Video 5 - Delegated Legislation

  • Published on Sep 24, 2012
  • This video aims to give a simple definition of delegated legislation and what its role is in the Australian legal system. Examples of the different types of delegated legislation are also provided.

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  • dangerouswater
    dangerouswater 9 months ago

    The "blank stare" is very distracting...

  • julius konrad
    julius konrad 2 years ago

    ty 4 dis veri halpfool vedio

  • Lucas LastName
    Lucas LastName 4 years ago +2

    Some feedback on the video itself.
    It feels as if the video is trying to present the information in two ways. 1) As if the presenter were conversing with someone 2) As an easy to understand, slow paced segmented video.
    It's merged these rather awkwardly.
    The presenter doesn't seem to be speaking to anyone and therefore by looking at the angle she does presents a rather awkward image.
    Having the presenter speak in the style she does, instead of, for example, how a educational youtuber would (see John Green, Vsauce etc.) means that having only her body in the image rather awkward.
    I recommend that you don't bother with any sort of fake conversation, they never work and they look terrible unless its an interview.
    If you insist on having the presenter speak in the style she does, have her speaking to the camera in some shots, but primarily add images, diagrams or something along the lines of a CPG Grey animation.

  • Namaste1001
    Namaste1001 5 years ago

    I don't limit my actions based on what is considered illegal by a group of people who claim to have authority over me. I do that which is right even if it conflicts with their political dictates. If you need a series of rules backed by punishment for breaking them to guide your actions you are not a responsible or mature adult. I have my own moral compass. As such, I refuse to be held to the same standards as the lowest common denominator. My choices will be made without regard for that which is legal (not lawful) because I take full responsibility for my actions. If I violate no other during the course of my day then I commit no crime; and I will not be coerced into consenting to the administrative jurisdictions of any bureaucratic, political or corporate entities who operate under fiction while pretending to be real.

  • surjeet mahendra singh

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  • Aakarshan Mehra
    Aakarshan Mehra 5 years ago

    your so good.i wish you become my gf
    and you speak so clear that more than my professor i got u
    :) thnk u