Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Camera Test Comparison

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
  • 4K Camera Test - Huawei P30 Pro Camera vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus camera vs iPhone XS Max Camera - Testing Night Mode, 5 times Zoom, Quad Cameras, Portrait mode and more.
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Comments • 10 960

  • Sherwin De Leon
    Sherwin De Leon 4 minutes ago

    There are so much beatifications if you selfie

  • saqib ijaz
    saqib ijaz 4 hours ago +1

    Watch and Subscribe a very informative video on Huawei P30 Pro Review ....

  • dave palle
    dave palle 7 hours ago

    2:47 aha! they just collab thetechchap

  • Hlbe James
    Hlbe James 14 hours ago

    اصوت الي هواوي بيرتي ثرو

  • ibran yousaf
    ibran yousaf 15 hours ago

    Apple Like Dslr

  • 采萱孟
    采萱孟 18 hours ago

    why do I feel P30pro photo the sky is yellow?
    Anybody have same feeling with me?
    I heard
    Huawei have the best camera in smartphone, but the photos have different color compare with others.

  • Chris Pacman
    Chris Pacman 19 hours ago

    This RU-clipr is really an Apple sponsored sheep

  • Mathew Smith
    Mathew Smith 20 hours ago +1

    i hate them all cause they are too expensive for no reason

  • End Time News
    End Time News 21 hour ago

    iphone camera look realistic

  • Alamin Mahmood Mahmood

    Heres my BTC wallet 3J7Pjt5ixKkU5aS8nNayLwdRk8zj7avZnW
    Feel free to buy me one 😁

  • Alamin Mahmood Mahmood

    Okey i love the all who wants to buy me all three 😁

  • Alamin Mahmood Mahmood

    P30 pro 🤯
    S10 😱
    Xs max 🤩

    • HordeVEVO
      HordeVEVO Day ago

      how many times will u comment

  • Mc GetRekt
    Mc GetRekt Day ago

    This should be revised when EMUI 10 comes out for Huawei. They're completely redesigning the camera software and adding loads more features

  • Sara
    Sara Day ago +2

    Why is the huawei too saturated?

  • Gradistiv Gradistiv

    Huawei PR

  • Gradistiv Gradistiv


  • Miljac H
    Miljac H 2 days ago

    P30 pro vs p30 lite write in com

  • In 10 Minutes
    In 10 Minutes 2 days ago

    I was going To buy iPhone max xs but pro 30 was a second choice..but when I saw galaxy s10+ ..i swear I will keep my Samsung S7

  • Ar tur
    Ar tur 2 days ago

    Huawei лучше всего!

  • Vinod Balaji Ramamoorthy

    Take photos in p30(power full camera) and share it to S10 plus(great ppi density) and view it, quality was awesome.

    • Martim Vilela
      Martim Vilela Day ago

      And then try to pay your debt, because those phones together are well above 2000$

  • Luchia
    Luchia 3 days ago +3

    The P30 Pro colour doesn’t seem right, everything looks like it has a pink/orange tone.
    Out of the 3 the S10+ looks the best to me

    • HordeVEVO
      HordeVEVO Day ago

      u can change colors but u cant add details can u?

  • Miguel Costa
    Miguel Costa 4 days ago

    The best is iPhone

  • Iuga Florin
    Iuga Florin 4 days ago

    P30 Pro has the most overrated camera. Just look at the photos, they tend to be yellow, reddish, they lack in sharpness, the colors are not realistic at all. Besides zoom, which I don't find a big advantage for a phone because the camera of a phone has other important goals and low light performance, it can't compete with S10 Plus, XS or Pixel 3. These three phone's camera is just something else. A completely different level. Therefore, don't get tricked by P30 Pro ads, watch camera tests where you can see the results.

  • Creative Sohail
    Creative Sohail 4 days ago +1

    My vivoY90 is best 😂😂

  • Mix VD
    Mix VD 4 days ago

    P30 pro Security Issue

  • Robin Alfonso
    Robin Alfonso 4 days ago

    P30 pro make over saturation

  • yoututubus
    yoututubus 5 days ago

    Very interesting and thorough comparison and analysis. I'm really impressed with the P30 Pro's camera performance. However, this proves again that there is no 100% versatile camera and you need to choose what matters to you most. All the cameras have their own strong and weak points and there's no one clear winner. Good job though.

  • Guus Bouwmans
    Guus Bouwmans 5 days ago

    I bought the P30 Pro a couple of months back. I made this decision because it's the best all rounder. The slow motion is a big let down though, but maybe this is fixable with a software update in the future because we already had three camera updates from Huawei since I bought the phone.

  • Istiak Ibn Salam Joy
    Istiak Ibn Salam Joy 5 days ago +1

    #Apple_is_cring_in_the_corner 😂👌
    well said :v

    • C Gomez
      C Gomez 2 days ago

      No, pathetic Fan Boys do

  • SoileY
    SoileY 5 days ago +3

    Overall every phone has something good. Now we wait for the perfect one.

  • Ismael Aram Cervantes
    Ismael Aram Cervantes 5 days ago +2

    P30 pro good at night mode and zoom but overall s10+ the best

    PLEASE YOUR NAME ? 5 days ago

    My opinion iPhone iş king

  • ッA H S A N
    ッA H S A N 6 days ago

    Only iPhone and Samsung have natural colors and contrast. On other side "Huawei" Little bit fake colours, more contrast, thats why in my opinion, Iphone and Samsung is much better.

  • hausbae
    hausbae 6 days ago

    the iphone is the best :)

    • hausbae
      hausbae 6 days ago

      Ethan Lee you first fagt

    • Ethan Lee
      Ethan Lee 6 days ago

      hausbae no, die

    YOUR MOMMA 6 days ago

    Keep your communist espionage shit device

  • Diana L
    Diana L 6 days ago +1

    really impressed by the huawei but i'm still gonna buy the iphone xs because after all i'm buying a phone and if i really wanted high quality pictures then i'd invest in an actual camera rather than switching to android

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady 6 days ago

    Iphone more realistic

  • Djan 1
    Djan 1 6 days ago

    Retina display smash every other competitor:

    Ps: iPhone is irreplaceable

  • Summer
    Summer 6 days ago +1

    P30 green sky!!! Realy???

  • Summer
    Summer 6 days ago +7

    P30 colours and white balance are OFF!!

  • Entertainment Channel

    Am I the only one here loves watching this but can't even afford one?
    Well you can send me a donationa guys. 😊

  • Benjun Gurung
    Benjun Gurung 7 days ago

    I have been using I phone xr now I can say hwawei is far better

  • Rose Casipe
    Rose Casipe 7 days ago

    Can i have a question? If I edit those videos, photos it will more good Right?

  • Mkhalid
    Mkhalid 7 days ago

    Started with Samsung s1, s2, s3, s4, s5, s6 edge ,note edge ,note 5, s7 ,s8 plus, s9 plus now i think its time for huawei p30 pro. Thank you Samsung will miss you😓

  • Suvo Bairagi
    Suvo Bairagi 7 days ago +1

    P30 pro is a camera beast. Maybe until mate 30pro comes

  • NIZAR niz
    NIZAR niz 7 days ago

    P30 pro winner

  • Posey Perspective
    Posey Perspective 7 days ago +2

    Thanks for the video I’m still leaning towards iPhone over all for video.

  • Wolfgang Ybarra
    Wolfgang Ybarra 7 days ago

    iPhone XS Max

  • Ahmad khan
    Ahmad khan 8 days ago

    Bro u dont know how to take a picture from iphone xsmax🤣😂

    • woodenlasse aqw only
      woodenlasse aqw only 6 days ago

      just because you've got one and then realized that the huawei is better??? :D :D :D

  • young7m ؛
    young7m ؛ 8 days ago

    P 30 killing it

  • Sam 007
    Sam 007 8 days ago

    Iphone is better, nothing can run over

  • Dale JordanX
    Dale JordanX 8 days ago


  • katrina ruelan
    katrina ruelan 8 days ago


  • Khalifa Taufiq
    Khalifa Taufiq 8 days ago

    Did you turn on HDR 10+ video recording for Samsung s10

  • Kamlesh_sexy
    Kamlesh_sexy 8 days ago

    i think huawei p30 pro use sony cam sensor that's why great capture result

  • June Lomarda
    June Lomarda 8 days ago

    Apple users aka retards

  • Eugene Wangchuck
    Eugene Wangchuck 8 days ago +2

    I use Fujifilm X-T30 and Galaxy S9+. Galaxy S9+ is great if I want to take a pan-focused picture, but the portrait of people is not good compared with X-T30. The skin tone and color taken by my Galaxy S9+ is not good enough. It is like from a chap digital camera.
    For these 3 smartphone, P30's color is not right, S10+ is a bit saturated, XS Max's color is the best of 3 phones.

  • Fengzhou Li
    Fengzhou Li 9 days ago

    I am a Chinese and I'm using a Iphone X, Its call signal is too erratic. Are you selling me a different iphones?

  • waleed alamree
    waleed alamree 9 days ago

    P30 pro

  • shadyar m12
    shadyar m12 9 days ago


  • Abhishek Bisht
    Abhishek Bisht 9 days ago


  • Ömer Gülap
    Ömer Gülap 9 days ago

    Mi9 sar değeri cokmu yüksek s8 den gectim

  • Cherry Frost
    Cherry Frost 10 days ago

    I will go with Samsung bcz I have s10 haha

  • The BOGS Life
    The BOGS Life 10 days ago +5

    iPhone XS Max = Best in HDR Video
    S10 Plus = Best in HDR Photo
    P30 Pro = Best in everything

  • King4Kingz
    King4Kingz 10 days ago

    Galaxy s10 looks better video wise. But you can say p30 pro is only for the camera..and I don't take pictures like that so I don't give a fuck lol..Samsung it is

  • Jhayden Cofield
    Jhayden Cofield 10 days ago +2

    wow. the P30 pro is a beast in low light

  • Paul Vatavu
    Paul Vatavu 10 days ago

    The colours on the iPhone are so much better. on the others its to over oversaturated with their shit software. On the iPhone you get what you see. And tbh if you want to zoom in to see your micro dicks then by all means get a p30 or just invest into a DSLR.
    Edit: before you say I'm a iphone user I have the samsung s10 plus.

  • Dying Light
    Dying Light 10 days ago

    Where is 50x zoom

  • Fléau Expert
    Fléau Expert 10 days ago

    Le P30 Pro est vraiment au dessus

  • francoeur nelson
    francoeur nelson 10 days ago +1


  • Fléau Expert
    Fléau Expert 10 days ago +1

    HUAWEI P30 PRO 👌🏼

  • fn_iicolbyy
    fn_iicolbyy 10 days ago

    iPhone has the nicest look in my opinion

  • Vika
    Vika 10 days ago

    I have an iPhone 8 Plus and don’t know if I should go with the iPhone XS orrrr p30 I’m considering switching

  • M R Jannat Swapon
    M R Jannat Swapon 10 days ago +1

    After all here is win iphone. But, i waan buy p30 pro

  • mathew spencer
    mathew spencer 11 days ago +4

    the iphone xs should not even be able to contend with the other two.....considering its a lot older .gotta say apple is still unbeatable in the camera department.

    • Xeriffe
      Xeriffe 10 days ago +1

      Ig we should wait till sept. 20th for the 11? And look into the pixel before you say isnt all that anymore as long as you do your research 🤷

    • Daniel S
      Daniel S 10 days ago