Joe Rogan Experience #1246 - Pot Debate - Alex Berenson & Dr. Michael Hart

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • Alex Berenson is a former reporter for The New York Times and the author of several thriller novels and a book on corporate financial filings. His new book "Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence" is available now via Amazon. Dr. Michael Hart is the founder and medical director of Readytogo clinic, a medical cannabis clinic in London, Ontario, Canada.

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  • Captain Price
    Captain Price 4 hours ago

    Joe “he’s a big guy” Rogan

  • g w
    g w 5 hours ago

    The one guy is a f****** ass clown he actually thinks there's significant cannabis-related suicide and homicides?.. f*** off already

  • jon barker
    jon barker 6 hours ago

    I might be biased but I feel like Alex Berenson just got taken to school by Dr. Hart. You really can't take anyone seriously when they refuse to look at an issue objectively. It's good that he admits his book is completely subjective toward his personal views.

  • GFX Fletch
    GFX Fletch 11 hours ago

    I’m smoking a spliff while watching this ahaha very interesting

  • Miguel Marrero
    Miguel Marrero 13 hours ago

    Good job! You made it to Joe's podcast! You still full of shit!

  • Andrew Wade
    Andrew Wade 13 hours ago

    The difference between medicine and poison is the size of the dose and the frequency and method of use. And that varies for each person.

    • WeeWillyWanka
      WeeWillyWanka 2 hours ago +1

      I read all the lame comments. Only a few good ones. Your's is the best as it is true and sums up the debate perfectly

  • Jesse E
    Jesse E 14 hours ago

    Alex is a flat earth believer. I didn't do any research but I know for a fact😂..... opens the convo with "I'll go on with anyone". A "journalist" will litteraly argue with a doctor..... it's 2019 isn't it??

  • Victor Osorio Jule
    Victor Osorio Jule 15 hours ago +1

    This dude is the flesh and bone version of Jerry from Rick and Morty. His reaction at 34:56 proves it.

  • roleat
    roleat 15 hours ago

    Hey guys Cannabis is a drug and can be harmful. Thank you for discussing this in depth but it's pretty obvious there are negative consequences for many people.

    • g w
      g w 4 hours ago

      Shut up hooker

  • Kenneth Taylor
    Kenneth Taylor 16 hours ago +1

    Micahel and Joe: *Breathes*
    Alex: "Im GoiNg tO hAvE tO PuSh BaCk On SoMe ThInGs HeRe"

  • N Strat
    N Strat 16 hours ago

    Typical journalist, cherry picking information to support their agenda

  • N Strat
    N Strat 16 hours ago


  • Tyler Guerin
    Tyler Guerin 20 hours ago

    “Let’s just back this up” when Alex has no idea what to say

  • Izzak Beck
    Izzak Beck Day ago

    Now I've only taken a baseline college level psychology class, but I can tell you that late teens to mid twenties are just the time when things like schizophrenia tend to manifest. That kid he was talking about the graduated college, smoked pot and went nuts, probably was going to go nuts at that time of his life regardless of drug usage. I think the indication of causation in that case is a bit ludicrous given normal patterns of the development of psychosis. If he was like in his 30s or 40s and that happened, you might have something to look at, but this kid sounds like he was exactly the age those psychological issues tend to manifest.

  • Jeneva Abrams
    Jeneva Abrams Day ago

    Joe "as I'm sure You know" Rogan

  • David Knight
    David Knight Day ago

    Cancer is the best thing for chemo? 18:06

  • justin salvas
    justin salvas Day ago +1

    That dude need to smoke one. Then maybe think about putting out a book about it

  • The Poor Dad
    The Poor Dad Day ago

    I respected both sides of this (even being a heavy cannabis user myself) up until 2:05:40 when that Alex dude lost his shit

  • cleb
    cleb Day ago +1

    alex honestly just needs to give up

  • cleb
    cleb Day ago +2

    that dude is funny lmao his evidence was not evident theres no proof of his "20,000" weed related deaths.

  • dsoundmann
    dsoundmann Day ago

    Unfortunately anyone who wants to blame this on the Internet or drugs or anything else really the problem person trying to blame their shity parenting skills which apparently are 100 times easier to be a crappy parent nowadays cuz you can just push them off on TV and the internet instead of doing your job so that's the problem Leah lazy parents

  • dsoundmann
    dsoundmann Day ago

    The problem isn't the kids don't have an escape from the internet the problem is is that the kids are looking for validation so why is your child going online and checking comments for validity if you raise your child right and it had confidence then regardless of what people said on the internet it wouldn't matter just like it wouldn't have people made fun of them at school to their face

  • dsoundmann
    dsoundmann Day ago

    You're looking at a graph that shows a one-person increase in a hundred thousand people and you're telling me that you're going to have to study the graph know the graph is a representation of a study that's already been done you're trying to backpedal because you don't know what you're fucking talking about and it upsets me because you're my favorite interviewer and you're never this ill prepared for an interview especially about a subject that you're so passionate about I'm dumbfounded and angry that you didn't choose to be more prepared because you're way smarter than this guy and you have better resources than he does meaning of two or three people to look up stuff in fact check he just

  • dsoundmann
    dsoundmann Day ago

    If overall suicides have gone down between this 18 and 25 year old. And then everything else which is associated with mental acuity and mental health like people turning to drugs and alcohol at a certain young age and people turning to sex to mitigate the bad relationships I've had in there my life if all those numbers are down well guess what weed was made legal and the internet came to existence within the time frame so neither one of them is having a huge negative effect they're both involved in a statistic where shows that kids from that age group are more mentally healthy than ever before or at least since the study before it

  • dsoundmann
    dsoundmann Day ago

    Joe the only reason that you are sticking with this 50% increase in young girl suicide is cuz you have two young daughters so you need to figure your own shit out that number when you mix it in with the rest of the population is not a significant number and I'm not saying that it's such a small number that it doesn't deserve attention I'm just saying that it's so small that you're trying to make it a major point in the conversation and it's not you don't even know the numbers in the fax to be able to use it as an argument so get your shit straight before you spew off to some dumbass with a book and look even more stupid than he does I love you Joe but sometimes you get emotionally overtaken by a subject and you ignore the facts your human everyone is I'm just saying you don't have a point move on

  • dsoundmann
    dsoundmann Day ago

    And yes social media has an unprecedented effect on Youth and adults and everyone else in the world because before the last 10 years social media didn't exist Myspace does not count

  • dsoundmann
    dsoundmann Day ago

    Joe you are trying to compare a 50% increase in teenage girl use against the entire number of people killing themselves no one is saying that it's a terrible thing or not a terrible thing that the rate has increased for teenage girls but is that five people and it's now ten is it a million people and it's now two million people you don't know that number and you're trying to compare this to an entire population and say that you are statistic is valid against this dumbass with the book and he's a dumbass come on Joe

  • dsoundmann
    dsoundmann Day ago

    And then they all want to talk about cannabis increase in users but they don't want to talk about cannabis hyperemesis which is a illness that is directly caused by abuse of marijuana making the user have the need to take hot showers to reduce a severe nauseated feeling and the only cure is to just stop smoking it. That all being said whether someone smokes or doesn't smoke really shouldn't be the issue the issue should be that an individual should have the right to choose to do what they want if they're not hurting someone else and not causing a strain on society as a whole as an individual then I don't care what you do you can do any drug you want just don't kill yourself and don't hurt other people doing it

  • dsoundmann
    dsoundmann Day ago

    So do what the book has just said several times that there is no actual numbers for schizophrenia in the u.s. whatsoever for anyting. Whether you're sober what do you smoke weed when you drink alcohol when you do heroin there are no numbers to correlate schizophrenia to any drug or any other thing. So why is this guy trying to use that as a tool in his fight he's a fucking idiot he's trying to argue schizophrenia because he can't prove any other point is Dan buck and the thing is he's taking the weakest point of his argument because he doesn't have proof and neither do we so he'll argue that to the end and the rest of the show was going to be about his stupid 42 minutes and 3 seconds in the show

  • Joel Holton
    Joel Holton Day ago +3

    If you don't like weed, dont smoke it. If you want to smoke it, do it. Why are we forgetting that freedom is the most important cornerstone of our society?

  • imax014
    imax014 Day ago

    Both sides of the argument brought up some great food for thought. Throughly enjoyed this debate.

  • phaelin
    phaelin Day ago

    These podcasts are the most intelligent I listen to. Sometimes hard to keep up (English is my 2nd language). Awesome.

  • hey lil mama lemme whisper in ya ear

    I was very suicidal had ptsd and am bipolar and had insomnia, Ive been using weed since I was 13 and now I dont have as strong ptsd as I did in hs or middle school and my mood swings aren't as drastic except when I'm off it for over 24hrs I don't need weed but it sure helps a lot

  • TuNE
    TuNE 2 days ago +1

    Does this man not understand that you can get high off of almost everything in a medical aisle at a store? And those kill, marijuana doesn't kill.

  • Aaron Pitsenbarger
    Aaron Pitsenbarger 2 days ago +1


  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith 2 days ago +3

    The “serious mental illness doubled from 2008-2017 ages 18-25” actually I dispute this being THC but rather social media with the emergence of Facebook I did a large research project on

    • The Poor Dad
      The Poor Dad Day ago +1

      I think you made the best fucking point in this comment section. Is there any chance you still have that report on it? I'd very much like to take a look at it.

    Y0USEEMUPSET 2 days ago

    Is Dr. Michael Hart part Klingon? We need to know

  • CaptainNematode
    CaptainNematode 2 days ago

    I love debates like this. Two sides that clearly aren't willing to change because their public image relies on their opinion towards the debated topic, so its just 2 hours of people saying things at eachother. Doesn't matter who you side with (im with joe and michael on this one) you can't deny this is kinda pointless.

  • Chris Barnes
    Chris Barnes 2 days ago

    Watch out Rogan. Weed is now being laced with fentanyl. Already cases of people overdosing

  • forrest King
    forrest King 2 days ago +1

    Sativex is a pill that is 98% THC and is approved by the FDA for prescription nationwide in the US. THC the chemical itself is a schedule III drug in the US meaning that it has medical benefits and poses a low dependency risk, only the marijuana plant is schedule I. Gee it sorta seems like big pharma just wants a total monopoly on this MEDICINE so they can continue to rake in billions of dollars a year, and they actively lobby the government and put out misinformation to keep individual citizens from growing their own medicine for virtually free for the rest of their lives. The fact that the prison industrial complex and militarized police industrial complex continue to swell are just billion dollar, tertiary benefits of the prohibition against marijuana.

    • mcozy333
      mcozy333 Day ago

      epidiolex is th eone... sativex is not FDA approved yet in America... Sativex too is not a pill , it is a BDS - botanical drug substance.... just like epidiolex... both are BDS made from living cannabsi plant and made into a tincture.
      Marinol is a synthetic THC drug that was patented back in 1985 for prescribing to chemo patients and wasting disease ETC... real plant THC is to wild to unknown LOL= LOFL

  • Snowman374th
    Snowman374th 2 days ago

    16:48 He might as well claim cause God said it's bad and move on. Cause right now I think he's just a liar trying to fit things into his own narrative against it. While nobody agrees with him.

  • Snowman374th
    Snowman374th 2 days ago +1

    6:40 Marijuana does not alter your state of mind. It is a relaxer. geesh

  • TG Man
    TG Man 2 days ago

    Good podcast

  • Merlin Botha
    Merlin Botha 2 days ago +1

    This dude does not know enough on the subject. Starts with alright ish points , but cannot really back it up.

  • poopyodb
    poopyodb 2 days ago +1

    Alex: "there are a few sentences about how it may be that cannabis helps cognition in people with psychosis. Mabey, mabey not."
    Joe: "wouldn't that qualify as medicine?"
    Alex: No it wouldn't be approved as medicine if it's causing to have other psychotic episodes."
    Amitriptyline Antidepressants Suicidal Symptoms
    Amitriptyline/Chlordiazepoxide Antidepressants Suicidal Symptoms
    Amitriptyline/Perphenazine Antidepressants Suicidal Symptoms
    Bupropion Antidepressants Suicidal Symptoms
    Citalopram Antidepressants Suicidal Symptoms
    Clomipramine Antidepressants Suicidal Symptoms
    Desipramine Antidepressants Suicidal Symptoms
    Desvenlafaxine Antidepressants Suicidal Symptoms
    Doxepin Antidepressants Suicidal Symptoms
    Duloxetine Antidepressants Suicidal Symptoms
    Escitalopram Antidepressants Suicidal Symptoms
    are these 11 considered medicine if it's from a doctor?

  • Josh Billups
    Josh Billups 3 days ago +1

    Cannabis helps my PTSD more than anything. Alex Berenson I believe you are a complete Anus.

  • Jim Privacy
    Jim Privacy 3 days ago +2

    It's reefer madness, I thought we had gotten past that, I would like to know who really paid for that book...

  • David Lamb
    David Lamb 3 days ago +1

    "Life is hard. A lot of people need something..." Get the fuck out of here.

  • mileslopez4
    mileslopez4 3 days ago

    I like how Joe agrees with the doctor but also checks him

  • mileslopez4
    mileslopez4 3 days ago

    This guy is just like saying shit to say it lmao. Rogan's like aw hell naw cite your sources lmao

  • Boo Jag
    Boo Jag 3 days ago

    Tell me who wins

  • mexicanoaao
    mexicanoaao 3 days ago

    Joe: "how could you say 50% is not a large number, it's 50%!"
    *Looks up the study showing an uptick of 2 deaths per 100,000 people*
    Also Joe: "well before we can conclude how large it is, we are going to have to study this".
    I love Joe but fuck it annoys me when he says that people have a poor understanding of statistics and struggles to understand how percentages work in relation to statistics

  • Walter Ann Lee Tay
    Walter Ann Lee Tay 3 days ago

    1:07:04 Life is hard

  • Chris Edwards
    Chris Edwards 4 days ago

    Looks like he's wearing a rug

  • Paul Lally
    Paul Lally 4 days ago

    Alex hasn't a clue what he's talking about. He is a stooge for big pharma who will lose out on billions if cannabis is legalized unconditionally. There is only one argument for keeping cannabis illegal, and that's greed on the part of the whole medical industry and big pharma who wield a lot of clout in legal circles and government.

    • mcozy333
      mcozy333 3 days ago +1

      all while Big pharma is patenting the medical compounds in the plant behind the scenes...

  • Rampage Shawcross
    Rampage Shawcross 4 days ago +1

    What ever happen to going to school looking at the guy/girl takking shit and puch em in the face just good old fashion school yard brawl and guess what....its done lcuh time rolls around and you smoke a joint with em lol fucking keybord worriors lol

  • Rampage Shawcross
    Rampage Shawcross 4 days ago +1

    Everytime this guy pushes back he looks like an idot...he clearly resites parctial statistics and you can see he gets away with it against most ppl but when hes on the Joe show he gets smashed into weed paradise

    • mexicanoaao
      mexicanoaao 3 days ago

      At least spell check bud before calling someone an idiot

  • Paul Lally
    Paul Lally 4 days ago +1


    • mcozy333
      mcozy333 3 days ago +1

      push th eissue and more positive results emerge... cannabis is pure and complete medicine

  • Rampage Shawcross
    Rampage Shawcross 4 days ago

    So great the joe brings on a Canadian weed DR to school this guy in medical uses of thc,cbd and weed in general...this guys knows his shit...joe get this guy back on with that Brazilian guy who u had that weed debate at the gym with a while back lololol would be amazing lolol

  • aaron ocarroll
    aaron ocarroll 4 days ago +1

    Alex tries to claim hes got a social media following, go look at his twitter no one pays attention to his shit lmao

  • Apitome
    Apitome 4 days ago +2

    Another one that wants us controlled and under a microscope.

  • eddysson86
    eddysson86 4 days ago

    good discussion. all sides try to argue citing research. why does no one go the next step, asking for how many percentages of studies show positive effects, how many % of research is negative, what could be motives for people supporting one or the other side? "i read this study, i read that study" is like saying its on the internet, it must be true. the point being is that the pharma lobby actively supports research to get results they want (negative effects, so people keep taking pills) and deceive the public. they have the money and power to do that. there might be some people profiting from legalization but its extremely imbalanced in terms of power and still, the positive studies massively outweigh. that is all the info I need to make my decision.

    • mcozy333
      mcozy333 3 days ago

      biochemistry research is not lying... direct examples of metabolism as seen with biochemical pathways

  • Jonathan Gil
    Jonathan Gil 5 days ago

    poor guy got ripped. Who watched while high?

  • Engineer Corner
    Engineer Corner 5 days ago

    Great Debate. Dr. Mike Hart, has changed my life. He is a wonderful, professional & real #Cannbis Dr. He's very thorough and professional. He might require a lot paperwork, but he's legitatment and follows the rules of the 'health care industry'. Just because other "DRS" just sign a script and pass it on, without supporting documentation doesn't mean all of them are like that. Defiantly Dr. Hart is a real honest person. Thanks for this video!

  • ganjasmoke21
    ganjasmoke21 5 days ago

    Fuck social media

  • Christopher Sullivan

    "Let me finish".... as I continue to fillibuster and continue to control the enire conversation so you can't mske a point or counter point

    • FDanielon
      FDanielon 5 days ago

      All three of them did it😂😂

  • Christopher Sullivan
    Christopher Sullivan 5 days ago +1

    The same weed you buy in a rec facility is the same weed you get from a medical dispensary.
    I've worked at farms that sold to both. Same strain, same grow, same harvest, half sold to rec, half sold to medical.

  • Braden Grusecki
    Braden Grusecki 6 days ago +1

    I couldn't even stand listening to Alex talk. The guy just wants marijuana to be classified as a drug that kills people. Smoke a joint and calm down. He reached every where to find these negative facts.

    • mcozy333
      mcozy333 5 days ago

      NIDA research the last 40 years has been to find only harms... the only way to find harms in cannabis is to light it on fire... that is the only research area they allow... smoking harm studies... no testing of the actual plant like you find in other countries ETC...

  • Sarah Tonin
    Sarah Tonin 6 days ago +2

    I usually listen to Rogan's podcast with an open mind, and I usually end it with more respect for ideals I don't agree with... But this guy... Nope!

  • Raymond Gordon
    Raymond Gordon 6 days ago +3

    You can have your studies, arguments and debates without putting people in jail. Put the harm of some kid having a bad reaction somewhere against putting millions of people in jail. The harm is the legal prohibitions and everybody knows it.

    • Blipps
      Blipps 5 days ago

      couldnt agree more

  • Steelcash
    Steelcash 6 days ago

    58:21 Berenson disagrees that “cannabis is better for teens than alcohol”. So by de facto, he is saying that alcohol use is not more dangerous, or that cannabis use is not safer or healthier or less problematic. This is nothing short of preposterous. Understanding drugs and their pharmacology is of the utmost importance in managing the welfare of the nation. Every drug has unique benefits and harms that it brings, and each one affects different people in a different manner. However, to say that alcohol is no more dangerous than cannabis is analogous to saying that a deep fried chunk of fat is no more unhealthy than a fresh garden salad.

  • Steelcash
    Steelcash 6 days ago +1

    I’m Thirteen minutes in, and Berenson’s nonsensical thought patterns and contradictory claims have me scratching my head. I’m struggling to grasp any valid, logical reasoning for his mere existence, or his possible benefits to mankind.
    Okay so the existence comment was a bit harsh, but the truth is, this man is spreading misinformation that ultimately does nobody any good, and in fact does damage to the general welfare of the population.

  • Steelcash
    Steelcash 6 days ago +1

    8:00 He calls cannabis a neurotoxin. It’s not. Cannabis is non-toxic. THC is non-toxic. CBD and ALL the other cannabinoids are non-toxic. As Rogan states, it’s not a completely harmless substance. Nothing is, but it is one of the safest substances on earth, and it is in fact non-toxic.

  • Steelcash
    Steelcash 6 days ago

    4:17 Berenson contradicts himself right off the rip. I questioned his intellectual abilities before watching this, but I don’t any longer. Now I know for certain he’s just not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  • Dave Berswick
    Dave Berswick 7 days ago

    Alex. I think you're wife helped you write youre book.You saw a dollar and are chasing it. Good luck.