Heathers VS Mean Girls: Which is the Better Teen Movie?

  • Published on Jun 25, 2019
  • Heathers VS Mean Girls: Which is the Better Teen Movie? // Subscribe: ru-clip.com/user/MsMojo
    Are you a Plastic or a Heather? That's the real question. Heathers and Mean girls may have been released over 15 years apart, but these two iconic high school movies prove that some things never change when it comes to mean girls, queen bees, infamous cliques and the lives they ruin. Both iconic in their own right, it’ll be far from easy to compare these beloved comedies - but let’s get down to the nitty-gritty to see which movie reigns supreme! Join MsMojo as we decide the winner between Heathers Vs Mean Girls.
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Comments • 873

  • MsMojo
    MsMojo  Month ago +223

    We know it's hard to pick between these two iconic movies... but which do YOU think wins, Heathers or Mean Girls? Comment below!

  • Purple Panda Playz

    I like mean girls cause I love the movie and musical sm. Mean girls won for me.

  • Justine Lou Nogaliza

    Mean Girls. Doesn't mean H comes first doesn't mean it will be the winner. That's uhmm 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Ondina
    Ondina 4 days ago

    Not even a minute in and there's a small mistake about Heathers: Veronica IS part if the group. Like she's officially a "Heather". JD asks her if she's really a "Heather" (It's a very interesting line because he refers to both her name and to the clique's name). There is also the fact that the jocks recognizes her as part of this group ("a Veronica Sawyer and Heather Chandler sandwhich" line for example). Earlier scripts also had Veronica being called "Heather" (the ending where Martha stabs her and calls her "Heather", a lot of other deleted scenes also had a character that changed her named but was originally called "Heather" calling Veronica "Heather" and continuing to do so everytime she appears etc).
    While Veronica doesn't quite fit in, she's part of the group and, from what we know, acted like one before the beginning of the movie (probably to a lesser extent but Chandler mentioned that "she used to have a sense of humor" after bullying Martha).
    By the way, the Heathers are more respected than feared. It's mentioned that they are other cliques as popular as them but that it's their young age that makes them special. Chances are that we don't see the older popular kids as often because the Heathers are involved in the school's activities (mostly the journal which makes them speak to every popular student in school thus forcing others to stay nice to them)

  • Danny H
    Danny H 8 days ago

    bruh, there wouldn’t be a mean girls without heathers 💛❤️💚

  • Rachel Mockett
    Rachel Mockett 12 days ago

    Heathers, is it even a question. Superior movie and musical too ❤️💚💛

  • Adymations Yay
    Adymations Yay 13 days ago

    I love my dead gay son :(

  • Tiffany Mayer
    Tiffany Mayer 14 days ago +1

    Heathers is much better obviously

  • Gacha Septicia
    Gacha Septicia 18 days ago

    Imma Heather!

  • heather chandler
    heather chandler 20 days ago +1

    Heathers was wayyyy to early for its time

  • heather chandler
    heather chandler 20 days ago +2

    Heathers started it all and ya'll can fight me on that

  • Gooseggm ?
    Gooseggm ? 21 day ago +1

    Bro obviously mean girls

    RANDOMNESS GOD Month ago +1

    Mean girls is better in my opinion........hethers is to dark

  • the queen
    the queen Month ago

    Heathers duh. What kinda tomfoolery

  • Hannah Pederson
    Hannah Pederson Month ago +1

    Everything’s right, but mean girls should have won the comedy round. It’s just funnier- especially since some of the humor and references in Heathers are dated.

  • Luis Castellano
    Luis Castellano Month ago

    Can you guys please do a "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" VS. "To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything Julie Newmar" for best Drag movie ever? It would be Very.

  • melindsx
    melindsx Month ago

    pls heathers did everything mean girls did first and better 🤷‍♀️

  • Rachael Eyre
    Rachael Eyre Month ago

    Heathers without a doubt. Mean Girls is its sanitised little sister.

  • Toga LeBlanc
    Toga LeBlanc Month ago

    “ are you a mean girl or heather “
    I am JD

  • Cheyenne Icenhower
    Cheyenne Icenhower Month ago

    I am 19. Mean Girls was made much more in my time, and I still prefer Heathers

  • Cheyenne Icenhower
    Cheyenne Icenhower Month ago

    F*** me gently with a Chainsaw! Heather's wins no doubt


    Heathers is iconic please, Mean girls doesn't exist without The original queen of MEAN

  • WeirdEmoChild
    WeirdEmoChild Month ago +1

    Heathers and Mean Girls are very different movies though. Both in tone and in plot they're really only seen as "similar" because of the clique aspect.

  • Tehya Gould
    Tehya Gould Month ago

    I've never even heard of heathers😥

  • whizzer brown
    whizzer brown Month ago +1

    heathers is always going to be better. a movie about murder and teen violence versus a petty clique rivalry is much better. i love mean girls but heathers is so much more interesting and deeper!

  • Cornwallis, god and savior

    I, and many people I know, quote heathers more than mean girls...

  • Vasilisa Shakurova
    Vasilisa Shakurova Month ago


  • Erin Hardy
    Erin Hardy Month ago

    I would watch a comparison if the musicals

  • Emily M
    Emily M Month ago

    I like mean girls better

  • America Martinez Molina

    Heathers was the obvious choice. It was ahead of it’s time and iconic. Mean girls is just basic and predictable.

  • Love for Matilda
    Love for Matilda Month ago

    Mean Girls is sooooo much better

  • Peachy Vibes
    Peachy Vibes Month ago +1

    Honestly I've been quoting the mean girl quotes while they were playing but sang the songs from Heathers the musical--

  • Doodlopend
    Doodlopend Month ago

    Lets be real, Regina George is cool and all but she wouldn't exist without the mythic bitch that is Heather Chandler.

  • 慧 慧
    慧 慧 Month ago


  • askaksa
    askaksa Month ago

    They're different and iconic, phenomenal, and profound in their own ways, but i do have to agree that Heathers is my #1

  • freddie
    freddie Month ago

    Heathers is better

  • Emogirl_Yt
    Emogirl_Yt Month ago +1

    Mean girls wouldn’t be here without Heathers SO HEATHERS ARE BETTER

  • [ Jav0ra ]
    [ Jav0ra ] Month ago

    I'm really not a huge fan of Heathers as the movie. But musical was amazing. And I was hella obsessed over it like a year ago. But now I moved on and I'm even more obsessed with Mean Girls. I liked movie way more because of its quotability (My favorite quote ever is from Heathers tho (it's "Fuck me gently with a chainsaw" if ur wondering)). And also Heathers seems kinda more boring than Mean Girls to me(I watched Heathers 2 times and Mean Girls around 5-6 times). About musicals, well, a lot of people going to disagree with me, but I think they are eqally amazing. So for short. Imo it's *Mean Girls movie > Heathers movie & Mean Girls the musical = Heathers the musical*

  • D’Arcy McFadden
    D’Arcy McFadden Month ago +2

    I would’ve been pissed if heathers didn’t win

  • I am Karen and I took the kids

    Legacy.......what is a legacy?
    It's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see

    • Asma Jalis
      Asma Jalis Month ago

      I am Karen and I took the kids I wrote some notes at the beginning of a song someone will sing to me

  • nouriok
    nouriok Month ago

    Mean girls because it’s 2003 and clothes aren’t hideous

  • ariana grxnde '
    ariana grxnde ' Month ago

    Mean girls all the way

  • Trinity ••
    Trinity •• Month ago


  • Randy Randy
    Randy Randy Month ago

    Are you a plastic or a heather? I’m a pleather

  • Carrie Ishere
    Carrie Ishere Month ago +2

    I like mean girls better ❤❤❤

  • Victor Claw of Hogwarts

    0:00-0:04 I AM A HEATHER!!!!

  • d e p p r e s s e d p e a n u t


  • Kevin Guiang
    Kevin Guiang Month ago +3

    C O R N N U T S

  • Ranger Gaming
    Ranger Gaming Month ago

    I'm a Heather all the way

  • Mama Maya
    Mama Maya Month ago +3



  • lizard lizard
    lizard lizard Month ago +1

    I'm choosing mean girls because ei didn't know what heather was because intell riverdale

  • : 3
    : 3 Month ago +1

    Heathers because it’s dark and it has a beautiful message, it’s just such a great film and I love it but mean girls is also pretty iconic.
    Edit:ya’ll chose the right winner

  • Brown Bread
    Brown Bread Month ago +2

    Mean Girls Cuz It Was The First Teen Movie I Watched When I Was Like 8🤣 I Didnt Even Get Anything They Said LmFao

  • Plushtrap Pop
    Plushtrap Pop Month ago

    Bitch please, mean girls wouldn't even be a thought if Heathers didn't exist.

  • Soaribb
    Soaribb Month ago +3

    Mean Girls to Heather is the Kids Bops version of Nine Inch Nails.

  • yiraeth
    yiraeth Month ago

    I love both, but come on. Mean girls wouldn’t exist without Heathers.

  • -Ashjhe _
    -Ashjhe _ Month ago


  • SakuraSensations
    SakuraSensations Month ago

    HECK YEAH! HEATHERS. BEATS. ALL. ESPECIALLY the musical! Heathers is beautiful and poetic and well made! Mean Girls is great, there’s no denying it. But, it can’t measure up to Heather’s impact on me.
    However, the quote “She doesn’t even go here,” is my favorite of the Mean Girls movie, and even inspired my best friend to dress up in that outfit for Halloween with a sign saying the quote. Still though, Heathers is Bigger Fun than any other High school drama.

  • Cinnam0n
    Cinnam0n Month ago

    Obviously Heather's.

  • Emma Hart
    Emma Hart Month ago +3

    I like heathers just I CANT remember any seen nor quote

  • A vip army-L that blinked once

    Heathers. Periodt

  • Maka Macaroon
    Maka Macaroon Month ago

    Ffft please, heathers is a cult classic

  • Maka Macaroon
    Maka Macaroon Month ago


  • Lily •
    Lily • Month ago


  • freeme bith
    freeme bith Month ago

    this is like comparing apple's to oranges, ones a (very good) teen comedy about popularity, the other is a black comedy about how america handles suicide

  • Ashlyn Drew Clarke
    Ashlyn Drew Clarke Month ago +1

    Their would be no mean girls w/o heathers so, I thinks their is a clear winner here

  • angie draws
    angie draws Month ago +12

    “october 3rd is mean girls day”
    *and september 1st is heathers day*

  • вєαυтιfυl Tophats

    heathers, is your iq that low?

  • Mark —
    Mark — Month ago

    Quotability? I say ‘how very’ everyday but ok....

  • XAzaraPlayzX
    XAzaraPlayzX Month ago +2

    Heathers was out first and I honestly love Heathers the most! Its original tho.... im just saying! Dont come @ me plz

  • witney a.
    witney a. Month ago

    Answer: Jawbreaker

  • Randomtale :3
    Randomtale :3 Month ago +1

    NO heather C’s best line is :sHuT uP hEaThEr!!!!!!!!! (Yes I thats from the musical but still)
    (They said it was beep me gently with a chainsaw)

  • Sofia Arden
    Sofia Arden Month ago

    Well the actress from heathers also played in mean girls

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy Month ago +1

    heathers could kill mean girls by looking at them

  • Fundez 101
    Fundez 101 Month ago +1

    if there was no heathers, there wouldnt be jawbreaker, or even mean girls. i can agree that heathers is the best movie tbh.