Hong Kong's Fight for Freedom Against China's Authoritarianism

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • "If we lose...we will lose a generation."
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    The protests that have consumed Hong Kong for more than three months started because of a proposed bill that would've made it easier for mainland China to extradite citizens from the semi-autonomous city, raising fears that Beijing's central government would target political dissidents.
    Violent clashes between protesters and police culminated in a confrontation at a subway station on August 31, when police appeared to beat demonstrators with batons-possibly resulting in a fatality, though the authorities dispute that.
    The activists, politicians, and academics we spoke with said that the protest movement has become about much more than the extradition bill-which the government has since withdrawn-or police brutality. It's a fight for the survival of an island of liberalism in the shadow of an increasingly authoritarian superstate with ambitions of global dominance.
    "We are at the front lines between the great to dictatorship among human history, which is [the Chinese Communist Party], and the free world," says "Sixtus" Baggio Leung, a controversial activist who emerged from the 2014 Umbrella Movement and made it into office before being disqualified for promoting Hong Kong independence during his swearing-in ceremony.

    Despite their doubts about the likelihood of the government granting them the what they seek, the movement's leaders say they have no choice but to keep fighting for liberty and democracy, or else Hong Kong will be subsumed into an authoritarian state.
    "If we lose, oh, we will suffer," says Leung. "We will lose a generation. This generation, they will be put into jail. They will be harassed. So [it's] all or nothing. Now or never."
    Produced by Zach Weissmueller. Camera by Edwin Lee. Additional graphics by Ian Keyser.
    Photo credits: Todd Darling/Polaris/Newscom, Liau Chung Ren/ZUMA/Newscom, Chine Nouvelle/SIPA/Newscom, Rao Aimin Xinhua News Agency/Newscom, Steven Shaver/UPI/Newscom, EPN/Newscom, face to face/ZUMA Press/Newscom, Constance Zavarzhin/ZUMA/Newscom, Geovien SO/ZUMA/Newscom, Guillame Payen/ZUMA/Newscom, Imagine China/Newscom, Walt Disney Pictures/Album/Newscom, Tang Ke/Zuma/Newscom.

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  • zi sun
    zi sun Day ago +1

    Naive naive naive thinkings

  • David
    David 4 days ago

    HK people forgot that without a big military alliance Hong Kong will be conquered and more ppl will suffer. That happens when the British who has made their fortune with drugs and slavery to colonise Hong Kong

  • David
    David 4 days ago

    Smart protesters do not escalate things and certainly not waving with Americans flags

  • David
    David 4 days ago

    Freedom of speach during British Rule was not allowed

  • David
    David 4 days ago

    Biased story...why the English didnt introduce democracy if they care so much!!! And choose to care now??

  • Mitch M.
    Mitch M. 11 days ago

    SMD China

  • sha'h ha's
    sha'h ha's 12 days ago

    hello friends, Chinese, Xinjiang province does not live in small nations violates their rights, is innocently held, needs help!

  • sha'h ha's
    sha'h ha's 12 days ago

    hello, friends! xinjiang Chinese freedom of Muslim rights is strongly touched and help to help!!!

  • Kenneth Kay
    Kenneth Kay 13 days ago

    "If we lose...we will lose a generation." - yes, the thugs, the rioters, the criminals are the lost generation. They just screwed their future. You're right. The ignoramus.

  • Kenneth Kay
    Kenneth Kay 13 days ago

    ru-clip.com/video/02MBQsuxGbY/video.html. (if the rioters don't like to live in China's Hong Kong, just get the hell out of there!)

  • Kenneth Kay
    Kenneth Kay 13 days ago


  • Kenneth Kay
    Kenneth Kay 13 days ago

    Heard that that 'wong' dude is half Vietnamese and his parents fled Vietnam after the N. Viets took over S. Vietnam. That 'ho' woman has Canadian citizenship and therefore is not qualified to trash China.

  • Kenneth Kay
    Kenneth Kay 13 days ago

    Phony pro democracy traitors, separatists, liars, subversive, .... shame on you both & other subversives

  • William P
    William P 13 days ago

    Admire Hongkongers. Their sacrifice, endurance, persistence with their fight for freedom, democracy. My highest respect to Hongkongers.

  • Insentão
    Insentão 14 days ago

    ALL POWER TO HONG KONG PEOPLE!!! 🇭🇰 🇭🇰 🇭🇰 🇭🇰

  • dtvqa
    dtvqa 14 days ago

    You HK people don't align with Western societies. You violence, thuggish, criminal, and terrorists activities don't align with Western values. As a matter of fact, we condemn your acts of violence against other Chinese and the HK police. We condemn your acts of vandalism. Canada would be a better place if all HK immigrants would go home. We don't want thugs, gangsters, and criminals in our country. We want a safe and peaceful country for our children. You HKongers have done nothing but taught your younger generations to be lawlessness, disrespectful and arrogant.

  • Sebastian BLOH
    Sebastian BLOH 14 days ago

    Free HK

  • WiseDee
    WiseDee 15 days ago +2

    The protestors only peacefully want more freedom. Freedom to peacefully attack and hurt other people and police. Freedom to peacefully hurl rocks, bricks, hard objects, and petrol boms to other people and police. Freedom to peacefully terrorizing others and police and ruining public properties, airport, government buildings, and business places. Freedom to peacefully conducting riot to forcefully brutally rob other people freedom to travel and conduct their own livelihood. Freedom to viciously attack and silence freedom of speech and freedom of expression of those that speak and express their mind but have different opinion than them.
    Freedom to peacefully destroy and totally decimate Hong Kong future and HK people's business and daily activities.... What a bunch of spoiled stupid clueless delutional loser kids.

  • Phat Huynh
    Phat Huynh 15 days ago

    Go home and have some dim sum

  • Wheresmyeyebrow
    Wheresmyeyebrow 16 days ago

    This is where one of the biggest cultural difference stands between China (and places like Singapore in a way) and the West. They’re willing to lose civil liberties for the sake of economic growth and ‘peace and stability’ whereas in places like France people would rather die than drop their freedoms even if economic growth is up for grabs.

    • TWD1176
      TWD1176 13 days ago

      are you kidding? Very high number of public employees, state regulation of everything and state enterprises (energy, transports, research, and so on), high taxes on everything, millions of african immigrants: that's France.

  • Jkrl Jkrl
    Jkrl Jkrl 16 days ago

    Jacky chan fuck you..

  • eztomcat
    eztomcat 17 days ago

    3 million protesters?

  • 오정화
    오정화 17 days ago +2

    We support your struggle, from South Korea

  • almen
    almen 17 days ago

    California republic is a country or part of usa ???

  • Vindelextreme 2.0
    Vindelextreme 2.0 17 days ago

    9:33 somewhere trump is laughing his ass off. another bargaining chip in the trade war.

  • Grozaaïmid
    Grozaaïmid 18 days ago +1

    Free Hong Kong! Down with the CCP gang of criminals that has imprisoned 2 million Uygurs in concentration camps! Next, the CCP will imprison millions of HK people.

  • mnewt712
    mnewt712 19 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this video!

  • dead mao
    dead mao 19 days ago

    Where r u... I want see face to face... Just alone

  • Wade
    Wade 19 days ago

    Look, there was no need to call Denise a Hoe...You don't know if she's a hoe or not, dude...

  • Wade
    Wade 19 days ago +16

    I really hope that Hong Kong can remain independent. They should have their complete independence..China sucks.

  • BiG Bob
    BiG Bob 19 days ago +5

    winnie the pooh is sad about hong kongs protest he needs his honey

    • A N
      A N 13 days ago

      Long live Xi the Pooh, Emperor of ChiNazi!

  • Zenas Starchild
    Zenas Starchild 20 days ago

    Hong Kong!
    Stay Strong!
    I pray for Hong Kong to win freedom.

    • Jack Zhang
      Jack Zhang 17 days ago

      what a joke ! look at what they did ! burn the city , beat innocent people, rob the shop, Is this the freedom you want?
      what a fucking joke ! fuck the rioters !

    • hua yang
      hua yang 19 days ago

      What freedom? Please google the freest country and area in the world 2019 and Hongkong is No.3 which means they prolly have more freedom than you. You must be kidding me. They have too much freedom already and you do not even know how much benefits they've got from China According to the Chinese Basic Law, the Hong Kong Government does not need to pay any financial revenue and taxes to the Central Government and 75%~80% clean water supply is from mainland China. Nme me on city or state in your country or any other country that does not need to pay any tax to their central government. If China really wanted to mess up with them ,they could simply just cut off their water supply and they would be fucked already by now.

  • Tara No
    Tara No 20 days ago

    You see these people struggling for freedom and then look at the Antifa morons in America. Just blows your mind.

  • Ian Calleja
    Ian Calleja 20 days ago

    the Hong Kong government has put her finger down on all Hong Kong people,
    i think Hong Kong people got every right to fight and vote for there rights ,freedom is the right way to go and enjoy there own city.

  • Ching Lee Poo
    Ching Lee Poo 21 day ago

    Do not say that u represent freedom world.u just shown the world for the past 3 month what is stupidity.

  • The Heretic
    The Heretic 21 day ago

    Supporting colonialism, fighting for freedom, choose one

    • Bushrod Rust Johnson
      Bushrod Rust Johnson 21 day ago

      Telling China to shove off is not support of the old colonial status.

  • Tien Chung
    Tien Chung 22 days ago +3

    Let Hongkong be Hongkong! Chinese government should take your hands out of Hongkong👹👹👹👹👹

    • Tien Chung
      Tien Chung 16 days ago

      @Dae Hongkong belongs to ancient China. Hongkong is not belong to communist party of China. Hongkong people are ancient Chinese descendant . They have full right to keep and protect that land for their own. Chinese communist shouldn't impose your ideology on HongKong people. Red China get your dirty hands out of Hongkong!

    • Dae
      Dae 20 days ago

      It shall be opposite. If one do not like the house they rent, one should leave out for a better thing, not kick out to change the owner. It is unfortunate to be lke what I said.

    • Dae
      Dae 20 days ago

      It is to be opposite, if we rent a house and we do not like the house we should leave the house, not steal the house and kick out the owner. It is unfortunate to be like what I said, sorry for that.

  • shashankmsi
    shashankmsi 22 days ago

    free Hong Kong and Tibet ( they did 100 % worse than this in Tibet back then )

  • Uruguay y Nigeria
    Uruguay y Nigeria 22 days ago

    Hong Kong!🇭🇰💪🏻

  • Yvonne Huang
    Yvonne Huang 23 days ago

    Chinese government is so dictatorial and such a murdering machine that nothing ever happened to Ho and Joshua Wong, who is planning to run for councillor in HK, China

  • pokenei
    pokenei 24 days ago +1

    fake news, from a bunch of brainwashed lunatics.

  • helena russel
    helena russel 24 days ago

    what the hell are these pathetic moron fighting for.. Hong Kong is a shit hole.. Chinese cities across the border have a much higher standard of living.. there are people living in metal cages in Hong Kong for $500 a months.. there are hillbillies in here giving their 2 cent comment.. you need a bloody passport and travel.. you are not free bloody idiots.. your shitty corrupt media and multinationals corporation have you by the balls and tits.. your so call one man one vote is outdate.. you can't move on.. you are doom.. china works..

  • Charlie Chan
    Charlie Chan 24 days ago

    99% of the world supports freedom and democracy... This whole thing wouldn't be happening, if china would just chill the F**k out... And Jackie Chan should be supporting Hong Kong citizens.. He got rich & famous because of freedom to express Kung-fu.

  • michael ye
    michael ye 24 days ago

    Is there currently in existence a RU-clip news channel so profoundly preposterous that one actually enjoys watching it? I happen to notice that miraculously there are actually some people who subscribed to this garbage. I can't see it's because ReasonTV actually applied any "reason" to its reporting, but the characteristic I mentioned above sounds slightly more realistic. The levels of absurdity as well as bias too many to count that plague this particular video are as high as the level of cringe I experienced whenever I had to listen to some Hong Kong dude with a godawful English accent talk like a little boy who just wet his diaper. It seems that most Hong Kong people are under the delusion that just because they were kissing up to democracy that the western world owes something to them. Most of them seem to feel entitled to One Country Two Systems, even though it was meant as a gift granted by China as an act of compassion. How easy would it be for China to simply march into the city and take over forcefully, especially since England was already becoming irrelevant at the time? The answer is cheese-cake easy, which straight-up confirms the absurdity found in the video. As mentioned before, most people in Hong Kong exhibit such behavior, but certainly not all. Which makes it very convenient for me to decide how to describe this channel when while the title of this video is Hong Kong's Fight for Freedom only the people who just happen to be anti-China were discussed. Perhaps one may wonder what level of intelligence makes people think that only those people would be enough to represent Hong Kong as a whole, but it will make much more sense once the statement is revised to "only those people would be useful for the propaganda." Of course, it wouldn't be so useful to discuss the stance of other Hong Kongers like Jackie Chan. Oh well, I guess this is what I get as entertainment for the night.

    • Wolfgang Andrew X
      Wolfgang Andrew X 22 days ago

      Ho Lee fuk. Nobody gonna read that long ass pile o shite.

  • Blu Runner1
    Blu Runner1 24 days ago +2

    Hong kong'ers are you out of your friggin minds?

  • YA BOY G
    YA BOY G 25 days ago +6

    Chinese shills in full force today lmao

  • Rom Bietthethoi
    Rom Bietthethoi 25 days ago +11

    Not a generation. All. A people, a history, a culture, every thing - lost! So, STAND FIRM!

  • B K Lau
    B K Lau 25 days ago

    HK has been given too much freedom after British left. When British ruled without giving the freedom, no issues and HK younglings today want the old colonial days ... Go ahead.

    • Tnn Dll
      Tnn Dll 25 days ago +1

      Communist party elitist said: "HK has been given too much freedom".
      Elitists deciding what the Chinese people can and can't say. a Thought-police like the ones from the novel 1984.

  • B K Lau
    B K Lau 25 days ago

    Violent traitors have no right to demand anything. Since violence is the way, then others should respond with the same violence.

    • Tnn Dll
      Tnn Dll 25 days ago +1

      traitors to the Communist Party. But not traitors to China.
      Big difference.

  • B K Lau
    B K Lau 25 days ago

    Try this violent protesting at other countries, especially UK, US.
    IGNORANT fools. Under British, HK was ruled. Check 1960s protest ...

    • Tnn Dll
      Tnn Dll 25 days ago +1

      They are NOT protesting the British; they are protesting your Communist Party.

      Karl Marx is a failure in Soviet Union. North Korea. Chairman Mao starved 30 million+ Chinese with his incompetence.

  • B K Lau
    B K Lau 25 days ago

    Keep protesting. Violent Traitors are merely damaging own home and other HK people. Terrorists and traitors spreads Anti-Democracy, beating up those who don't sing the same tune.

    • MrJm323
      MrJm323 22 days ago

      "...beating up those who don't sing the same tune."
      Why do Commies always project upon their opponents their own modus operandi? Is any subject of the PRC allowed to sing a different tune from that of the Party's?

  • B K Lau
    B K Lau 25 days ago

    Such a biased reporting. HK was returned to China, not just handed over to China as if it was a gift.
    Wasn't HK ruled by British for 156 years? Why was HK under British rule? Opium war.
    Still trying to blame China. Local tycoon system was from British system. Such a shallow reporting ... Shameful.

    • Tnn Dll
      Tnn Dll 25 days ago +1

      China belongs to the Chinese.
      But NOT the Communist party.

  • Liau Chung Ren
    Liau Chung Ren 25 days ago +1

    I see my pictures in the video, no wonder this video document is so well done lol.

  • The TNTsheep
    The TNTsheep 25 days ago +6

    WARNING: Paid/misled Chinese propaganda machines flooding comments

    • Bushrod Rust Johnson
      Bushrod Rust Johnson 12 days ago

      @TWD1176 The "trolls" are obvious because they all use the same scripted backhanded reasoning, also their/his grammar sucks ass. Frankly he should be dragged out back and shot for making the party look tacky.

    • TWD1176
      TWD1176 13 days ago

      you disagree with me, so you must be paid or misled!!1!

    • Bushrod Rust Johnson
      Bushrod Rust Johnson 21 day ago

      @Tnn Dll Overpaid obviously. It makes the communist party look more low quality and petty.

    • Tnn Dll
      Tnn Dll 25 days ago +1

      They call the Chinese propaganda people "the 50 cent army", because they get paid 50 cents by the Communist Party for every pro-Communist FAKE NEWS they post.

    • Tnn Dll
      Tnn Dll 25 days ago +2

      Communist party propaganda.
      The Communist Party is one of the original masters of FAKE NEWS. Even banning Google and RU-clip, so Asians can't look for information without an Elitist looking over their shoulder.

  • hushpuppykl
    hushpuppykl 25 days ago

    HK belongs to China. Period. The Brits leased it after the Opium War. That is a fact ... too many ignorant fools here. Way too many.

    • hushpuppykl
      hushpuppykl 25 days ago

      Tnn Dll ... aaaaaw ... China has a few gov right? Communist, Democratic, Liberal but the Communist wants to dominate eh?
      If Communist China run by the CCP is so evil then why do so many western brands, companies and manufacturers want to be here?
      Oh I forgot, they want the money, money is no issue. Aaaaaah ...
      They want cheap labour (exploit) then they talk about exploitation and human rights.
      China is not perfect, neither were the westerners a few decades ago.
      China has changed tremendously over the last 50 years. It’s still changing.
      In the 60’s in the UK and US, gays had no rights, women no equal rights, Blacks were treated badly (US).
      China is changing. It’s evolving. Revolution won’t work.
      Stupid HK protestors had no right to vote under the Brits. The young there today are too blind. Simple as that.
      China should let HK implode. As it is HK is no longer the doorway to China. HK is going to suffer economically.

    • Tnn Dll
      Tnn Dll 25 days ago +1

      True. China belongs to the Chinese people.
      But NOT the Communist party! Big difference.

  • hushpuppykl
    hushpuppykl 25 days ago

    Did these stupid HK protestors have the right to vote when under British colonialisation?
    These people are stupid. HK economy is hurting bcos China is opening up. They are no longer the door to China.
    China should let HK implode. Let the protestors do what they want. Then see what the western powers will say.
    West are playing games at people’s expense. This is madness.

  • Steve Y
    Steve Y 25 days ago

    It's world wide (France, UK, USA, HK) ...it's the frustrations that Gov doesn't work for the people's interests ie: housing and living costs out of people's ability to afford.

  • lim john
    lim john 25 days ago

    Where has there been a report of death through riot,

  • James Chua
    James Chua 25 days ago

    Under communist ruling, corruption exists. The issue is either caught or not caught. Under democratic system, whether you admit it or not, corruption is an integral part of the system.

    • MrJm323
      MrJm323 22 days ago

      "Corruption" isn't the issue (certainly not the biggest issue). Functioning constitutional government -- one that protects individual rights and has a functioning PROCESS by which people can seek justice and redress for the injustices they've suffered; THAT is the issue.

      Are you safer -- in terms of your civil rights and your ability to get redress for what you have suffered -- in Taiwan and South Korea than in the so-called People's Republic of China? If so, why?
      "Democracy" (which just means majority rule -- which could mean just the rule of the mob; how safe are you when you are at the mercy of mob rule?) is not the antidote to tyranny. Liberty under constitutionally-delimited government (i.e. the rule of law) is what protects you as an individual human being.

      So, it's not just multiple parties competing for your vote, but also the checks and balances between branches of government (legislature, executive, judiciary) which protects your liberty. ...The fact that some people can get away with cheating the system for a while is hardly the most important problem.

      China deserves better than one party-rule and a servile judiciary (court judges who can be removed arbitrarily by Party bigwigs -- which means people accused of crime are at the mercy of the Communist Party).

      China deserves better than the Communist Party of China. China is BIGGER than the CPC.

  • Holion 7296
    Holion 7296 25 days ago +1

    these guys should just storm beijing and bring the protest there.

    • Stannis Baratheon
      Stannis Baratheon 13 days ago

      @TWD1176 Because USSR tried it and it didn't work. Socialism is better for the country's people but it can't compete with capitalism on the global market but if it has state owned banks, investment banks or firms that invest in other places (hence the capitalist element in China) then it CAN compete while the banks and other stuff are all private on the west and don't benefit the common people that much (far less actually). Also, there can be no Socialism without Capitalism.

    • TWD1176
      TWD1176 13 days ago

      @Stannis Baratheon why couldn't communist china "battle the US capitalism"? why the need to switch to capitalism (capitalism is a big word, by the way) if communism is better?

    • Stannis Baratheon
      Stannis Baratheon 25 days ago

      @Tnn Dll No, capitalism is only the precursor to Socialism and then Communism. Sane people have seen what capitalism does, it is withering away. Capitalism is almost obsolete and it's just a matter of time before the world switches to a more humane system which is Socialism. If you like defending the 1% super rich that own almost everything, go ahead, you are just stuck in the past. Socialism and Communism can only come when there is some capitalist elements, so the CCP adopted capitalist elements so they can battle the US capitalism. Once the US corrupt capitalism is gone, there would be no need for it anymore.

    • Tnn Dll
      Tnn Dll 25 days ago +1

      They would be run over with tanks. probably put in concentration camps.
      Communism is obsolete. The proof is that the Communist party was forced to adopt Capitalism to save themselves. it's obsolete.