Sharks, jaws, Great white. The Big Five 2018 HD Documentary.

  • Published on Mar 25, 2018
  • Sharks, jaws, Great white. The Big Five 2018 HD Documentary.
    The ocean has ‘Big Five’ of prehistoric predators. Featuring great whites, hammerheads, tiger sharks, bull sharks and the colossal whale shark.

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  • patrick Loucks
    patrick Loucks Day ago

    Wtf half of this is data assumed by scientists who have never ever seen a shark alive, doesn’t matter if it bites out of curiosity or mistake, a bite is still a bite no matter the intention. Big sharks are all opportunistic predators, there’s a reason tigers and whites have serrated teeth, it’s meant to rip through fatty softer flesh with ease. If you have never been around handles sharks or have swimmed with them countless of times you shouldn’t talk about there behavior with confidence as if you know first hand. They should be treated with respect in spite of them having the power and reason to go after a lone human. If you are in murky, deep water, and there is a big bull shark that hasn’t had a meal in some time, chances are you are getting a bite. Respect that sharks aren’t harmless, respect that they are vulnerable creatures to overharvest.

  • T B
    T B 3 days ago

    We taste like shit, wonder how long it takes them to get that shit out of their taste buds. We are full of toxic crap from our farmed foods, organic feeders can taste that crap once they bite. When a great white shark is killed is sad, I don’t care when a self-centred greedy stupid human dies

  • PS Lives
    PS Lives 8 days ago

    I just have to say, for the most part you’re right, the majority of white sharks aren’t trying to eat people, but every shark has its own personality, curious or shy and some have bad attitudes just like people, and some aren’t biting people by accident or because they’re being inquisitive, they’re taking that person and it’s happened, it’s rare, it’s a rare occurrence in an already rare occurrence, but it’s happened. That’s all I mean, you can’t say they all are this way or they’re all like that, they’re individuals just like us, and there are opportunists when it comes to white sharks just like humans, they’re not the majority, but they’re there.

  • Joe Flores
    Joe Flores 9 days ago +1

    Need breaching videos of great whites

  • TheCominghome
    TheCominghome 11 days ago

    what a load of BULL, sharks are color blind. and yeah people are more likely to get killed by a dog than a shark but that's maybe because a few more people tend to walk around on the land than swim in the sea!...I mean how dumb can you get!

  • Charles Rablin
    Charles Rablin 12 days ago

    Whether they kill you or leave you alone is of no concern to a shark. if they are hungry you are a gonner.

  • Sharlotte Swinton
    Sharlotte Swinton 19 days ago

    Next few day double went back to sender sender sender

  • Jacob Gonzalez
    Jacob Gonzalez 27 days ago

    Save all animals , humans have fucked up enough already no more building , the world needs a 1 child policy for a while to bring numbers down

  • skkane
    skkane Month ago

    Stereotype? Tell that to the guys from the USS Indianapolis

  • Kimber Lee
    Kimber Lee Month ago

    Free diving is not using scuba gear to breathe

  • tony jello
    tony jello Month ago

    3:32 would be a literal nightmare for most people, that guys got balls of steel.

  • john sinar
    john sinar Month ago

    Shark fin soups

  • Jumpin Nemo
    Jumpin Nemo Month ago

    Never mess with the predator, unless you want to become the prey.

  • wcoonradt264
    wcoonradt264 Month ago

    I don't care if they are just curious...and I'm sure that aussie surfer in South Africa didn't care if the great white was curious either...that was a close call

  • Angela Read
    Angela Read Month ago

    Oh how wrong you can become in 12mths!!
    Its now been proven that sharks, including whites are now actively hunting people.
    There has been a spike of shark bites that will not only bite you, but they'll come back for seconds!! *FACT*!!

    • Jumpin Nemo
      Jumpin Nemo Month ago

      Tell me, how many sharks did we kill. THEY HAVE ALL THE RIGHTS TO BITE US AND HECK EVEN KILL US. Do not mess with the predator, or else you will become the prey

    • Zac Castelli
      Zac Castelli Month ago

      That's not true. You have no evidence of this.

  • flavinho nascimento
    flavinho nascimento Month ago +1

    Muito.massa esses documentários sobre tubarão...gosto.muito emmm

  • Toño M
    Toño M Month ago +1

    If dogs had 3 rows of teeth and weight like 3 men, I believe the stats wouldn't be the same...

  • JohnSmith M
    JohnSmith M Month ago +1

    Watch out for land sharks

  • antoinette miles
    antoinette miles Month ago

    I”m in Love 😍 with these Magnificent creatures and not to mention they are very smart to me sharks 🦈 are the same as people

  • TJfishbuk Salliverro
    TJfishbuk Salliverro Month ago +3

    Sharks cannot be blamed for any man being eaten or long man stays on land and sharks on is man's meddling the affairs of sharks that cause problems...and yes they want to eat you if you go to their natural living environment...they have proven it over and over and over again.

  • kris organ
    kris organ Month ago +5

    Bloody good doc, really Interesting, still there's no way I would get out of a cage.

  • Jan Weisinger
    Jan Weisinger Month ago +1

    We hate shark

  • Bill Karn
    Bill Karn Month ago

    Sea lions and Seals are black, why are scuba diving suits black? I'm not exactly sure if sharks see colors but if they do wouldn't it be a better idea to have scuba diving suits a bright color like yellow, orange or red...

    • John Theiss
      John Theiss Month ago

      Think about Great White coloring. Dark top, which blend against the dark deep, and white bellies that blend with the light from above. Therefore, wouldn't white gear and surfboards make sense?

  • Scorpio PlutozEagle
    Scorpio PlutozEagle Month ago +2

    Very interesting, very educational, thank you. HOWEVER >>> WHAT IN THE NAME OF suicidal or attention needy fool stands in the ocean water up to his chest surrounded by multiple Bull Sharksss. i'm passionate about my interest too but curiosity stops at "UMMM... i WONDER IF i WOULD BE VICIOUSLY EATEN ALIVE"

    • Scorpio PlutozEagle
      Scorpio PlutozEagle Month ago

      @Finn McScallywag My bad!!! i reviewed this footage which clearly answers my question of how you came to know this.
      If i only had more patience. LOL So call me Bullheaded.

    • Finn McScallywag
      Finn McScallywag Month ago

      @Scorpio PlutozEagle Google Erich Ritter shark bite.

    • Scorpio PlutozEagle
      Scorpio PlutozEagle Month ago

      @Finn McScallywag Well sometimes attention doesn't come the way we expect It. i am sad for him.
      OUCH ya know. But can you please tell me how you come to know this? Oh... your profile name.... thumbs up!!!

    • Finn McScallywag
      Finn McScallywag Month ago

      @Scorpio PlutozEagle he ended getting one of his calves chomped off.

    • Scorpio PlutozEagle
      Scorpio PlutozEagle Month ago

      @Finn McScallywag how so?

  • jonny Bee
    jonny Bee Month ago +1

    this guy talking alot of shit .in florida so many people are been attact by the great white shark. i dont know which time zone this guy is living in. the fact is they will make a meal out of you

  • Floki Floki
    Floki Floki Month ago +1

    Chinese taste of heaven....

  • Xray Chan
    Xray Chan Month ago +1

    You’re wrong, once the first bite bleeds u, they’ll turn back and eat you anyways

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B Month ago

    45:30 Im glad Eric didnt bite those bullsharks, hes a fearless predator

  • Robert Adamkiewicz
    Robert Adamkiewicz Month ago +1

    725000 people die each year from Mosquito bites, 450000 people die from another fellow human and only on average 10 people die from Shark bites in which usually they bleed out.
    I have spent last 10 years in the Atlantic Ocean at average of 12-15 hours each week. I have snorkel, free dive and completed some diving to experience the most amazing beautiful environment left on earth. Yes it is survivor of the fittest in the water, but do you trust all the humans around you ? For all the people scared to get in the water soon sharks, fish and coral reefs will be replaced by plastic, fishing lines, birth day ballons and whatever garbage humans produce and dump over board. WAKE UP PEOPLE PLEASE !

  • David Reimer
    David Reimer Month ago +16

    "They don't want to eat you" Doesn't really help at all LMAO

    • Kort Hosen
      Kort Hosen 28 days ago

      @XxCell TeamxX ur somewhat confused here, its belived 2/3 of em bite out of curiosity and wrong behaviour. Sharks like every other living beeings have a personality. Just saying they are biting because they are confused is completely false.

    • XxCell TeamxX
      XxCell TeamxX 28 days ago

      Shark's bite you cause they are confused, not out of hunger

    • Kort Hosen
      Kort Hosen Month ago +1

      just bite em in the fin to show whos the boss

  • Haemi Joe
    Haemi Joe Month ago +1

    I remember a bullshark bite documentary that started just like how that guy was in the water

  • Z1000 Power Lifter
    Z1000 Power Lifter Month ago +2

    Anyone who willingly gets in the water with not just sharks, but bull sharks, is asking for trouble

  • Z1000 Power Lifter
    Z1000 Power Lifter Month ago

    That shark is right hand drive?

  • nivek m
    nivek m Month ago

    They are man eaters kill them all

  • Igor Svačić
    Igor Svačić Month ago

    So, leopard is among BIg 5 yet giraffe, nile croc or even hippo aint.

  • William Nolan
    William Nolan 2 months ago +2

    So that's were my Wheelie Bin went

  • Aredec
    Aredec 2 months ago

    I want to see how fearful a documentary describing human atrocities with his voice would be

  • Lilly Rose Pinheiro
    Lilly Rose Pinheiro 2 months ago +2

    The guy at 10:00 handing feeding the shark omg crazy and insane! 😱😱😂

  • Chris Baumgarten
    Chris Baumgarten 2 months ago +3

    Jaws the movie is actually accurate as far as attacks on people. Check out how the Jersey Shore was terrorized in 1916. No need to paint sharks as gentile creatures. They're not.
    I don't have to "respect" anything. Don't tell me how to feel. Stupid documentary.

    • John Theiss
      John Theiss Month ago

      And it's ignorant people like you who always make matters worse, by not understanding cause and effect.

  • Damien White
    Damien White 2 months ago

    Also sharks don’t like turkey 🦃

  • Jordyn Albrecht
    Jordyn Albrecht 2 months ago +2

    I will never understand the complete shock that people have after hearing someone got bit by a shark in the OCEAN... It's like being surprised you got sunburn when you didn't put on sunscreen.

    • Zee Bee
      Zee Bee 2 months ago

      Jordyn Albrecht; Right? When will people get it. It's their place and creatures of the sea will do what comes naturally. Duh!

  • Frank Kolton
    Frank Kolton 2 months ago +2

    WHAT DO THEY MEAN I'M NOT NUTRITIOUS ENOUGH? I'm 350 lbs and I'm a f-ing FEAST! How insulting. I'm the best meal any shark could ever have.

    • John Theiss
      John Theiss Month ago +1

      Frank, I got you by 2 bills. I'm an Elephant seal in waiting. lol

  • Blast Thunder
    Blast Thunder 2 months ago +1

    A shark is a wild predatory animal. One of if not it’s MAIN instinct IS TO BITE. Just like any other wild predatory animal. Why can’t these so called shark experts get their head around that basic logical fact? Another thing they said was, you’re more likely to get bit by a dog than a shark. Shit ya think?????? I never would have guessed us humans who spend pretty much all of our life on land would stand more chance of being bit by a animal that also lives on land and can even live with us as our pet, than an animal most of us will never come into contact with because it’s out in the middle of some fucking ocean. You learn so much from watching these documentaries don’t ya. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • sam jia
    sam jia 2 months ago

    killer whales eat sharks

  • Progje
    Progje 2 months ago +5

    dogs also sometimes bite, so what.

    • XxCell TeamxX
      XxCell TeamxX 28 days ago

      *laughs* sharks have 300 teeth inside they're mouths

  • Arni Elekes
    Arni Elekes 2 months ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song from 27:50?

    • Arni Elekes
      Arni Elekes 2 months ago

      Appreciate it...
      But is not that one, wind to the specific minute that I've mentioned to listen the song I am looking for

    • DYDO YT
      DYDO YT 2 months ago


  • mon mon
    mon mon 2 months ago +1

    556 airplane casualties for 2018 verses 140 shark attacks 2018, which only 66 people died.....lets jail those who like shark Cartledge and fin soup. The videographers that create fear instead of respect should be included.

  • Jeff Froment
    Jeff Froment 2 months ago

    This guy talks about great whites in the beginning of the show like their dogs and their cuddly. This guy does know how many people are attacked each year by white sharks.

  • Bondo McJefferson
    Bondo McJefferson 2 months ago +1

    We kill more sharks in 1 day then they have killed humans in probably 100 years...maybe even more

  • Bondo McJefferson
    Bondo McJefferson 2 months ago

    Beautiful to hear a documentary mention so many times that great whites are NOT wanton killers. Not like sell out discovery channel calling them monsters and adding monster movie sound effects

  • Alejo Zamora
    Alejo Zamora 3 months ago +7


  • Lourey Balabag
    Lourey Balabag 3 months ago +2

    I'm happy to know I'm not nutritious enough.... 😂😅... This is very informative though,... 😇😇😇

  • Philippe Virgili
    Philippe Virgili 3 months ago


  • BlakeSTI93
    BlakeSTI93 3 months ago +13

    Me: it's a killing machine with hundreds of razor sharp teeth that can swallow me whole
    Scientist: no they're misunderstood they just want hugs

    • Mark Drake
      Mark Drake Month ago

      me: name one carnivorous animal that isn't a killing machine? it is what they are supposed to do to survive and fulfill their role in the ecosystem.

  • Jake Fogg
    Jake Fogg 3 months ago +5

    Mistaking human beings for food? Please! In the right setting human being ARE food for ANT predatory shark. Let's not sugar coat this now. Beautiful animals they are, but predators as well.

    • Mark Drake
      Mark Drake Month ago

      in a sense they do mistake us for their main prey: seals. but once they get a taste of blood all bets are of and they have only one thing on their mind: FOOD. but what alpha predator doesn't really?

    • John Theiss
      John Theiss Month ago

      Jake, humans are like tripe, haggis, or rice cakes. They'll only eat us if they have absolutely nothing else...except the freaky ones who like those things. lol

    • SmiStar
      SmiStar Month ago

      It's not sugar coating anything.

  • Barry Macdonald
    Barry Macdonald 3 months ago

    all i can say is magnificent creatures, all sharks are beautiful especially the great white and tiger, maco is pretty cool to but it never got a mention

  • Kpex 2019
    Kpex 2019 3 months ago

    They’ll eat your hole...

  • David Miller
    David Miller 3 months ago +2

    Sharks are exstreamly. Dangerous. Don't let them fool you

    • XxCell TeamxX
      XxCell TeamxX 28 days ago

      Err what about a reef shark? They are small A F

    • Autit Rahman Khan
      Autit Rahman Khan 3 months ago

      Sharks and I have a good understanding...
      I dont visit them...they dont come to my house...
      If I ever like to eat some shark...I travel Oman....dont go fish on the ocean.

  • MrLotrecht
    MrLotrecht 4 months ago

    the shark at 30 :00 no chance to survive today-because of all the plastik rubbish in the sea!

  • Ks SquadLife
    Ks SquadLife 4 months ago