The Perplexing BOB LAZAR | An In-Depth Exploration (2019)

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
  • The Perplexing Bob Lazar | An In-Depth Exploration (2019)
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    Every time I feel I have a firm grasp on this story, I’m given reason to doubt it.
    I’ll become convinced that Bob is lying, and live through that reality. Astonished at how one man could lie with such an apparent lack of empathy, or concern for the world... but then my perspective will switch.
    Watch Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers HERE:


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  • Sean Graham
    Sean Graham 2 minutes ago

    not a great video. weird arguments and logic. I find i still have no idea who Lazar is.

  • W. C.
    W. C. 6 minutes ago

    Anyone else expecting a jerry Seinfeld act? Pretty much a look alike, without the personality.

  • Roy Winkler
    Roy Winkler 7 minutes ago

    Gad don't tell me you're an Alex Jones fan!

  • Roy Winkler
    Roy Winkler 10 minutes ago

    Why do you say you lean toward "improbable" that the government would alter Lazarr's documents? Why? What in your lifetime has told you that the government tells you the absolute truth?

  • Roy Winkler
    Roy Winkler 12 minutes ago

    It's the age old conflict between truth and the lies of the system. The system will be telling the same story decades later and we will worry the truth to death.

  • Brian Goldstein
    Brian Goldstein 12 minutes ago

    Mouthy Buddha? That's about right; I like "bad-logic Buddha" better though. Also, Lazar never once said he "discovered" element 115. Bad logic AND bad ears

  • LuvTheSnapper
    LuvTheSnapper 16 minutes ago

    I love the hand scanner story. For so long people called bs on that device, then pictures of it showed up lol

  • BTU_Knockout
    BTU_Knockout 17 minutes ago

    There would be no question if he actually

  • Roy Winkler
    Roy Winkler 20 minutes ago

    When you say "majestic clearance doesn't exist" what oracle are you consulting my friend? How can you know that something is NOT?

  • Flono McFlooneyloo
    Flono McFlooneyloo 21 minute ago

    I found that paper at 11:59.

  • Roy Winkler
    Roy Winkler 25 minutes ago

    Don't underestimate the system's ability to erase your academic or work record folks. Duh. You are only the person you are because the papers you have say you are.

  • Brian Goldstein
    Brian Goldstein 27 minutes ago

    Lazar is telling the truth... the day will come when he will be vindicated. Not a matter of if, but when.

  • Brian Goldstein
    Brian Goldstein 29 minutes ago

    whoa, that first clip.. kinda sketchy

  • Mikey C
    Mikey C 46 minutes ago

    I want to believe him but two things really bother me. First, who is a college graduate and doesn't keep his/her degree? For him to have two masters, that means he must have earned THREE degrees: at least one bachelor's degree and two masters. And he doesn't have the original degrees he earned? I only have a bachelor's and it's hanging on my office walll: it's about 2 feet x 2 feet... kinda hard to miss. Did he just "lose" his? Also, if he has some 115 (which he seems to like to hint that he does), why not give that to an independent lab with media present? Game over! I think it's most likely he doesn't have any... because his story is fake.

  • jonny jonjon
    jonny jonjon Hour ago

    I've seen and touched the Loch Ness monster!! But these stories??
    Hahaha what a load if twaddle 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Jim Fixx
    Jim Fixx Hour ago

    Mysterious have no explanatory power


    Because if he really worked for Area 51 then history of his education would probably be wiped the less of a trail the easier it is to dispose of them when the asset because an issue or is longer needed so in reality if there levels of our government that operate that way then the lack of proof of him attending those Universities would further prove hes probably telling the truth it could go either way.

  • Razor Blazed
    Razor Blazed Hour ago

    You can not believe what he's saying but your constant "but i dont think he did" is your own personal opinoin you said you wouldnt project. you've already proved more untrustworthy than bob. this is a fucking bullshit use of his interview.

  • Short Bus
    Short Bus Hour ago

    After reading some of these comments, the earth must be flat after all.....

  • David T
    David T Hour ago +1

    I believe him

  • G Smith
    G Smith Hour ago


  • Ven Tarfield
    Ven Tarfield 2 hours ago

    We have known about this guy and his testimonies since the late 80's. Why is Robert all of a sudden being posted all over media?

  • Marcus Tulius Cicero
    Marcus Tulius Cicero 2 hours ago

    This vid was better than that Jeremy Corbell drivel. That dude is in love with himself, and couldn't explain a road sign if his life depended on it.

  • hueyloois
    hueyloois 2 hours ago

    'dropped him off at the campus. . .picked him up from the library'. . .a long stretch from taking the same course and sitting in the same lecture theatre with him for months. . .
    this man is delusional. . .get him to the infirmary. . .

  • Manlike JasedoubleD
    Manlike JasedoubleD 2 hours ago

    He tells the truth! Why do u think the feds keep raiding him??? They tried wipe out his past and there is proof he worked those places! MIT etc!! He never tried making money off of this stuff! He HAS donated money made from documentaries!! so much of the stuff he said in the 80s hav been proven years later

  • Aziryse
    Aziryse 2 hours ago

    He is a liar. Not once has he drawn a schematic of what he worked on nor explained it. Liar. Liar. Liar.

  • Flono McFlooneyloo
    Flono McFlooneyloo 2 hours ago

    Simple fact is Z-R is not a system a highly evolved, highly technological, space-faring sentient beings could likely originate. Bob makes this claim (from the briefing documents he allegedly was given). He does say the briefing papers could have 'information which is there to test' the hiree but he states it as a 'fact' in current documentaries.

    Why could they not have come from Z-R? Three Reasons.
    In order for a planetary system to be 'habitable' for long enough, for the right conditions, you have to have certain things. Go and look at the Wiki for Zeta-Reticulae binary system.

    1. It is not a stable system (most binary systems are not stable). It is a 'wide binary', being 3000 parsecs between the two stars, but it would still make the orbits of any planets potentially unstable over cosmic time spans (millions of years).

    2. There have not been rocky planets (or any planets) seen there.

    3. Though it is a Population I star, meaning it has 'metalicity', it is low in metalicity, meaning it probably is deficient in rare metals needed for high technology. The two stars are smaller than our Sun and only 60% of our Sun's metalicity. Important elements are going to be exceptionally rare or not available in any quantities to allow high technology.

    Bob said briefing papers mentioned Z-R as the system of origin. He states it confidently. He does say the briefing papers could have 'information which is there to test' the hiree.

  • Roberto Barrera
    Roberto Barrera 3 hours ago

    I’m sure this is nothing, but I found his past addresses and he lived in Los Alamos, NM and Las Vegas.

  • Skilar Taylor
    Skilar Taylor 3 hours ago +1

    Roe jogan

  • Oceans808
    Oceans808 3 hours ago +1

    Come on, Bob. Put the whole education thing to rest then because it's not like it's a small thing. That's a big deal. Show us evidence that you went to Caltech and MIT. Show us your papers, notes, textbooks, etc. You must've made friends....who were your professors, etc.? I get the argument that the government can erase your records, but can they erase eyewitnesses as well?

    He can't prove it because he's full of shit. The guy is a professional liar with a huge imagination.

  • Juan Suarez
    Juan Suarez 3 hours ago

    You have to be a Democrat to believe this stuff. Only Democrats believe that government is competent enough to keep a secret.

  • a plastic chair
    a plastic chair 3 hours ago

    Oh god, a mouthy buddha video. why was this garbage recommended to me?

    This video is incorrect with so many of it's arguments you laid out, you have a very poor understanding of the information given. At times you even exclude vital information to this story, did you only watch the documentary? lmao always been a joke buddha

  • Aton
    Aton 4 hours ago

    That Ghostmane Nihil intro music

  • Dan Gee
    Dan Gee 4 hours ago

    One thing I have to ask is - Bob is 'clever' and Bob knows all this shit... why didn't he do anything with it?

  • James Bingham
    James Bingham 4 hours ago

    So, once again, no answers. I'm shocked.

  • Ken L
    Ken L 4 hours ago

    They would not die from working around those levels of radiation. Although, it will increase their chances of getting cancer at some point in their life, the increased chances would be less than that of cigarette smoking. There are legal guidelines for how much radiation is allowed to exist in an area before it must become considered uninhabitable, and in those areas only people with specific clearances and knowledge of radiation safety (many times physicists, hint hint) are allowed to enter. Not to mention, this was the 80's and our knowledge of the effects of radiation were about as limited as yours currently is and the policies surrounding it reflected that.

  • Hexocat
    Hexocat 4 hours ago

    Why doesn't anyone mention that interview, where Edward Teller was asked about Bob Lazar and the 3rd nuclear reaction that Lazar claims exists? Teller's reaction is the biggest reason I find this story interesting. Teller, btw, is the father of a Hydrogen Bomb.

  • Hexocat
    Hexocat 4 hours ago

    Do you hate green?

  • Independent Record
    Independent Record 5 hours ago

    Not sure I believe Lazar, but one thing that always gets me is how he never seems interested in making money out of his experience. Sure he has done a number of interviews over the years (including the latest one were all this footage is from) but he is not like most who claim to work at Area 51, or involved in Government programs dealing with Aliens who tend to release a book every other month, Each time with a new and grander claim.

  • Marc Abramsky
    Marc Abramsky 5 hours ago

    I said this before in another post. I do not get why it is so hard for people to think of a country with the worlds reserve currency having a secret, off record, project. To me, it is not "if" they do but rather "how many". With the worlds reserve currency, you can print as much money as you want without any sort of auditing or answering to anyone. Do you think a few trillion could disappear? It really is stupid, isn't it? Of course, it could. It could be done in countries without the worlds reserve currency but to have the worlds reserve currency makes this completely possible and probable. Whether Bob is telling the truth or not is irrelevant. Duping the public is what these guys are good at. I am no conspiracist but it obviously makes sense.

  • Paulo Nuno
    Paulo Nuno 5 hours ago

    Is the background sound from ghostemane?

  • khalabeeb
    khalabeeb 5 hours ago

    If Bob is lying (i must say, he is a pretty good liar then)
    And if he is such a pretty good liar, wouldn't he had thought that if he said he studied in MIT there would be no records of him there and he would be immediately discredited?
    I think it's pretty obvious the government erased all his past records, it's not even a discussion
    I can't understand how anyone still hadn't remembered of this detail

  • Jordan Exley
    Jordan Exley 5 hours ago

    Great work buddah

  • Sergo Khechuashvili
    Sergo Khechuashvili 6 hours ago

    Tell me how government can say
    Yes there is something but after so many years we can’t say what is it or who are they
    And the fact that they are much more smarter than as
    They afraid to admit that we are one of the dumb race

  • Chris Horianopoulos
    Chris Horianopoulos 6 hours ago

    I have two Masters degrees and no yearbook pics!

  • P Anon
    P Anon 6 hours ago

    sorry but the non existence of flashing lights is pretty irrelevant imo. It could simply be a prototype aircraft being tested in a military area and they saw no need to install the standard flashing lights like on commercial aircraft . Im quite sure stealth fighter aircraft don't have flashing beacons on them when conducting missions in enemy airspace.

  • Markanthony Suarez
    Markanthony Suarez 6 hours ago

    You missed a lot of information and your wrong about MJ12 . They do exists or used to at least . Lazar is the real deal and Its sad that people cannot accept the truth

  • Mariusz Stark
    Mariusz Stark 6 hours ago

    You have to believe the government version no matter what. 🤣

  • Alen Phillips
    Alen Phillips 6 hours ago

    Ill continue to keep an open mind. Plus, its exciting to think of the endless possibilities out there.

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith 6 hours ago

    I wonder whether Lazar has been set up right from the beginning as they knew from his psychological profile he would go public. But rather than the things he saw being bogus they are part of a slow process to bring the phenomenon into the public consciousness. So disclosure won’t be a sudden admission, more an evolving situation as more evidence is leaked into the public domain. Look at the US navy fighter videos that have been released in the last few years. There’s so much creditable evidence out there now the Lazar story is slightly irrelevant. I hope if he is telling the truth he is vindicated in his life time. If he isn’t he should be pretty ashamed of himself.

  • Mc Earl
    Mc Earl 6 hours ago +1

    This was better than that documentary honestly.

  • DrewVillain
    DrewVillain 6 hours ago

    Bob never said he found element 115.

  • Sammy Dendoncker
    Sammy Dendoncker 6 hours ago

    If the ufo bending gravity for moving forward..what should it use for moving and steering in space then? Some one ask bob this please..

  • ImSoTexas929
    ImSoTexas929 6 hours ago +2

    The fact that Bob can explain complex physics on the spot. Consider that he broke this in the 80s. If Bob was that good at making stuff up he would rival Steven King.

  • Troy Hodges
    Troy Hodges 6 hours ago

    This is just getting rediculous. I think now that the government is realising that it cant hide this forever and they are releasing little hints of truth. Obama was on the tonight show and they asked him if he new anything and he said he has seen some things but he will not comment on them. The usa government is responsible for killing jfk. Marylin monroe... and that was before bob was even an adult. The fact that they call him a liar because he said it was the naval department not office. And that his employee number didnt come up is fucking stupid. The reason why people are skeptical is because people keep fucking making videos trying to debunk his story. It is extremely possible his wife would have left him years ago if he was lieing. People camp outside his house . Unwanted people stop him in the streets. His wife would have left him if it wasnt true.

  • mcdouche2
    mcdouche2 7 hours ago

    The thing that gets me is that I spent 5 years of my life working my ass off to get a Bachelors in Engineering. The paper diploma I was given for that is one of my most prized processions. How can he not have any of those?

  • Ben Curzon
    Ben Curzon 7 hours ago

    Wouldn’t someone who knew bob just come out and say “nah it’s all ball shit, he was running a library for 30 years”

  • Mike Wells
    Mike Wells 7 hours ago

    Hokey. Too weak of arguments to believe in their case.

  • Rob Harms
    Rob Harms 8 hours ago

    The narration is terrible and pointless. This could have been a great video. It was a great idea but it's almost like there was zero research done.

  • David Æ
    David Æ 8 hours ago

    It's crazy how he wasn't assassinated, I can only think the government hoped people would think he was crazy.. but people are listening they always have been

  • Bound Music
    Bound Music 8 hours ago

    who came here because he has a big penis?

  • jus one
    jus one 8 hours ago

    Idk bob lazar couldve faked everything and at the same time it. Could all be true.50/50.and yes i just finished the rogan podcast lol. Joe really didnt dig into this guy im guessing there was a agreement beforehand at that dinner they had nite before.

  • Gregory Dahl
    Gregory Dahl 8 hours ago

    You need your own proof maybe ?

  • Jordon Nicolosi
    Jordon Nicolosi 8 hours ago

    Look man you're gonna have your opinion whether Bob is lying or not. The fact is everyone is going to be biased. If you think he's lying youre going to try and point out everything that supports your belief. If you think he's telling the truth you're going to try n point out all the unexplainable things that people can't answer. It's just how it is.

  • Who Is Mark Jones?
    Who Is Mark Jones? 8 hours ago

    I can't take people like you serious. It's almost like you refuse to believe in anything but God lol yeah you're right. The government doesn't cover up anything at all. Bob is lying LMFAO

  • J. P.
    J. P. 9 hours ago

    Bob is absolutely telling the truth

  • thedragonlee76
    thedragonlee76 9 hours ago

    The blinking\no blinking lights issue.Well,those blinking lights on aircraft are bascily FAA warning lights so other aircraft pilots can see other planes so they won't crash into each other.Now,top secret military aircrafts,they don't put those lights on them.Also,when the military test flies their top secret aircraft,its almost entirely done at night so that people can't see them.

  • N VDL
    N VDL 9 hours ago

    NEXT! Sorry bro, but you are wrong.

  • Sammyb b
    Sammyb b 9 hours ago

    I'm also a big believer but how did they turn the power source on and off if you couldn't touch it when active??

  • Sammyb b
    Sammyb b 10 hours ago +1

    Actually majestic clearance is a real thing.

  • QuorthonsInferno
    QuorthonsInferno 10 hours ago

    Millions have followed Bob Lazar for decades, literally no one cares if you came from the joe Rogan podcast. It's destroying the actual conversations in the comment sections

  • jose rodriguez
    jose rodriguez 10 hours ago

    Funny how this stupid video came out just after Lazars documentary. This is carefully designed to further discredit him and to plant the seed of doubt in anyone who still believes his story. I've followed his story since early 90s and believe him 100%

  • Shawn Quinn
    Shawn Quinn 11 hours ago

    what about a hard copy of his diploma? does he not have one?

  • pkbattosai
    pkbattosai 11 hours ago

    Wait was Bob lazar a pimp at one point in his life lol I always thought that part was random as hell when i saw it in the movie

  • eddie Towers
    eddie Towers 11 hours ago

    The problem with claims like these are they’re all for all types of gain. From the start of Lazars claim, to this very day, I bet he and others have profited from his story, Not to mention of all the people who interacted with him his whole life, if not his scholastic life, they can’t find several male and female friends he’s hung out with who would come forward, if not to just describe the type of guy Lazar was? You have less than a handful of people, from his past that confirms who he is? I haven’t seen anything to prove Lazar’s claims of being a physicist, either. And some of his claims of the technology he mentioned in the Netflix video, still doesn’t prove anything. Like the entry scanner. The picture one of the video producers provide seems dated. Not enough detail to them in the video. The reason some of us don’t believe Lazar’s claim is, first and foremost, one doesn’t jump into it ready to drink the cool aide. Obviously. These claims have to be verified to the Nth degree. On pure speculation, because no one will know the actual truth, yet, those that did drink the cool aide and are against those that think rationally before fully believing Lazar, go on unfounded proof and feelings, so should I. So here is conjecture: Bob Lazar may have worked in a branch of what he claims but not in the capacity that he claims, maybe as a low level tech, a “red shirt” if you will. (Red Shirt: Sacrificial person derived from old Star Trek tv show). And may have observed technologies, under this government contract, he has never seen before, but was common place for this government agency. Now, the other problematic thing is, Of all the time everyone looked into Lazar because of his story, mainly his background, or past life. Why hasn’t he fought for what he knows to be true? Why hasn’t he, himself made every effort to come up with HIS past. A man not remembered is a man driven to not be forgotten. If not for his deeds, for all of his memories. Not once did Bob Lazar stand up for himself, through sheer anger of his missing pass fight to get his past, you have everyone else and grifters make money in Lazar’s name. I feel there is more to Lazar’s background than George Knapp and Jeremy what ever is letting on. Only it may not paint a pretty picture of Lazar. And who obviously will know their dubious past than himself? In history there have been people who fought for their names, or the names of others, such as Randy Hunter about Alexander Weygers
    Which seems an interesting connection to Lazar, if just on the “flying saucers” alone. And for me, the alleged flying saucers Lazar claims to have seen, are the nail in the coffin. The flying saucers. Should have been the obvious death Nell to ant of these flying saucer claims.

  • Eric Allen
    Eric Allen 11 hours ago

    As for me, I have no doubt he's telling the truth. My best friend (he was 11 at the time), saw, with his dad and aunt, a flying object just as depicted in this video. It was hovering above his pond out in the country in Downsville Louisiana. This would have been summer of 1974. They saw this object hovering for what seemed to be about 5 minutes, no sound, then went diagonal, then another movement, then gone. He guessed that the object was about 100 yards from them, about 200 yards in the air. He didn't tell me about this until we were 19. He said he didn't want anyone to think he was crazy, so he kept it to himself. His dad never wanted to talk about it, as was the case with his aunt.

  • Conor Moore
    Conor Moore 11 hours ago

    Not saying I'm 100% convinced but you come across quite biased and trying to disprove/discredit Bob from the start

  • Andrew Burnett
    Andrew Burnett 11 hours ago

    Lazar needs just one person who also worked at Area 51 / S4 to come forward and confirm all his stories. Just one more person and this becomes real. If Lazar is telling the truth, there had to be hundreds of folks out there too, over the years. We are still waiting for just one more person to break their silence. That says something, doesn’t it?

  • vern fierce
    vern fierce 12 hours ago +1

    The object looks like the tic tac ufo?

  • rozroz
    rozroz 12 hours ago

    i don't get the light on a an alien space craft. why would it have any light at all?? it should be black and invisible at night.

  • blackl1steddrums
    blackl1steddrums 12 hours ago +6

    Make bob take a masters level test in physics and see how he performs?

    • Ryan Kowalski
      Ryan Kowalski 3 hours ago

      @blackl1steddrums either he doesn't know the difference or he is intentionally misleading people. i don't have enough data to know which, but both are red flags.

    • blackl1steddrums
      blackl1steddrums 3 hours ago

      @Ryan Kowalski Are you sure he doesn't know the difference?

    • Ryan Kowalski
      Ryan Kowalski 3 hours ago

      Well he doesn't even know the difference between the strong nuclear force and gravity so my guess is he would fail even the lower level stuff ;)

  • Joe Blue
    Joe Blue 12 hours ago

    This doc is better than the one on Netflix

  • Englishsessions
    Englishsessions 12 hours ago +12

    It was so nice seeing this footage used without all of Corbell's dumb, cringy, egocentric aspects to it.

    • Matt The Gas
      Matt The Gas 3 hours ago +3

      Englishsessions 100%!! That documentary was awful, ruined Bobs story with those trippy cut scenes & god awful mumbling narration. Hideous.

  • Team Macnamara
    Team Macnamara 13 hours ago

    Why don’t you reference the hand bone scanner Bob mentions from S4 which later was found to be real?

  • Travis Dark
    Travis Dark 13 hours ago

    Bob lazar shouldn't be on trial in your little bull shit video, who do you even think you are? Your info is out of date just like you

  • Zavier Orlos
    Zavier Orlos 13 hours ago

    Yeah... the most amazing thing was it has no lights. Jesus Christ, the Humanity. You people must know the difference between a Story and a Theory.
    Story = No Facts, Theory = a statement after analysing a lot of facts.

  • Stealthy
    Stealthy 13 hours ago +2

    Bob lazar doesn't speak like a physicist..... Read what stanton friedman said about him

  • Trevor Lilley
    Trevor Lilley 13 hours ago

    Well thanks for wasting 22 mins of my life on your pure speculation.

    • Trevor Lilley
      Trevor Lilley 3 hours ago

    • Trevor Lilley
      Trevor Lilley 3 hours ago

      @Eric J. Rodrigue lol I'd been better off swimming in a meat speedo with piranhas then listening to this ignorant video 💯

    • Eric J. Rodrigue
      Eric J. Rodrigue 11 hours ago

      ...Yeah I'm sure you have better things to do with your life, right?

  • Kung fu fighting training jeet kune do

    This is for real bob convinced me. The reason this got covered up is .. the leaders are afraid ,, why ? We are not the dominant species on this planet .

  • Brian W
    Brian W 14 hours ago +1

    He doesn’t give me any indication of intentional deception. I deal with people who lie on a daily basis. In my opinion he’s being truthful. That doesn’t mean it’s real, he very well could be a pathological liar or psychopath.

  • Bob Lazar PhD Fuzzycist

    The ET craft use a gravity field propulsion engine powered by an antimatter reactor and high voltage containment. The government is in possession of them. You don't have to believe it, but it's true

  • Steve S
    Steve S 15 hours ago

    Of course he’s telling the truth. You gotta be a complete idiot if you don’t think that this mans life has been tampered with.

  • Gregory Dunlop
    Gregory Dunlop 15 hours ago

    Well, it’s a good distraction at the very least. Everybody loves an alien story!

  • Michael Rausa
    Michael Rausa 15 hours ago

    Great 👍 video this is how more videos should be ....creatively investigative angle

  • Roy Anders
    Roy Anders 15 hours ago

    The slow release of ufo/uap information by the government is interesting to me. The way in which it is being done makes me wonder if it is preparation.

  • Kevin Connelli
    Kevin Connelli 16 hours ago

    I dont believe him, if it were true one of the other thousands of employees would say something to back him up and plus the general public would have more than grainy photos and video by now as proof of alien life! Aliens do not exist!

  • beyondfirstclass
    beyondfirstclass 16 hours ago

    I have an alien friend. His name is bluey.

  • Mik H
    Mik H 16 hours ago

    Pentagon admits existence of ufo's. It is quite possible Bob Lazar is telling the truth.

  • Meyer Blignaut
    Meyer Blignaut 16 hours ago

    Dude ur editing is amazing, makes it worth watching long vids

  • stingyringpiece
    stingyringpiece 16 hours ago

    good vid thanks for the time and effort to make it