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  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood 18 minutes ago

    Poor bloke at the end lost his balls somewhere 🤣🤷‍♂️

  • Devil
    Devil Hour ago

    That pizza looked grows.

    *says me while eating frozen fresh pizza*

  • Alepap
    Alepap Hour ago

    1:50 lol

  • Alepap
    Alepap Hour ago

    2:11 if you survive after eating it, you're a hero, that's why it's called Meatball Hero.

  • Kujo Jotaro
    Kujo Jotaro Hour ago

    the girl was so sweet and she had to say all those comments rip xd

    EXEJON 2 hours ago

    Sometimes an Asian owner needs to live a little la vida loca.

  • Cil Ordonez
    Cil Ordonez 2 hours ago +1

    If Gordon and Simon Cowell have a argument i am certain it will create a black hole

  • ThugTwinkle
    ThugTwinkle 4 hours ago

    looks good

  • Refik Uner
    Refik Uner 7 hours ago

    I would eat that

  • SS88doubleturn
    SS88doubleturn 8 hours ago

    They never show the part where Gordon re-invents the menus for these restaurants by making the same 10 fu*king dishes EVERY EPISODE, then wonders why the restaurants don’t succeed in later “update episodes.”

  • Marek De Marko
    Marek De Marko 8 hours ago

    "Chef Ramsay hasn't tasted classic pizza before" (serves him americanized dough madness with grease)
    Has Pete actually seen real Neapolitan pizza

  • 「 Sumikkoland 」
    「 Sumikkoland 」 9 hours ago +1

    Me: yum
    Gordon: ew
    Me: ew

  • J P E
    J P E 10 hours ago

    The blonde waitress took his breath away, I dont blame him. She's beautiful

  • abanoub awadalla
    abanoub awadalla 10 hours ago

    the first pizza looked good

  • kawai_dahi-chan
    kawai_dahi-chan 10 hours ago

    even the fly is like "ew"

  • Chris M
    Chris M 10 hours ago

    What's the name of the server?

  • Guadalupe Quintana
    Guadalupe Quintana 11 hours ago

    The crust is like an obese girl saying she thicc but she's actually full of grease

  • Mr. Satan
    Mr. Satan 11 hours ago

    okay but i’m so glad that he wasn’t upset with the waitress because he knows that she just works there. she has nothing to do with the food, she just brings it out AND THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY
    (edit) I WANT PIZZA NOW.

  • Hunny_Eyahpaise
    Hunny_Eyahpaise 11 hours ago

    My boyfriend acts like Gordon Ramsay when he eats my food. 😂

  • Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 love how blunt he is

  • Article 13
    Article 13 12 hours ago


  • Tmplv
    Tmplv 12 hours ago

    The waiter kinda looks like Adriana maya

  • Bici Animations
    Bici Animations 12 hours ago

    I hate when the chefs don’t hear the criticism and say that Gordon Ramsey is wrong, why would you call him if he offers criticism and they don’t care, aaaaa

  • EmmettXIV
    EmmettXIV 13 hours ago

    12:19 way to put down her husband. skinny little ass. even Gordon heard enough of her attacks

  • Kevin Delgado
    Kevin Delgado 13 hours ago

    "Carpet looks like it had 1000 buffaloes walk all over it" 😂😂😂

  • gmaggie7
    gmaggie7 14 hours ago +1

    That's yummy right there

    TRISTINO A. 14 hours ago

    3:07 same bro

  • Cap Dude
    Cap Dude 16 hours ago

    He does have a point if you think about it 1:56

  • DaGido LP
    DaGido LP 16 hours ago

    Akira is not daijoube

  • Connor Bristow
    Connor Bristow 17 hours ago

    I’m a 12 years old I can make a pizza better than that. Pizza was to greasy and the sausage pizza was to 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮.

  • Jay Arre
    Jay Arre 17 hours ago

    Imagine being a stupid fucking redcoat and calling a pizza greasy lmao what a racist fucker
    It is supposed to be greasy you pig faced inbred snaggle tooth limey redcoat bwah ha ha ha

  • tommy gun
    tommy gun 17 hours ago +1

    Everybody loves my meatballs I’m very proud of my meatballs haha

  • TrueFace
    TrueFace 18 hours ago

    I’m watching it at night because I’m hungry and this disgusting food ruins my appetite for months

  • DaKat0
    DaKat0 18 hours ago

    Gordon: *takes food away from priest*
    Priest: 😐

  • VegaTron2020 Yeeesssa!
    VegaTron2020 Yeeesssa! 19 hours ago

    I hate Steve so much.

  • MrStensnask
    MrStensnask 19 hours ago

    The way Gordon says "...sad" always gets me

  • Storybox
    Storybox 22 hours ago

    That first chef is sure as hell protective of his balls...both ways

  • JimmyJJ 1996
    JimmyJJ 1996 23 hours ago

    I want that first pizza soo bad right now 😅

  • Cherry Kamino
    Cherry Kamino 23 hours ago

    Owners are so entitled to their food,
    "I don't see what's the problem, I've tasted it, many people love it"
    If Gordon says your food is shit , that's the FACT. Bitch pls

  • adam toheed
    adam toheed Day ago +1

    11:11 UmMmMmMmmMMmmMMm

  • TheVeryStrangeOtaku

    Mama frickin mia.

  • Baka - Kun
    Baka - Kun Day ago

    This makes me wanna make a pizza. Frozen pizza is better than this stuff

  • nothing. at.all.

    I nearly pucked watching this

  • The Sundance Kid

    what the fuck was up with that last guy. How the fuck can he own and operate a restaurant??

  • Just Victrr
    Just Victrr Day ago

    He’s just so mean to them like they try their best to serve him and he doesnt like anything.

  • alextamago
    alextamago Day ago

    Why the hell is this thing filmed on a DS

  • ĺóĺá óóf
    ĺóĺá óóf Day ago

    I hope your still okay after that cause I've once ate just rice and i threw up after cause I didn't like the chicken nor their fish it is to salty and very disgusting and it was a party I really hated it

  • Gnarly Chuck
    Gnarly Chuck Day ago +1

    The pizza looked delicious by glancing at it but the oil and raw dough was a huge turn off.

  • lee pei sze
    lee pei sze Day ago

    I got an ad of him cooking while this video was about to start

  • Scarlet KarmaKora

    Thank god I’m vegetarian 🌱

  • Sam Maka
    Sam Maka Day ago

    I gotta say

    That's one thicc greasy man

  • landon summers
    landon summers Day ago

    i can tell the dough is raw

  • chrisnmattie21
    chrisnmattie21 Day ago +2

    i just love how the waiters laugh and are thinking to themselves “i’m in it for the money” 😂😂😂

  • Gianni Alexander

    If my grandma made that for him she would make hi eat and and not waste it

  • Leo the Grey
    Leo the Grey Day ago +2

    I expected the guy at the end to look at his wife and say, "I want a divorce."

  • jromainima
    jromainima Day ago +2

    That waitress is my girlfriend. And meeting Gordan Ramsey was so cool. I saw him outside. That pizza was actually terrible...

  • Robby Nines
    Robby Nines Day ago

    not for nothing, pizza #1 looks like it tastes good

  • Rob P Z
    Rob P Z Day ago

    I want to kill that bitch. The Chinese dudes wife. She's an idiot.

  • MrVolcomclassic
    MrVolcomclassic Day ago +1

    Damn I'd raw dog that server.

  • Hexy Ko
    Hexy Ko Day ago

    Akira lost face so hard, he wanted to bury his head in the sand

  • Tony Bowyer
    Tony Bowyer Day ago

    Gordon knows his shit, but most of this food looks like it would taste alright.

  • Tha BrownMamba
    Tha BrownMamba Day ago

    Do you guys think Gordan comes up with these insults or he just has them tucked away in his head? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Joey
    Joey Day ago

    The food doesnt look that bad but it does when he inspects

  • mr 60 ́s man
    mr 60 ́s man Day ago

    "Why are you crying?"

  • Xiaomi Anna
    Xiaomi Anna 2 days ago +1

    That pizza looked delicious!

  • JimE901
    JimE901 2 days ago

    Shout out to the priest who blessed Gordon’s food

  • The Boomer Destroyer of Humor

    This fucking mad lad had a priest bless his food lol

  • Lubna Omar
    Lubna Omar 2 days ago


  • Otto Wiig
    Otto Wiig 2 days ago

    I want to eat the food that he does to see if it’s actually alright

  • Deanna’s Vlogs & Stuff

    Gordon: I’m done with that
    Me: ☹️ wHy yOu tAkE tHe pIzZa aWaY ☹️

    Ok tbh that pizza low keys looked good

  • Joel Bjornsson
    Joel Bjornsson 2 days ago

    The cheese just slid off like people falling on the ice

  • Diego
    Diego 2 days ago +6

    US: she's wearing the pants
    UK: she's wearing the *trousers*

  • Eish Bhardwaj
    Eish Bhardwaj 2 days ago

    Thin crust 🤣

  • Reinis Miks
    Reinis Miks 2 days ago +2

    To be fair, if there was a local pizzeria that made pizzas this greasy and cheesy I would be a regular costumer until i die from heart attack. Would have no regrets.

  • Adonis Metz
    Adonis Metz 2 days ago

    That last one made me kinda sad actually... I feel really bad.

  • Emma Clifton
    Emma Clifton 2 days ago

    I really need to know if that guy who ordered the pulled pork sandwich ended up getting any food in return 😂

  • Gcldfvnch
    Gcldfvnch 2 days ago +1

    2:39 “it’s like eating a patch of soaking wet grass”
    me: *dies*
    “after a cow SHAT on it.”
    Me: *dies even more*

  • May Liken
    May Liken 2 days ago

    Forgive me farther but they have sined.
    Me someone who catholic that made me laugh so hard

  • Drip too hard Jim Tropf

    *I am very proud of my meatballs...*
    Me: All right I guess...?

  • Louis TWDG
    Louis TWDG 2 days ago

    Is this a coincidence or not, but I actually got a Gordon Ramsay ad before the video?