Extreme Dangerous Biggest Wood Sawmill Machine Working, Fastest Chainsaw Wood Cutting Machine Modern

  • Published on Apr 8, 2018
  • Extreme Dangerous Biggest Wood Sawmill Machine Working, Fastest Chainsaw Wood Cutting Machines Modern
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Comments • 113

  • Graham Orm
    Graham Orm 7 days ago

    Clickbait thumbnail. Just Indians handling average stuff in bare feet.

  • Tony Capistrano
    Tony Capistrano 8 days ago


  • Dusty Fogg
    Dusty Fogg 10 days ago

    Wearing shorts and floppy shoes while working that sort of machinery? What a bird brain!!

  • Christophe Godfirnon

    Safety nightmares ...

  • Billy Topa
    Billy Topa Month ago

    Wtf is that clown doing wearing slippers?

  • Scott Countryman
    Scott Countryman Month ago

    Why no safety glasses?

  • Stephen Haven
    Stephen Haven 2 months ago

    That giant green reciprocating hacksaw thing might be the most dangerous piece of equipment I've ever seen.

  • AXL4LIFE229
    AXL4LIFE229 2 months ago

    Another click bait video..

  • Marion Robertson
    Marion Robertson 2 months ago

    Machinery Channel that is soo interesting to see the different ways the cutting gets done and to see the beautiful wood grain.Thanks be blessed.

  • m ing
    m ing 2 months ago

    08:06 Left foot is dangerous

    TRUMPY THE CLOWN 2 months ago

    decades and decades and some centuries to row but it takes just minutes to tear them down and shred them to scraps.

  • baccorifaldo
    baccorifaldo 3 months ago

    machinery may be as good as it gets, the cut is all wrong. A tree that size should be cut radial, the central 6 inches slab and etc.. The way you saw it it won' stop moving

  • raymond wood
    raymond wood 3 months ago

    The guy at the start of this film with shorts - flip flops- no hard hat & and no shirt on is ALSO HEAD OF SAFETY

  • Rajneesh Mishra
    Rajneesh Mishra 3 months ago

    These videos have a strange hypnotic effect .... usually i fall asleep watching

  • Mikhael Plahney
    Mikhael Plahney 3 months ago

    skaisti, malači, ka nebaidās )))

    THE MAX 3 months ago


  • omClassic TV
    omClassic TV 3 months ago

    Make slab table ... .. .

  • Julio Santos
    Julio Santos 3 months ago

    Que Dios los Bendiga!!. Bendiga la Familia!!. La Casa!!. El Trabajo!!. Que interesante la forma de hacer tablas!!. Gracias!!.

  • Calvin Smith
    Calvin Smith 3 months ago

    You know big money will pay for those "boardroom" tables. Trees were plentiful, and labor was cheap....

  • Christian d'Anjou
    Christian d'Anjou 3 months ago

    Most of them are ¨killing machines¨ and the one at 7 min. is the worst. A curtain protecting the worker against the saw. Stupid.

  • hyena12
    hyena12 3 months ago

    Y así pronto nos quedaremos sin bosques…….sigan salvajes, sigan creando destrucción.

  • Scat pack 392 -G
    Scat pack 392 -G 4 months ago

    thought that was pretty cool just something about it 🤔

  • ra1ajw
    ra1ajw 4 months ago

    Чё та я оглох от жужжания 0-:

  • Parvan Kamenov
    Parvan Kamenov 4 months ago

    Drudgery ....

  • Dave Hansen
    Dave Hansen 4 months ago

    Looks like a government non profit operation

  • I love π
    I love π 4 months ago

    7:30 must be the most unsafe machine in the video. Stepping on and between joists while pushing a giant rotating blade. Idiots. Why don't they put a pole on the side or something? Apparently I'm smarter than they are.

  • Marco Batenburg
    Marco Batenburg 4 months ago

    On slippers ,no dust masks or safety glasses no safety handgloves or ear protection.All in open air with no machinery to suck the dust away.

  • Ginger Lee
    Ginger Lee 4 months ago

    That is a seriously dangerous set up. Walking over rails pushing a saw with no guard. They need to attach a guard and not maneuver over rails.

  • Nuno Urbiznis
    Nuno Urbiznis 4 months ago +1

    Those Russian guys with that rotary sawmill are knucking futs!

  • papa bits
    papa bits 4 months ago

    OSHA approved

  • Adrian K
    Adrian K 4 months ago

    fuck, that idiot in shorts, socks and sandals, WTF is with that, obviously in some shithole of a place with no Work Place Health and Safety Standards...

  • Julius Jano
    Julius Jano 4 months ago

    Je vimakany

  • Christian B
    Christian B 4 months ago +1

    The circular saw cutting both ways IS "the Widow Maker". Only fools would run such a machine in the US.

  • flewggle
    flewggle 4 months ago +1

    Am I nuts or does that saw at 7:15 look like a death trap. Seems like a matter of time to me before someone trips over the bottom rails right into that saw blade. Good lord.

  • Я
    Я 4 months ago

    4:20действительно чтоб такую хироту распелить и станок соответствующе должен называться)))))

  • tubemade brum
    tubemade brum 4 months ago

    boring video

    АРКАНАР 4 months ago

    На 7:16 - по-русски называется "закат солнца вручную". Да, уж... Технологии...

    АРКАНАР 4 months ago

    Правильное название машины для распиловки брёвен: HIROTA. По русски - херота. У нас в колхозе пилорама была гораздо производительней!!!

  • AJ MAG
    AJ MAG 4 months ago

    12:56 , What A Beauty

  • Edena Edena
    Edena Edena 5 months ago

    О технике безопасности на этой пилораме и не слышали. About safety on this sawmill and not heard.

  • Dan Hard
    Dan Hard 5 months ago +1

    for the guy at the 9:00 area the 70's called and they want there shorts back

  • Dan Hard
    Dan Hard 5 months ago

    at least there processing the trees in this vid and not just turning it into fire wood and wasting it

  • Jaxx Brat
    Jaxx Brat 5 months ago

    Kewl corner cut

  • Michael Silkwood
    Michael Silkwood 5 months ago

    Oh yea, we need that wall.

  • Максим Березовецкий

    handmade Japanese work is the best!)

  • Dylan McCarty
    Dylan McCarty 5 months ago

    I own 3 sawmills and this is a hell of a video.. and I've been doin this since 1947!!

  • Nitin Saxena
    Nitin Saxena 5 months ago


  • Иван Петров
    Иван Петров 5 months ago +2

    О ребята извиняюсь это наши дебилы из России или Украины на церкулярке работают! Это прискорбно, что делать надо понять и простить!😂✋

  • Иван Петров
    Иван Петров 5 months ago +1

    На 9.50 минуте и чуть раньше на циркулярной пиле такой ствол на небольшие доски распустили - жаль для этих целей пошли бы деревья поменьше, потеря на доске огромная, а сколько отхода в стужку! 😤👎

  • おとはまちゃん
    おとはまちゃん 5 months ago +5

    It's a beautiful wood grain table, is not it?

  • おとはまちゃん
    おとはまちゃん 5 months ago +4

    I'd like to see what kind of product it is a table or a floorboard I want to see

  • sponge head
    sponge head 5 months ago

    It's no wonder that our Lord was a carpenter!

  • Bruce Hendry
    Bruce Hendry 5 months ago

    Bikini girls

  • G McCall
    G McCall 5 months ago +1

    Hey clickbaiter, where's that big beautiful piece of Redwood that's your first still picture?

  • ROGER2095
    ROGER2095 6 months ago +1

    3:00 This is your camera. This is your camera on drugs.

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert Jackson 6 months ago

    @2:50 is called a misery whip. My dad used to fall a tree take a two man power saw with 12' bar and cut beams to build a bridge. A small Marion crane with a pile driver. Could haul 50,000 # was more work to span 140' bridge

  • juan lecompte
    juan lecompte 6 months ago

    Impressionnantes machines.

  • pskton
    pskton 6 months ago

    That wood is beautiful.

  • Ethel Magnus
    Ethel Magnus 6 months ago +3

    what idiot thought chainsaw should be in this clip but that is beautiful Asian lumber

  • Edy Cascavel
    Edy Cascavel 6 months ago +1

    Porque não colocam pranchas sobre a base para caminhar do lado da serra?, segurança é necessário!, Cascavel, Paraná - Brasil.

  • Anna Russo
    Anna Russo 7 months ago +2

    it would be good to hear the equipment running as it works-that music is distracting. excellent piece, otherwise.

    • jules wins
      jules wins 2 days ago

      Anna Russo Agreed! That synthesized crap just drives me crazy.

  • Marcio Jose
    Marcio Jose 7 months ago +1

    Muito prático ágil, parabéns a todos da equipe e um abraço de um Goiano Goiás Brasil!!!!!

  • WeLove Bangladesh
    WeLove Bangladesh 7 months ago

    nice work

  • heygeno1951
    heygeno1951 7 months ago

    It would take me approx. 43 minutes to fall into that blade.....

  • Thomas Scott
    Thomas Scott 7 months ago +1

    Gay shorts and sandals begins at 8:18 what the fuck is that shit doing in a mill. Fire that POS and hire some real employees....LMFAO

  • David Robertson
    David Robertson 7 months ago


  • Livingstone Lion Bear
    Livingstone Lion Bear 8 months ago +3

    seriously who wears flip flops in a shop....they should be slapped

  • earsiren
    earsiren 8 months ago +1

    first cut @56,000 rpm's 'Like Butta'

  • Edward Jonez
    Edward Jonez 8 months ago +2


  • Larry Tischler
    Larry Tischler 8 months ago

    You can tell with the big wheels standing around hands behind their back, there was big money paid for this log. Bigger money to be made with good cutting. What is it?

  • Larry Tischler
    Larry Tischler 8 months ago +1

    How can we vote like when you do not tell us even the kind of log is being cut. It makes a tremendous difference. Hardness, value, rareity, All these are factors when we evaluate the cutting of a log.

  • Lazaro VOORHEES Hernandez
    Lazaro VOORHEES Hernandez 8 months ago +2

    Is the dude with the cap wearing cut off shorts AND sandals

  • tina Haynes
    tina Haynes 8 months ago +4

    Loved the guy pushing the large circular, walking in the track, knees ten inches from the head. Wow.
    Looks like a significant Kick back hazard too.
    Wonder what it’s like eating those chips all day ? Looks like it would choke a horse in that small room.
    No ventilation.

    • Bill Schwarberg
      Bill Schwarberg 4 months ago

      Are you kidding me? Sandals, shorts and no glasses. These fools need a reality check.

    • david reifsnider
      david reifsnider 4 months ago

      Definetly not an intelligent move.

  • rami shalan
    rami shalan 9 months ago +2

    *This simplifies a chain saw for home use. It is powerful and easy to handle.==>**ur2.pl/761** I cut a number of different tree limbs and it cut right through. The chain is nice a sharp so as it wears, I will see how it does. The 40V battery seems good, but I have not used it long enough to test how long it will last. But for trimming a few rtees and cutting some firewood it does do the job.*

  • Science-is-Truth
    Science-is-Truth 9 months ago +1

    How long will it be before your child points to something they have never seen before and asks “what is that” and you answer “THAT IS A TREE”.

    • ROGER2095
      ROGER2095 6 months ago

      How long? 25,000 years.

  • Mat Naylor
    Mat Naylor 9 months ago +1

    Bit sad seeing these beautiful old trees being cut up that's taken hundreds of years to grow .

  • dale
    dale 10 months ago +1

    crazy! need to throw a piece of diamond plate on those cross pieces. you lookin for a lawsuit?

  • chitown017
    chitown017 10 months ago +6

    No way in hell would OSHA in the states allow these hazards

    • beth adkins
      beth adkins 3 months ago

      How many one armed guys work in these factories?

    • Bill Smith
      Bill Smith 7 months ago +3

      OSHA is useless as tits on a bull.

  • Eugenia Dominguez
    Eugenia Dominguez 10 months ago +1

    Asesinos de árboles milenarios. La naturaleza irá a por ustedes. Cuestión de tiempo. Humanos codiciosos.

    • Sofia Margarita
      Sofia Margarita 5 months ago

      Mira. Nosotros. Somos. Arvolista. Y. Quitamos árboles. Q están. Peligrosos. A familias

  • ZeidGho
    ZeidGho Year ago +4

    3:13 They're cutting wood underwater now?

    • Liberty AboveAllElse
      Liberty AboveAllElse 4 months ago

      I thought it was an earthquake.

    • Kevin Smith
      Kevin Smith 9 months ago +3

      This segment of the video made me look up "crappy, warped footage" online. Apparently, it's this is supposed to be some type of filter setting to stabilize bumpy footage. What ever happened to just holding the camera steady?

  • NO_MultiKulti
    NO_MultiKulti Year ago +1

    Pokud to není za pár dolarů, tak je to k hovnu, to si může kdokoliv šikovnej postavit v garáži, ale použitelnost je dost mizerná, takže investice k hovnu.

  • Otto Stierlitz
    Otto Stierlitz Year ago +1

    one more idiot, who destroys a vid by fucked up, annoyinmg sounds.
    on a machinery channel, i expect machinery sounds. moron. not music. idiot.
    piss off here

  • Jules Prevost
    Jules Prevost Year ago +1

    Concern branch historian hate undergo tension classroom troop reward other.

  • godbluffvdgg
    godbluffvdgg Year ago +10

    That tree they're cutting starting around 13:03 is one of the most naturally beautiful colored and grained I've seen in my over 3 decades of carpentry... ! I kept seeing High end conference tables of it...:)... Does anyone know the species?

    • Baxter James
      Baxter James 4 months ago +2

      bɪsəs no, it’s fine, shame we always got to read some fucking same old same old nonsense. Don’t you ever get sick of hearing yourself whine about fucking trees asshole?

    • Mark Wilson
      Mark Wilson 5 months ago

      thats one heavy guitar....

    • bɪsəs
      bɪsəs 5 months ago

      Shame the tree had to die for our pleasure eh.

    • Bruce Hendry
      Bruce Hendry 5 months ago

      Bikini girls

    • John Brady
      John Brady 7 months ago

      Oh man, that is a beautiful piece of wood. I'd love to have a two inch thick slab of that for a guitar body.

  • 1jeffr
    1jeffr Year ago +4

    That hand was awfully close at 2:19

  • 208ngreat
    208ngreat Year ago +2

    I can smell the sawdust.

  • Taunter Atwill
    Taunter Atwill Year ago +1

    Please stop using words like 'extreme' and 'dangerous' it looks so infantile and retarded. Otherwise great channel.