaning the crime tho

  • Michelle Hansen
    Michelle Hansen 4 days ago

    (creepy orchestral music)

  • Guy mendez
    Guy mendez 5 days ago +1

    There are ppl even in this age who still believes OJ wasn't the killer. He recently joined Twitter and living his best life with his fans and supporters surrounding him. Makes it more and more dipressing

  • Joseph John
    Joseph John 5 days ago

    What about the last theory? that the murders were caused by extraterrestrials?

  • Baby Strapper
    Baby Strapper 5 days ago

    *sees shadow* “he’s 200 pounds”

  • IDK
    IDK 5 days ago

    More like Buzzfeed "Unsolved"

  • Ari Magiiik
    Ari Magiiik 5 days ago

    Yea... Some might say, "get McDonald's! It's to die for!".... Too soon?

  • Triadii Official
    Triadii Official 5 days ago

    Is O J Simpson a relative of Homer J Simpson?

  • ren caitlynn
    ren caitlynn 5 days ago +2

    just curious- does anyone genuinely believe he's innocent??

  • Benjamin Malave Jr.
    Benjamin Malave Jr. 5 days ago

    4:12 6ft tall is an estimate but 200lbs? How could any witness guess weight based on a shadowy figure?

  • Gareth Jacobsen
    Gareth Jacobsen 6 days ago

    The Rodney King 'beating' was not senseless. It happened because King was high on PCP, attacked the cops and walked through tasers.

  • Melissa Candido
    Melissa Candido 7 days ago

    he did it

  • Chip Skywalker
    Chip Skywalker 8 days ago

    Correction Johnny Cochran Dr. Seussed him out of a Murder

  • Ruben Enrique
    Ruben Enrique 8 days ago +6

    Ok ok people cmon we all know who did it... everything points at OJ.

  • OtakkuAnimeGeek
    OtakkuAnimeGeek 8 days ago

    Quick question. So the double jeopardy thing that's held.
    Let's say OJ confesses that he did commit those murders. They wouldn't be able to do anything because of it right? No legal action can be taken at this point?

  • C1defx
    C1defx 9 days ago

    A Innocent man will not run from the Police in the highway.

    • Jim Jim
      Jim Jim 5 days ago

      You might run if your being railroaded. Where was he going?

  • FrootFather
    FrootFather 9 days ago +3

    this is the only buzzfeed content i like lmao

  • S W I F T Y
    S W I F T Y 9 days ago

    He could have purposely wore shorter gloves idk

  • Richard Hill
    Richard Hill 9 days ago

    If he didn’t do it he had it done I’ve always said that since all this was going on while we was watching on tv in high school

  • Blackboi347
    Blackboi347 9 days ago +1

    Now as a fellow African American teen, I'm gonna have to side against O.J. I'm just saying on why and how he would do it. Now some of yall would say "what the hell man, he a fellow Negro, we all gotta have each other's back". I'm just saying my opinion and I'm sorry if yall be mad by it.

  • XxConstant AnxietyxX

    He clearly did it.

  • Bitch Lasange
    Bitch Lasange 9 days ago +7

    The book titled "If I Did It" had the 'If' shrunken and placed in the 'I' so of you didn't pay attention it read "I Did It"

  • Lennon Wickens
    Lennon Wickens 9 days ago

    What if it was his friend but it’s probably him

  • Kiki Bee
    Kiki Bee 9 days ago

    Do people actually believe he didn’t kill them?

  • jerry janik
    jerry janik 10 days ago

    I'm sorry people but I'm probably the only one that will say this I agree with Bill Dear what is book loved it he also says that Jason was so so obsess with Nicole and also that he Marcus Allen was also a suspect at one time

  • Uriel Galvan
    Uriel Galvan 11 days ago

    If the glove don’t fit then acquit

  • poop train conductor
    poop train conductor 11 days ago


  • Darth_Paul
    Darth_Paul 11 days ago


  • qhm 23252
    qhm 23252 11 days ago +11

    In the words of Glee's Principal Figgins:
    You don't have to wade in the sewer to know it stinks.

  • em.gilmartin
    em.gilmartin 12 days ago

    if i saw a shadowy figure i would DRIVE AWAY

  • em.gilmartin
    em.gilmartin 12 days ago

    akita’s are the most aggressive dogs

  • Thomas Barham
    Thomas Barham 12 days ago

    well he obviously fuckin did it

  • Nathaniel McShane
    Nathaniel McShane 12 days ago +1

    Since OJ was acquitted all of the following has happened:
    • In 1998 he said in an interview “Let's say I committed this crime ... Even if I did this, it would have to have been because I loved her very much, right?"
    • In 1998 he gave an interview in which he ‘jokingly’ told the female interviewer that he “had a surprise” for her, revealed a banana that he proceeded to pretend to stab her with
    • In 2007 he published a (ghostwritten) book detailed how he, ‘hypothetically’, would have killed Nicole and Ronald (“If I Did It”)
    • One month after it was published the family of Ronald Goldman won the rights to the book and republished it under the new title “If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer”. The new title is styled so that the “If” is very small within the I so that, unless you’re looking very closely, the title looks like “I Did It”. The book also now has the phrase “With exclusive commentary “HE DID IT” by the Goldman Family” at the bottom of the front cover.
    • Within the book OJ started by describing the ‘hypothetical’ night with “I would have” and “I would have thought” but later used “I remember” and “I must have” and also recalled a possible accomplice named Charlie
    • In 2008 he was arrested and convicted of 14 felony charges including armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping and sentenced to 33 years with a chance of parole after 9. He was released in 2017 after 9 years.
    • Ronald Goldman’s father and sister said that they have received about 1% of the money owed to them from the wrongful death lawsuit
    • OJ moved to Florida to be closer to his family. ‘Coincidentally’ Florida happens to be one of the few states where one’s home and pensions cannot be seized for lawsuits
    • In 2008 a friend of OJ published a book in which he states that OJ confessed to the murders
    So yeah. Maybe he didn’t do it. And maybe a volcano will suddenly erupt in England tomorrow and kill me.

    • Jim Jim
      Jim Jim 12 days ago

      OJ had no involvement with the book and was paid 600k to not refute it. The only reason the Browns got entangled in the civil trial was to prevent the Goldmans from getting all of the money. Also the Goldman Foundation got shut down by the feds as Fred donated VERY little. Im just sayin'
      The 33 year Vegas sentance defied logic. Payback for 94. The judge ended up getting her own talk show.

  • sam993
    sam993 12 days ago

    3:40 your welcome