Let's Look At Some Big, Expensive Old Servers!

  • Published on Jul 24, 2018
  • Recently at work I decommissioned some servers from around 2012 and 2013. But even compared to modern servers, they still have some crazy specifications!
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  • Sanchez King
    Sanchez King 5 days ago

    This is one the most like-deserving videos I have ever watched on YT

  • Lawrence Wade
    Lawrence Wade 11 days ago

    That's genuine IBM commercial stuff? Marry me. That server is all the dowry it would take.

  • 90AMason
    90AMason 13 days ago

    So could you put a good video card and a hard drive in this thing and have a kick ass gaming computer?

  • Scottie
    Scottie 14 days ago

    wow... the 512G servers retired. It should be still useful by today. I have to say you got budgets. What we take is 10 cores CPU x2 with 320G ram on ESXi 6.7 which servers about 12 VMs for each one of 3 Dell T630 servers. What you're going to throw away are even more powerful than our production machines.

  • Takato Keisuke
    Takato Keisuke 21 day ago

    But can it run crysis?

  • Jakester! - The Darude Comment Critic

    Ah yes, finally a machine that can comfortably run Google Chrome.

  • Vili 1Csili
    Vili 1Csili 22 days ago

    whats gona hapen to these servers?

  • Matthew Malthouse
    Matthew Malthouse 24 days ago

    Beautiful hardware. Ran lots of these and others of the IBM family, and would be happy to be running them still today, perhaps with a couple of 10Gig Ethernet cards or Fibre Chanel cards for SAN.

    The build quality was superb but, oh boy! did you pay for it. These were not cheap machines and VMware is an excellent way of sweating every possible bit of work value out of them.

  • The Spreeman
    The Spreeman 26 days ago

    I remember when having a 1mb sip memory chip was considered amazing tech. Yes I am old!

  • The Automaticist
    The Automaticist Month ago

    Oh man I don’t see this type of computer ever.

  • Ramdileo. sys
    Ramdileo. sys Month ago

    this is better than a trip to the candy factory.... 8-D ...

  • Patrick
    Patrick Month ago

    The Bugatti Veyrons of their time

  • Rafael Washington
    Rafael Washington Month ago

    Thanks, I love working with servers.

  • Gromitdog1
    Gromitdog1 2 months ago +2

    I want this server so i can have more than one notepad open simultaneously.

  • Stephen in OZ
    Stephen in OZ 2 months ago

    Thats not big or old. Capacity wise, maybe.
    At Hitachi in the 80s and early 90s we made IBM S390 equivalents and we had 1Tb disk subsystems that ran platters of 14" hard drives. They were the size of a fridge. Each cost $2.6m and consumed 3500kw. The IBM versions were actually ours, rebranded. The clearance of the read-write head to the gold plated platter was one micron and they have to be assembled by robots in a vacuum. Each disk in the platter cost $75,000. Each System would be housed in 6-10 of these cabinets and cost $22m depending on configuration.

  • F K
    F K 2 months ago +1

    At yahoo ... we used Fiber Channel Network Cards back in 2007

  • F K
    F K 2 months ago

    Hot Swappable ????

  • makocalamity
    makocalamity 3 months ago

    VGA does 1080 60 *shrugs*

  • Fresh Trees
    Fresh Trees 3 months ago

    Just enough ram to run chrome

    HAIL ZANZIBAR 3 months ago

    it's not that old

  • cyberjack-CJ
    cyberjack-CJ 3 months ago

    still pretty fast servers even in 2019 ... i'd gladly still use them

  • Jason Antes
    Jason Antes 4 months ago

    I still have some HP G5's running in my DC. Will be shut down soon though. I think the last Proliant 380 G4 got shut down about a month ago finally. Got some larger G7 580's kickin still too.

  • Andrei Paun HD Gaming
    Andrei Paun HD Gaming 4 months ago

    have a portable server

  • Mark Lambert
    Mark Lambert 4 months ago

    32 Xeon cores (esp E7) and 512GB ECC RAM is a lot of computing power even right now ;) Also Windows Server and Linux are fine running off DOM and using some flavor of either SAN or NAS for bulk storage. I too love VMware (esp having worked there and at VCE), but to be fair, Windows HyperV, and KVM or Xen on Linux operate basically the same.

  • Don Lowery
    Don Lowery 4 months ago

    Used to be in IT when I got my NT4 MCSE about 20 years ago. After the economy blew apart and I (many others) lost our jobs...life gave me another path outside of IT. Thank you so much for the server tour and seeing what has changed in the past 20 years.

  • adriantjuuh
    adriantjuuh 4 months ago

    what a waste

  • hakuna matata
    hakuna matata 4 months ago

    wow. I wish body organs and parts are hot-swappable

  • Hassaim Al-Qarim
    Hassaim Al-Qarim 5 months ago

    Where do you work?

  • Bady89
    Bady89 5 months ago

    This is not a Server , this is just a powefull Computer.
    A Server is Virtual Service on a Computer.
    I could make my own Email Server , Teamspeak Server, FTP Server all on my normal computer and i,m sure you have done it all before without noticing it.

  • Tyee Cambrón
    Tyee Cambrón 5 months ago

    Awesome. I love these sever videos. I had got certified cisco CCNA and currently looking for networking jobs in seattle. I currently work at a grocery store for the last 3 or 4 years, I forget, something like that. Working overnight shifts, I don't even know if its monday or friday, I just show up for work. But I love these server videos.
    I currently own like a IBM 346 or something rack server. I picked it up in an alley way that was next to a garbage can... But the logic board seems to be damaged in the CPU area. Because I turn it on and like random 5 of 8 RAM sticks will fail. I made the mistake and thought it was just bad RAM. At some point of time, the sticks that I took out had got thrown away (not really intentailly). And the next time that I tried to boot the server, there were still really weird random RAM failures with 2 of the sticks that would work sometimes and boot, but then wouldnt work and give the red light error. So I learned from my mistake of RAM fail. Hoping to get a new logic board eventually, or try a DIY repair by heat gun.

  • Eremon1
    Eremon1 5 months ago

    Can it run Crysis?

  • Péter Sz.
    Péter Sz. 5 months ago

    Can you tell me what is the exact model name these servers? IBM ???? and HP ??? Thanks.

  • Булат Ихсанов
    Булат Ихсанов 5 months ago +1

    Злодей! Всю душу растравил. Теперь спать спокойно не смогу :(....

  • Hal
    Hal 5 months ago

    once you buy a server (or a storage array, or a FC swithc, or whatnot) typically once the first couple years of included support expire, keeping the machines supported by the vendor is really expensive, what forces customers to replace a machine that works perfectly or risk to keep it unsupported (very few companies dare to run their mission critical environments on unsupported servers). A shame.

  • Yalnız Maymun
    Yalnız Maymun 5 months ago

    oyun oynanırmı bununla

  • Red Squirrel
    Red Squirrel 5 months ago +2

    IBM stuff is super expensive, but also super well built. Great to work with. It's crazy how companies don't keep hardware for long though. If I paid that kind of money I'd be keeping it for 10+ years or until it fails completely. That is a beast that has more than enough power even by today's standards. I know why they do it (warranty, support etc) but it still seems like such a waste to replace everything so often. I saw the same sort of thing when I worked in IT. The fun part is I sometimes got to bring some of it home though. :D

    • Nuclear Armament
      Nuclear Armament 5 months ago

      Power costs don't matter, because I can buy a 1 MW diesel genset housed in a trailer in perfect working condition for $50,000 to $100,000 and buy No. 2 diesel fuel and generate my own electricity for 10 cents per kWh. If I want to go cheaper I produce my own biofuel and reduce the cost of electricity by 5 to 10 times.

  • Luis Fernando
    Luis Fernando 5 months ago

    Freshling I.T. guy here. Cool hardware!

  • Teknoloji Dünyası
    Teknoloji Dünyası 5 months ago

    2011-2012 old? its depend bud..

  • Syed Waheeduddin
    Syed Waheeduddin 6 months ago

    Please make a video regarding new servers also...

  • toja zenn
    toja zenn 6 months ago +1

    Can you show us the web interface of the server management system?

    • wmdtone
      wmdtone 3 months ago

      Google IBM IMM (or HP iLO).

  • tw1st3d
    tw1st3d 6 months ago

    The first server you showed, were those Network Cards in PCI-E 16x slots? If they were, what a freakin gaming beast would that be.

  • The Art Of Tech Support

    Would they be good for 4K video editing

  • jtech0
    jtech0 6 months ago

    Was pretty interesting to see, I learned a lot about this type of setups in a couple server classes. Where I work though they can't really afford anything high end like SANS, etc. Even for an old server this thing seems like could run our entire network. Last summer we got a Cisco UCSM5 server for running VMs I think it only has like 128GB RAM. and like 6TB HDD. That was a rather interesting thing to get working too as loading OS, etc was all done from network and ISO images. We use hyper-V mainly for our VM solution.
    My dream though would have been to have a similar system, but no SAN with Storage spaces direct, etc. We could put 1 server at HQ, 1 at a remote site 80 MI away, maybe even a second at HQ across the street. Then just give them gobs of storage, RAM, etc and then if one goes out, need to do repairs, add more VMs, etc it's ready to go. Scale has a system sort of like this too, but our admin I guess didn't even want to look at even though 1 server would have cost another $1000-1500 than the Cisco.

  • James LaBarre
    James LaBarre 6 months ago

    Why does it still have a VGA port when you could access it remotely? Because you have to first CONFIGURE that remote access. And you may need to configure other things, or flash firware, troubleshoot boot problems (especially if it prevents the system from bringing up the BMC console), etc. And that's presuming it even *has* the extra chip/card for providing the remote console. IBM charges extra for that (and I presume others do too), so it may not be available. Heck, I worked in an IBM lab, and even *they* were too cheapass to get the remote terminal chip, and it was much less expensive internally.
    When you said "big and expensive" I was expecting to see an IBM pSeries 595.

  • Thewaltham
    Thewaltham 6 months ago +1

    But can it run Crysis?

  • nechen88
    nechen88 6 months ago +1

    Yes! *DROOLS*
    But can it run Crysis?!

  • The Recluse
    The Recluse 6 months ago

    am i the only one who thought this video was gonna be about restaurant servers??

  • herauthon four
    herauthon four 6 months ago

    make nice dustsuckers :D

  • Limes
    Limes 6 months ago +1

    Windows Server Operating Systems will support all 4 CPUs and a lot of RAM

  • Mark Wijmans
    Mark Wijmans 6 months ago

    I must say I learned a great deal from this vid. Very clear explaination in basic language of relevant information. Nice vid

  • Prince Westerburg
    Prince Westerburg 6 months ago +1

    Thats 2000w @ 12v so 100w on the mains side at 240v.

    • HG1
      HG1 6 months ago

      I think you're getting Watts and amps confused

  • Blind Bob
    Blind Bob 6 months ago

    powered up for 5-7 years with only 30 min a few years ago....
    So... not a very good sysadmin then.
    you only have to check the HP website to see how many security updates they did to the firmware

    ADRENELINEDUDE 6 months ago

    I enjoy.

  • Morawskey Vepřín
    Morawskey Vepřín 6 months ago

    Funny thing about this is, all of that HW (per one 4U server , of course) can be stuffed in modern way on one Threadripper board :D without that fancy hotswaps, diagnostics, LEDs and remote management

  • jasiel delgado
    jasiel delgado 6 months ago

    I don't know a thing about this at all
    All these acronyms lmao wtf is that
    I just like tech machines
    Don't know why
    I Just like the idea of being able to understand these things to the t
    In fact I learned a bit about pc components and how to build one just for that
    Just to be in the know and because it's cool
    I'm not a pc wizard tho I just know the basics, enough to build a decent pc
    For example I don't know wtf SATA supposed to be but I do know that I want an SSD for this and that
    I know what RAM is somewhat, and how much I need or want and the frequency I should seek but nothing more about ram

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 6 months ago +3

    I'm watching a server video being brought to me a by a server.

  • Mark Seto
    Mark Seto 6 months ago

    Are you keeping it?

  • Adam Bagley
    Adam Bagley 6 months ago +2

    Can it run crysis on max settings?

  • neo verload
    neo verload 6 months ago

    Huh looks like an NPI/DPI server from 2010/2015 :p

  • vazdef
    vazdef 6 months ago +1

    2012 is old? What does it get on Geekbench ?

  • joshua cauley
    joshua cauley 6 months ago

    id love to buy your old stuff if there selling

  • Noobulon
    Noobulon 6 months ago

    I'm a touch surprised you even need storage for these machines. I would assume that you'd use a pxe server for a big install like this.

  • MVE
    MVE 6 months ago

    What a waste of good servers. Hope they can be used somewhere else?

  • Still Dreamin
    Still Dreamin 6 months ago

    Oh the good ol days. The only place you will see servers like this will be in cloud provider DC's. Most of corporate America has figured out it costs too much to run these servers in house.

  • biffy7
    biffy7 6 months ago

    Thanks. That was fun.

  • BlissinthemiX
    BlissinthemiX 6 months ago

    server porn

  • michael torsky
    michael torsky 6 months ago

    Do you guys have a website with a list of whats for sale and pricing of these decommissioned servers?

  • da71000
    da71000 6 months ago

    Friggin 3850s. They were very reliable.... generally. But then a project manager went and ordered a damn SCSI tape drive rather than Fibre, as I'd specified. So weeks later after tracking down an appropriate, outdated SCSI adapter. The server would blue screen every time I tried to boot it up. And a hard boot took about 20 mins. I got IBM on the line as they provided both the server and the SCSI adapter. The guy on the phone told me to reboot a few more times. (I was like "I've already tried this"), and then eventually arranged for an engineer to come onsite. The guy got there and as soon as he saw the box, he just said "Oh, no, I can't support 3850s. You'll have to raise a new ticket with the enterprise team." What? I put the model and serial number in the call! So the next day, I worked it out myself. I think I just pulled all the cards and RAM chips and reseated them. So that was 3 days of me in a cold, noisy computer room repeatedly rebooting a server and pulling out cards.
    Then there was the 3950s, which were basically just two 3850s strapped together.

  • orisphere
    orisphere 6 months ago +1

    very informative. i am looking for home serve to run some virtual machines at home. this vid was very helpful. good job.

  • Joe Jackson
    Joe Jackson 6 months ago


  • CzarWilkins
    CzarWilkins 6 months ago

    Wow, didnt imaginated how servers are!! Do it play games faster?? hahahaha

  • Herower
    Herower 6 months ago

    Awesome of you to share it!!! :)

  • ZKH Prins Sven Olaf van CyberBunker-Kamphuis

    dat hp does 80 cores and half a TB of ram tho. (possibly more). hardly 'old'. also 'recent generation xeons' (not the old electric heater kind of xeons) so there is really no need to replace it with anything until somehow magically they come up with newer cores that do more cpu cycles per kwh. in fact you can ofcourse still just order them new. and you get the exact same thing. ofcourse the sas 2.5" drives are a bit obsolete but there are plenty of pci-e slots to insert new ssd cards and just leave the old raid array unused. they do however take -ages- to boot up. but then again, all servers for some reason do. some little leftover of them assuming our datacenters would no be capable of providing electricity to simply spin up a few 10000 mechanical old drives all at once. (guess what, we can, and we can power the town next to it at the same time, and if your datacenter can't it's time to buy a new datacenter, not adjust the firmware of your servers not to peak the power supply out ;)

  • karuteru
    karuteru 6 months ago

    IBM servers... I'm only used to m3 and m4 models.. But I dislike them with a passion as troubleshooting them is a pain.
    4u systems I mostly work with dell 930s.
    Otherwise all over the dell, HP, Huawei and supermicro spectrum.
    It's always nice to see such a video.
    Also had a good giggle as you used to describe the ipmi as ilo - I get the feeling, you mainly work with hp's :)

  • Bob Tran
    Bob Tran 6 months ago

    How much would you sell for that?

  • Matt Strickland
    Matt Strickland 6 months ago

    I still have a 2011 IBM x3650 M3 in production at the school I work at. No where near as beefy as these tho! Same setup, twin USB key (has two microUSB's) for the hypervisor, was then running esxi 3.5, now 6.5 (unsupported at 6.0), westmere generation. Around 35 reboots and >65,000hours power on hours. Have to run vsphere in EVC westmere mode as VMs booted on a newer gen host cannot migrate to a lower gen host (as CPU extensions are different). The IBM servers have been fantastic, not a single failure. Being replaced with HPE DL380 Gen10 and latest gen CPUs.

  • Bruno Perina
    Bruno Perina 6 months ago

    Not much ram for a 4820, actually. Cool machine anyways.

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley 6 months ago

    They decommissioned that IBM server? Damn I could use that esxi box right now.

  • blingking501
    blingking501 6 months ago

    I used to see stuff like this when I was just getting into computers on ebay. Going onto the computers category and showing highest price first. I was in awe at the £50,000 price for a computer and honestly still don't understand why there so expensive.

  • TXPer
    TXPer 7 months ago +1

    this moment when i have 16gb ram server (2x771)

  • Rob Potato
    Rob Potato 7 months ago

    Hyper v is better

  • yako 000
    yako 000 7 months ago

    I want a server so bad. Not anything like this. But a small NAS to store games or run virtual machines or something fun like that.

  • knight0334
    knight0334 7 months ago

    Feel free to send one my way.. I could use a new Plex/ripping server. :)

  • Morgan Jones
    Morgan Jones 7 months ago

    I wander if you can use one as a home pc

  • stefan Landshut
    stefan Landshut 7 months ago

    I miss the HP DL580 Gen7 model. I had so much fun implementing them. What drove me crazy though was the 25 minute reboot time XD. The DL580 Gen10 still has a long reboot, but its easy less than half the time.

    • This Does Not Compute
      This Does Not Compute  7 months ago

      Yeah these take *forever* to POST. Certainly don’t miss that with the hardware that replaced them.

  • David Pike
    David Pike 7 months ago

    it's caching that makes this a beast compared to desktop CPUs. Hit those cache-lines effectively and you're on fire man.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 7 months ago

    Thank you for dedicating your lunch break to educate the masses! This came to mind while watching: why use a DOM which can fail (as you've mentioned) when PXE is a perfectly valid option and can reduce overhead when rolling out OS revisions? I'm not in industry so genuinely interested!

    • This Does Not Compute
      This Does Not Compute  7 months ago

      Really large shops actually will PXE boot their hypervisors. I opt not to because it would be more work to set up than is worth it for the few hosts I manage, and also the chicken-and-egg problem that would arise since I’d likely run the PXE server as a virtual machine. (I have very few systems still running directly on physical servers, and it wouldn’t be cost-effective to buy a new one that would only be used a couple of times a year.) The DOM failure rate is actually pretty low, and the new hypervisor hardware I deployed to replace these actually has a small NVMe SSD for boot purposes anyway.

  • guitarstitch
    guitarstitch 7 months ago

    Crazy to think how much more dense the servers have become since the 2000s.
    When I started my career, my shop was completely IBM. The last beast like this that we bought was the x260. Way overkill for what it was doing.
    BTW, is that Nimble Storage I see in the background?

  • JoeyLovesTrains
    JoeyLovesTrains 7 months ago


  • vBrownBag Brasil
    vBrownBag Brasil 7 months ago

    Is pretty expensive to licensing this big boys nowadays.

  • RingiD Imo Live Bd21
    RingiD Imo Live Bd21 7 months ago

    Server pc sele sir.

  • Tyler Frankel
    Tyler Frankel 7 months ago

    Can it run the Windows Search Bar?

  • TheWhiteScatPack
    TheWhiteScatPack 7 months ago

    Ever worked with the old workhorse AS/400? :)

  • TheWhiteScatPack
    TheWhiteScatPack 7 months ago

    Lights Out is a great thing. HP calls it iLO, Dell calls iDRAC, but in general, the term that covers them all is IPMI. Just thought I'd share that for your viewers so they can research and learn.

  • TheWhiteScatPack
    TheWhiteScatPack 7 months ago

    I also had to deal with rack mounting and unmounting, but you always want 2 people :) It's just cumbersome. Blades are much more back friendly! hehe In my industry, we have some 10G, but also 40G setups. Got to love technology!

  • TheWhiteScatPack
    TheWhiteScatPack 7 months ago

    I work in DC / Infrastructure and appreciate your videos. Most people do not know about this type of stuff, especially when you get into chassis and blades. Those are still viable servers for dev / test / qa. :) It's a classic case of Moore's Law :)

  • RyanWake bradtelle
    RyanWake bradtelle 7 months ago

    You know with optane ram servers won't need to have hard drives at all, because the 4 terabytes of ram her CPU will retain the data when the server is off so they could just skip building the part of the server for the operating system.
    That way you could use one USB stick for all of your servers

    • RyanWake bradtelle
      RyanWake bradtelle 7 months ago

      I mean they already have storage on them, of course it's an extremely small amount of storage for the BIOS probably around half a gig because it's probably hard to get storage devices that small these days

    • RyanWake bradtelle
      RyanWake bradtelle 7 months ago

      I don't understand why motherboards don't have a small amount of storage built into them anyway, 32 gigs of emmc is enough to get into windows and costs less than $5 that way if your cheaping out on PC you don't need to get a hard drive especially if you just going to use it as a streaming PC.

  • Michael 732
    Michael 732 7 months ago

    I've never been a fan of the IBM boxes. I have a stack of the 580 and 585 HPE servers that I have decommed.

  • Locutus
    Locutus 7 months ago

    Good video. I was very pleasantly surprised by the depth and knowledge of this video.

  • Holy Ravioli
    Holy Ravioli 7 months ago

    Damn i loved these things, so much cooler looking than modern servers.