Building a Shipping Container Home | EP03 Doors, Windows, and Insulation

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • In episode 3 we will show how we installed doors, windows, and insulation in a shipping container home. We experimented with different ways of reinforcing the openings we cut in the corrugated metal of the shipping containers and show how impacted the installation of the doors and trim pieces to cover gaps between the door frames and the containers. The star of this episode is the pair of JELD-WEN Bi-folding doors that we installed parallel to each other.
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    Here is a link to the collection of the products we used from Home Depot which was the sponsor for this project:|O|FY18|NA|YT|Multi|Multi|ContainerHomeDescriptionCollection|
    Product Links
    Forney Welder
    Insulation 2” R-13
    Subfloor Panels
    Liquid Nails Subfloor Adhesive
    Joist Hangers
    Ryobi Generator
    Goal Zero Solar Kit and Power Pack
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  • DivizN Reklamador
    DivizN Reklamador 2 days ago

    not even a DIY lmfao people and professional are helping :/

  • Funk Pucker
    Funk Pucker 3 days ago is a good website to calculate the sun orientation

  • T. Sparks
    T. Sparks 3 days ago

    All that plywood inside makes it like you’re inside a firebox. So, the sprinkler system might not be enough to save you if the fire reaches that layer and you couldn’t get out.

  • Pro Pro
    Pro Pro 4 days ago

    This fkn guy looks like me!

  • Paul B
    Paul B 5 days ago

    I have applied a coat as diy and did sand two times. Its perfect. I would not do welding as DIY :)

  • Scott P.
    Scott P. 8 days ago

    New homes all need to be built with fire sprinklers??? You gotta be shitting me...!! California is a joke. I am so glad that i left that state last year.

  • Michael Self
    Michael Self 8 days ago

    Were fire sprinklers required or did you choose to use them? Sorry if you addressed this. It's been a while since I've seen the whole video. Any updates coming?

  • Patti Veale
    Patti Veale 8 days ago

    the cost of the crane alone you could have stick built

  • Shaheed Malik
    Shaheed Malik 13 days ago

    In other words, don't build in California.

  • Luca Rini
    Luca Rini 14 days ago

    After you cut the holes in the container and reinforce the holes, would it be faster if you put up walls around the container or inside about 4 inches from the container walls then fill the walls with concrete. And would that be up to the code structurally?

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S 15 days ago

    The amount of work that goes into this is unbelievable. I keep thinking about the pyramids. Maybe these shipping container structures will last as long?

  • Oh Asis
    Oh Asis 17 days ago

    Are you finding that a single container is too narrow for anything other than a few days at a time?

  • jarex mat
    jarex mat 18 days ago

    *I thought this built was cheaper, but I was wrong..!!!! The title should be " How to Pimp your Container House".*

  • Bruneau François
    Bruneau François 18 days ago

    Hi. You're very professional and it helps us very much.
    I think about a zenithal light on a open top one, just for fun...

  • joh bro
    joh bro 18 days ago

    What was the total weight of all the wood added in the first and second container build framing first and plywood and osb..jb

  • Neal Cleary
    Neal Cleary 19 days ago

    This show does a really good job of explaining the how and the why with out boring people to death. I subscribed.

  • Philip Casteleyn
    Philip Casteleyn 19 days ago +2

    Thank god Home Depot subsidized this project. Imagine having to pay full price for all the spray foam!!! Lol, How many cans of spray foam do u think they used? Has to be close to 150.

  • mmet
    mmet 22 days ago

    very good jobs guys...

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 24 days ago +4

    Absolutely Splendid...This Chap Has Skills...I Think I'd Live In House Like That...Seems This House Would Laugh At Hurricanes And Tornadoes...

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 24 days ago +1

    729 More Bloody Idiot Dislikes And Counting...

  • Pintu Kumar
    Pintu Kumar 26 days ago

    May i know the overall cost of this house from the bast to finish, the complete cost of such house ?

  • Ivan Gomez Arroyo
    Ivan Gomez Arroyo 26 days ago

    and excellent comments as well

  • Ivan Gomez Arroyo
    Ivan Gomez Arroyo 26 days ago

    No matter, It is an excellent project.

  • Fainot P.
    Fainot P. 26 days ago

    Next time, you should buy a trailer home or manufactured home. I just save you 100k.

  • Sechaba Motloung
    Sechaba Motloung 27 days ago

    That's what he said: @ 8:55

  • Kyle Van Tonder
    Kyle Van Tonder 27 days ago

    Looks like you're pushing the duty cycle on there with those long welds.

  • Artem Akimov
    Artem Akimov Month ago

    Are you not worried about condensation on the inside face of the container steel and the related rusting away of the structure? I didn't see any vapor barriers in the section cuts - when your exterior cools and you have moisture inside the living space it will get sucked out to the outer inside face of the container and condense on surface of the corrugated walls and stream down the walls as it rusts them out. Curious why you didn't go with closed cell spray foam insulation?

  • Jeff Harris
    Jeff Harris Month ago

    Do not place sprinkler pipes above the insulation in the ceiling. Ever.

  • ZZP Zing Pheonix
    ZZP Zing Pheonix Month ago

    Your choice of Polyiso"cyan"urate Foam insulation off gasses CYANIDE ions. What you get for building a Nazi gray industrial gas chamber, that is an Eye Sore to the beautiful desert community.

  • cosy1234
    cosy1234 Month ago

    A good watch.However buying a ready to use modular container home would cost you only half as much and can save you a year of your life.

  • Nasasira Abdulkareem

    How are one freely volunteer for you?

  • T T
    T T Month ago

    You could have done the drywall and mudding. That's a myth that it's so hard and you need to be so skilled. Practice a bit and it's not that hard to get a ""professional"" finish

  • Sparkle
    Sparkle Month ago

    Sooo,... 🤔 basically... insulation 😐 insulation 🤨 insulation
    Can I just pay you 15000😩

  • parveen kumar
    parveen kumar Month ago

    these idiots ruining everyone's life

  • Chioma Velma Anelo
    Chioma Velma Anelo Month ago

    This is so good! Thank you so much!!!

  • My Dog Is Bipolar
    My Dog Is Bipolar Month ago +2

    How to build a house out of a shopping container.
    Step 1: Don't, it's pointless.
    Step 2: Finished!

  • Mike vuk
    Mike vuk Month ago

    I’m going to start my private prison . 😂😂

  • Bella Bijou
    Bella Bijou Month ago

    Just build a house.

  • Steel Nerves
    Steel Nerves Month ago +1

    Whilst I somewhat enjoyed the videos, its a pointless exercise. Building a house would have been cheaper and faster with far less headache. You killed all the space in the container with insulation and boarding. Can barely swing a rat in there.

  • D Nguyen
    D Nguyen Month ago +3

    Lot of manpower and material required for this project. Probably more feasible to buy a mobile home.

  • Ken Havens
    Ken Havens Month ago +7

    sorry, may as well buy a new house for what this costs.

  • Kendy Louwaars
    Kendy Louwaars Month ago +1

    In Europe we use brick

  • Aregahegn Senbato
    Aregahegn Senbato Month ago

    am looking for container to open shop

  • Shawn
    Shawn Month ago

    Seems like a giant oven

  • Fred Mash
    Fred Mash Month ago

    Very technically informative DIY video I've seen thus far. I'm in South Africa, in a very dry and hot parts of the country (up to 96°F). Would you still recommend sprayfoam?

  • uprite88
    uprite88 Month ago

    Would have been easier to build a house.

  • kitsurubami
    kitsurubami Month ago

    how much more expensive is a shipping container home over a normal one, and why would anyone ever want one?

  • Propulsion Studios
    Propulsion Studios Month ago +1

    Wouldn't it be easier to build a dwelling using standard framing/building methods?

  • Rich Lake
    Rich Lake Month ago

    Great job insulating that container,,, Home,, I live here in the area, from Victorville to Apple Valley the hot sun rises at 5 am, amd during the winter months, it gets cold and windy, Insulation , upto 7 inches, our current home in Adelanto was build in 1995 not as protected from the elements on this house, Your home is looking Great now!!

  • David Downey
    David Downey Month ago +5

    Episode 4?
    What happened? EP3 was 5 months ago?
    Are you mad, bro?

  • Junior Ducatel
    Junior Ducatel Month ago

    Wow this is a whole new world for me. Im very interested on investing in homes like this one day.

  • Danny C. Howard
    Danny C. Howard Month ago

    lol the dry wall the easiest step lol

  • hillock10
    hillock10 Month ago

    Wouldn't a modular home or a trailer home be much cheaper, faster, and better designed for living? Or a double wide?

  • Adriaan Bester
    Adriaan Bester Month ago

    Please show us the finished shipping container home?

    • David Downey
      David Downey Month ago

      Don't hold your breath

  • C G
    C G Month ago

    Fix the audio on the third video at the end

  • Wayne Drummond
    Wayne Drummond Month ago

    I know it never rains in Southern California, but it is till good building practice to protect water/moisture/parasites and pests from entering via capillary action.

  • Sasquatch
    Sasquatch Month ago

    no vapour barrier?

  • Andrew Parker
    Andrew Parker Month ago

    For a project that size, you would do well to pick up a Todal foam gun and case of PUR foam canisters. It will cost substantially less overall than the Great Stuff and other types. It gives you a lot more application control as well. The PUR expands well, but won't put undo stress on window frames. Really excellent videos.

  • Power5
    Power5 Month ago

    This is superb work and even better videography.

  • Brian Callahan
    Brian Callahan Month ago +1

    How much $ did you spend on insulation alone? Yes, it's hot but damn. Maybe don't make a house inside a toaster oven shell?