2019 iPad Mini & iPad Air - Early Look!

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • The 2019 iPad Air and iPad Mini 5th Gen was just announced! In this video I discuss exactly whats new and answer a few questions that people have regarding the new iPads! Watch for the full mini review and first impressions. Stay tuned and subscribe for the full review in the coming weeks.
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  • Matthew Moniz
    Matthew Moniz  Month ago +29

    Here it is the new iPad Mini and iPad Air! What do you guys think? Happy with the changes? Hit me up on discord if you have any questions! discord.gg/mattmoniz

    • Ankit Bhutoria
      Ankit Bhutoria Month ago

      Does iPad Mini 2019 support fast charging like the newer iPhones? If yes then what is the wattage 18W or 30W?

    • The known Spector
      The known Spector Month ago

      Also the air 1 and 2 are on my budget list not air 3 I’ll pass

    • The known Spector
      The known Spector Month ago

      Mini 5 called it trading iPad 6 because it can’t handle the pencil from a drawing app crashing

    • Lita Zo
      Lita Zo Month ago

      no ipad should cost over $1000 .

    • Loh Ryan
      Loh Ryan Month ago

      You forgot to mention that these new iPad does not support the newer pencil

  • Hayvanat2630
    Hayvanat2630 25 days ago

    Guys I still use my Ipad 2 from 2011 and it is pretty old hehe (yes im broke) but now Im saving up for a new Ipad and an apple pencil 1. I will mainly use it for reading comics/manga/homework/novels, watching movies/youtube/netflix and for drawing and taking notes (and maybe a couple of games here and there), so in general everyday stuff.
    It is between the new ipad mini 7.9 with A12 chip (2019) or the Ipad pro 10.5 A10X (2017). I cannot decide which one to buy. So I would like to know your guys´ opinion and experience on which one would be the best to mainly read comics/manga and drawing.

  • Sochea Johnson
    Sochea Johnson 25 days ago

    Better wait for iPad Fold and iPhone Fold

  • Sochea Johnson
    Sochea Johnson 26 days ago +1

    No reason to change iPad every years they look the same.

  • Niklas Bartholet
    Niklas Bartholet 28 days ago

    My phone has 6.5 why i should buy a ipad for 1 inch more😢

  • Mark Davenport
    Mark Davenport 28 days ago

    Moe’s a really good time to grab the 10.5 inch iPad Pro for $549
    A10X chip is slower, but:
    Stereo speakers in landscape
    Better screen refresh rate
    Better back camera
    Only $50 more than the Air. Deal.

  • Mark Davenport
    Mark Davenport 28 days ago

    If the iPad Air 10.5 had USB-C, that would have complicated using the old Apple Pencil. If they’d moved to the new Apple Pencil, the iPad Air 10.5 would basically turn into an 11 inch iPad Pro and, as you mentioned with design changes, would cost almost as much. I don’t know why you would have liked to see USB-C on the iPad Air 10.5. You’re a pro user, and Apple already made the perfect iPad for you. It’s on the desk in front of you in this video. Congrats, btw! I’m one gen behind.

  • mrk107
    mrk107 28 days ago

    So glad the 3rd gen iPad Air don't have that boxy look like the iPad Pro has.

  • Abolit
    Abolit 28 days ago

    buying a 2017 10.5 iPad pro is MUCH better option. They crippled pro-motion option (120 refresh rate) and reduced the brightness from 600 nits to 500 nits in new ipad air.

  • Conrad Genio
    Conrad Genio 29 days ago

    I think the question now here is, what’s the purpose of the 11inch iPad Pro?

  • TFMS_ Flipapino
    TFMS_ Flipapino 29 days ago

    Very good video, thanks!

  • Michał G
    Michał G 29 days ago

    What about Touch ID? Is it pressure sensitive now?

  • Robin Turek
    Robin Turek Month ago

    Do yourself a favor and buy a refurbished iPad pro 10.5 2017 for 429$ instead of this rip off.

  • Dave John
    Dave John Month ago

    So many sizes, why?

  • CEADEUS 117
    CEADEUS 117 Month ago

    I still have the Ipad pro 9.7 :]

    PTRAINBOY Month ago

    Apple is being a cunt for not making the entry level ipad mini a 128G... Not impressed.. 64 G in 2019 wtf! No fast charging either?!

  • LJ Cruz
    LJ Cruz Month ago

    Why could it just be called iPad Air 3

  • Kelvin J
    Kelvin J Month ago

    I won’t buy a iPad until they allow 1440p on RU-clip. 1080p on a large screen looks like shit now. Apple needs to step it up.

  • 操Cray
    操Cray Month ago

    Could somebody please reply to this, Apple will be updating the budget ipad 6th gen too right?

  • Hiếu Đỗ
    Hiếu Đỗ Month ago

    Pls vote opinions for me wait ipad pro 2019 or buy ipad air 2019. I am using ipad 10.5 play pubg 4h/day. Tks all.

  • Jerry Yeo
    Jerry Yeo Month ago

    still don’t think there exists a space for premium tablets. i can’t use my 2018 ipad pro 12.9 for barely 10 mins without having to pick up my phone to do something the ipad can’t. and then a while later i close the tablet because what’s left can only be done that night on a laptop

  • Leica jaye Francisco

    Is ipad mini 5 good for gaming?
    Im planning on buying it

  • SSJBen
    SSJBen Month ago

    "Theres an ipad for every price point"
    Yeah well, there isn't an ipad for non-morons is there?

  • S Gill
    S Gill Month ago

    No 128gb because Apple are greedy fcuks.

  • Yuchen Liu
    Yuchen Liu Month ago +1

    The air is such a ripoff just get a 10.5 inch pro from 2017

  • Rare VHS uploads
    Rare VHS uploads Month ago

    Personally this is exactly what I wanted out of the iPad Mini 5, the same design with upgraded specs. I want the headphone jack, lightening port & Touch ID & laminated display. My Mini 4 cellular has been the most useful mobile device I've ever bought, perfect size for a small bag. I'll be getting a 64GB cellular version. Not remotely interested in Apple Pencil, will use my existing cover. Keeping my Pro 10.5" wifi only as I use the camera for home video recording a lot & like the speakers for music. For once I don't have a problem with the price from Apple either.

    • Uzumaki Haawk
      Uzumaki Haawk Month ago

      I've already used ipad 4. Using 9.7/10.5 for gaming is kinda feel odd. I'm afraid does ipad mini will be best out of these two. As there is 100 price gap. As, im already using oneplus wide display phone and already have gaming laptop for assignments and video editing.

  • Forte_25s
    Forte_25s Month ago

    The 10.5” 2017 iPad Pro is way better on my opinion than the new Air. Glad I picked one up last month. Apple just slapped a A12 in it called it a day.... 10x isn’t far behind at all

  • Santiago Rios
    Santiago Rios Month ago +4

    iPad mini design is from 2012!!, so that investment has already been capitalized. There is no excuse to not have added a new design, it doesn't need to be a drastic one just some thing to make it look/feel fresh.
    And the other thing that bugs me is why keep the old pencil, why fragment that market, it's not like they com included, you pay for them in full.
    I'm still getting the mini with the pencil, Its not bad its just not what it could have been. Back when Steve was in charge you were exited for updates, now they feel stale.

    I really like Apple, but Tim really isn't cutting it with its "innovation".

  • Watource
    Watource Month ago

    So my ipad mini is good? Ay

  • EleKKtriK _03
    EleKKtriK _03 Month ago

    What's the point when they don't even upgrade the extremely basic retina display?? 😒

  • Mike Parker
    Mike Parker Month ago

    The IPad Air is the 2017 IPad Pro? I know because I have the 2017 Ipad Pro(10.5 inch screen with a smart connector + Apple Keyboard). Nothing new here. Just New Marketing.

  • Jason Yau
    Jason Yau Month ago

    Do they come with the bent shape feature?

  • Debraval Reyes
    Debraval Reyes Month ago

    Over priced like always

  • charles
    charles Month ago

    Apple, Really?????!!!!! What a joke!!!!! Old same sh*t!!!!!

  • Ezekiel Akande
    Ezekiel Akande Month ago

    That explains why my iPad mini is acting up

  • Finza Soebiakto
    Finza Soebiakto Month ago

    To be honest, why did people edit video on their iPad anyway ?

  • MyNameIsBionic
    MyNameIsBionic Month ago

    There’s a Price for every Price

  • DaryleneZ
    DaryleneZ Month ago

    I have problems to choose products. Tim Apple is just letting you to choose from too many similar products. I feel repelled.

  • DaryleneZ
    DaryleneZ Month ago

    iPad mini is amazing for reading and casual RU-clip Netflix video browsing. However I hope the edge could be smaller.

  • Linguistic Alino
    Linguistic Alino Month ago

    I just bought the 6th gen one from Costco for $250 due to your recent video. There is not much of a difference yeah? Should I return mine? Lol.

  • KING Ludni
    KING Ludni Month ago

    Can ipad mini 5 play fortnite

  • Andrew Hoffman
    Andrew Hoffman Month ago

    2019 iPad Mini with pencil support and 256GB with A12 chip definitely has me interested. Now for the SE2 Apple - don't disappoint.

  • Asta Hadid
    Asta Hadid Month ago

    So headphone jack is d
    For poor people?

  • Archivist42
    Archivist42 Month ago +5

    iPad Pro = I want the best
    iPad mini = I want something ultra portable
    iPad = I want something cheap but perfectly functional
    iPad Air = I don't know what I want so I chose at random and ended up on this one.

  • Archivist42
    Archivist42 Month ago

    With apple being so willing to create a bunch of iPad models, with at least one of the lines they need to go a bit experimental. I like the idea of at least one option having an edge to edge OLED display without a camera so it is pretty much just a screen. I feel like the Air is currently the most meaningless model in the line and would be the best candidate to take this approach on.

  • Leon Lai
    Leon Lai Month ago

    Still using the iPad 4th gen to watch this video

  • Dayle
    Dayle Month ago

    They look great and I really want one on the two. But I have an iPhone 7 plus and also a MacBook air 2018 so do I really need one?

  • JH LEE
    JH LEE Month ago

    Do you think it would be ok for a college student to buy iPad mini for note taking in lectures?

  • Majora Boy
    Majora Boy Month ago

    Are the IPad mini 5 and iPad Air 3 worth it
    Check out my take on the subject

  • Lita Zo
    Lita Zo Month ago

    does it bend?

  • H. Lewin
    H. Lewin Month ago

    they just want to make money to help from bangkrupcy 😂😂😂😂

  • Kei
    Kei Month ago

    한국말 어디서 배웠어요?

  • Kampai AniGaMeS
    Kampai AniGaMeS Month ago

    You look like avril lavigne

  • EX8MG3
    EX8MG3 Month ago

    Now do the same with iPhone se! And I will sold my current phone immediately to get it!

  • Luka
    Luka Month ago

    can you do a comparison with a samsung tablet for the same price?

  • Shanu Kaushish
    Shanu Kaushish Month ago +1

    Apple and design changes have never been good friends in a long while

  • qquhuy
    qquhuy Month ago

    I will buy for Gaming

  • andrew ayres
    andrew ayres Month ago

    I just really don’t see the point in Apple putting in the effort for the iPad Mini. I get it’s ideal for the money, but I do have to say it is a very small screen for even taking notes and it’s really just not that great of a deal. Why would I not spend a bit more to go to the normal iPad? It just makes no pure sense.

  • SG 本土天王 - ROCO KING

    YES THE IPAD MINI 5 is going to sell like HOTCAKES !!! The PERFECT IPAD MINI IS FINALLY HERE !!! Apple can go screw it with their "TOP Notch" iPhoneXSMax!!

    • YTFanboys2
      YTFanboys2 Month ago

      They kept the headphone jack so I agree

  • Hong An
    Hong An Month ago

    Take my money.

  • Cool 3
    Cool 3 Month ago +1

    if they dont release an updated 2019 basic ipad i think that's a dumb move for them. and you have to be stupid to buy this ipad air, which is not a pro, not a mini, nobody asked for it and it costs 600$ with apple pencil added and it's not even a second generation pencil. i dont know how their consumer base can accept this time and time again.

  • palekeleke
    palekeleke Month ago

    that the new iPads are at a good price ??? I prefer my iPad Pro (2017) which has 120hz, four speakers and even flash in the camera. Pay $ 500 and lose all that just for a new processor? Negative. Whoever is looking for an iPad would recommend the cheapest one because it is not worth spending $ 500 and not having decent audio and 120hz. Nor would I recommend the iPad Pro (2018) that comes folded from the box and is very fragile. These prices are an embarrassment, so they removed the iPad Pro (2017) because when you compare price and what brings the new iPad Air (2019) vs the iPad Pro (2017) is a shame the price of that iPad Air just for a new processor but without the four speakers and the 120hz and even the flash that is sometimes useful.

  • Lovneesh Sharma
    Lovneesh Sharma Month ago

    Will there be an updated version of 9.7inch iPad this year?

  • KasumiKills
    KasumiKills Month ago

    Great video Matt! I agree with most of your points, however I'd rather would like one model for the iPad, with multiple builds. IPad mini, iPad, iPad pro just seems too much. In my opinion Apple should have it so you can customize the iPad to what you want like, storage, screen size, features, processors etc, for example like a pc picker on their website.

  • Viktor Sundström
    Viktor Sundström Month ago

    FUCK YEAH HEADPHONE JACK! maybe buying this shi after all

  • MrInsertfunnyname
    MrInsertfunnyname Month ago +1

    Where is my ipod nano update I've been waiting for, apple 😂
    But seriously, i would love a new ipod nano

  • Max Petrovitch
    Max Petrovitch Month ago

    Where you from? You look like gipsy.

  • Benjamin Neammanee
    Benjamin Neammanee Month ago

    Yeah... watching this video on an iPad Pro 11" 1TB with Cellular [secretly regretting the purchase decision when the new iPad Air 3 would suffice every tasks I did]

    • Benjamin Neammanee
      Benjamin Neammanee Month ago

      Dr. Strange The main reason were future proofing in case I need more space and more RAM later as my previous iPad was the Air 2. As I’ve read from a Reddit post, it seems that the 6GB of RAM makes a significant difference when doing things that are power intensive (in my case future proofing?)... Anyway, if the Air 3 were to be released side by side with the 11” Pro. I would have bought the 256GB iPad Air 3 + Cellular LOL 😂
      Ps. As per my calculation, it is the best bang for your buck: storage wise.

    • Dr. Strange
      Dr. Strange Month ago

      Why 1TB? That's a crap ton of memory, and the main reason your purchase was double in price lol. I purchased the iPad pro 11 as well but in 256 gb but I need it for school and own an android device. USB-c was actually the biggest selling point for me.

  • Reuben Skelly
    Reuben Skelly Month ago

    So the iPad air version 2? 3? Is basically the pro 10.5 lol

    • Dr. Strange
      Dr. Strange Month ago

      But worse in the most important aspects.

  • Technicqlly
    Technicqlly Month ago

    Hmm I own the $329 9.7 model, I think it's good enough

  • DeathX Animation
    DeathX Animation Month ago

    Hm Apple is lucky because with out this iPads it’s gone

  • Jigar B Jadav
    Jigar B Jadav Month ago

    Great Work 👌 👍🏻

  • Tomashu007
    Tomashu007 Month ago

    Honestly, is there anyone who filled up the 128GB storage? I have a smartphone with 32GB and I am at 40% used capacity... I cannot even imagine what one has to store on the mobile device to use 512GB. Hentai? Hilarry's emails? Trump's tweets (lots of them so this might be it)?

    • Tomashu007
      Tomashu007 Month ago

      +Matthew Moniz , so it is usually dedicated for people who use iPads/Tablets for professional purposes. That's seems reasonable. Thank you for your reply! I was just curious. I even replaced my 1TB HDD for 500GB SDD in my laptop as I did not need the space ;) Almost everything I use is based on streaming services or cloud storage.

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz  Month ago

      So much easier to fill up a tablet. 32 is tough! offline movies for flights. If you edit video the footage takes up a lot of space

  • smmozza
    smmozza Month ago

    ... apple’s bs again ... lets wait for Samsung’s Tabs ... NOTHING apple my New Year Resolution ...

  • Farm Hard
    Farm Hard Month ago +6

    Im watching this on ipad air 2 and crying secretly

  • mahou shoujo
    mahou shoujo Month ago

    And Tim is very good at gets rid of inventory of components. So don't buy any iPad without "pro".

  • mahou shoujo
    mahou shoujo Month ago

    No I don't want iPad anymore because Samsung Galaxy Tab is better than iPad.

  • Haoran Sun
    Haoran Sun Month ago

    when is the new ipad mini available to purchase at apple stores?

    BENHAR ARVIND Month ago

    Please don't buy iPad....
    We can't repair iPad in any official apple service center (iplant) or even in other service center. So if it gets repaired after warranty period we have to throw it away.
    Usually we cannot believe on electronic because electronic items may fail at any time due to various reasons so failure is common.
    But if it fails there should be an option to repair it (since we pay a lot for buying iPad).
    But in iPlant (Apple service center) they won't open and repair any iPad and iPod, and also they said that the iPad and iPod are not design for open and repair it's just use and throw.
    Please spread this, and bring awareness to people that the service is not available by Apple for iPad and iPod All iPad and iPod are use and throw devices. Like us a middle class people 40,000 is very huge amount
    Very shame on #Apple #iPad #iPod
    My experience...
    I used only windows pc and android phones, buy watching RU-clip videos I am very much interested on Apple iOS and it's Devices. Parallel to that for studies I needed a laptop (my basic use: browsing & refer ebooks) so my parents decided to buy me a laptop, since it's inconvenient to study ebooks and also I have some interest in apple devices, I planned to buy an iPad Air (got scolding a lot for buying this for 40000, according to they it's 40k for a thin plate because at that time basis laptop cost 26k-30k) because of very tight budget we bought WiFi 16 GB base varient. It's Performance is excellent very comfortable for studying book refer RU-clip videos no lag even switching between the apps, become a huge fan of Apple. Enjoy a lot in fact it made me to take much higher marks (93%).... than usual
    (With in 10 month my iPad air faced blue screen issue I made a call to customer care they asked me the warranty period and model number etc., and said that it's just a software bug in latest update & this will be fixed soon... By our team.
    Again this problem repeated again and again, so again I made call to customer care and asked for repair my iPad. They said that it's not a problem in your device it's just a software problem which is faced by many members (by hearing the word many members I am somewhat relaxed :-P), and they again asked me the device number at the back and asked me to press some buttons and claim that they will check software through online 😊 (nothing worked!!!!) And finally claim that it's not a hardware problem so you no need to go to service center it will be fixed soon..
    Finally on 12th month + 2 days over (my warranty period expired just 2 days ago) my iPad again stuck on blue screen again called to customer care, as usual they asked my to tell device number and warranty period & they asked me to long press and hold some button, it turned off but didn't turned on again.... and finally they said that it's not the software problem it's hardware and asked me to reached to official Apple service center (iplant)
    They said that: we won't open and repair any iPad and iPod, and also they said that the iPad and iPod are not design to open and repair it's just use and throw devices and also said that if you are with in warranty we will replace it. And I also claimed that I have this problem during the warranty period itself and also said all the above happening but no use he asked me exchange this iPad for rs 2000 and asked me to buy a new iPad for 38000.
    Got angered.... But as usual as a consumer we can just shout on their worker (but I didn't do such things) I came out from their
    I finally decided to repair it in other unauthorized service center but nothing worked.... Days passed on.
    Today I heard that Apple is again bringing it's new iPad air and mini got frustrated, so I thought to make awareness to other people on these hidden cheap cheating which are making by Apple on iPad and iPod.
    My first and last experience with apple...
    Finally my parent words are right (RS40000(India currency) for a thin plate :-( )
    The sad thing is it still now looks brand new 😥😥
    So finally if you are an Apple fan buy iPhone which is repairable but don't buy iPad or iPod
    #iPadmini #Apple #iPadAir

  • Ster gios
    Ster gios Month ago

    For fucks sake people when they are gonna release an entry-level MacBook Pro ? I've been waiting so long...

  • chee leong
    chee leong Month ago

    Clickbait title and thumbnail, disgusting, very disgusting...

  • saif Nazir
    saif Nazir Month ago

    Is ipad mini 5 better for a student or ipad 2018 11 inch

    • Tilman Buschbeck
      Tilman Buschbeck Month ago

      saif Nazir take the new 10.5 air or the ‚old‘ 10.5 pro. I wouldnt consider the mini because the screen is too tiny for writing and marking documents.

  • Alambe727
    Alambe727 Month ago

    It’s no better than the old iPad minis and the old iPads
    Plus they both still can’t play 4K movies or 4K games they both still use the old display technology. Apple where is the new OLED Technology that has the best pier black levels and colors in the industry?

  • Esbamken
    Esbamken Month ago +12

    Apple seems tired and confused
    Not a good move
    Zero innovation
    Backward innovation
    Backward engineering
    Back to the Past

    • mrk107
      mrk107 28 days ago

      Back to the drawing board.

    • Tech guy
      Tech guy Month ago

      Esbamken their iPad pros are their newest these are refreshes and Apple isn't claiming innovation.

      MONARCH GAM3R Month ago +1

      U need help

  • Thai Vu Nguyen
    Thai Vu Nguyen Month ago

    ipad air is pretty much ipad pro 10.5 inch though

  • Fabio Mota
    Fabio Mota Month ago

    I love that now there‘s an iPad for pretty much every budget and all of them are great in terms of performance and design. There‘s no reason now to complain about the iPad Pro price because it‘s really only for more intensive tasks and people that really take advantage of the A12X and powerful apps for their work and appreciate the new design and better Pencil. And with the A12 those new iPad models are easily powerful enough for video, photo and graphic intensive work. And by keeping the design and form factor they were able to price them very reasonably. I currently have the iPad Pro 10.5 from 2017 and that new iPad Air is basically that with a more powerful A12 for a better price than mine was a year ago. A great deal in my opinion. I‘m still super happy with my iPad Pro performance, it‘s still more than I really need so I imagine people are going to be super happy with the A12 iPad Air.

    • Dr. Strange
      Dr. Strange Month ago

      120 hz screen and 4 speakers make the iPad pro 10.5 better than the iPad air imo. If you need cellular with your iPad, the air is the better buy. But it's all about what you want it for

  • Sinaan Sameer
    Sinaan Sameer Month ago

    Im happy with ipad pro 2017

  • Sinaan Sameer
    Sinaan Sameer Month ago +1

    Apple is DYING

  • Erik Leypoldt
    Erik Leypoldt Month ago

    Apple still ripping everyone off

  • Seba
    Seba Month ago

    Do they have a magnetic pencil holder function? Why did they choose an outdated design? Those large edges are ugly... Hmm, seems like a disappointment.

  • TwistedOracle
    TwistedOracle Month ago

    People who are complaining want an iPad for free. I think pricing is fair, sure it would have been better if they were cheaper, but they did not increase the price from the last generation.

  • Yo Money
    Yo Money Month ago

    Why Did they call it the iPad Air instead of the iPad Air 3🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Yoyo Mi
    Yoyo Mi Month ago

    Seeing what the Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e offers, I'm not remotely interested in these iPads

  • Gary Ryan
    Gary Ryan Month ago

    So basically....the same shit

  • BlizzardPeak
    BlizzardPeak Month ago

    Never bought a iPad yet, thinking of getting the iPad mini 5. What y’all think? Also, is 64gb good or should I get the 256?

  • Eric L
    Eric L Month ago

    Matthew rocks

  • TakumiKhashi
    TakumiKhashi Month ago

    comments look like they’re sponsored by Apple

  • Fahmi Nagi
    Fahmi Nagi Month ago

    Really ! Even in the school , students don't use ios , the school make them use windows .

    • Dr. Strange
      Dr. Strange Month ago

      Not true at all, my professional program requires all students to have an iPad.

  • João Miguel Costa
    João Miguel Costa Month ago +4

    Wut? This was their chance to kill the market with the iPad mini
    No new design should mean much lower price! That thing looks from Stone Age! Students would buy it in an heart beat. Bad move Apple

  • Constantin Suman
    Constantin Suman Month ago

    I like the lightning port’s form factor more than usb type C.
    Why do people prefer USB-C over lightning?