Binging with Babish: The Cake from Portal

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • The cake, as they say, is a lie. But this one isn't: a classic black forest gateau, soaked in kirsch and laden with cherries, served entirely without fish-shaped solid waste. Stick around after the show for a sneak peek at "Being with Babish", premiering March 22nd!
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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish  6 months ago +4946

    Just wanted to let you guys know I'm hearing y'all loud and clear - very sorry I omitted the original recipe from the game! I was short on time when I shot this last week, and figured it was so full of crazy/toxic ingredients, I should just skip it. I'mma do my best to include accurate renditions in future episodes before I go into the 'Babish' version!

    • Hobre De Leche
      Hobre De Leche 6 days ago

      I mean when it contains crap like ethyl benzene, i don't blame you.

    • Press F1 to abolish the illegitimate state of
      Press F1 to abolish the illegitimate state of 24 days ago

      Binging with Babish you forgot the sediment shaped sediment

    • Vayos ReaperoftheVoid
      Vayos ReaperoftheVoid 24 days ago

      @Crazy56U Then you have no excuse when you have to do "a deadline project" But was constrained. You have to realize, yes he does this as a means for money , but HE HAS A LIFE. Also time does not constitute as MONEY for basically making a cake true to form but relatively unsafe to eat for any organism...Ahem "fish head waste." Also Babish...You good. Haters gonna hate! And I tell you what the best candy is always late...CHOCOLATE! ...i'll drink bleach don't worry...XD

    • Lost MauliTime
      Lost MauliTime 27 days ago

      I'm from germany and I got to say thats a good schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

    • bn bn
      bn bn Month ago

      what you actually Made is a German cake called Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte its Made the Same with Kirschwasser a German booze with cherry

  • Trumpsney Productions Studios

    Wheres the rhubarb?

  • Mega Turtle
    Mega Turtle 14 hours ago

    *Its a lie*

  • Dessilou
    Dessilou Day ago

    The cake looks like it is made out of *_b e e f_*

  • Thomasito Ferrari

    All of the crazy ingredients are actually just the toppings so you guys shouldn't be mad about him not putting any *ethol-benzyne*

  • Yur Ma
    Yur Ma Day ago

    Here's a tip, when adding the flour to you're eggs use your hand in a claw shape and lift the batter with a slight twist. This is what's taught in culinary school and what I've always used when making it at restaurants

  • RedNeckSwag616inHD
    RedNeckSwag616inHD 3 days ago

    Anyone else wanna see Babish appear on an episode of Goodeats or vice versa?

  • BitterApple25
    BitterApple25 4 days ago +1

    The cake is a lie.

  • Zeldas Champion
    Zeldas Champion 4 days ago

    But the cake is a lie....

  • Brajaraj Mallia
    Brajaraj Mallia 4 days ago

    I am starting to learn how to bake a cake in a microwave oven but My cakes come out runny on the bottom or wet at the middle, What am I doing wrong? and what should I do to prevent it?
    I tried baking it for more time but that results in my cakes burning from the top.

  • Ennarcia
    Ennarcia 6 days ago

    I avoided this video for the longest time because I thought it was gonna be a bunch of sponges covered in frosting or something as a joke.

  • Johey Jonsson
    Johey Jonsson 8 days ago

    Babish: Until people stop frosting their cakes with whipped cream.
    Me, watching Babish try to make an entire continent stop making cakes: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... no.

  • Ernest Pierce
    Ernest Pierce 8 days ago

    Gateau literally just means cake.

  • Bryant Hartwig
    Bryant Hartwig 8 days ago

    Can you make the cum covered pizza from that one porn I watched a while ago thank

  • Cherti Kinamoto
    Cherti Kinamoto 9 days ago

    While I’m sure milk chocolate is more accurate, aesthetically I would have used dark chocolate shavings for the outside.

  • FatAssNiggaThassaGangsta

    I thought this was a fucking meat cake

  • Weasel Fish
    Weasel Fish 10 days ago

    Amen brother whatever happened to thicc frosting. 🗣🥳🧸👍🅾️

  • klafei
    klafei 11 days ago

    This cake is by no means a "lie".

  • Sarah Michael
    Sarah Michael 12 days ago

    I appreciated the sudden shift of accents for saucepan, whilst, and aluminum

  • SorcererCj
    SorcererCj 12 days ago

    moral of the story: Babish Likes The Great British Bake-Off

  • Mountain Timbs
    Mountain Timbs 12 days ago

    Mmmmmmm... crotch chocolate....

  • Tanner Peña
    Tanner Peña 12 days ago

    Now you need to make the Minecraft cake

  • Jens Handrick
    Jens Handrick 12 days ago

    I'm living in the black forest in Germany and I'm embarrassed

  • phinox jones
    phinox jones 13 days ago

    But.... but.... THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!

  • Vincent Santangelo
    Vincent Santangelo 13 days ago

    where is the fish shaped solid waste?

  • Tristan Canavan
    Tristan Canavan 13 days ago

    He said sauce pin

  • Skela Tonne
    Skela Tonne 15 days ago +3

    This dude: "gotta say the thing about the cherries, more human like"
    Also this dude: "saucpn"

  • Comrade Dimitri Petrenko Spetsnaz

    The cake is a lie

  • Daniel Mcleod
    Daniel Mcleod 17 days ago

    "Medium saucepin."

  • Luke Kang
    Luke Kang 17 days ago

    There are 6 minutes and 8 seconds on this video. That is 368 seconds long. 368 divided by 2 (because there are 2 portal games) is 184. 184 divided by 4 (because Half Life 2 plus Team Fortress 2 is 4) is 46. 46 plus 2 (because there are 2 episodes to Half Life 2) is 48. 48 divided by 16 (because Half Life 2 was released on November *16*, 2004) is 3. P0rtal 3 and Half Life 3 confirmed.

  • diego marimon pantoja
    diego marimon pantoja 17 days ago

    This is a lie

  • Collin Nichols
    Collin Nichols 17 days ago

    The chocolate seems a bit too light, maybe use dark chocolate?

  • Jupa Gómez
    Jupa Gómez 18 days ago

    Noob mistake...

  • unpluto
    unpluto 18 days ago

    i really though you would make a disgusting cake tbh

  • Epitaxy
    Epitaxy 18 days ago

    A perfect Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

  • last response
    last response 19 days ago

    From the video screenshot I thought you actually followed the in game recipe

  • Rayan El Assal
    Rayan El Assal 19 days ago

    The cake is a lie

  • Extra Chrispy
    Extra Chrispy 19 days ago

    Who else made the mistake of watching this at 230 in the morning and is now hungry

  • RobBoss
    RobBoss 20 days ago

    ahy, don't complain about the fake kirsch taste if you are using plastic cherrys. Just kidding we Germans know you Americans can't get the right stuff over there with this president of yours.

  • Jérémie
    Jérémie 21 day ago

    mmmmmm crotch chocolate

  • James Bowen
    James Bowen 22 days ago

    if i finish this video and NOTHING is fish shaped, ill riot.

  • Dystination
    Dystination 22 days ago

    I am from Germany and a real "Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte" looks different at all.

  • fuesel2
    fuesel2 22 days ago

    Bad Kirsch? That is what you get for buying german one. Try the Swiss Baselbieter Mühle Kirsch by Ernst Zuber AG. Absolutely mindblowing and you can drink it just like that.

  • Hellsong 99
    Hellsong 99 23 days ago

    Why is this heathenous lying cake featured, it’s a lie I tell you! A lie!

  • Mr. Waffles
    Mr. Waffles 24 days ago

    I never understood the cake is a lie meme, if you beat the game you clearly see there is a black forest cake for you. I bought the orange box for the 360 like a month after it came out and I loved portal and beat multiple time, why do people think the cake is a lie? Were they just to dumb to beat all the puzzles in the game or is there some other reason people think the cake is a lie

  • kitsune uzimaki
    kitsune uzimaki 24 days ago

    well I guse you could say. this was a triumph

  • NineTailsGaming
    NineTailsGaming 24 days ago

    I did everything like you said, except I used vanilla flavour, instead of extract. And used a mini oven instead of an oven, and used actual whipped cream. What was the problem? It came out small, hard and chewy, and sugary. Plus I used less chocolate, and tart cherries and one cake pan per slice. Like I had only one cake pan.

  • Jan Postma
    Jan Postma 24 days ago

    The whipped cream swirls are called rozets pronounst as 'rose sets'

  • Felix Bernhard
    Felix Bernhard 24 days ago +14

    As a German, it took me way to long to realize „Black Forest Cake“ is Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

  • Sam Overall
    Sam Overall 24 days ago

    The cake is a lie

  • Tyrone M.
    Tyrone M. 25 days ago

    But the cake is lie... who are you?

  • Ultra_axe781
    Ultra_axe781 25 days ago

    its a lie

  • d.ronzo17
    d.ronzo17 26 days ago

    1:08 missed opportunity to say "batter into the butter" it just rolls off the tongue classic babish style commentary

  • Benjaminas Gurskas
    Benjaminas Gurskas 26 days ago

    The cake is a lie

  • Clovis Miranda
    Clovis Miranda 27 days ago +1

    Seeing this actually being made surely made a lot of people Glad-OS...

  • Rox Fox
    Rox Fox 27 days ago +1

    It´s called "Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte"

  • TheAregadon
    TheAregadon 27 days ago +2

    Maybe buy actually good Kirsch instead of the fake thing that is sold in the US?

    • [REDACTED]
      [REDACTED] 25 days ago

      germans are gey and so are you

  • Indianadjo
    Indianadjo 27 days ago

    Kirsch ... disgusting?... You are really disappointing me here Babish
    . You clearly need to learn a lot more.

  • Daniel Becker
    Daniel Becker 27 days ago +1

    Even for a German, the cake looks quite good :) You only should used the dark cherry’s for the filling.
    And the cherry Schnaps is called Kirschwasser (Cherry Water) and i never see anybody drinking that stuff 😌 it seem to been produced only for Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

  • CrisisASP
    CrisisASP 27 days ago

    Babish: c r o t c h c h o c o l a t e