Gutfeld on the media's non-coverage of left-wing terror

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • Press barely covers Antifa member killed while attacking ICE facility. #TheFive #FoxNews
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Comments • 1 810

  • Christopher Plock
    Christopher Plock 7 days ago +1

    This is the only mainstream media I listen to. They are the only real news 😂

  • tng2112
    tng2112 13 days ago

    Antifa are idiots

  • Erryk Flows
    Erryk Flows 14 days ago

    Folks ... Lighten UP On JUAN ... He's there for a Specific Reason ... So that you can "See LIVE" the workings of the "mind" of a Liberal as It rationalizes It's Delusional Beliefs and succumbs to "TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME"! He's their "Poster CHILD"! ... Now Let Jaun DO what Jaun Does BEST = Show the World what a Liberal/Progressive Really IS ... LIVE … so, enjoy Jaun for what he IS … the “Living Embodiment of the of The LEFT”!

  • Stephen Wilson
    Stephen Wilson 18 days ago

    The media are to blame spreading lies and hatred.

  • Ron Baker
    Ron Baker 19 days ago

    I no-Juana..

  • stateniland
    stateniland 20 days ago

    tRUMP the fool 'occupant' in The White House..sits upon his porcelain throne TWEETING at 4am.. Soo worried that the Russian shoe will drop and he's worried.. soo worried.. He will be bending over for Putin as soon as he is IMPEACHED.. What a guy! And still he has his SHEEP followers..The ignorant uneducated racist sexist xenophobes follow blindly because it makes them feel needed.. SMH

  • hooterville2
    hooterville2 23 days ago

    If CNN had covered it - 'Innocent native american elder gunned down while praying for children caged in concentration camps by white males shouting MAGA....let's get expert opinion from our panel of women and people of color.... and a token white guy from Hollywood".

  • MR ME
    MR ME 24 days ago

    Paid by Soros

  • Jimmy B
    Jimmy B 24 days ago

    Meanwhile: ORANGE MAN BAD! WHITE PEOPLE BAD! ILLEGAL ALIENS GOOD! (I mean undocumented EVERYTHING IS RACIST, SEXIST, "insert-buzzword-here-ogynist"

  • Qobiljon Kamolov
    Qobiljon Kamolov 24 days ago

    i didn't like Juan but there should be someone to be stupid and get ridiculed among them

  • Joe Clayton
    Joe Clayton 24 days ago

    go to the Fox news site and if you disagree with the liberals in the comment section or if you're pro Trump
    YOU GET i did
    i didn't attack anyone, didn't curse at anyone but got banned none the less.
    so much for free speech from FOX

  • Shannon Davis
    Shannon Davis 24 days ago

    She said she is all about consistancy....SHE SAID SHE IS ALL ABOUT CONSISTANCY?!!?!

  • Sodomuswrath Sadowra
    Sodomuswrath Sadowra 24 days ago

    Juan is soulless.

  • s smswaff
    s smswaff 24 days ago

    Hey Gutfield, thanks for NOT wearing nikes!!!

  • Carol Howard
    Carol Howard 25 days ago

    The left is crazy ! I made a simple comment on a liberal video and I keep getting all these responses that are just way out in left field. I can’t even respond to them because they are so ignorant to the truth ! Scary out there. Hoping and praying we don’t get a crazy liberal in the White House in 2020 that wants a socialist nation

  • Roald %
    Roald % 25 days ago

    More comments about the lack of Juan than the topic. Sorry comment section, you are just like the main stream media

  • jon doe
    jon doe 25 days ago

    I'm so sick of hearing about how "both sides" are the problem. The problem is the left. That is where all this violence is coming from. That is where all the disastrous policies come from. That is where all the dysfunction comes form. That is where all the anti western, anti American, anti male, anti white propaganda comes from. The problem with the right is that they are too tolerant of all of this stuff coming from the left. They refuse to organize and fight as the left does.

  • sahn gaud
    sahn gaud 25 days ago

    a journalist narrates, an activist spews the narrative.

  • M C
    M C 25 days ago

    TRUMP 2020! You can leave the good ol' USA If you don't agree!

  • Ross Cobb
    Ross Cobb 25 days ago

    Antifa is the militant arm of the democrat party and mainstream media!!! Research the group and watch it go back to the DNC and News corps!!!!!!!!

  • Lynn Spann
    Lynn Spann 25 days ago

    Violence is the end result of exhausting all other options. It is not unacceptable, the threat of violence is necessary as a deterrent to the type of behavior that makes it necessary. The logic is circular, it is also true.

  • Quenten Abbarno
    Quenten Abbarno 25 days ago

    They don't report any news anymore. If it's not a political story that will advance their agenda then you won't hear about unless it's to big to ignore.

  • tea time commenter
    tea time commenter 25 days ago

    lets just start a new movement called antico so we can run around and call antifa communists and do exactly the opposite of what they do
    "anti communists"

  • James Dunhill
    James Dunhill 25 days ago

    I think the next Trump rally should start with the Beetles song ‘Get back” - it even has a transgender reference in it.

  • War Dance Gaming
    War Dance Gaming 25 days ago

    Wear the Obama shirt and MAGA hat at the same time.

  • joelt2002
    joelt2002 25 days ago +1

    "The media does not report the news, they report the narrative." Spot on Jesse. This is why I have been calling them fake news for the past few years. They are entities that report a narrative, if it just so happens aligns with the news is the only time the news actually gets reported. Yet they pretend to be news organizations.

  • Shitdik
    Shitdik 26 days ago

    Wasn’t even covered on left wing media.

  • Ibn X
    Ibn X 26 days ago


  • Donald Williams
    Donald Williams 26 days ago


  • Snarly Whiplash
    Snarly Whiplash 26 days ago

    Wow congrats fox
    You found someone dumber than juan !!

  • Constitutional Freedoms & Rights

    To suggest media should be consistent to both sides? Well I never!!! Keep her. Put Jaun and Shepard Schmidt on their own show. Fox don't care how well his ratings do anyway.

  • Bruce Haber
    Bruce Haber 26 days ago

    most crazies on the left

  • Bails
    Bails 26 days ago

    Jessie, love your work mate, OMG how thick and dark is your make-up lol hahahaha

  • BusyBasaz
    BusyBasaz 26 days ago

    Growing up I always wanted to be an american. As an adult I'm glad I'm not there to see first hand how the left is gutting the nation.

    Edit 1: I've noticed that as well over the years. Someone does something crazy and they try to link it to Trump. As if he told that person to do something. On the other side it's quite as a church. I think it's good that people talk about their own crazies and try to send out the message that this isn't okay. Other than that, I don't think what political party they identify with has anything to do with their vicious acts. It's just a way to pass blame.

    Edit 2: I remember growing up how Fox was demonized. Over the years, specifically a couple of years just before Trump, I noticed how the left had become rabid, incoherent and down right stupid. While Fox has come out on top as the more resonable choice. I'm not saying Fox always puts out the best content or has all the right facts. However compared to CNN and the rest, Fox are the truth tellers, the resonable bunch. It's a very weird turn of events, but I'm glad there is still reason out there and someone willing to fight for it.

  • Miklos Hun
    Miklos Hun 26 days ago

    What a change! Fox replaced a 'feral dog, with an 'alley cat'! She looks better, but that won't change the fact: she 's too a globalist agitator!? Telling the TRUTH, SHE'S far better than Juan!

  • Leganzar
    Leganzar 26 days ago

    Anyone else think they were hoping this would get the right to take up their gun policies

  • Bad Fish!
    Bad Fish! 27 days ago

    Nice to see Juan's absence. This other Dem Supporter seems much more moderate.

  • wildfireintexas
    wildfireintexas 27 days ago

    STOP saying there are crazies on both sides! OMG!

  • Hana Fulton
    Hana Fulton 27 days ago

    Half of the comments are just about Juan lmao

  • amskeels
    amskeels 27 days ago

    Both sides? Overwhelming evidence points to the left in most cases.

    JMANSWAT 27 days ago

    So when the left thinks the attacker is left wing- they're just crazy. But when they think it's a right winner- they want to take all the guns!

  • Kerrin Drawdy
    Kerrin Drawdy 27 days ago

    As much as Juan is disliked and criticized for his political opinions on this show I think it's necessary to keep him on the panel. Hearing his rhetoric, knowing how he will spin any given issue, keeps me informed and battle-ready in the face of such blatant hypocrisy as is being touted by the radical left. "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." It's the same principle as keeping your eyes on an attack dog.

  • Jock Beems
    Jock Beems 27 days ago

    The liberal controlled news justifies violence against the Trump supporters buy saying the violence is a reaction to the violent words coming from the trump supporters.
    In other words we say something intelligent and factual. But they have become so sensitive and delicate that words hurt.
    It's amazing how childish adults can get...

  • Edmund Konkolich
    Edmund Konkolich 27 days ago

    It's not terrorism. . . it's political activism!

  • Our memes
    Our memes 27 days ago

    A civil war is coming no matter what side you are on you need to be ready

  • R C
    R C 27 days ago

    Thanks for not having Juan on.

  • Juaquin Jimenez
    Juaquin Jimenez 27 days ago

    Democrats and fakenews media fear President Trump, but no weapon formed against him will prosper!!!
    D.J. Trump has been appointed by GOD to be be the President of USA in this time.
    We cover The President under The Precious blood of JESUS CHRIST. Amen
    From Curacao with love !!!

  • southern Traveller
    southern Traveller 27 days ago

    I don't know why I watch fox news.. I am not even American. But I like the news.

  • joethehood
    joethehood 27 days ago

    plenty of crazies on both sides , where did i hear that before , oh yeah racist trump

  • joethehood
    joethehood 28 days ago

    watters kraut , like trump , remember that

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 28 days ago +2

    Imagine if this was an attack on a Planned Parenthood building instead. 24/7 news cycle

  • Susie Long
    Susie Long 28 days ago

    *I call these 4 Ladies? The Squids.*

  • BeFirm BeFair667
    BeFirm BeFair667 28 days ago

    "In Italy, fascists divide themselves into two categories: fascists and antifascists." -Ennio Flaiano

  • waone boyz
    waone boyz 28 days ago

    Die antifag die....

  • Doug Collins
    Doug Collins 28 days ago

    You'd think someone as old as jesus would have some wisdom or common sense

  • Jimi Guitar
    Jimi Guitar 28 days ago

    Keep Juan out he's annoying and obnoxious sick of looking at him and his garbage Talk

  • Little Foot
    Little Foot 28 days ago

    Your title needs to say if it’s The Five or Gutfield alone. I have zero interest in listening to liberal shills.

  • Michael Sierra
    Michael Sierra 28 days ago

    Which guy? The guy who LIVED IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVERRR!!! RIP Chris Farley

  • Mr Biz
    Mr Biz 28 days ago

    Its nice to have a rational Dem. THe conversation can progress. Juan should be checking the job listings.

  • Viking
    Viking 28 days ago

    Where is Juan?

  • Zack P
    Zack P 28 days ago

    Who wants to bet that guy is a CIA asset?

  • Tone Mcduffie
    Tone Mcduffie 28 days ago

    AOC does not understand her political power... People will follow her lead and look at this. That man lost his life because he was brainwashed. This must end now!!!

  • Tha Wayne
    Tha Wayne 28 days ago

    I dont miss Juan....

  • Joy Division
    Joy Division 28 days ago

    (Chris Farley voice) He lived in a Van.. DOWN BY THE RIVER

  • Rafael Carvallo
    Rafael Carvallo 28 days ago

    Your hole country should be embarrassed, ashamed and in tears for having a president that's racist, homophobic, xenophobic.......
    And a news outlet as Fox that tells his lies...
    Shame on you!!!

  • Omy
    Omy 29 days ago

    So many people glad to not see Juan... Seems like y’all would rather listen to 5 people with the same opinion. That’s CNN, not Fox.

  • Cody Call
    Cody Call 29 days ago

    Enough talk about sides!!! Are you fools?! This is just dumb! We are a nation of one. We are all one. Keep this up and we’ll be a nation divided to the point of another civil war. Government politics going on now reminds me of grade school bickering. Both sides are right and both are wrong. If both sides abide by the constitution and not try changing it we’d all be fine.

  • Duke Makedo
    Duke Makedo 29 days ago

    *Bring back Juan.* Or someone like him. You don't want a collection of voices saying much the same things. We absolutely need to hear voices that disagree.

  • Duke Makedo
    Duke Makedo 29 days ago

    Go to the MSNBC RU-clip channel. They don't police their crazies. They feed their crazies. They lead their crazies. MSNBC is obviously, actively misleading their crazies to make them more fully crazed. It is terrible.

  • hvd iv
    hvd iv 29 days ago

    all trump has to do to win 2020 is tweet...lmao.

  • mark 4ex2strong
    mark 4ex2strong 29 days ago

    Nelson Mandela was romantisized.

  • mark 4ex2strong
    mark 4ex2strong 29 days ago

    The Kanker Sister or the squaw squad are up to their hairless upperlips in nonsensical polibot talk.

  • Bite Me
    Bite Me 29 days ago

    Dana is so hot.

  • Justin Mcare
    Justin Mcare 29 days ago

    Okay I’m a democrat and who lies more in the middle , I don’t hate Donald trump and I actually agree with most of what he says ...... but why do so many democrats have their heads buried in the sand when it comes to condemning terrorism foreign or domestic ?

  • Brian Brucker
    Brian Brucker 29 days ago

    Is Juan gone for good???!! please lord