5 Military Paranormal Encounters As Told By Soldiers & Their Families

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • These paranormal accounts have been submitted by soldiers and their family members. These experiences are claimed to describe true events. I ask you to listen in good faith, and decide for yourself what to believe.

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    All of these paranormal stories are claimed to be true and were submitted to us by our subscribers. Naturally, we cannot verify the validity of these stories - one must listen to them in good faith. With their approval, with have done minor editing for narration. We would like to thank them for allowing us to share their experiences in this video.

    ⤕ “It floated down the valley.” was submitted anonymously.
    ⤕ “The room seemed to be frozen in time.” was submitted anonymously.
    ⤕ “The DV ghost” was submitted by Joshua.
    ⤕ “The Beast of Baghdadi” was submitted by Curtis Shanley.
    ⤕ “I was a military spouse.” was submitted by Katie Varnum.
    If you would like to submit your own true story for narration, please submit via our website.
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  • The Paranormal Scholar
    The Paranormal Scholar  6 months ago +184

    Thank you to everyone who shared their stories with us for this episode. If you have a paranormal experience you would like to share, you can send it to us on our website: www.paranormalscholar.com/submit-paranormal-experience/ Thank you for watching, and enjoy the rest of the day. - Laura and Erik

    • Ikramuddin Zwane
      Ikramuddin Zwane 19 days ago

      To correct a mistake you made in saying jinn are evil. Jinn as a whole are not evil. There are good and evil jinn much like us. The evil jinn are called shayateen (devils/demons). There are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Atheist..... jinn, much like us. There are many tribes and many kinds of jinn; some live on land (mostly in deserts, isolated places, old building etc. but they also live in peoples residences). Some jinn live in the air, others on land and others in water. They have families and their own animals, different from our animals. Their bodies are subtle as opposed to ours which allows them to move at speeds we can't move at and also break laws of physics that we cannot break. What some people call shadow people are in fact jinn. Some can transform into the outward appearance of some animals and human beings.

    • Jerry Z
      Jerry Z 2 months ago

      The animal he described in 4th story is a Striped Hyena. They have a
      lump of fur on their back and can stand up when threatened to look big,
      as described by the solider as a "hump".

    • Greg Coleman
      Greg Coleman 4 months ago

      The Paranormal Scholar Scientifically prove the paranormal is real in a clinical test with repeatable conclusions by multiple scientist. Then when you say “the paranormal is real” will be factual and not come off as wishful, fantasy thoughts of someone who would rather focus on ideas rather than their inability to face the real life.

    • Sheila C.
      Sheila C. 4 months ago +1

      Thanks for sharing your story and you have a lovely voice. As always, on every video, we have to deal with the trolls that aren't happy about anything. They must have a lot of self-hate due to their very negative comments & look for something to gripe about on every video. Thanks for sharing.

    • Craig Meeks
      Craig Meeks 4 months ago +1

      "Beast of Bagdadi"- This town is located very close to the Haditha Dam and Saddam's pleasure palaces there. In 2003, all of the zoo animals were released from their cages by the caretakers, and soldiers guarding the dam for years after reported hearing and seeing large animals, especially at night.

  • Timecircle Blue
    Timecircle Blue 3 days ago

    M A N T I C O R E

  • Ivo Biancucci
    Ivo Biancucci 4 days ago

    I hate computer generated voices so I stopped watching this asap

  • daniel ash
    daniel ash 4 days ago

    Maybe a shift of reality and they as well seen you as a ghost in and out to one side of time to others with out thought of asking why don't they answer?
    Maybe they didn't want to be called crazy as well.

  • daniel ash
    daniel ash 4 days ago

    Static electrons likely to be a good experiment for the sighting

  • Kevin Potts
    Kevin Potts 5 days ago

    If you believe in ghost, Afghanistan has to be filled with the ghost of Soviet soldiers.

  • Looking4 New arrivals at my Channel

    ..."We where fully armed and don't believe the to us told that at night time it is dangerous because of the djinns who we got told they are in the area at night. But we are terrified if a "bunch of drunken Afghans came across to the area we will be at night"!!????
    Are ya serious!??
    Drunken Afghans It's the most Impossible Situation and you know that very well...
    But probably you get a bit fierred bc the "Gi's" are permenantly drunk due to get halluzination because of it and shoot by "accident" one or a "bunch" of them, ..i would not get surprized if the "Gi's" shoot to some of themselfs either...
    Typically for your kind of stupid racists and at wartime criminals we all do know very well.
    It's just crazy that you are that long seriously in the believe PPLs all around the world would not know your dirty minds and evil intented arrogant shameless b....rds just to tell, your useless bitches so called us soldiers are so near to get some fried chicken first on earth and after you got "well done" goes straight and the most shortest way to the deepest undergrounds in the afterlife where some icecold hearted monsters at each gatehells will be excitet to torture y'all to eternity for what you haved had done here..
    How brainless cowards these type of loosers are is not possible for me to get.., if we all know the punishments at the otherside will be the much more terrific as we don't know in comparison due to all imaginable agonys on earth ad well that you can't hide any bit of our own sins from the allmighty who sees all what goes on with us, our minds and so on!?
    Each of us just get died once a time here...
    But there...
    In my opinion It's the most dumbest type of what can be done bc of that.
    Take it how you prefer..
    It's an reminder and for some to wake up from their wrong turns if there's any body who owns a bit brainpower.
    What It's written here has absolutely nothing to do with hatress !!
    It's only the truth in very much amounts of happenings the world knows all to good.
    Nobody is that much naive or unable to see what the western part of the world do since ever and still goes on !!!
    At least the most important thing of all :
    Like myself and a lot others which the opposites haven't no clou about is :
    We are not like this because we don't fear anything EXCEPT we FEAR THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS TO BE FEARED AS THE ONE AND ONLY ALLMIGHTY ONE!!!
    GET IT ..
    I'M OUT

  • Delightfullydemented65 PMRChater

    Somebody needs to brush up on military jargon in a bad way... you'll wind up with a much better piece of fiction.

  • abron bans
    abron bans 9 days ago

    Next episode please 911 haunted ghosts

  • Ashley B. Ashley
    Ashley B. Ashley 12 days ago +1

    There’s a paranormal experience I was reminded of after seeing the “beast of Baghdadi” on this video. I had a very serious minded, non jokester friend who told me a story once of an incident that occurred while at a church camp. He and 2 other boys decided to sneak out after dark, and went exploring. They came to a large circular clearing outlined by really heavy trees. They heard movement as if it were following the circle of tree coverage towards where they were, and suddenly, what he can only describe as a werewolf, burst out through the trees into the clearing and started coming after them. He said it had red eyes, but not the kind you see on a fake Halloween prop illuminated by a red lightbulb. He couldn’t describe the eyes, they were red but somehow glowed and stood out in the dark.
    Him and his friends started running immediately, and he said he was sure he was going to die that night. I didn’t believe him at first, because a werewolf is so cliche, but the way his voice shook and the look in his eyes told me he had seen SOMETHING. The creature stopped chasing as they got closer to camp, but they were so traumatized they woke up the camp leaders and asked to go home.
    So we started to rule out explanations. Maybe was it just a regular wolf? No, it was running like a man, and over 7 feet tall. Was it maybe an adult playing a trick on you? No, nobody knew they were sneaking out (3 boys) it was spontaneous, and very far away from the camp. Someone would have had to be waiting around in the woods in a random location, not knowing if anyone would be there to scare, and the church leaders wouldn’t go that far, and not admit it after the fact when the kids came back traumatizes. Plus it was FAST, and it was tall and muscular and it wasn’t a suit of any type. He could smell the thing, it got so close to him.
    I know he was telling the truth, he was petrified when I suggested telling his story on TV, and someone warned he not do it, in case the werewolf was also a man, who would see the broadcast and know who he was. I know, it sounds silly and cliche, because of men turning into werewolves, but the thought of that really bothered my friend, and that’s how I knew he had seen what he saw and there was no good explanation.

  • UFOlogist
    UFOlogist 14 days ago

    "In loving memory of the guy that abandoned you and chose to kill himself rather than share the rest of your lives together"

  • saif elbeshari
    saif elbeshari 14 days ago

    I'm from the middle east ... i have many encounters with the jinn ... those stories happened to many people ... most of them are true stories not all

  • Greg Mccarter
    Greg Mccarter 14 days ago

    Orange sunshine,can do these things

  • Aircraft Parts Store LLC
    Aircraft Parts Store LLC 16 days ago +1

    Wow! This is unbelievable! Do you delete negative comments?. Just curious because you’d think a lot of critics would post. ❤️

  • jonathan joe
    jonathan joe 17 days ago

    Very real accounts of unexplained phenomenon. I enjoyed this spooky tale.

  • Fischize
    Fischize 19 days ago

    First story is straight bullshit. The U.S. military, to include Operators, DO NOT send two-man teams overseas in order to coach, teach, and mentor host-nation military personnel. That is a specific mission for brigade/battalion level, or a SF detachment, and direct oversight will have no less than a Colonel with a 1 or 2-star somewhere in the mix.
    1) night vision devices (NVDs/nods) are a part of your basic issue - every weapon issued will have a set of nods that go with it.
    2) the magnitude of combat patrols isn’t a just-show-up and we’ll move out shortly. You spend hours upon hours of coordinating movement - especially working with outside agencies.
    3) an Officer isn’t going to initiate an ambush with his M-4. Or in this case, most likely his M9 o-O
    4) in 2008, even Afghanistan had cell phones - shit, they had better reception than I did sitting in Masum Ghar. Someone would have recorded it.
    5) ISRs (White balloons) are everywhere. They have cameras that can zoom onto a flea’s back leg on a dog’s tail. Someone would have been tracking this.
    6) if you believe the first story to be true, - you probably think Hurt Locker is real...if that’s the case, good on you.

  • ShowingNebula 89
    ShowingNebula 89 23 days ago

    21:48 IT'S THE DRAGONBORN!!!!! DOVAHKIN!!!!!!

  • 800rider1
    800rider1 24 days ago

    Lots of ghosts where made in that country.

  • luvsilly60
    luvsilly60 27 days ago

    WWII had foo fighters in the air over Germany

  • justin canela
    justin canela 27 days ago

    Story is too long ...

  • Travis Deveraux
    Travis Deveraux 29 days ago

    How much PTSD and drugs was involved in all that paranoid stuff

  • Baltic Badger
    Baltic Badger 29 days ago +2

    The only paranormal activity I witnessed in Afghanistan is what the local men did on Thursday nights

    • Ro Br
      Ro Br 29 days ago

      Baltic Badger 😂😂😂😂

  • Chris Culley
    Chris Culley 29 days ago

    The other thing is is women aren't allowed to be in an infantry unit so there's no way it would have put you in command of an infantry unit. Don't even try

    • David Coyle
      David Coyle 29 days ago

      U must be thick.its a female telling the stories.fool

  • Chris Culley
    Chris Culley 29 days ago

    Oh my God you're full of s***

  • Chris Culley
    Chris Culley 29 days ago

    And you are not the commander of anything you're not militarily trained you don't know how to do any of that s*** don't lie nobody put you in charge of a f****** between interrupts Battalion size element maybe f****** court-martialed

  • Steven Henson
    Steven Henson Month ago

    When my dad died I moved in his house till it was sold and one time I saw him in the threshold of the open bedroom door he was all in white.

  • Steven Henson
    Steven Henson Month ago

    My mom died and when my wife was pregnant we found that it was gonna be a boy and I tried to find a name in name books but could not one morning early I was still asleep with my wife and I had a dream of my mom coming to me all in white handing me a book shaped like a Christmas stocking I opened it and there was nothing the 3rd time I turned the page it was like thin paper rice paper it said up on top right side my son's name do that was the name I used wow

  • ll HOT CHEETOS ll
    ll HOT CHEETOS ll Month ago

    Who's seeing this at 3 am with the lights off facing your closet 💀

  • ajcook7777
    ajcook7777 Month ago

    It's crazy what sleep deprivation will do to people, they think they are chasing ghosts of claymore mines they just set off, I think people just naturally have a yearning for being apart of something extravagant or supernatural, in a way it psychologically gives validity to their life after death wishes, and they take a strange sequence of events as objective truths. The week long ride of sleep deprivation and adrenaline rushes will toy with the mind, it just needs a small spark to lite up hell of a story...imagination is another tool that separates us from the inferior species who cannot...having thumbs helps too lol

  • Josh Palmer
    Josh Palmer Month ago

    They dont drink in Afghanistan.

  • weird science
    weird science Month ago +1

    Djin are not all evil everyone has one some are molevenant and some are nice

  • charlie sheen
    charlie sheen Month ago

    ''i am not a very good story teller i just remember things and tell them the way i remember them''
    *goes on to tell an amazing story, extremely well compelled*

  • Professor Fez
    Professor Fez Month ago

    Ahh Horseshit. The first one is from a SciFi film called "The Objective" - 2008.

  • Tim FitzGerald
    Tim FitzGerald Month ago

    They are real! Do not go out at night. This is true, I was there! This valley has dark history and ancient beings. Down in the valley to the north passage, a cave entrance with 4 symbols ♾ 〽️〰️➰ ♾, we entered the opening, and what happened next you can’t begin to describe.

  • Mike Marley
    Mike Marley Month ago

    Dude with the flag on his cap looks like a 🐀 rat.

  • Jon Sutherland
    Jon Sutherland Month ago

    Stress can do wonders for the imagination.

  • theother account
    theother account Month ago

    Mecca in Saudi Arabia is loaded with demon activities.I can't say anything about afganistan.

    • theother account
      theother account Month ago

      Your spirit as a baby can unwittingly make plans to wreak havoc without any idea that it's on itself later in life an other young children can unknowingly put blocks that are ment to help an cause pain an serious problems an just block a good life based on the belifes they have of right an wrong an what they hear you say you need.The misunderstood messages can be a huge roadblock in life.

  • Jay Green
    Jay Green Month ago

    "Drunk locals"?!? In Taliban country? Even if not, it's Muslim majority and alcohol is Haram (forbidden) in Islam. I seriously doubt this was written by anyone who's ever been in-country.

  • rain rain
    rain rain Month ago

    God bless you and all who served! Thank you for the true stories!

  • Meena Sharma
    Meena Sharma Month ago

    These djinns that these guys encounter live right here on our earth yet we cannot see them unless they want us too. If i had seen this video nine years back, i would have never believed it. But ever since i met a man right here locally, who had three djinns under his influence and showed them to my husband and I...i believe.
    I sat with these creatures...had a long talk. They speak the language of the area they are from. They can turn invisible, as fast as speed of light, read your mind, can see your past. These are the powers they told me they had and when i asked them what else they said “dont wanna scare you.”
    They said we live just like you guys, marry, have children and then die. But we live a lot longer than humans. Gosh there was so much more they told us. I can never type all that.
    But yes they r real.

  • matthew Wilson
    matthew Wilson Month ago

    'I exposed myself' don't ask don't tell

  • Maddysin Leigh
    Maddysin Leigh Month ago

    Northern Florida? Is it Mayport?

  • JONNY_Z__ 370z NA
    JONNY_Z__ 370z NA Month ago

    PTSD can make you think strange things.

  • John Peragine
    John Peragine Month ago

    Why don't you do a video about the time the US military found a virmana in Iraq? Now that's a true story. They dug it out of a cave. 😀

    MARIA E ROBLES 2 months ago +1

    All this stories are true, i think that, this time in the world everything is changing. , and we are going to see more strange things because we are ascending to another dimension, earth is moving and changing, and some people are more sensitive to this then others..and everybody is going to start seeing very weird things...So prepare yourselves for the change!!

  • Merilin Marwein
    Merilin Marwein 2 months ago

    Slept with lights on 😨😨,my dear your voice is cute and scarey while narrating ghost story,I don't know whether it's reAl or fake but I believe you ,cause i read some stories from some old magazines narrated by the author how he experienced his holiday in that country

    MARYANN FIORE 2 months ago

    I BELIEVE some people have a sensitivity to things outside of most of our experiences. Some of my experience is unlike yours. Often I can tell what a person has been through, but only if I have never met them before.

  • Tyr Graham
    Tyr Graham 2 months ago

    US Army doesn’t carry bayonets, this is how I know this is builshit. 2 tours in Iraq as a Soldier

  • Ruby Arroyo
    Ruby Arroyo 2 months ago

    Love ur videos keep up the good work

  • Sandy Mitchell
    Sandy Mitchell 2 months ago

    Fell asleep twice !!!

  • LRSD 3d RRD
    LRSD 3d RRD 2 months ago

    Between the Tigris and Euphrates... Fucking Evil, ancient land.

  • Terry Hesticles
    Terry Hesticles 2 months ago

    Sub par training and US Army...I know the beginning of the first story is fuckimg true.

  • Show Me What You Got
    Show Me What You Got 2 months ago

    The last story is from a woman that cheated on her husband and was trying to divorce him.

  • Beezysaurus
    Beezysaurus 2 months ago


    Anybody else think of that viral dude with the hair beret when they seen him? The dude who like raps, and talks about cookies and shit lmao. I know you know what I am talking about.

  • Thomas Bushey
    Thomas Bushey 2 months ago

    Nylon python I turn 28 on the 19th of this month and i really cant think of a average person on the street that has been in 100's of firefights in the middle east with 4 deployments to afghan mountains near pakistan.......ignorance runs deep i guess smh

  • Kelly Baird
    Kelly Baird 2 months ago

    how do you make money, via our viewing, or via the likes button??????

    • The Paranormal Scholar
      The Paranormal Scholar  2 months ago

      Hi Kelly, thank you for your question. This channel makes money via advertisement revenue generated from the ads displayed in and around our videos. We also receive support from some of our viewers via Patreon. Best wishes.

  • Overshadowing Past
    Overshadowing Past 2 months ago

    The fact that these stories are soldiers' confessions really adds credibility to them.

  • Unknown_potato222
    Unknown_potato222 2 months ago

    A report from Marines about sightings of a sgt wright. A coincidence that a man named SGT Dustin Wright was killed in the Niger ambush a while back.

  • Beau Truex
    Beau Truex 2 months ago +1

    these were just territorial spirits. They all bow in the name of Jesus. The Commander of Angel Armies! Glory to God! And goodwill towards men!

  • Hannover Fist
    Hannover Fist 2 months ago +1

    That last one was heart breaking. R I.P. David
    Thank you for yOur service