Baristas Rank Fast Food Coffee

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • Baristas play a friendly ranking and guessing game with iconic fast food coffees!
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Comments • 356

  • Life of Kaay & Jay
    Life of Kaay & Jay 6 days ago +1

    Y’all drinking black coffee oh hell no

  • rah reyes
    rah reyes 12 days ago

    they should have like the lady with the pink hair the one who has more experience!!!!

  • Nikki Oclair
    Nikki Oclair 12 days ago

    I do not like the girl with the pink hair

  • Meg Travers
    Meg Travers Month ago

    I hate coffee in glass cups. Cools it down too fast and glass adds a weird taste

    BALD & BROKE Month ago

    The girl with the strip shirt has an incredible palate

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Month ago +2


  • Carlos Bornes
    Carlos Bornes Month ago

    What? Baristas that don't appreciate acidity? Acidity is usually associated with high quality coffee. I hope they are mistaking acidity with sourness

  • Lei Arnaz
    Lei Arnaz Month ago

    You should tell them they are wrong or right after all the guesses

  • Indiana Thainon
    Indiana Thainon Month ago

    We need more of the black girl and girl with pink and orange hair please.

    • Talha Aslam
      Talha Aslam Month ago

      Go and watch there yesterday video

  • grecia villafuerte
    grecia villafuerte Month ago

    Tbh girl in the orange hair is the only who knows how to taste taste it! It takes a loooong time to learn the whole process of coffee and a year isnt even enough! Just to be a coffee master at starbucks you need to be certified! At work we need to taste test every single week so we dont loose the taste but its not even pushed onto baristas to learn this! They get a card with what the blend is, what it smells, tastes and you basically repeat this to the costumer! Its ok not to be a coffee expert! Lol

  • Joneel de Lima
    Joneel de Lima Month ago +2

    Hilarious af a guy working at starbucks dont know their coffee. 😂😂😂

  • Bryan Harris
    Bryan Harris Month ago

    Hell yes! Wawa is amazing coffee! You go Kelsey!

  • How to coffee
    How to coffee Month ago

    I am a BAREESTEHH! 🤣 also why does it look like they are drinking coca cola not coffee. Come on murica get it together or come to Aus land for a proper coffee 😉 also I know when it comes to profiling and taste testing the coffee would look like this.

  • Gabriel Fuentes
    Gabriel Fuentes Month ago +1

    I thought it was Scarlet Johanson y'all. 😂

  • sarra732
    sarra732 Month ago

    Taco Bell coffee tho...

  • Xena
    Xena Month ago

    I thought Kelsey was a 12 year old when I saw her

  • Nikki Rod
    Nikki Rod Month ago +29

    The one with the pink hair is the only one who knows what she’s talking about and actually drinks black coffee

  • ROVER25X
    ROVER25X Month ago

    Danny is one annoying prick.

  • muhanned700
    muhanned700 Month ago +1

    a guy working at starbucks is not called a BARISTA !!!

  • TheDarkBrutal
    TheDarkBrutal Month ago

    IF they work at Starbucks, then they aren't really a barista. They barely even know what coffee is. Remove all of the corporate procedures, and they'd be lost in what/how to make coffee. This would have been more interesting with people who actually know what they're talking about.

  • Regan Waite
    Regan Waite Month ago +1


  • Matthew Goncalves
    Matthew Goncalves Month ago

    Maybe get some real baristas next time, there are people who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of good coffee. They may have been better suited to this video. Saying that acidity is "not welcome" is so damaging to an industry that is trying to change its identity, at least at the high end

  • Allison Holly
    Allison Holly Month ago

    Starbucks is nasty. It’s not called “Charbucks” for no reason. Might as well be drinking battery acid.

    • Alyssa Girga
      Alyssa Girga Month ago

      Allison Holly pike sucks. The espresso sucks. It’s cheap and gross. So so gross. Some of the other beans are actually good. The new sirens blend is actually pretty dang great. Even reserve pike is good. But pike is so so so so so so nasty.

  • madison
    madison Month ago

    can they rank local coffee next time?

  • MikkisoXTRA
    MikkisoXTRA Month ago +1

    One group was pretty pretentious 🙄😂

  • Aubrey-Rose Stacy
    Aubrey-Rose Stacy Month ago +16

    would have liked to see more long term baristas like Rachel in this

  • Rebekah Beall
    Rebekah Beall Month ago

    Why would they throw Starbucks in to the category tho ? Lol like it's a specific coffee company and the rest are actual fast food places

  • Yaquesita
    Yaquesita Month ago

    Have them try good iced coffee instead of that bland drink 😂

  • Eliza T
    Eliza T Month ago +57

    The one with the pink hair is the only one who knew what she was talking about

  • bastian reyes
    bastian reyes Month ago +1

    So an employee of Starbucks (or any big company of coffee) is considered a barista.... Interesting

  • Joseph Grajeda
    Joseph Grajeda Month ago

    1.5 years of being a barista is nothing!!!

  • fire truck 23
    fire truck 23 Month ago

    Well Danny is fired

  • jacob hilderman
    jacob hilderman Month ago

    A barista from Starbucks is barely a barista

  • peTEA
    peTEA Month ago +11

    Alternative title: baristas that hate coffee rank coffee from fast food restaurants

  • debrabo100
    debrabo100 Month ago +3

    Definitely McDonalds has the best drive thru coffee. I like just coffee. Black.

  • Jasmine Noel
    Jasmine Noel Month ago +1

    7:15 “You know that person who whispers in your ear and you smell weird coffee...” Ummm no 😂😂😂

  • Ofisa Lavea
    Ofisa Lavea Month ago +34

    The guy with ONE AND A HALF years experience rlly acting and talking like he knows much about coffee

    • Joneel de Lima
      Joneel de Lima Month ago +1

      @theMRsome12 he would faint probably

    • theMRsome12
      theMRsome12 Month ago

      "I taste dirt and sweat" that's your own coffee you idiot. Seriously, such an entitled brat. With clearly no love for coffee. I wonder what would happen if you gave him dark roasted robusta.

  • Alexandria Coburn
    Alexandria Coburn Month ago

    Do iced coffees next!!

  • Erica Adamczyk
    Erica Adamczyk Month ago

    Wawa girl is my fave

  • alyssa amos
    alyssa amos Month ago +32

    West coast Dunkin must be trash cause East coast dunkies be hittin

  • Tomara
    Tomara Month ago +20

    “i think i was supposed to get things right”
    i enjoyed rachel my getting them right and describing the favors and stuff vs getting them right just to get them right. she was far more enjoyable in this taste test on that level.

  • Teal Chastain
    Teal Chastain Month ago

    I love Danny! I wanna see more of him!

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago +1

    TBH: anyone who drinks coffee, just bc it is darker does not make it better, Starbucks is far by the worst coffee, DD is the best - it is consistent and a good blend well at least from my area

  • Voracity
    Voracity Month ago +13

    the coffee's not even hot and it's served in a clear glass? What the F. They should get fresh coffee and do this

    • Aubrey-Rose Stacy
      Aubrey-Rose Stacy Month ago +5

      Voracity just a fun fact, good coffee will have a building flavor complexity as it cools. say they pour the coffee out of an insulated carafe into these cups, that would lower it from 195f-200f to around 175-180f. If coffee is too hot, you can't get the flavor profile and only the heat!

  • palalabu
    palalabu Month ago +1

    i always get a latte, but isnt starbucks coffee is like weak? i prefer the one from our local donut chain

  • Anthony Ferguson
    Anthony Ferguson Month ago

    i thought this was an FBE video

  • Marc Mat
    Marc Mat Month ago +1

    Im sorry but people who really like coffee knows starbucks coffee is nasty. period.

  • cswtx
    cswtx Month ago +13

    i was so confused at first, the girl in yellow literally looks like she is 12 years old.

  • Spencer Minshull
    Spencer Minshull Month ago +1

    They all don't know anything about coffee! And the one guy I would never want to work with at Starbucks.

  • caityvae
    caityvae Month ago

    Your best bet to get good coffee is to go to a locally owned specialty shop. Any fast food joints just aren't going to have good coffee. Starbucks can be decent if the barista cares enough to learn the coffee, but the odds of that happening are very slim. Going to a specialty shop, you'll find people who know what they're doing, have extensive training in the art and science of coffee, and get super excited when teaching people about coffee. A good test is to ask the barista what they're favorite thing to make is, or just any question about the science of it. If you see them light up and get excited, you've come to the right place.

  • J R
    J R Month ago +28

    Oh we grind coffee beans and poor hot water over them. We’re “experts”.

    • Stephanie
      Stephanie 3 days ago

      @Steven P we can also spell "pour"

    • Steven P
      Steven P Month ago +1

      Some fool on judge judy said he was a barista. JJ said "Oh, so you pour coffee" the audience laughed

    • Bri R
      Bri R Month ago

      So edgy

    • J R
      J R Month ago

      Riiight please tell me all the intricacies of steaming milk

    • N.
      N. Month ago +3

      That's not what a barista does, please inform yourself lol

  • Vaness Hillburn
    Vaness Hillburn Month ago +97

    lol Rachel is the only one actually reviewing the coffee

  • seeeteee
    seeeteee Month ago +16

    danny says he's a barista exactly like i expect every barista to say they're a barista.

  • mdizzle shnizzle
    mdizzle shnizzle Month ago

    Wawa got the shoutout!!

  • w l
    w l Month ago

    gosh the guy and the girl in yellow shirt don't know anything about coffee.....

  • Janowski Fit
    Janowski Fit Month ago +2

    The broad with the hair is the only one that actually has taste buds

  • Janowski Fit
    Janowski Fit Month ago +8

    "We know how I feel about acidity." dude, no one knows who the hell you are. No one knows how you feel about anything.

  • Amanda Magana
    Amanda Magana Month ago

    next time don't tell them until the end!!

  • Tyler Channell
    Tyler Channell Month ago

    It would have been smarter to give them 5 blank cups and have them try it in a group and then rank them instead of them try each and guess what each one is.

  • Royqg jk jkKjo soto
    Royqg jk jkKjo soto Month ago +1