ME VS MOM RELATABLE MOMENTS || Funny Comedy Situations by 123 GO!

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • Today we’re talking about the complicated yet wonderful relationship between you and your mom.
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  • Lenny Baker
    Lenny Baker 2 hours ago


  • XxpotatoxX 123
    XxpotatoxX 123 8 hours ago

    Omg all comments are(hit this like if u love ur mom) i love my mom but i dont use her for likes

  • Bella Lowe Raudales
    Bella Lowe Raudales 8 hours ago


  • suraj jose
    suraj jose 8 hours ago

    I love your mum

  • Angela B
    Angela B 12 hours ago

    I love the kid not the mom🤧

  • Rabab Nawar
    Rabab Nawar 16 hours ago +1

    Hi I am Egyptian I love this Channel

  • Li Ly
    Li Ly 22 hours ago

    6:16 she sleeps with makeup on?

  • Nour Abdelbagi
    Nour Abdelbagi Day ago

    Omg Lana is so funny

  • cindib122
    cindib122 Day ago

    Do a me vs daddy

    SADDAN SALLI Day ago +1

    I love love love love my mom!!!!!

  • The Devil's Light

    OK let me be serious I hate my mom when she does that but I could never think about when I'm moving out.
    I love my mom 💖

  • Fae Member
    Fae Member Day ago

    I'm ten and I'm way better than Lana literally I make stuff all the time

  • Kay And lay
    Kay And lay Day ago

    Keven mom is so Beautiful

  • Chris Redd
    Chris Redd Day ago


  • Chris Redd
    Chris Redd Day ago


  • Lorraine Richards

    Take that away

  • Belinda Liu
    Belinda Liu Day ago

    Kevins ”mum" has the same clothing as my mum.

  • Jacky Escamilla
    Jacky Escamilla Day ago

    Go videos

  • Rihanna Uprety
    Rihanna Uprety 2 days ago +3

    Hit like if you love your mom

  • Stephanie Arnulfo
    Stephanie Arnulfo 2 days ago

    Love my mom so MUCH

  • Drago King
    Drago King 3 days ago

    This is so creepy
    This is ligit creepy
    😁 "Hi my name is Carmen Winstead. I'm 17 years old. I am very similar to you... Did I mention to you that I'm dead. A few years ago a group of girls pushed me down a sewer hole to try and embarrass me. When I didn't come back up the police came. The girls said that I had fell and everyone believed them. The police found my body in the sewer. I had a broken neck and my face was torn off. Send this message to 15 people after you read the whole message if you value your life! A boy called David received this message. He just laughed and deleted it. When he was in the shower he heard laughing... MY LAUGHTER! He got really scared, rushed to his phone to repost this message... But he was too late. The next morning his mum entered his bedroom and all she found was a message written in his blood saying, "You will never have him back!" No one has found his body yet... because he is with me! A girl called Charlotte received this message and she immediately sent it to 25 people (10 more than required). I still watch over every second of her life to make sure that she is safe and to keep her and everyone close to her out of danger. Send this to 15 people in the next 5 minutes if you don't want your fate to be the same as David's. Your time starts... NOW! The story is true you can research It on google

  • Christina Normandin
    Christina Normandin 3 days ago

    I do

  • lazy angel14
    lazy angel14 3 days ago +3

    "Ugh, I can't wait to move out of here"
    Me: *me that never wants to move out and stay with Mom forever* 😐..."can't relate"(─w─||)

  • Vanessa Rebolloso
    Vanessa Rebolloso 4 days ago +1

    Who realized whenever the mom called her daughter it’s at 14 o’clock on her phone

  • Kodi Powers
    Kodi Powers 4 days ago


  • Angelique Hartman
    Angelique Hartman 4 days ago +1

    7:10 lol so not me. I loveeee baking and I actually bake just as good or better than my mom.
    (Still love u tho mom :D) My mom cooks better than me tho.

  • Arianna Nguyen
    Arianna Nguyen 4 days ago

    And like

  • Arianna Nguyen
    Arianna Nguyen 4 days ago

    Comment if you love your mom

  • Zack Shaheen
    Zack Shaheen 4 days ago

    Even I can open that peanut butter jar tho, i like your acting

  • timoteo james paladin


  • Gacha Rainbow
    Gacha Rainbow 4 days ago


    HiT tHe LiKe If YoU LoVe YoUr MoM


  • bushra quadir
    bushra quadir 4 days ago +1

    this is complete same as my mom

  • ruby mantuhac
    ruby mantuhac 4 days ago

    I realy like the mom at that video

  • Šatava Lana
    Šatava Lana 4 days ago

    And mu name is Lana

  • Lillian Nielsen
    Lillian Nielsen 5 days ago

    I wish I had a mom, last time I saw her she was asking me what flavor ice cream I wanted so she could go to the store. I never got my ice cream 😢

  • Mckenzie&Aaliyahgang Williams&Pattersongang

    Stop making people like it if they love their mom and I love my mom and I won’t like your stuff

  • Waqar Shah
    Waqar Shah 5 days ago

    Love 123 go hi ah

  • Krista Beiler
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  • urooj asim
    urooj asim 5 days ago +19

    Hit like if your mother is best👇👇👇👇👇

  • Saad Noman
    Saad Noman 5 days ago +1

    Who thinks there mom is like this

  • Intars priede
    Intars priede 5 days ago


  • Bhavisha bhatia
    Bhavisha bhatia 5 days ago

    This Mom is weird

  • Bogdan Toma
    Bogdan Toma 5 days ago +26

    99% lIkE iF yOu LoVe MoM
    1% mine

  • Evangeline Deloso
    Evangeline Deloso 5 days ago

    I love movie

  • Denym Holloman
    Denym Holloman 6 days ago

    Why do you expect your son to open a jar

  • Maria Jamali
    Maria Jamali 6 days ago

    Anybody noticed the phone was under her bed and when she picked it up it was on her side table like if you did☺️

  • Crazymario jr
    Crazymario jr 6 days ago

    what the heck is a gal

  • Md. Sorhab Ali
    Md. Sorhab Ali 6 days ago

    make more video like this.i love your all vido

  • Safa sadique basha
    Safa sadique basha 6 days ago

    Hit a like if u love ur mom

  • Wren Trueworthy
    Wren Trueworthy 6 days ago

    #123GO #funny #relateable

  • hayadin's passions
    hayadin's passions 6 days ago +1

    I love 123 go more than 5 minute crafts...I mean all their crafts are useless..
    Plus I am a small youtuber..any help?

  • Liah Rosales
    Liah Rosales 6 days ago

    Is Lana and Lily sisters?🤔

  • Моника Сейм

    Татататам! 👍👍👍👍

  • Gizelle Washington
    Gizelle Washington 7 days ago


  • Farid Balazadeh
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  • ’MY LIFE’
    ’MY LIFE’ 7 days ago

    I Love my mom! ❤️😍

  • Mikee Castro
    Mikee Castro 7 days ago

    happy new year

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  • Vanessa Valencia
    Vanessa Valencia 9 days ago

    Him m m