i tried making a bloomin' onion

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
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Comments • 5 863

  • Carolyn Vanasse
    Carolyn Vanasse 2 hours ago

    When Julien was doing the slow and calculated Epbepbepbep trying to pull apart the onion I was LAUGHING

  • kelly unleashedsky
    kelly unleashedsky 9 hours ago

    I use pancake batter with spices, I dip in dry pancake batter with spices, then wet batter , then dry. turns out perfect

  • Sw33t
    Sw33t 2 days ago

    Oh my god it’s literally 3am and I can’t sleep wtf

  • Haluka Kanagawa
    Haluka Kanagawa 2 days ago

    It looks like the queen of night flower

  • Aliya Jade
    Aliya Jade 3 days ago

    Julien: -cooks-
    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Jenna: -every video- "That's not allowed."

  • Tory, BTS Trash
    Tory, BTS Trash 4 days ago

    IDK about elsewhere but bloomin onions are common fair/festival food in Canada (or at least Ontario and Saskatchewan). I actually don't think I've ever seen a bloomin onion outside of a festival here lol

  • I Miss Ryan Ross
    I Miss Ryan Ross 4 days ago

    Hello, there, again.!?¿

  • 888888 88
    888888 88 5 days ago

    is he asian? that's how asians cook we don't measure

  • peepgirl 92
    peepgirl 92 6 days ago +2

    I'm so glad I clicked on your channel, I've been watching you cook for like 4 hours and I'm so content.
    Love you and your vids man!

  • Liza Kneebone
    Liza Kneebone 6 days ago

    this isn't even a thing in Australia.. I have never had this and I am Australian

  • • Viofish •
    • Viofish • 9 days ago

    literally takes him 55seconds to tell us that its a bloomin onion

  • xxIluvyouguysxx
    xxIluvyouguysxx 11 days ago

    The Aries energy in the beginning is a lot and I’m also an Aries

  • Izzy Moten
    Izzy Moten 11 days ago

    I'm Aussie and yeah....We don't have blooming onions!!! You guys invented it!!!

  • l ٌ
    l ٌ 11 days ago

    i love how you can just tell what he's about to say from his face before it comes out of his mouth.

  • Chiara Dominque
    Chiara Dominque 12 days ago

    "you might not be Australian" BUT I AM AUSTRALIAN

  • tiger fox
    tiger fox 12 days ago

    sorry never heard of a bloomin onion until i first went to the states in 2010 and went to an outback steak house
    must say i do love the americans interpretation of australian cuisine - they obvs never heard of a vegemite and cheese sanga
    - from an australian

  • Kaia Ö
    Kaia Ö 12 days ago

    I think worcshester sauce or however you spell it has sardine in it!!

  • Holly Lemons
    Holly Lemons 13 days ago

    I would've used a Vidalia Onion.

  • Äddison Leigh
    Äddison Leigh 13 days ago +1


    Absolutely no one:

    Julian: pobadys nerfect

  • Äddison Leigh
    Äddison Leigh 13 days ago +1

    I want a friendship like Jenna and juliens🥺

  • AlessiaAnnihilation
    AlessiaAnnihilation 14 days ago

    Wait. do they have a vegan Worcestershire sauce? It usually has anchovies in it.

  • Sudeshna
    Sudeshna 14 days ago

    Stay blessed. Besides being an enthusiastic chef, you are a good person.

  • Mirabelle
    Mirabelle 15 days ago

    An onion ring but the onion bone is still attached

  • Hunter Lee
    Hunter Lee 15 days ago

    I love julien but I really miss baby faces julien without the stache

  • Yazmin Martinez
    Yazmin Martinez 17 days ago

    LMFAO !!!! I couldn't stop laughing when he started adding the spices :'D

  • Ava Counsel
    Ava Counsel 18 days ago

    as an aussie i've never heard of a bloomin' onion but thanks for celebrating us heheh

  • Pascal
    Pascal 19 days ago

    Untrained bartenders on bar rescue with the jiggers: 07:21

  • Renee Noonan
    Renee Noonan 20 days ago

    It’s alright if you’re not Australian. Because Australians don’t eat blooming onions! Just onions underneath Bunnings snags.

  • Iris Dixon
    Iris Dixon 20 days ago

    bloomin’ onion is like a family of onion rings but they never cut the umbilical cord...

  • Abi J
    Abi J 20 days ago

    I grew up eating them when I would go to the fair. It’s soooo good!

  • Christina LaBelle
    Christina LaBelle 20 days ago

    Thank you for sharing, Bloomin onions are one of my faves

  • fimbles101
    fimbles101 21 day ago

    Julian.. Study naked flame and chip pan fires.. So risky dude..

  • connor lee
    connor lee 21 day ago

    when julien was dumping paprika into the bowl i found myself screaming "JULIEEEEEEEN" the whole time. my virgo rising came out strong.

  • Bea Wondermaid
    Bea Wondermaid 22 days ago

    I loved this vid 🙏🏽

  • Brenna Spaulding
    Brenna Spaulding 22 days ago

    Okay my mouth is watering

  • Amelia Crisp
    Amelia Crisp 23 days ago

    0:44 ohhh missed opportunity to say "down under"

  • Amanda Parvin
    Amanda Parvin 25 days ago

    the face he made at 10:42 was so funny but kinda relatable its like he lost all hope for the onion

  • Harry Hands
    Harry Hands 26 days ago

    First time visitor. My HONEST first impression... the desire to skip forward through all the jokes and what many think is humor was very hard to resist. It's just me maybe... I take cooking and food prep seriously, measuring accurately for consistency...
    Not my personal style but will watch a few more videos before I subscribe or abandon.
    Just an honest critique of what I saw and first impression.

  • Bean The Turtle
    Bean The Turtle 28 days ago +1

    And today in the aries kitchen..

  • Best Bud Isabella
    Best Bud Isabella 28 days ago

    Someone please get this dude a show!!!

  • borednow
    borednow 28 days ago

    this looks and sounds so good :D i want my own julien to cook for me

  • Mary Dragonee
    Mary Dragonee 29 days ago

    julien yelling “STOP IT!!” to himself while he cries: a mood

  • Thorne_101_
    Thorne_101_ Month ago +1

    I love the reference to SwaggerSouls and his drunk/high compilation 😭
    (Atleast thats what i think it is lol)

  • Taylor Miller
    Taylor Miller Month ago +1

    I'm so triggered about Julian's "measurements" of the spices.

  • richi
    richi Month ago

    pour an onion out for the homies 😔

  • Emma Sorge
    Emma Sorge Month ago +2

    " i dont know if its three am and you cant sleep"
    Me at 3 watching this because i cant sleep

  • Caitlin Schimm
    Caitlin Schimm Month ago

    It is in fact 3 am and I cannot sleep lol

  • Bea H
    Bea H Month ago

    Julien you are so talented!
    PS I’d love a tattoo tour video!

  • laurence allard
    laurence allard Month ago

    I liked immediately after Julien put the pot on your head ! 10/10 quality content

  • Carson Pansy
    Carson Pansy Month ago +2

    Question: why didn't he use the deep fryer?

  • Kaitlyn Kelliher
    Kaitlyn Kelliher Month ago

    Julen has loved knives since birth

  • Amber B
    Amber B Month ago

    You need to get an air fryer!

  • Luke PortgasDLOEY
    Luke PortgasDLOEY Month ago +2

    a blooming onion could make my 2AM better but I don't like onions 😔

  • dormirlona
    dormirlona Month ago

    This is so great. Now I want to make my own blooming onion😋

  • Tamika Little
    Tamika Little Month ago

    Who else started yelling JULIEN!!! when he started free handing the paprika 😂😂

  • lucy ossi
    lucy ossi Month ago

    hello again there hello there again hello, there, again.!?¿

  • massaaaaaaaa
    massaaaaaaaa Month ago +1

    I’m all for the celebration of us aussies.. but a blooming onion is American and definitely not 🇦🇺 😂

  • Gera Nissen
    Gera Nissen Month ago

    Your measuring technique isn’t extra whatsoever.

  • Radelaid
    Radelaid Month ago

    as an Australian of 24 years, I have never heard of a blooming' onion!