Why Are Rolex Watches So Expensive?

  • Published on Aug 21, 2018
  • If you asked people what they thought the best watch in the world was, most of them would probably assure you that it's a Rolex. But is there any reason why this brand costs so much? Watch this video to find it out the truth about Rolex and some unexpected facts about the most expensive things in the world.
    How much does a Rolex watch cost 0:57
    Why is Rolex so expensive:
    Rolex has its own scientific laboratory. 1:50
    For its watches, Rolex uses steel that is particularly difficult to machine. 2:09
    Rolex has its own foundry on the premises. 2:28
    Rolex watches are assembled by hand. 2:47
    Rolex can put Fort Knox to shame. 3:20
    You'll find a small army of gemologists at Rolex. 3:38
    They need one year to produce one Rolex watch. 4:08
    Other super-expensive things:
    Huia bird feathers for $10,000 each 4:57
    Parking spots in Manhattan for $1 million 5:16
    A gold-plated Bugatti Veyron for $10 million 5:42
    A magnetic floating bed for $1.6 million 6:02
    A crystal piano for $3.2 million 6:31
    A building named “Antilia" costs approximately $2 billion. 6:49
    History Supreme Yacht for $4.5 billion 7:57
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    Preview photo credit:
    BANGKOK, THAILAND - JULY 14, 2018: Rolex Submariner watch is equipped with a ceramic bezel: By doublep4556/Shutterstock.com, www.shutterstock.com/ru/image-photo/bangkok-thailand-july-14-2018-rolex-1134005660?src=wNsOK2PO5frGzNBBOHaopQ-4-27
    Animation is created by Bright Side.
    -The price of the least expensive models, such as the Oyster Perpetual ladies' watch, starts at $4,000.
    -Rolex has several perfectly equipped professional laboratories in different locations.
    -Their material is more corrosion and rust resistant, and it’s also harder than other types of steel.
    -An in-house foundry owned by Rolex makes its own gold, which is later used for manufacturing watches.
    -Most of their machines are operated by people. On top of that, people assemble everything from bracelets to movements.
    -If you decide to try and gain entry, be prepared for numerous James Bond-style safety checks.
    -There's a whole gemological department that buys, tests, and sets precious stones in Rolex watches.
    -To produce one single watch, Rolex needs a whopping 365 days.
    -The huia bird is an extinct animal, and perhaps that's the reason why a single feather of this creature was sold to an anonymous buyer for a whopping $10,000.
    -A parking spot in Manhattan can turn out to be 6 times more expensive than the average American house.
    -You can use your private parking spot to park your gold-plated Bugatti Veyron, which costs $10 million and is also found on our chart of the most extravagant things in the world.
    -A magnetic system keeps the bed floating in the air, and the bed won't fall - even if a dozen people try to check its stability. This piece of furniture can bear more than 2,000 lb.
    -The most expensive piano in the world is made completely of crystal. In Beijing, the piano was used during the opening of the Olympic Games.
    -A 27-story building is a home where an Indian billionaire and his family live. 600 people work full-time in the house to keep it in working order.
    -The most expensive yacht in the world is made exclusively of gold and platinum. It's decorated with several fascinating statues that have real dinosaur bones in their composition.
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    Hey guys! What would you buy if you were a billionaire?

    • Khaled Masri
      Khaled Masri 5 days ago

      i would buy TSeries and delete it

    • thewhitemustang
      thewhitemustang 8 days ago

      When giving donations.......By the time the money gets to the people that it is promised to, it could be whittled down to sometimes 20% or less. It's not always like this, but it happens enough.
      I've always wondered if a generous wealthy person could build a factory (that could teach people a variety of trades while on the job) w/apartments next to it and maybe even a garden (if there's enough land). Almost like a vocational school for adults that actually makes money producing products. Unfortunate folks could work and live there for a certain amount of time and get set up with a job when they're ready to leave. When they're done they can leave with a skill and a job lined up and a cash cheque to get them started.

    • USER112358134711
      USER112358134711 14 days ago

      A normal brain!

    • Tiger 50
      Tiger 50 16 days ago

      Bright side , I would like to buy a gold plated Lamborghini aventador , because i love cars very much.....😎😎

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  • BW Acuff
    BW Acuff 2 days ago

    Assembling a watch is not the hard part. It's easy. The hard hard part is the part Rolex doesn't do by hand: making the parts.
    Rolex isn't the mystery they want to be....they started like Fossil, only without the name recognition. Hans Wilsdorf was an idea man who set out to create an expensive brand....not an expensive watch. It took a long time but Wilsdorf was patient, committed and good at his professional....and a little lucky.....so he succeeded.
    But, at the end of the day if a quartz watch cannot be said to have complications - because it's computer and motor controlled - then a watch that has computers involved with its design or production, can't be perfect. If you want a "perfect" watch, buy yourself a pre-WWII Hamilton, Omega, Zenith or Cyma pocket watch. Even a Rolex, from back then. As far as we know, those are the most complicated, high-precision devices life has ever created, in the entire universe, without a computer. They're far more impressive than the modern Rolex.

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    Having said that, I’d only buy one if I had more money than I knew what to do with. For now, I love my Citizen sapphire titanium solar powered water proof wrist watch. It even resembles a Rolex, and cost me 300 Euros in Madrid, down from the usual 600 bucks it goes for. No regrets.
    But hey, if I win the lottery... lol.

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    Most designer brands rely upon a basic human flaw called stupidity. A status symbol of wealth perhaps while paying over the odds to advertise someone's ridiculous product.

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      Funny guy here. They don't even come close to Longines when it comes to real watch making prowess. Doesn't even come close to PP, VC, JLC, AP and A. Lange. 😂

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    • island boy
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      Rolex is a great brand. It was not always a luxury brand and primarily produced tool watches. ALL luxury items are overpriced, but it doesn't mean the quality is not in the product. A Rolex watch can last for decades if properly taken care of. Lastly, supply and demand. Even if you had the cash, you will have a hard time finding a Rolex stainless steel sports watch at a Rolex authorized dealer.