Bottle Cap Challenge (July 2019) Fails of the Week | FailArmy

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Happy Friday! Enjoy these fresh fails! This week we have a bottle cap challenge gone wrong, a mistake that denies a man victory, and more!
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    Bottle Cap Challenge
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 481

  • Lorenzo Chevreaud
    Lorenzo Chevreaud 4 months ago +171

    5:39 Dat recovery, tho

    • sanjiluv
      sanjiluv 4 months ago

      sooky mooky on the jook rooky pooky on the nook and a ring tonga bingalinga diggity doop. KABALABARONGO PIKARANAGEE

    • SugarW1thC0ffee
      SugarW1thC0ffee 4 months ago +1

      Not the same for grandpa in the clip after that, unfortunately

    • gtamike_TSGK
      gtamike_TSGK 4 months ago +2

      Epic win

    • captain Nemo
      captain Nemo 4 months ago +10

      Lorenzo Chevreaud true! I wouldn’t call it a fail haha

  • sub man
    sub man 5 days ago

    3:00 why so cute

  • sub man
    sub man 5 days ago

    1:07 Bottle Cap Challenge, Russian Edition

  • Lexo Rium
    Lexo Rium 11 days ago

    0:49 man looks like an Easter island rock but as a cartoon that finished beating someone

  • lceBreak3r
    lceBreak3r 26 days ago

    0:47 we all knew what was gonna happen

  • Jordan Bomogao
    Jordan Bomogao 29 days ago

    0:43 that face tho 😂

  • Toad TV
    Toad TV Month ago

    I really want to se how someone try this with glass bootle

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    0:46 that was actually smart, lower risk of smashing your face on the ground

  • Messix
    Messix 2 months ago

    0:42 you can feel the pain :)

  • Outdoorzvet
    Outdoorzvet 2 months ago

    CrossFit where form doesn’t matter but looking good does.

  • Cameron MM
    Cameron MM 2 months ago

    Is doing cross fit really worth looking like such a f*cking d*uche bag? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Chi Chi
    Chi Chi 2 months ago


  • Chi Chi
    Chi Chi 2 months ago


  • Galaxy _chiken014
    Galaxy _chiken014 2 months ago

    5:24 he actually made himself look cool

  • Davis Bradford
    Davis Bradford 3 months ago

    So many failed spinning hook kicks.

  • Larisgone
    Larisgone 3 months ago


  • J H
    J H 3 months ago

    4:02 what just happened

  • Scieprit1
    Scieprit1 3 months ago

    4:35 i'm dead 😂😂😂

  • Nakai Charging Eagle
    Nakai Charging Eagle 3 months ago

    0:42 the face of defeat.

  • Wind Waker6
    Wind Waker6 3 months ago

    0:43 when you realize you have school in the morning

  • Logan Khampane
    Logan Khampane 3 months ago

    That third clip was a Mexican mom technique

  • Paolo Lorenzi
    Paolo Lorenzi 3 months ago

    only 1:30 of Bottle cap...

  • Rockstar Miami
    Rockstar Miami 3 months ago

    0:48 Its Luis Mane

  • Ivenias
    Ivenias 3 months ago

    0:30 I am dying

  • Gamertyp_ pro
    Gamertyp_ pro 3 months ago +1

    second : 0:31 - 0:46 xD

  • Butti Alshamsi
    Butti Alshamsi 3 months ago


  • Butti Alshamsi
    Butti Alshamsi 3 months ago


  • Trevor Pickard
    Trevor Pickard 3 months ago

    lit af

  • vlasakvidea
    vlasakvidea 3 months ago

    00:01 This looks so deviantly :D

  • Daniel Kaplan
    Daniel Kaplan 3 months ago

    1:39 Is that you, Ace Ventura?

  • Syahdina Hermawan
    Syahdina Hermawan 3 months ago

    Guy:im gonna throw this shit epically

    Also guy:yee-

    Also guy:oh shit -_-

  • Janina H
    Janina H 3 months ago

    I loved that mascots facepalm

  • Johnie Swole
    Johnie Swole 4 months ago +1

    I just posted a banana and sprite challenge!!! I’m a fitness RU-clipr! Go check it out😅😅😅

  • John McDermott
    John McDermott 4 months ago

    4:38... only SWIFT

  • Renate Lawrence
    Renate Lawrence 4 months ago

    OMG I love the bottle cap challenge😙😘😎

  • Kate Majeski
    Kate Majeski 4 months ago

    I subscribed

  • green49285
    green49285 4 months ago

    How many of these will we see 5 times over the next few months

  • ryan rus
    ryan rus 4 months ago

    3:20 hit em wid it

  • DragonTechStudio
    DragonTechStudio 4 months ago +4

    "Само гледай да не паднеш!"
    "Добре. Давай!"
    "Be cautious, you can fail! "
    "Ok, go on!"

  • Maiszerc24
    Maiszerc24 4 months ago

    2:00 minecraft XP bootle

  • moddymadeye
    moddymadeye 4 months ago

    Who else was expecting a lightning bolt?

  • Craig 123
    Craig 123 4 months ago

    1:54 tbh that would be fun

  • will marshall
    will marshall 4 months ago

    0:56 an asian Making fun out of asians

  • andron
    andron 4 months ago

    Лойк за моршинську!

  • Danjiri Khan
    Danjiri Khan 4 months ago

    With all this slo mo crap, FailArmy shouldn't be allower to call this a 6:00 video. LEAVE THE VIDEOS ALONE!!

    LUCAS DE SÁ 4 months ago +1

    2:27 my goodness I'm in love🤤😻❤️

  • Striker 209
    Striker 209 4 months ago

    3:05 when you step on a lego

  • govas dos santos
    govas dos santos 4 months ago

    1:20 afedo camate po favo

  • Jason S.
    Jason S. 4 months ago

    All new vids. Nice job.

  • Pink Unicorn
    Pink Unicorn 4 months ago

    The kid at the beginning is such a mood

  • Ron Murphy
    Ron Murphy 4 months ago

    CrossFit ‘boxes’ are the gay bar of the fitness world. And not even like, a fun upbeat gay bar where everyone is dressed well, but more a scuzzy gay bar in a basement somewhere where you need a creepy password and to wear your collar popped up over your face when you walk in. And then they only serve low class liquor and the bathroom is just full of gloryholes with permanent stains around them. And you’re guaranteed to get fisted against your will.

  • Alex Costi
    Alex Costi 4 months ago

    0:54 I can barely breathe and can't stop crying. Poor bastard.

  • Maryse Assele
    Maryse Assele 4 months ago


  • John Che
    John Che 4 months ago

    the little girl at the start seemed more like a success than a fail to me .

  • Paul J. Brazzle Jr.
    Paul J. Brazzle Jr. 4 months ago

    00:49 That face... LOL!

  • Черт с собакой

    1:17 на бутылку так садят:)

  • Miloose
    Miloose 4 months ago

    Kapow !

  • jason willy
    jason willy 4 months ago


  • Barriqq2
    Barriqq2 4 months ago

    Do a video on double L's

  • Arraci MA
    Arraci MA 4 months ago +2

    0:04 when she's getting older: ewww who's that dirty kid :v