Russian Doll: Season 1 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • Did you get the news? We're about to die. Russian Doll from Amy Poehler, Natasha Lyonne, and Leslye Headland arrives February 1st.
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    Russian Doll: Season 1 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 2 910

  • Kaneda Lionheart
    Kaneda Lionheart 6 hours ago

    Great show!

  • sabita binta azad shifa

    Just finished the season waiting for the season 2.... Simply gorgeous one ❤... Here everything is similar and familiar... But everything is new...the way they arranged it, it is tremendous.......something with very different unique. Must watch show!

  • Caleb Goodman
    Caleb Goodman Day ago +1

    I know this show has it’s happy ending...

    But I really want another season.

  • Rahi Le_Shanbi
    Rahi Le_Shanbi 3 days ago

    Honestly I saw Nicky and I clicked I'm also gonna watch it for her (I know Natasha is her real name but IDC) She was my fave character in orange is the New black

  • dolofonos
    dolofonos 3 days ago

    Like . . . bro . . . what if . . . like . . . they just kept making Groundhog's Day rip-offs . . . like . . . over . . . and over . . .

  • Beeba Swanson
    Beeba Swanson 3 days ago +1

    I feel like I watched this one before, like ten times or so.

  • Satan, The Skinny Whale Legend

    Is this before or after she went to prison

  • Mia Kellenberger
    Mia Kellenberger 4 days ago

    Why is it called RUSSIAN Doll can't it be called like...something actually related to the movie

  • Gabriella B.R.
    Gabriella B.R. 4 days ago


    Buck O'TUALTHAL 9 days ago

    Show is shockingly good and takes a trope used for decades in movies and novels and makes itself known through compelling story telling and you care about the characters

  • Virgin1008
    Virgin1008 10 days ago

    This show makes me want to be a better person.

  • TeeMakesBeatz
    TeeMakesBeatz 14 days ago

    The plot doesn't matter. I thought I was done with zombie stuff until I watched Black Summer

  • TeeMakesBeatz
    TeeMakesBeatz 14 days ago

    Natasha and her stutter is back

  • Eldi Ermawan
    Eldi Ermawan 17 days ago

    Happy death day? 🤔

  • WiseWeeabo
    WiseWeeabo 17 days ago

    Obviously there's something she needs to change to restore the time space continuum, it would take me two deaths to stop worrying about the birthday party and start working on real answers.

  • Kelly Sarcon
    Kelly Sarcon 20 days ago +1

    I love this woman!!!my role model!!so talented❤️

  • nibedeeta bag
    nibedeeta bag 20 days ago +2

    The plot is like one episode from the "sweet life of haruhi suzumiya"

  • Yasemin Sky
    Yasemin Sky 21 day ago +1

    Omg it's Nicky!

  • kokab tasleem
    kokab tasleem 22 days ago +1

    Gotta get up.
    Gotta get out.
    Gotta get home before the morning comes
    Sweet birthday baby

  • Sajjad Alsari
    Sajjad Alsari 24 days ago

    Is that connected in somehow with orange is the new black ????

  • Jerome Brooks
    Jerome Brooks 24 days ago +1

    She’s a sexy muthafuka, I would love to meet a woman with a personality like hers!

  • Herowingss
    Herowingss 25 days ago +1

    Its strange that thers no porn scenes in this show

  • bdiri fadwa
    bdiri fadwa 25 days ago

    I loved it ❤❤❤

  • twinkle7498
    twinkle7498 26 days ago

    Mmm look like korean drama feels good to die

  • Sera Dear
    Sera Dear 26 days ago

    Алла Борисовна , примадонночка , вы всегда на удивляете ! Теперь ещё и в Netflix ! ! Hey guys this women is Russian Primadonna of Music Alla Pugacheva

  • esa Software
    esa Software Month ago

    A foul mouth skank. Just what everyone wants to see.

  • Jennifer Harvay
    Jennifer Harvay Month ago +1

    If your thinking its another typical "ground hog day" plot your wrong. By episode two your completly lost in the story as it is unlike anything else out there. Worth the watch.

  • roberto stalone
    roberto stalone Month ago

    second season bitch!!!!!!!!!!! second season please

  • Swodeyem
    Swodeyem Month ago

    Stuck it for three episodes, but got pretty bored.

  • Graham Black
    Graham Black Month ago

    Groundhog Day meets Woody Allen.

  • 208xx
    208xx Month ago

    Soooo Happy Death Day in series form?

  • Normen Huntsman
    Normen Huntsman Month ago

    So its a movie about having control over your conscience in every possible dimensions and alternative universe

  • Pharyn Gealized
    Pharyn Gealized Month ago

    it gets dirtier and dirtier.

  • Blondie Seeker
    Blondie Seeker Month ago

    I just finished this last night...Sooo Awesome! Soo many funny parts and I love the storyline! Can’t wait for Season 2! 🙏🏻🥰👏👏👏

  • Stephen Stine
    Stephen Stine Month ago

    just done got finishing this as of this post - i have to say, this was really good. this was basically a really long movie tbh but *still worth the watch*. yeah yeah it's another one of those Groundhog Day themes, but seriously this was really good. it starts off slow and pretty much just baits you to stop watching it halfway through but then that halfway really gets going and falls into place very nicely.

  • Studio Semantics
    Studio Semantics Month ago

    just watch the trailer, you have just watched the entire show.

  • Drunken Wastelander
    Drunken Wastelander Month ago +1

    How it feels to play Fallout 4 on survival mode

  • Kara Hinamori
    Kara Hinamori Month ago

    this is... i mean, i just watched the whole thing, and then I watched the trailer, and now I want to watch it again... a work of art.

  • kisstherajn
    kisstherajn Month ago

    re:zero anyone ?

  • Jaythe90skyd
    Jaythe90skyd Month ago

    My only complaint...they never used this song throughout the whole show.

  • RSM
    RSM Month ago +2

    This was was actually done very well by people who knew what they're doing. The music, the visuals, the dialogue... Meanwhile, there are other newer storylines out there that suffer from bad execution.

  • gerry o sullivan
    gerry o sullivan Month ago

    I feel like I’m in an alternate world with everyone loving this show.Its just the same shit over and over repeatedly,supposedly the time loop started cos they didn’t help each other in the grocery? FFS?? That’s it? The message is we must all help strangers? Like some Sesame St message! Bah

  • NOISEf7
    NOISEf7 Month ago

    Another Groundhog day

  • Michael Huynh
    Michael Huynh Month ago +3

    good thing i didnt watch the trailer before i watched the show!

    • Jaythe90skyd
      Jaythe90skyd Month ago +1

      I waited about two months so that I would forget what I saw in the trailer and it worked. Didn't remember anything besides the song...Crimson and Clover which they never played in the show 😣

    XANDR KENSKI Month ago +1

    she looks like a copy of the Russian singer Alla Pugacheva

  • Guadalupe Farfan Taibo

    This series look like my last weekend at an electronic party 😂

  • Mushin Aesthetics
    Mushin Aesthetics Month ago +1

    Give me season 2

  • Арноо Соколова

    Нихуя Пугачиха рашн долл

  • Berat Ahmetaj
    Berat Ahmetaj Month ago

    its Happy Death Day + Black Mirror Bandersnatch

  • Bonica Babyeahh
    Bonica Babyeahh Month ago +1

    I actually believe in the comment section than the real online reviews.

  • Superfubario
    Superfubario Month ago

    Amazing. Great watch!!!!

  • Sarra Ayari
    Sarra Ayari Month ago +1

    I'm re-watching the show until the second season comes.

  • Blake Whittington
    Blake Whittington Month ago

    Christine sixteen!

  • Deniz Tekindor
    Deniz Tekindor Month ago

    Ben 1 günde bitirdim. Bölümler zaten çok kısa...

  • Brina
    Brina Month ago

    I see Nicky, I watch.

  • Wastelander G
    Wastelander G 2 months ago

    Reminds me of Kenny Mccormick !

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 2 months ago

    Why can't I see the sex scene on netflix?? Wtf

  • tuananh doankim
    tuananh doankim 2 months ago +1

    For some reasons, I mistook her with lady gaga. Don't know why? 😢

  • Guan Hua Lee
    Guan Hua Lee 2 months ago

    Gaga shades

  • hypnocil10
    hypnocil10 2 months ago

    excellent show

  • warm blankets
    warm blankets 2 months ago

    this series will forever have a special place in my heart. i really hope for a season 2..

  • MsRoCkGirl1000
    MsRoCkGirl1000 2 months ago


  • Naum Rusomarov
    Naum Rusomarov 2 months ago

    this show is the bomb.

  • ali zoraiz
    ali zoraiz 2 months ago

    i swear this is the best show ive ever seen

    SAEEDVSTHEWORLD 2 months ago

    gotta get up

  • Keijo Lakkala
    Keijo Lakkala 2 months ago

    Perfect A+

  • Phissk
    Phissk 2 months ago

    Please give Natasha Lyonne an Emmy

  • R. Gill
    R. Gill 2 months ago

    Check out my review of the first season of Russian Doll >>

  • Amelly 's
    Amelly 's 2 months ago +1

    it's good and strange but it's like boring i don't know how to describe it if you like strange series go watch

  • Hiroki
    Hiroki 2 months ago

    Maniac and this show raised the bar of Netflix originals.
    I hope they keep making good shows like these.

  • Fernando Leal
    Fernando Leal 2 months ago

    I know comparison isn´t ok but
    Happy Death Day 2 or Russian Doll ?

  • Mark Puckett
    Mark Puckett 2 months ago

    Russian Doll should win the Emmy... Natasha Lyonne should win the Emmy because her performance was impeccable. Amazing series! Got my monies worth this month...

  • Andy Carmichael
    Andy Carmichael 2 months ago +1

    This looks exactly like that Bill Murray movie-Ghostbusters.

  • Aritro Roy
    Aritro Roy 2 months ago +2

    Just watched all the episodes. This has got to one of the best shows netflix has produced in a long while. More like this please Netflix execs!!!

  • Carla
    Carla 2 months ago

    It's like Happy Death Day.

  • Ioannis Petroulakis
    Ioannis Petroulakis 2 months ago

    ok.....I m gonna watch it

  • Jonathan England
    Jonathan England 2 months ago

    I liked it the 1st time I saw it when it was called "Goundhog Day"

  • Enrique Cernas
    Enrique Cernas 2 months ago

    Whats the name of the song that plays in the very beginning. "over and over..."?

  • Courteney 103
    Courteney 103 2 months ago

    Happy birthday babyyy - how original

  • Björn Thomas
    Björn Thomas 2 months ago

    Life affirming, dark... & somehow still funny... I have watched this probably 4 times now... good stuff, WTG NETFLIX

  • VCR Films
    VCR Films 2 months ago

    Fucking amazing show.

  • victor jo
    victor jo 2 months ago

    This and the Umbrella Academy really good shows,good way to start 2019 for Netflix.
    This and the Umbrella Academy really good shows,good way to start 2019 for Netflix

  • Mike Airley
    Mike Airley 2 months ago +1

    This series was terrible. We only watched episode 2 to give it a chance. Terrible dialogue..the actors were shockingly bad. Everyone was an asshole. I will not be watching more.

  • bugra kacmaz
    bugra kacmaz 2 months ago

    Cok iyi bir dizi

  • maxine
    maxine 2 months ago

    this was so good. that is all .

  • Tochukwu Samuel Nwobodo
    Tochukwu Samuel Nwobodo 2 months ago +1

    Just finished watching this series. Episode 1 was boring at first but the rest was amazing.. go and watch it

  • Nena Romine
    Nena Romine 2 months ago

    I’m on episode three right now and I’m loving it!! Such a great concept, very realistic :)

  • Josh R
    Josh R 2 months ago

    This show was superb, the writing, the backstory, and the acting! The fact that its so different from what's currently on t.v is what made it even better! Amazing show.

  • 08bourquem
    08bourquem 2 months ago

    cool so its like groundhog day but less funny

    KINGTROLL 2 months ago

    What is the best Netflix original of 2019.

  • Jesse pinkman
    Jesse pinkman 2 months ago


  • Krisanna Marie
    Krisanna Marie 2 months ago

    Felt the first episode dragged but I kept watching and loved it by the end. Definitely recommended. If you enjoyed ‘Dead Like Me’, ‘Groundhog Day’ and ‘Wrist Cutters: A Love Story’ you will definitely enjoy this

  • Him Anshu
    Him Anshu 2 months ago +1

    Do we know each other?
    - F@#* OFF😂😂😂😂

    HAYAO LEONE 2 months ago

    An entire show on the dangers of being high-strung + neurotic in an artificial intellectually sick environment?

  • Bitcoin CEO
    Bitcoin CEO 2 months ago +1

    Wow, just finished watching this, its one of the best things i've ever seen - was not expecting that.

  • Nick
    Nick 2 months ago +1

    Great Show

  • Thomas Gangemi
    Thomas Gangemi 2 months ago

    Great for degenerates!

  • Angeles kindred
    Angeles kindred 2 months ago +1

    Watched it all in one evening. I really liked it. Interesting and good characters that I actually liked.

  • F T
    F T 2 months ago

    Why have I not seen a comment abou Daya and Nickels being in a show together yet

  • Wolf Runners
    Wolf Runners 2 months ago +1

    Started watching cuz of Nicky and Daya, stayed because the show was amazing