Lineage II Chronicle 2: Age of Splendor - CGI Movie (E3 2003)

  • Published on Oct 19, 2010
  • This CGI movie tells the tale of ancient and dark powers coming to life once again. A Dark Elf woman explores ancient ruins and Baium comes to life.
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Comments • 23

  • Valentin Templar
    Valentin Templar 10 months ago

    What a movie, what a game!
    R.I.P. LineageII.

  • Morgoth
    Morgoth 2 years ago +5

    С1-С6 - best time....

  • lycanrevenge777
    lycanrevenge777 3 years ago +2

    make a movie of lineage 2 and get the cash :)

  • CazaPutas32
    CazaPutas32 3 years ago +23

    To Village

  • zz2234
    zz2234 4 years ago +25

    it is funny when u realize that C2 trailer ( made in 2003 ) looks much better than ertheia trailer ( made in 2014 )

  • Σπύρος Σπυρίδης

    What a great game.

  • Артём Гречук
    Артём Гречук 5 years ago +6

    Да, хорошее было время, благодаря таким хроникам как C1, C2, C3, C4, Interlude, люди и полюбили такую замечательную игру как Lineage 2. Слава соскам), что есть фришки на которых можно вспомнить былое.

  • Dark_Merci
    Dark_Merci 5 years ago

    where can I find these movies

  • N Y
    N Y 6 years ago +1

    i miss interlude

  • Onlabel Nightcor
    Onlabel Nightcor 6 years ago

    Lineage2global . eu Interlude x4 Grand Opening today!

  • Maya Reinhartz
    Maya Reinhartz 6 years ago

    Elf :S

  • dolphinsprite
    dolphinsprite 6 years ago

    Thank you! :)

  • jopojopo1
    jopojopo1 7 years ago

    then what happens?!

  • Eitir
    Eitir 7 years ago +1

    if you pay attention she was reading what was written on the wall, and not relating the story --" the fail is yours alone

  • Thehangman88
    Thehangman88 8 years ago

    Is it an Elf or a Dark Elf?

    • ravenheartdaisies 0
      ravenheartdaisies 0 11 months ago

      Dark elf, but possibly she is half-elf and half-dark elf.

    • Sri Bintang
      Sri Bintang 2 years ago +1

      Thehangman88 dark elf i think because that exposure body & it looks similar to dark elf apprentice armor & look at that breast
      elf one is flatten

    • Aris Dynamedion
      Aris Dynamedion 2 years ago +2

      Thehangman88 The skin tone relates to a Dark Elf, but the hair and the naive look are more likely to belong to an elf. The skin tone might be a lighting effect and not the actual texture's color; most of her surroundings are filtered in a grey tone, potentially to indicate ruins and decay. I believe she's an elf, but bear in mind that there are inconsistencies with the game at that time. For example, the cape she's wearing was much later added, called cloak, and her armor looks like D-grade (20-40 level), based on the leather details and exposure of the body, which is unlikely for someone to have reached the final floor of the tower, where Baium lingers, in this armor. After all, recommended levels for the Tower of Insolence range from 61 to 75, where you already have A-grade equipment expertise. At the same time, I am not sure why an elf would beseech the secrets of immortality, given the healing capabilities of their Mother Tree. Either the concept was fluid and disloyal to the game or she wanted to resurrect her beloved, as the narrator says 'My beloved, grant me strength, for your sake I must succeed'.