Reviewing the Cheapest Action Camera on Amazon!


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  • Ralph Quinones
    Ralph Quinones 2 years ago +81

    Interesting! Tried to find it in Amazon, but the closest I found was $45. Could you post the link?

    • John Harris
      John Harris Year ago

      Ralph Quinones search on amazon by the model number.

    • weekly vlogs by ronnie olson
      weekly vlogs by ronnie olson 2 years ago +1

      Ralph Quinones here is the closest on i found

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  2 years ago +6

      +The Everyday Dad *now

  • VAPING WITH TOM planet cloud

    So cool man I'm in

  • A&M Excursions
    A&M Excursions 2 months ago

    Not bad, I got one from eBay a little while back that was very similar to the gopro design and only about $14. It does record in 1080p but the image isn't that great so I turned it into a dashcam.

  • UnbreakableM1nd
    UnbreakableM1nd 3 months ago

    Just a tip with those cheaper action camera, use a program like Avidemux when encoding your videos. Apply filter to resample frame rate so video look less jittery and also you can apply audio filters to add gain to the audio to make the sound louder.

  • Garou Wolfs Haven
    Garou Wolfs Haven 3 months ago

    $12 for the accessories alone makes it worth the buy. Plus you get a functional camera.
    I stumbled across my old Jam Cam while cleaning the other day. This $12 cam has better image quality than that did and I think I paid $40-60 for it back in the day.
    Most people set their expectations way too high on something like this, like they are going to get Gopro quality for $12. You can get some useable footage out of it though and it is good for situations where it might get damaged or destroyed. Losing $12 is way better than $300-400 for a great action cam. I'm currently using $35-50 action cams for that, $12 even better.
    Lastly like you said it's great for kids to get started with. They could wind up being the next great photographer or videographer because you spent the price of a couple fast food meals on a camera.
    Awesome review.

  • theredbaron20
    theredbaron20 4 months ago +2

    I don't think it's to bad, would be grate for a first timer.

  • Deyvson Moutinho Caliman

    For the accessories alone it's worth the price.

  • Jsmoove & The Heff's
    Jsmoove & The Heff's 5 months ago

    Lol the everyday way wife hahaha why did that make me laugh so hard

  • Mr. J's Comics&Collectibles

    I think it would be a good little cam for secondary shots. All I shoot is hunting videos for comics and collectibles. Thanks everyday dad. Great review.

  • Louie Horwood
    Louie Horwood 6 months ago +1

    These cheap cameras are good for the mounts, I bought a cheap one, kept the gopro mounts and threw away the camera.

  • Boone does YouTube
    Boone does YouTube 6 months ago +1

    Michigan State

  • MJCstar1
    MJCstar1 6 months ago

    Aaannd no link?

  • demofactory
    demofactory 7 months ago

    720p = interpolated from VGA!!! lol!!!!!!

  • Famous75 Gaming
    Famous75 Gaming 9 months ago

    I just realized how does he have only 50k subs at the best video is like 336k wtffff I thought he had like 1+ mill subs

  • Ivan King ツ
    Ivan King ツ 9 months ago +1

    I haved this same camera...Is maked by company konig....I PAYED TO CAM 60$....

  • COOLerica
    COOLerica 10 months ago

    Your videos are soo fun and interesting to watch... Here is an idea for your next video:
    Cheapest camera on Amazon vs Ebay or something or myb 2 cheapest cameras on amazon to see which is better🤗

  • Aldo
    Aldo 10 months ago +1

    the sony is better :v

  • Uday Bararia
    Uday Bararia 11 months ago

    You can’t compare a top end camera to the bottom one. It’s a no brainer that the top one will win. All I can say is They are separate leagues for different audiences. Maybe you should compare them within their segments.

  • Muhammed Q
    Muhammed Q 11 months ago


  • Austin Jones
    Austin Jones 11 months ago

    I got one for 16 😂

  • Ozzy Paul
    Ozzy Paul 11 months ago

    Yep, perfect for the kids when they start bugging you for your Hero 6 !

  • Theodore King
    Theodore King Year ago

    I am currently starting a tech review channel

  • The HERO Family
    The HERO Family Year ago

    Whoa! The imagine is so good its as if I was actually there.

  • Tiffany Marlow
    Tiffany Marlow Year ago

    Being someone who photographs using my phone, and I'm studying to be a professional photographer, I might consider this just as a first, to get used to it. I just want to now if it takes still photos? Of course is video my Disneyland trips, but I also love stills.

  • Professor Ali
    Professor Ali Year ago

    it’s good for bigfoof and aliens’ hunters

  • Killy Covers
    Killy Covers Year ago

    Im still gonna buy it because i want to do running around type of videos after i buy my other camera and concert tickets for my friend

  • Bhushan Patil
    Bhushan Patil Year ago

    trash-----through this camera into dust bin

    • haywoodyoudome
      haywoodyoudome 8 months ago

      through? You mean throw? English is hard.

  • Jim Wallace alias Mr Graphic

    Saw you last night on Ken Heron TNL and would like to know what lighting setup you use. I was very high quality.

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  Year ago +2

      I don't remember the exact brand but it was around $100 on amazon. Make sure to get one with a diffuser either built in or a clip on one or the light will be waay to harsh.

      Those Sony RX100's are some nice cameras!

    • Jim Wallace alias Mr Graphic
      Jim Wallace alias Mr Graphic Year ago +1

      Thanks, and what ring light exactly? My best cameras are a couple of Sony RX100s and a Sony RX10 that I use for 95% of my photography. I have over 6,500 pics on Flickr with over 3.5 million views. (Wish I could say that for my beginning RU-clip channel!)
      BTW: The 1-inch sensor used in my RX cameras is virtually the same one used in the Phantom 4 Pro. Sony is the only company that currently makes a 1-inch sensor. It's also used in a couple of Nikon models.
      I'm also the guy who makes a lot of the swag for Ken Heron. I make the caps, most of the shirts, buttons, beef jerky shit, some signs, etc. I'm now making him more "Eyeballs." He's REALLY a FUNNY guy!!!!! and hope to meet him soon. I also know Dana.
      I'll see if I can find that video you referred to on your RU-clipr kit.
      Thanks again and you are an awesome dude! Keep up the great work!
      Jim (alias Mr Graphic), Indianapolis

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  Year ago +1

      Well thanks so much. I have a video that was released not too long ago going over my studio setup but I basically use a ring light as my key light and there is an LED light strip behind me doing the quasi fill light. I use a pretty fast lens that leads to that nice blurry image for whats not in focus.

  • Atheeq00 26
    Atheeq00 26 Year ago


  • My FREE Frugal Homestead

    Nice review, thanks I may buy it for the accessories, @$12. Also did you find an imaged cheaper Action Camera that I should buy ? Thank you. liked and Subscribed !

  • ImSoyBoy
    ImSoyBoy Year ago

    Ik this is likr a year old but id prolly use this as a desposable camera if you will. Basically use it without any risk or caution whatsoever

  • Jesse Groomes
    Jesse Groomes Year ago

    Lol the SD cars costs more than the camera. That’s hilarious

  • Matthew MEL
    Matthew MEL Year ago +1

    I love the fact that you reply to ALMOST all the comments

  • HP
    HP Year ago

    looks like the one I got from walmart for $49.99


    aitu tor karone cheapest action camera hobo pare kintu aamar karone nohoi.

  • Max Coates
    Max Coates Year ago

    Cheapest ever you should never buy cheap but you will use an expensive camera even more

  • Tonya Glover
    Tonya Glover Year ago

    Great video, but try not wasting so much water.. Try using sink or even a cup of water!

  • Nin Vloggg
    Nin Vloggg Year ago

    Me buy 1

  • andrx calica
    andrx calica Year ago +1

    Please review the SJCAM M20, you can get it at GearBest for like 120$

  • Rajasekhar Kanugula

    It is 5000 now

  • AlejandroPerales
    AlejandroPerales Year ago

    I have the same thing but Vivitar and comes with way more accessories and you go see the quality of it on my videos

  • ElsaGaming
    ElsaGaming Year ago +1

    How many action camera u have?! Lol

  • J Prsns
    J Prsns Year ago

    Please leave your captions up long enough to read at full speed, although you are funnier at half speed. Like the drink dad instead of the everyday Dad. Can't stop watching your videos, you are a natural!

  • Perri Spencer
    Perri Spencer Year ago

    Wow! Can't believe that it worked that good. Wouldn't get one myself but for the price that you got it at seems quite good.

  • Muhammad salman
    Muhammad salman Year ago

    Please give me

  • Logan Santos-Jens

    Gopro nice

  • Inactiv****
    Inactiv**** Year ago

    I bought a 50$ action canera and its sims like a go pro (evolio iSmart 4k )

  • Mahzz
    Mahzz Year ago

    I Bought An Worse One For 10$

  • casual tea
    casual tea Year ago +1

    It’sss goooooddddd enoughhhhhhh! :)

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  Year ago

      Well its good enough for $12 but apparently its way more then that now. It is not worth spending more money.

  • Dylan Dylan
    Dylan Dylan Year ago

    cheapest camera i see in ebay 12.99 Pls.checkout ebay??????

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  Year ago

      Yeah after I made the video the price went up. Definitely not worth it for over $12.

  • Doggiediamond Says hi.

    How much money is an sd card?

  • Joseph_ Mix_Sweden
    Joseph_ Mix_Sweden Year ago +1

    I had one of that cameras but it just died after 1month. Originally it’s a rollei.

  • Queen Awesome Gaming

    0:25 was this before you did tons of drone videos? or do you like action cameras more than drones?

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  Year ago +1

      I like both, I go back and forth between which I focus on.

  • It’s Ainsley
    It’s Ainsley Year ago

    Does it come with a sd card?

  • Jude Kendall
    Jude Kendall Year ago +1

    I have the same camera

  • dillpickleboi 1
    dillpickleboi 1 Year ago

    could you make a video on Victure Action Camera 1080P Full HD 12MP 30m Underwater Waterproof Camera 170° Wide-angle Sports Cam with HDR Technology and 26 Mounting Accessories

  • dillpickleboi 1
    dillpickleboi 1 Year ago +1

    i looked it up and its 62 dollors

  • antoinela formalejo

    I like the fdr better

  • Matthew MEL
    Matthew MEL Year ago +2

    Is that a MonoPrice Select Mini In the Backgound?

  • Rainbow Williams
    Rainbow Williams Year ago

    The everyday dad is like everyday bro