Top 10 Scary Cave Encounters

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Cave Encounters
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    Unless your some sort of spelunker who loves to jump into caves and do some exploring next to the earths heart then I don't think you should have anything to worry about from todays list of Top 10 Scary Cave Encounters. I mean I don't think anyone out there is just going to spontaneously go explore a cave, its not really something you should be doing out of nowhere. Your friends are like hey want to explore this hole in the planet that has zero to no natural light and could have some sort of dangerous creature in it. Yeah why not I have nothing to do but be safe in my home. But if you are some sort of explorer you probably wanna pay close attention.
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Comments • 531

  • AmberFang 37
    AmberFang 37 Hour ago

    That first video is a big albino frog

  • Ruby Hall
    Ruby Hall 8 hours ago

    “HEy waNT to Go tO a CAVE witH nO lIghT”
    “SURE I doT’t hAve AnY thiNG eLse tO dO aTHer thEn be SAFE”
    I swear to god some people are dumb.

  • Iskra Mihajlovska
    Iskra Mihajlovska 17 hours ago

    Me when I saw number one: create new world

  • Galactic Bacon
    Galactic Bacon 19 hours ago

    I was in a cave, i was tired so I put my hand on the wall and a fricking huntsman bit my hand

  • Artur Preyzner
    Artur Preyzner Day ago


  • Artur Preyzner
    Artur Preyzner Day ago

    That thing in the well was so scary

  • Shnoopy Bloopers

    Che, ghosts have no butt holes 😂

  • Emoj 91
    Emoj 91 2 days ago

    7:17 that sounded a lot like a fantom from minecraft🥔

  • Thomas Walker
    Thomas Walker 2 days ago

    I don’t know why but that well thing is funny

  • GoldBox
    GoldBox 3 days ago

    Do you think dirt Is ghost poop

  • Emma Iadicola
    Emma Iadicola 3 days ago

    That thing in the well Is The well wisher urban legend

  • Cameron Farfsing
    Cameron Farfsing 3 days ago

    Only in mammoth caves in Kentucky

  • Kees Andrews
    Kees Andrews 3 days ago

    Me: walking through a cave
    Me: dam ghost turd

  • Mrmoose 123
    Mrmoose 123 4 days ago

    Or it’s a 🐸 (number 1)

  • nona not ur biss
    nona not ur biss 4 days ago

    Geez glad u watch those footage and not me. Fudge all that who knows if it's real but not abouts to find out...

  • Magic Roundabout
    Magic Roundabout 4 days ago

    You cracked me up, you are at least true to being scared. Try going somewhere you wouldn’t normally (with trusted friends) it’s quite eye opening 😀

  • Laraine Thorpe
    Laraine Thorpe 4 days ago

    Maybe that thing in the well was samara's pet dog

  • Matthew Thomas
    Matthew Thomas 5 days ago

    Why did they show me taking a crap in the well?

  • Ginger Wooten
    Ginger Wooten 5 days ago

    yes ghost poop why else would they be in your home or in a cave

  • Matthew Hart
    Matthew Hart 5 days ago

    you can also here noise in #10.

  • KazeDraw
    KazeDraw 5 days ago

    5:45 That's literally the bucket which you smoke pot from haha (Every polish smoker be like :DDDD)

  • Random Tricks
    Random Tricks 5 days ago

    This is spooky

  • [sleepy serval]
    [sleepy serval] 5 days ago

    At first when I saw this video I was like ‘ooh caves! I love caves!’
    We have a mountain behind our house and there was an old mine town in it and there are like HUNDREDS of caves in it and me and my brother go up there and show each other what caves we’ve found

    GAMER CO 7 days ago

    SCP 096 1:44

  • Deanna Smith
    Deanna Smith 7 days ago +1

    nah man that "fart" was me, taking the largest crap in the history of everything.

  • healthy ego
    healthy ego 7 days ago

    It the killer clown is in the well lol

  • PumpkinSpice Gacha
    PumpkinSpice Gacha 7 days ago

    The guy with the artifact thing wanted to become a part of Warehouse.... 13?? Maybe 12?? What year was that?? World War Two.... Warehouse 11??
    Also, that “What. The hell?” Part. XD

  • fedxgaming 156
    fedxgaming 156 8 days ago

    What do you mean the cave of screaming terror is the best place to hang out

  • John Heinrich Atienza

    I think the first video was gollum😅

  • Max ax
    Max ax 8 days ago

    Sequal consists of craters, cause you know they are technically holes in the earth. A mouth cause you know its it's technically a cave but on a person. An ear, bellybutton, nostril etc etc etc

  • Zionne Makoma
    Zionne Makoma 8 days ago

    Number 1 is bebby

    OOF LORD 6581 MEET BOY 9 days ago +1

    No dip Sherlock that literally looks like freaking Satan himself and me out like freaking Shrek .oh hello there🤗

  • Crunch base 3471
    Crunch base 3471 9 days ago

    #believe the ghost terds 💩

  • Hope David
    Hope David 10 days ago


  • Gruigi Memes
    Gruigi Memes 10 days ago +3

    My mom looked over my shoulder at the video and said:
    “Why does he look like a hipster version of bob ross?” And now I can’t unsee it

  • A F
    A F 10 days ago

    Ghost fart lol ! And I just scooted my chair ;) *wink *wink

  • Cheater321e XGachaHunter
    Cheater321e XGachaHunter 10 days ago +1

    The big spider i aint afraid

  • wolfes united
    wolfes united 11 days ago

    The one looks kinda like a windogo from West Virginia folk lore

  • Megan Rowe
    Megan Rowe 11 days ago

    Not hard to learn that Che loves his weed 😂

  • Micheal Gardner
    Micheal Gardner 11 days ago

    Does no one know about the Manson tunnels in Tucson?

  • AnimeGirl 2412
    AnimeGirl 2412 12 days ago

    I believe in ghost poo

  • midnight sakuras
    midnight sakuras 12 days ago

    1. Albino cave frog

  • John Clotfelter
    John Clotfelter 12 days ago

    I happen to live in Minneapolis we don’t smoke weed all the time and I have never once in my life seen a cave for good reason

  • RyanPlayzGamez
    RyanPlayzGamez 12 days ago +2

    Hey that’s me when someone turns the lights on

  • treshawn simmons
    treshawn simmons 13 days ago +1

    Totally unrelated but top 10 animated womanizers, quagmire, Johnny bravo, etc

  • The Funko Guy
    The Funko Guy 13 days ago +6

    I’ve actually been to the forest of getting kicked in the nuts. Ah...good times

    • The Funko Guy
      The Funko Guy 2 days ago

      The Dude abides, man😂

    • keysto Hamilton
      keysto Hamilton 3 days ago +1

      Your pic makes you look like the dude... abide, my friend, abide.

  • Declan Wallace
    Declan Wallace 13 days ago

    The no. 1 spot tho. Wtf is that?! Deffos isn't me in the morning.

  • Chris Ferguson
    Chris Ferguson 13 days ago

    Loved it I would have like to see what creature it was in that old lookin well

  • Matthew Newberry
    Matthew Newberry 13 days ago

    First one was just a frog lol

  • AnyoneBut Me
    AnyoneBut Me 14 days ago

    Why are there so many scary things happening in Russia?

  • Duo Lingo
    Duo Lingo 14 days ago

    I saw a big spider in my house that I'm watching in this in at least I haven't seen it in awhile

  • Desmontheses
    Desmontheses 14 days ago +6

    "Do you believe in ghost poops?"
    RU-clip at its finest

  • pi nc loma
    pi nc loma 14 days ago

    Pretty sure #1 is just a frog and 3 is defiantly a bird.

  • Arthur Pendragon
    Arthur Pendragon 14 days ago

    #1 was just the reflection of the water below

  • Edward Oldendorf
    Edward Oldendorf 15 days ago

    Number 10: phrog meme lol

  • Galaxywolf 2.7
    Galaxywolf 2.7 15 days ago

    #3 was just a bat ya know

  • Magma Redux
    Magma Redux 15 days ago


  • Dawn Stephens
    Dawn Stephens 16 days ago

    Why with the spider 🕷 😖😱

  • Lindy Falting
    Lindy Falting 16 days ago

    Dang, that spider crawled really fast. How can you imagine that thing chasing after you? So scary!

    ME LIKE BIG ANIME 16 days ago

    I was in a cave and a very skinny guy I’m not even sure it was human... but he/she/thing roared when he saw me I just ran and ran and ran for my life he grabbed my leg and I have a knife cause I liked to carve things into rocks so I grab my knife and stabs its arm it’s was super tall it screeches then I just never went to a cave (fake story I made up hope I gave you chills) :)