• Published on Feb 24, 2019
  • Restoration of a very rusty yard tiller. Can I rescue it to a perfect running condition . Tiller Restoration

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  • Machinery Restorer
    Machinery Restorer  4 months ago +923

    Hi everyone. Just to say I am aware of the 3hp decal being upside down. I am hoping to turn it around.

    • IBen Gaming
      IBen Gaming 7 days ago

      Lol I was just going to say

    • R4nD0ML4dy 69
      R4nD0ML4dy 69 17 days ago

      One might say you're trying to turn your situation around ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa... *My soul is in pain, please fix the decal.*

    • Food4u
      Food4u 24 days ago

      Wht it mean

    • Eric91611
      Eric91611 27 days ago

      Ty I came here just to point out the sticker but you beat me to it very nice work though 😀

    • Tony McCoy
      Tony McCoy Month ago

      Didn't even realize it lol and I actually have watched the video 4 times lmao

  • Juste Easy
    Juste Easy 3 hours ago

    Я бы не осмелился. Нет точно нет.

  • Rob Simpson
    Rob Simpson 9 hours ago

    Beautiful job, also excellent videoing and editing.

  • Transcendental Airwaves

    Where the hell did you find this? Looks like it was on the bottom of a lake. Also why in the world did you pull the wheels off while tilling.

  • Ёжик В Тумане

    Yes, I almost forgot the tool is sold in a pharmacy and if you buy it and it is not liquid just add heat it solidifies at +64 and becomes liquid at +73

  • Ёжик В Тумане

    in the future, wash the iron heated to +125 degrees Dimexid-lugal will wash everything but be careful from corrodes paint rubber and plastic
    advice straight from Russia

  • Create -Space
    Create -Space Day ago

    That looks pretty.

  • Stephen Whitemore
    Stephen Whitemore 2 days ago

    Wonderful job,great to see a rusting heap transformed into a new one, ready to give many more year of service.
    Just a tiny point ,look at the start and finish, you have the brigs and straton dacal upside down

  • Goriny Dizel
    Goriny Dizel 2 days ago

    уважаю таких людей!!!!

  • Enrique Ramire,
    Enrique Ramire, 2 days ago

    I hope you know that you dont walk with it, you need to give it a bit of force so it could rip up the ground.

  • ofspace
    ofspace 2 days ago

    с наклейкой обьебался малость .....

  • It's my life bee
    It's my life bee 2 days ago


  • петр старыгин

    Как заср.ли так и починили.молодец

  • Lurch C
    Lurch C 2 days ago

    Interesting video, but I'll never watch another one. 5 ads totally unnecessary

  • Rob millar
    Rob millar 2 days ago

    you just had to get it all dirty didn't you

  • Deusdedith Maranhao
    Deusdedith Maranhao 2 days ago +1

    Just one fix: The 3 HP seal was turned upside down.
    For the rest, congratulations!

  • Haytch
    Haytch 3 days ago

    im watching all this but dont know what a tiller is
    watches 23:33: ohhhhhhh (still dont know what it does)

    • blaze
      blaze 2 days ago

      It just loosens up soil for Gardening or whatever

  • Haytch
    Haytch 3 days ago

    this guy dissembles and knows exactly what he's doing 4:54 my pen pieces look like that in school and i still can't even fix it

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  • 각원
    각원 3 days ago

    굿 저기계로 농사 지으 시는분 풍년이란 결실을 거두 시길

  • Tripple B
    Tripple B 3 days ago

    If you would have asked me at the beginning of the video I would have said it was a lost cause but you proved otherwise wow great job

  • geonu jeong
    geonu jeong 3 days ago

    신의 손이네요

  • H-B📦X
    H-B📦X 4 days ago


  • iron maiden
    iron maiden 4 days ago

    gold hands

  • origachi16
    origachi16 4 days ago

    Are you selling this?

  • Сергей Дорошенко

    Мотоблочить не умеет. У меня в деревне его бы тряпками забросали.

  • marouen maalaoui
    marouen maalaoui 5 days ago

    nice job

  • Owain Thomas
    Owain Thomas 5 days ago +1

    Where did you find it? On a beach when you were seeing your mates Patrick and sponge Bob Square pants in bikini bottom

  • E.C. Marin
    E.C. Marin 5 days ago

    An ultrasonic is for degreasing parts and not paint

  • Lee Francis
    Lee Francis 5 days ago +1

    Should have dunked all the dismantled components into “Evaporust” after degreasing, they come up like new with little to no effort.

  • Gerzon Sosa
    Gerzon Sosa 5 days ago

    Only one word, INCREDIBLE.

  • FeaR1006
    FeaR1006 5 days ago

    amazing work !

  • Cnl TAF
    Cnl TAF 5 days ago +3

    The 3 HP label is upside down otherwise good restoration

  • Aaron K
    Aaron K 5 days ago

    Berrymans chem-dip does a better job, on carburetors in gas tanks......

  • Tomas Agnes
    Tomas Agnes 5 days ago

    Muy buen trabajo.. la etiqueta te quedo al revez

  • Hiperf2007
    Hiperf2007 5 days ago +1

    You put the engine stickers upside down.... :/

  • Guy in Colorado, Greetings!

    Re: Rust Removal - You used several methods. What were liquid solutions that you used (hydrochloric? oxalic? Any rust converters (tannic? phosphoric)? BTW, great job, on the level of "genius"!

  • Triune Blades
    Triune Blades 6 days ago +2

    That sure is an ugly shade of poo brown, but dang, that thing turned out wonderfully. Subbed!

  • Dave Betancourt
    Dave Betancourt 6 days ago

    watch this video this is so relaxing
    ... idk why xD

  • voltixD
    voltixD 6 days ago

    What was used @9:04?

  • datu rayeend
    datu rayeend 6 days ago

    what is the name of paint you spray for the first coat?

  • Bottom Text
    Bottom Text 6 days ago

    Holy sit this is as long as a tv show

  • Jace King
    Jace King 6 days ago +4

    so its a machine that give grown men an excuse to play in the dirt. I love it.

    also great work.

  • Hunter
    Hunter 6 days ago +27

    I dont know how or why, but I have oddly enough become addicted to restoration videos even though they make me extremely jealous of all these people with great garages and tools I wish I had lol

  • Dj Washington
    Dj Washington 6 days ago

    This was so awesome and satisfiying especially since it still worked good job!!😊

  • BigShlong
    BigShlong 6 days ago +2

    I would’ve spray painted it black and red, have a badass lookin tiller.

  • deaddy57
    deaddy57 7 days ago

    I have always believed They had them upside down.

  • Ṫḩṓḿ Ƒᴙᴑᶊᵵ

    If it was me i would had put it in a bucket of mineral spirits and let it soak overnight.

  • Len Martin
    Len Martin 7 days ago

    Fantastic! What a satisfying video.

  • Диман Ерофеев

    Кто из 2019 года?

  • Verruca
    Verruca 7 days ago +2

    1980? That was last week wasn't it?

  • ZashiM
    ZashiM 7 days ago


  • Валентин Бондар

    20:50 ))) Great!

  • Cyber Hunters
    Cyber Hunters 7 days ago +1

    How much did it cost ya ?
    Owner: yea around $200
    Guy: hah I can get a brand new one for that much

  • mohan Shreshtha
    mohan Shreshtha 7 days ago


  • mohan Shreshtha
    mohan Shreshtha 7 days ago

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  • Scott Catterson
    Scott Catterson 7 days ago

    You’ve given me hope. I have an old Troy-Bilt tiller with a B&S motor I want to try to restore. Never done this before. Hope I can achieve half as good as you have done here.

  • Old Dad
    Old Dad 8 days ago

    Reminds me of watching my own dear departed dad, back when I was a kid. He was a genius with worn out, broken down machines, too. There was nothing he couldn't restore. Thanks for these videos, more than you can ever know. God bless!

  • Pussy Destroyer
    Pussy Destroyer 8 days ago

    The painting couldve been done a little bit better

    • Nick Peterson
      Nick Peterson 7 days ago

      You mean you don't like the orange peel look? /s

  • Junior VisionZ
    Junior VisionZ 8 days ago

    What did i just watch

  • Animated Ant
    Animated Ant 8 days ago +4

    Volume set to around 40%, brightness 0, blue light filter, dark room, in bed, ready for some asmrestoration. Goodnight😴😴

  • Samuel Vera
    Samuel Vera 8 days ago

    perfect job

  • Tyson Pooch
    Tyson Pooch 9 days ago +3

    The inside didn't look too terrible. I would've repaired the carb/ignition enough to get it running just to watch the chaos of it all. You did damn good work!

    LEAH KLEVMOEN 9 days ago +1

    watch some old dude be like " yeah i threw my macine away cause it was garbage " * watches this video * " hey theres my macine

  • Myk Streja
    Myk Streja 9 days ago

    Did this thing ever have a drag spike?

  • TinRoofVintage
    TinRoofVintage 9 days ago

    Excellent video!

  • Richard Manning
    Richard Manning 10 days ago

    Thank you for the perfect video on what is not a restoration, what you have demonstrated here is just a clean up and make it run tutorial. A restoration would have left all parts cleaned, polished and painted as new or replaced if the afore mentioned things are not possible. I am sorry to say that none of this was done on this tiller. You should go watch Tystube's channel or My mechanics channel these two know how to do a restoration (key word here is restoration )and are some of the best restorers on RU-clip. You have a good starting point but need a lot of refinement in your methods. I am an engine builder and machinist by trade so this is not coming from an armchar expert. Try again on the next project and see if you can do a better job, to be fair I can see that you put a lot of work into this and I can appreciate that but you did not do a restoration on this tiller. PS stop saying things like " will it ever run again" in your titles it is a rhetorical and largely unecessary. I for one am tired of seeing it in the titles of everythingthing. In moy opinion nearly any engine can be made to run again regardless of the condition it started out in, it is my business to know this fact as it is what I do for a living.

  • Deni Aryadi
    Deni Aryadi 10 days ago

    Niat temen kang🤣

  • Hydroponic System
    Hydroponic System 10 days ago


  • Ride with Joy
    Ride with Joy 11 days ago

    @7:51 someome cuming on her face

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 11 days ago

    Love these videos I like to do the same but im not on your level but with time i will get good

  • Галина Павленко

    по старой ржавчине и мусору залил краской-типа отреставрировал)))))))) 16:53 ржавым болтом закрутил, ёпта, и тааак сойдет))). Первый раз такого реставратора вижу

    • Галина Павленко
      Галина Павленко 7 days ago

      @KIT HD ага, а грунтовка из баллона с мусором? Посмотрите на конечный результат. И сравните с другими, более рукастыми восстановителями. Результат на лицо, как говорится)

    • KIT HD
      KIT HD 7 days ago

      Он не поверх краски красит, а наносит 1 слой грунтовки из балона... идивид

    • Сергей Сергеев
      Сергей Сергеев 8 days ago

      Поддерживаю. Восстановление деталей по минимуму.

  • Вячеслав Михайленко

    Где это другое место, где так красиво поют птицы?

  • Shane Frey
    Shane Frey 11 days ago

    I like that red chocolate color

  • mas boy
    mas boy 11 days ago


  • Иlya М
    Иlya М 11 days ago

    1 хрень забыл приделать. Посмотри как это устроено , перед тем как хвататься

  • E&R Auto Sales
    E&R Auto Sales 12 days ago


  • norcalonline1
    norcalonline1 12 days ago +2

    Awesome work. Have you tried using Evaporust on the corroded parts? It's very convenient.

  • Hengky Sing
    Hengky Sing 12 days ago

    Ohh wow is crazy work,,awesome !!!

  • Чеза Чеза
    Чеза Чеза 12 days ago

    Молодец помошник для дома

    Ryan CHRISTOPHER 12 days ago

    do you do everything the hard way

  • Wilfrid Kolarik
    Wilfrid Kolarik 12 days ago

    Bridge & stratom very good tank you very much for vidéo

  • Chris Schumacher
    Chris Schumacher 13 days ago

    I hate that brown color. I was hoping you would paint it John Deere green or anything but that brown.

  • MrcabooseVG
    MrcabooseVG 13 days ago +2

    Good thing about engines, no matter how shit they are on the outside the oil keeps the insides nice

  • Sejoli Chanel
    Sejoli Chanel 13 days ago


  • Artem Song
    Artem Song 13 days ago +1

    восстановил без души

    • Галина Павленко
      Галина Павленко 11 days ago

      по-русски на отъебись). Хоть бы старую краску с грязью снял))

  • Александр Михайлов

    А башку то нахера надо было красить??! Чтоб оно воняло и горело когда нагреется? или чтоб охлаждение хуже было?!

    • Александр Михайлов
      Александр Михайлов 13 days ago

      И ещё вопрос эта штука чтобы что?? Вспаханную землю переворачивать или?....

  • Ricky Soekamty
    Ricky Soekamty 14 days ago

    Good😆, subscribe back ya

  • Nick Barrow
    Nick Barrow 14 days ago +1

    For the love of god somebody buy him a jet washer.

    • Галина Павленко
      Галина Павленко 11 days ago

      и щетку металлическую и жидкость для снятия старой краски))

  • Lord Farquaad
    Lord Farquaad 14 days ago


  • Joel Henkel
    Joel Henkel 14 days ago

    Wehry wehry good

  • john dengler
    john dengler 15 days ago

    That engine looks like it was stored at the bottom of a lake!

  • Blue Clouds
    Blue Clouds 15 days ago +1

    Could you all tell us about all the chemicals you use to clean the parts?

    SOUMYA RANJAN SHARMA 15 days ago

    Love this job. Will you please keep me your assistant?

  • 金桔粒
    金桔粒 15 days ago

    Amazing job.

  • xl
    xl 16 days ago +1

    weird how all the restoration channels are clones of each others.

  • Jojo Crazy Cat
    Jojo Crazy Cat 16 days ago +1

    My brother kept bragging about how he has always used tillers and chainsaws and a few other machines.
    But when it came time to use them, he didn't know how to use them.
    He didn't know what fuel to use with them, he didn't know to pull the pins from the end of the tiller blades to clean roots and dirt from the tiller blades, he didn't know to cut under the trees first so the tree would not rip down the tree bark when cutting off some tree branches.
    I have only seen my brother have one job in his life.
    He is the type of dude that always finds a sucker to pay his way in life.
    And yes, i have been the sucker a few times.
    I have worked jobs sense i was 12 years old, so i have had much practice using, and fixing the machines i need to get the jobs done.
    But sometimes you get machines that just don't want to work.
    Like my brother , ahahahaah
    I finally got him out making his a garden this year.
    He did a bit of work.
    But i think he already gave up, sense he has not been around for a month working on the garden he planted.
    Most gardens need our help.
    Got to keep up with the bugs, watering, trimming and pruning, weeds, and critters trying to eat it.

    • Allan Driver
      Allan Driver 15 days ago

      ......and here I was thinking we were talking about a tiller........

  • Jojo Crazy Cat
    Jojo Crazy Cat 16 days ago +1

    I had to watch this one again.
    I just gave away a tiller i only used once.
    I went out and bought one pretty close to this one being fixed.
    The other one i gave away because it would not run after i only used it once.
    The one that would not run was the type that had no wheels.
    All arm strength to run it.
    The new one you still use your arm strength, but has wheels to roll it around.
    My old big tille had big wheels and was always clogging up with dirt.
    Very hard to use, so i gave it to a friend that said he needed a tiller to barrow, so i gave it to him.
    Hope he has fun with it ahahahaha.

  • Илья Цурков
    Илья Цурков 16 days ago +2

    Чтото мне подсказывает что товарищ ни разу такой техникой не работал и не видел как ею работают.
    Костыля не хватает который должен держать этот культиватор, руками его удерживать замучаешся и в глубь он не зарывается по этой же причине

  • CarHlam
    CarHlam 16 days ago

    Ага бля сначала свечку выкрутил дерьма в горшок на трёс а потом давай движок крутить, ну блять нельзя же быть таким криворуким!!!