• Published on Jan 10, 2018
  • ....PARTS LIST....
    MCC 4X4 Accessories:
    Front Bumper bar - Rocker Bar
    Side steps - MCC TWIST TUBE Side Steps
    Rear Bumper - Rocker Rear
    Kutsnake NP300 Snorkle kit
    Outback Armor 2 inch lift kit (Generous 2 inch)
    Wheels & tyres from The Bling Company:
    16/8 Evade Matte Black rims
    285/75/16 Anderes Deep Digger tyres
    Alignment and fitment done by The Bling Company
    Nissan Parts:
    Rear Roll Bar
    Tray cover
    Tray liner
    Designed by Pixelsaurus
    Cut and applied at DB Graphics
    Driving done on a friends motocross track in Auckland, New Zealand.
    Any questions, leave a comment
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  • eduardo oliveira
    eduardo oliveira 2 days ago

    Aqui no Brasil🇧🇷 essa pik-up se chama Nissan frontier.

  • Zuen Cruz
    Zuen Cruz 18 days ago

    why all this youtubers use this music? fuck me

  • Roger Campillo
    Roger Campillo 20 days ago

    I’m thinking about front upper control arms. Didn’t you need to change it to lift the vehicle 2”?? doesn’t it touch the strut support when fully extended??
    What about brake hoses? Did you change them for a longer ones?

  • Robson Junior
    Robson Junior 2 months ago


  • Александр Афанасьев

    И че? Наклейка? Бампер? Пружины? Резина? И все? ГДЕ ГРЯЗЬ? Отстой полный. Стоковая Нива - лутче. Ни о чем видео.

  • Muhammet  Kayaci
    Muhammet Kayaci 4 months ago

    Hello, I can take pictures of the side step we have attached to this vehicle.

  • ProkyCZE
    ProkyCZE 4 months ago

    What is the price of this custom? I mean the parts price only, not work.

  • Agnes Villarruz
    Agnes Villarruz 4 months ago

    Click the replies to see my whole accessories list

  • Agnes Villarruz
    Agnes Villarruz 4 months ago

    Accessories list
    Mcc front rocker bar
    Mcc rear rocker bar
    Mcc twisted tube step board
    Nissan roll bar
    Safari snorkel
    Mud tires
    Off-road rims
    Fender flares
    2 inch suspension lift

  • Blxck Cloud
    Blxck Cloud 5 months ago +3

    Seen this truck at D1NZ drift event and I’m telling you, whatever you think about the truck now is nothing compared to seeing it in person, it’s an absolute beast 3x times better seeing in it person. Yeooow 🤟🏽

  • Storm Manskie
    Storm Manskie 5 months ago

    Would've looked amazing with a black stainless steel snorkel

  • calon perawat
    calon perawat 5 months ago

    What this is a music?

  • Tyson Singline
    Tyson Singline 5 months ago

    They need to rename this video to "Pavement Princess Build" lol

  • Ирина Колесникова

    Парни Красавчики!!! Машина Супер!!!

  • DuongE Luu
    DuongE Luu 6 months ago

    Hi mate how much it cost for that part???

  • The Mighty Tekken
    The Mighty Tekken 7 months ago +2

    my dream truck

  • Ale Flo
    Ale Flo 7 months ago +1


  • The Mighty Tekken
    The Mighty Tekken 8 months ago

    which is better nissan navara vl 4x4 or ford ranger wildtrak 4x4

    • Joe Cannon
      Joe Cannon 6 months ago

      Big difference in price right there, Wildtrack in Australia is consistantly judged the best 4wd.
      heaps of technology and driver assisted gadgets. Navara is a good ute I have one, good value 4wd and a great engine, tech is a generation older though, but not in the same class as the Ranger.

  • Stainless Construction
    Stainless Construction 8 months ago +1

    How can I get all these parts is their a website I can purchase it on?

    • Darren Kelly Drift
      Darren Kelly Drift  8 months ago

      Stainless Construction Hey mate, what country are you based in? We sell all these products fitted plus a whole lot more here in New Zealand

  • Colton . Zimmerman
    Colton . Zimmerman 8 months ago

    Wish we had this style in the USA.. frontier is just ugly As Fu$&

  • Peter McDonough
    Peter McDonough 9 months ago

    Rear drum brakes? I thought they were a thing of the past.

  • Mauricio Aguilar
    Mauricio Aguilar 9 months ago +1

    Me encanta

  • NoBrainDPS
    NoBrainDPS 10 months ago +1

    What you just have done to Nissan... is what Nissan should be doing to Nissan! What a beauty!

    HYPNOTIC FOX 11 months ago

    Ayos ah!

  • Khamis Salim
    Khamis Salim 11 months ago


  • freddy alberto castro ortegon

    Jummm, solo muestran las llantas?

    BSD BSD 11 months ago


  • traditionalist man
    traditionalist man 11 months ago

    The decals ruin it.

  • soesse
    soesse 11 months ago

    You put a snorkle on but did you do any other waterproofing

  • joal dotcom
    joal dotcom Year ago


  • kenner otero martinez

    An best

  • Jay J
    Jay J Year ago

    Bloody good looking Ute.

  • Tyler Ward
    Tyler Ward Year ago

    Damn...left the stock CV axles, stock gearing, no lockers, and no drivetrain mods, no steering or control arm mods? I'm sorry, but without that you pretty much have a mall crawler.

  • ShadowBlade9465
    ShadowBlade9465 Year ago

    Maybe the only good looking navara ever

  • Sniffybumbum bum
    Sniffybumbum bum Year ago

    Did you have any problems with tyres rubbing on anything. Im getting same lift and 33s but on 20s

  • Gianfranco bretti

    Sucusate sapete di chi e questa canzone grazie

  • Jeff Stryker
    Jeff Stryker Year ago

    Nissan should bring back the diesel V6 and then I will buy it.

  • P4P KING
    P4P KING Year ago

    that fkn gay hipster sure these cunts listen to that fucked up millennial noise

  • Ak Jq
    Ak Jq Year ago +1

    Hey there, i am interested of buying the whole kit from Australia I’m in Kuwait and non of this is available here, kindly advise if you or other can ship the kit for me with som interest of course.
    Thank you

  • heat cliff
    heat cliff Year ago

    Nissan is a DIEASES company with garbage.

  • The Darkness It Consumes Me

    Absolutely great video

  • The Darkness It Consumes Me

    4:33 what were the "giant clips" on the rims for?

  • Nexus4 Ever
    Nexus4 Ever Year ago

    Those fender flares is hard to get. EGR only supplies it to Nissan AU. Not listed in EGR website.

  • The Darkness It Consumes Me

    What was the total cost?

  • Van Hanz
    Van Hanz Year ago

    Excellent!!! Beautifully upgraded

  • harry Fernandez Perez

    Que guapo, muy profesional todo

  • plum rrr
    plum rrr Year ago


  • David S
    David S Year ago

    Does it still have the 6x4.5 bolt pattern??

  • javier herrera
    javier herrera Year ago

    Awesome video, the truck looks awesome. Which are the rimes dimensions ?? talking about the bolts??
    Thanks !

  • DRTMaverick
    DRTMaverick Year ago

    Can you titan-swap a Navara?

  • Ross Ko
    Ross Ko Year ago

    I didn't see a torque wrench there and at 6:45 wheels sticking out of arches.


    nice looking ute, still a fucking hopeless 4x4

  • daniel h guerrero

    😮😲😯... DAAAAANG... 😍😏😎👍🏼🤜🏼🤛🏼

  • Coplay
    Coplay Year ago +1

    One of the best fucking Mod videos I've ever seen. Car looks fantastic. Some great camera angles and superb music.

  • Carlos Alberto Baldizón

    I wish there were shops like this in Guatemala, everything here sucks =S

  • graparitegal graparitegal

    Cool video, cool car n cool host. Great, man..!! Salam from Indonesia.

  • Gucci off Thee streets

    This vid is choice as have to show my dad this
    What a beauty

  • rustic roots
    rustic roots Year ago +1

    awesome vid and amazing looking truck, i think the only thing missing is a slow and thorough walk around of the finished product. good job!!

  • Ken Tore Foss
    Ken Tore Foss Year ago

    Looks ok , to bad its not road approved.

    • Darren Kelly Drift
      Darren Kelly Drift  Year ago

      It's all road legal. Used as a tow vehicle for my Motorsport and then to have some fun in spare time

  • Brett Christian
    Brett Christian Year ago

    I Have Spent heaps on my STX NP300 but am very disappointed with some things, especially the engine and trans, cant tow for shit and gearbox is awful, no more poxy little diesels for me.

    • zeroyon223
      zeroyon223 Year ago

      Brett Christian The Renault engine is what lets them down, they're a nice ute otherwise.

  • Hi Fast
    Hi Fast Year ago

    What is the size of the tyre and rims??

  • Михаил Швалёв

    Я везде там на Micra проеду!!! :-)

  • Михаил Швалёв

    Сайлент-блоки нужно затягивать под нагрузкой

  • Gerland Paul Dy Revilla

    what is the background music of this video?
    Tnx. . .

  • Роман Леонтьев

    В России до первого гаишника!

  • Darren Kelly Drift
    Darren Kelly Drift  Year ago +8

    ....PARTS LIST....
    MCC 4X4 Accessories:
    Front Bumper bar - Rocker Bar
    Side steps - MCC TWIST TUBE Side Steps
    Rear Bumper - Rocker Rear
    Kutsnake NP300 Snorkle kit
    Outback Armor 2 inch lift kit (Generous 2 inch)
    Wheels & tyres from The Bling Company:
    16/8 Evade Matte Black rims
    285/75/16 Anderes Deep Digger tyres
    Alignment and fitment done by The Bling Company
    Nissan Parts:
    Rear Roll Bar
    Tray cover
    Tray liner
    Designed by Pixelsaurus
    Cut and applied at DB Graphics
    Driving done on a friends motocross track in Auckland, New Zealand.
    Any questions, leave a comment

    • Zproductions
      Zproductions 4 months ago

      @dkauton look like around -22 what i had on mine and filld out my kutsnake monster flares

    • Bikerman 690
      Bikerman 690 8 months ago

      Wow awesome truck!👍😎 so the wheel arc flares are genuine Nissan parts? Are they just to bolt on, no drilling in the body/just double sided adhesive tape.. so the heads in these "pockets" are just for the look. Cheers from norwegian subs.

    • Todd Robinson
      Todd Robinson 11 months ago

      just wondering what offset the wheels are? cheers

    • dkauton
      dkauton Year ago +1

      What off-set are those rims?

  • pdp182
    pdp182 Year ago

    Nice work

    GEE DOGG Year ago

    The front bar looks like it doesn't fit properly??

    • GEE DOGG
      GEE DOGG Year ago

      Right at the end of the doesn't seem to follow the flares properly...maybe I'm just to fussy...nice work guys.

    • Darren Kelly Drift
      Darren Kelly Drift  Year ago

      Where was that? All fits great as a finished product. May have been a shot where we hadn't finished final alignment

  • Craig Waitoa
    Craig Waitoa Year ago

    Mate looks good, but nothing under the bonnet or lockers, exhaust ?

    • Darren Kelly Drift
      Darren Kelly Drift  Year ago

      Not at the time of building it. This one was a temporary build until the 2018 comes out in NZ which we will do more upgrades and some power/performance work also

  • aljim alparaque
    aljim alparaque Year ago

    What suspension kit are you using?

    • Maciek Jarosz
      Maciek Jarosz 4 months ago

      Darren Kelly Drift what size of the wheels and tires you have?

    • Darren Kelly Drift
      Darren Kelly Drift  Year ago +2

      Yup, Outback Armor 2 inch lift (its a pretty generous 2 inches tho. More like 3, plus tyre size providing lift about 5 inches from stock

    • Mason Waters
      Mason Waters Year ago +1

      aljim alparaque outback armour bud

  • fareisa faree
    fareisa faree Year ago +2

    i thought that it's useless for navara's using snorkel.
    - watch a video on youtube couple months ago talking about it

    • Regent Coast
      Regent Coast 7 months ago

      you'd be right bud, under the drivers door on the chassis theres an ecu type modual and on SOME cars the water proofing silicon if faulty. but nisan states in the user manual that np300s cant go through water any deeper than 200ish mm

    • Mark Tilden
      Mark Tilden Year ago +1

      Its video is called off road vlog in the nav about the 6 minute mark he says what happened

    • Mark Tilden
      Mark Tilden Year ago +1

      Theres another youtube video of a bloke in aus tj jack i think its called bloke has a navara same model as this and a waterproof plug that they had left some bungs out of and they didnt warrant it when it corroded because apparently according to the dealer he went to your not supposed to take it into water thats above the sill they tried charging him $6k to replace all the wiring looms

    • jack DICKBREFF
      jack DICKBREFF Year ago

      ... what

  • ꜱʜᴀɪᴊᴀʟ ʙᴀʙᴜ

    oh man the offroad section looks like hollywood movie

  • Andrew Corker
    Andrew Corker Year ago

    Where do we get these side steps?!?

  • Robert De Niro
    Robert De Niro Year ago

    In which area/country did you drive in the video? Looks amazing

  • C Steele
    C Steele Year ago

    Nice, did you upgrade the gearing, with bigger tires the stock gearing would probably have been pretty bad with those meaty tires.

  • ภารดา มีรัมย์

    The original price of Navara np300.

  • Josh Winders
    Josh Winders Year ago

    What the truck gunna be used for work or just off roading?

  • Tyler Atkinson
    Tyler Atkinson Year ago

    Do the tyres rub or not?

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson Year ago +2

    Nice truck - shame about the music.. (old man moment ;) ) lol

  • Monsta Aotearoa
    Monsta Aotearoa Year ago

    Looks badass! Can’t wait to get a mcc rocker bar on my ranger

  • Zach
    Zach Year ago +1

    what size are the tyress and offset please?looks good

    • Matthew Randone
      Matthew Randone Year ago

      Not sure about what offset but he did say 33" M/T

  • Jesus C
    Jesus C Year ago +12

    The looks sick!!!! Can’t wait to see the look here in USA. Great video. Thanks.

  • sevii1
    sevii1 Year ago

    Nice build inspiration

  • Fair dinkum
    Fair dinkum Year ago

    I just fitted a MCC front bar to my Navara NP300 and had to cut holes in the underbody protection just like you did in the vid to make it fit also. Pity they didn't do it right out of the box... Everything else fit perfectly though and I'm happy with the quality...

    • Michael Priest
      Michael Priest Year ago

      Fair dinkum hope they did the springs too...the NP300 is not roadworthy if you put a bullbar on it without upgrading the springs.

  • Lakshan Gunawardena

    Nissan 4x4 for life

  • doc kilat
    doc kilat Year ago

    If only nissan would make the ride height higher as seen in the video

  • BuTCHaz7
    BuTCHaz7 Year ago

    Why isn’t the snorkel mounted to the door frame haha

  • alwys faded
    alwys faded Year ago +16

    To bad they dont have these in u.s

    • Martin A
      Martin A 7 months ago +1

      2.2 Litre, why would you even want them over there? You have Tacomas, Sierras, Silverados, Tundras, F150's. Any of those over here in Aus is $100k+. Be happy!

    • Emilio PSDhelp
      Emilio PSDhelp Year ago

      thats because that truck is or the mexican market i have one and there called np300 frontier

    • Darwyn Muzo
      Darwyn Muzo Year ago +1

      it is the new frontier but not in the usa

    • Steven Peter
      Steven Peter Year ago

      It will in 2020

    • Jelo Alibong
      Jelo Alibong Year ago

      always_ faded_x .

  • Skyla Novea
    Skyla Novea Year ago +8

    it's a beast

    • Wonder Tower
      Wonder Tower Year ago

      Nora Berisha do you own a Navara yourself

  • john
    john Year ago

    Wish they had these in the u.s. so beautiful

    • Brett Charles Petersen
      Brett Charles Petersen Year ago

      US will probably get the NP300 as the replacement for the current Frontier.

    • john
      john Year ago

      psy06 yeah but titans are full sized. I want a mid sized truck that is turbo diesel. Which for some reason they don't make in the u.s

    • psy06
      psy06 Year ago

      you have Titans and all the other awesome trucks!

  • Chrisis TRG
    Chrisis TRG Year ago

    which brand is the front bumper??

    • Chrisis TRG
      Chrisis TRG Year ago

      Darren Kelly Drift i’ll wait for it!

    • Darren Kelly Drift
      Darren Kelly Drift  Year ago +1

      Xrisis Trigger MCC 4x4 is who supplied most of the accessories. I’ll make a parts list to post in the comments

    NEMAIA TEKIU Year ago +2

    Can you please list everything that’s been done too the car

    • Darren Kelly Drift
      Darren Kelly Drift  Year ago +1

      NEMAIA TEKIU I’ll make a parts list to put in the description and in the comments

    NEMAIA TEKIU Year ago +1

    How much did everything cost?

    • Aidan Valentine
      Aidan Valentine Year ago

      youd be wrong

    • Skyla Novea
      Skyla Novea Year ago +4

      if you do all the work by yourself, it will be pretty cheap around 7-9K$

  • TheSnooex
    TheSnooex Year ago

    Great built and fantastic tunes. Possible to share the music / artist list?

  • emre tüfekçi
    emre tüfekçi Year ago +5

    Would you please publish the list of attachments?

    • Darren Kelly Drift
      Darren Kelly Drift  Year ago

      emre tüfekçi yup I will put a list in comments and description.

  • Adam East
    Adam East Year ago

    A parts list would bhe a plus guys :)

    • Darren Kelly Drift
      Darren Kelly Drift  Year ago

      Adam East yup I will chuck one in the comments and in video description

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  • buddy
    buddy Year ago