Can Coke Become Cotton Candy?

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
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    Today we're testing out something that many of you requested- can you turn Coke into cotton candy? Is there a difference between Mexican Coke and regular Coke? What about other types of soda? Today we'll find out.
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Comments • 3 582

  • Marcus Daloia
    Marcus Daloia 14 minutes ago

    Might want to try "water"ing it down with something to give it a better flavor.
    Edit: given how the "fiberglass candy" turned out i'd say that you found the perfect thing to mix it with to lower the flavor intensity.

  • Melie
    Melie 15 hours ago +1

    We stan coke

  • Semih Erdem
    Semih Erdem 21 hour ago

    can you some dat?

  • Scooter taj206
    Scooter taj206 Day ago

    i would grind it up in to a powder

  • Kathy Hosking
    Kathy Hosking Day ago

    You may want to try putting the hard bits in a food processor and tirning them into powder next time it may work better

  • Eilrahc Jeanzy A Casiñas

    Use salt. Haha

  • Silent Assassin
    Silent Assassin 2 days ago +2

    R.I.P We'll all miss you ❤🙏

  • hope lau
    hope lau 2 days ago

    Maybe you could freeze dry popsicles and try to turn it into cotton candy

  • TechTheGuy
    TechTheGuy 2 days ago

    Can you make cotton candy from digestive (like brioschi...The only one i know..Im italian...)?

  • animefanrk2k
    animefanrk2k 3 days ago

    Would artificial sugars work? Just asking as a Coke Zero fan~~

  • Johnathy Dongle
    Johnathy Dongle 3 days ago

    Looks like he is holding a big ole joint

  • Dartrix The Dark Knight

    From 3.30 to 4.00 or later it is jest to cryngie

  • MARZ1911
    MARZ1911 3 days ago

    Oooooooh coca-cola ...

  • NX01NX02
    NX01NX02 3 days ago

    That can make you sick

  • XtreeM FaiL
    XtreeM FaiL 4 days ago

    Can you make Indium (melting point 157°C) cotton "candy" or some Bismunt-Indium alloy.

  • jade_blade2006
    jade_blade2006 4 days ago

    Next shall be bacon cotton candy ...... I kinda wanna see bacon as cotton candy

  • luly winton
    luly winton 4 days ago

    u can do pixi sticks too

  • Zain Amin
    Zain Amin 5 days ago

    What about getting actual cola candy, like hard candy that's coke flavored. And perhaps the burnt sugar taste will go away and the cotton candy might taste like actual coke?

  • Monechia Bell
    Monechia Bell 5 days ago

    Iv met him before he's even nicer in real life flying high rip 😣😣😣😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Lucius Kxng
    Lucius Kxng 5 days ago

    Coffee cotton candy

  • Shikher Srivastava
    Shikher Srivastava 5 days ago

    07:05 looks like a giant joint

  • MrLukso
    MrLukso 6 days ago

    Try dehydrating honey to get it in powder form and then put it in cotton candy machine. Or just honey in its normal form

  • Just a Glass of Water

    What about cotton candy in a vacuum chamber

  • James McGovern
    James McGovern 6 days ago


  • Brandon Cohn
    Brandon Cohn 6 days ago

    This might actually be one of the few things you do that we can actually try at home ourselves sometimes! GG folks!

  • COOL248 BRO
    COOL248 BRO 6 days ago

    He turned that orange fanta into orange crush

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones 7 days ago

    When I noticed the giant water gun In their sitting room it made me cry R.I.P.

  • Mav Coy Music
    Mav Coy Music 7 days ago

    You're bad at acting bro

  • Eli Tee
    Eli Tee 7 days ago +2

    Rest in peace :(

  • Psychopath ِ
    Psychopath ِ 7 days ago +1

    Rest In Peace King 💙

  • jason Beahm
    jason Beahm 8 days ago

    Should try making cotton candy with diet soda

  • MissHolly60
    MissHolly60 8 days ago


  • Jeff Rabbit
    Jeff Rabbit 8 days ago

    That segue tho.

  • Sajeev s
    Sajeev s 8 days ago


  • Charlene Ivey
    Charlene Ivey 8 days ago

    should have crushed to powder

  • wormii PH
    wormii PH 9 days ago

    That looks like a joint bruh

  • Swagger DarkSoul
    Swagger DarkSoul 9 days ago +1

    May you rest in peace

  • im a kang4roo
    im a kang4roo 9 days ago

    There is also coke drink flavoring that is in a powder form and mabey you could try that aswell

  • Wolf
    Wolf 9 days ago

    The corn syrup honestly looked a little bit like plastic if plastic was a liquid

  • I’m That Guurrll
    I’m That Guurrll 9 days ago

    i thought i was weird for calling it mexican coke 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • gopal likes pizza
      gopal likes pizza 8 days ago

      It’s believed to be Mexican coke but it’s just because Mexico has more glass bottles of coke. It’s not actual Mexican coke, because Mexican coke uses sugar cane.

    • gopal likes pizza
      gopal likes pizza 8 days ago


  • xanax
    xanax 9 days ago

    looks like an ounce cone 7:55

  • Helena Smith
    Helena Smith 9 days ago +1

    try pop o rocks i wonder if they will still pop in yo mouth

  • Lily King
    Lily King 9 days ago

    You should make rootbeer cotton candy

  • Sunantha Chaemkrachang


  • Rabail Moeez Khan
    Rabail Moeez Khan 9 days ago +3

    Make a pop rocks cotton candy I want to see what happens🤤

  • Esma Sabic
    Esma Sabic 10 days ago

    can you try pop rox

  • Miguel Resuello
    Miguel Resuello 10 days ago

    I notice that you get a hard time putting crystalized syrup/sugar. I suggest you use the cotton candy stick and cut its bottom half to make a funnel or make a paper funnel with a wide enough opening for you to easily drop them crystalized syrup/sugar into the machine. Of course this is just a suggestion. Cheers!

  • rajesh singh
    rajesh singh 10 days ago

    Nice moves on the advert. *slow claps

  • Jai Nath
    Jai Nath 10 days ago +1


  • The pancake Galaxy
    The pancake Galaxy 10 days ago

    Why is everyone saying rip no ones dead

  • Arbaz Ali
    Arbaz Ali 10 days ago

    The stickiness of this video is giving me anxiety

  • Truth Fritzke
    Truth Fritzke 11 days ago

    3:50 That's what she said

  • B Pr
    B Pr 11 days ago +1

    The pure corn syrup cotton candy looks like he's eating asbestos lmao!!!!

  • 💚Peridot The Beardie💙

    Sticky cotton candy? Gross

  • Andrey Dymaz Aldebaran
    Andrey Dymaz Aldebaran 11 days ago +1

    i learn something today.....
    maybe i should apply for food research university program

    ANSONSTEWART 11 days ago

    can someone tell me what they are to each other r they married are they siblings friends??????

      ANSONSTEWART 11 days ago

      angelina n yea what are they to each other

    • angelina n
      angelina n 11 days ago

      ANSONSTEWART Callie and Nate?

  • yoyoboi.connor 1
    yoyoboi.connor 1 11 days ago +5

    "Mexican coke"

  • 아보카도여자
    아보카도여자 11 days ago +2

    Should have made it into powder

  • Kelly Young
    Kelly Young 11 days ago

    Would this process work with energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster?

  • Jasmin Ramirez
    Jasmin Ramirez 11 days ago

    how big can cotton candy get?

  • Berryful
    Berryful 12 days ago

    I have a question. Is it possible to spray yourself using a waterproof spray? Pls do it to yourselves lololol

    • angelina n
      angelina n 11 days ago +1

      I heard that there was a waterproof block that you could rub yourself with

    • Nicholas Brooks
      Nicholas Brooks 11 days ago

      Um he can’t he is dead

  • izzy girl harrypotter fan

    In Mexico its known as coca

  • Duck in SUIT
    Duck in SUIT 12 days ago

    The coke cotton candy looks like a joint

  • ashkechum101
    ashkechum101 12 days ago +1

    Diabetes incoming

  • ken elican
    ken elican 12 days ago +2

    How about make the nerds candy a cotton candy, just a suggestion

  • Isaiah Vanegas
    Isaiah Vanegas 13 days ago +1

    You have to boil the coke and it will be better

  • Joe Lovison
    Joe Lovison 13 days ago +2

    You should try jolly ranchers and see if that works

    • Amy Laircey
      Amy Laircey 12 days ago

      @Gamer Caleb And yeah, the guy in this video is Nate.

    • Gamer Caleb
      Gamer Caleb 13 days ago

      Joe Lovison He's dead he can't anymore :(

  • James Clifton
    James Clifton 13 days ago +2


  • 1 Survivor
    1 Survivor 14 days ago +2

    The corn syrup cotton candy looked like something you could use for an arts and crafts project. Or maybe a decoration on a crazy food creation.

  • AccordingToLorna
    AccordingToLorna 14 days ago +14

    I thought you'd put cola extract in the pure corn syrup.

  • dinoman112
    dinoman112 14 days ago

    What a great way to plug something

  • Shawn Althouse
    Shawn Althouse 14 days ago +4

    Video starts at 4:58

  • harshbarj
    harshbarj 14 days ago

    You should have put it through a spice grinder first. Smaller grains melt faster and would likely not clump.

  • Amateur Anime Artist
    Amateur Anime Artist 14 days ago +1

    lets get a drill

  • Cela Lauren
    Cela Lauren 14 days ago

    Rhett and Link just dehydrated Mountain Dew by heating it do 290° and then ground it up into a powdery kinda crystal mixture... that might work better? It’s on there wet food vs dry food vid